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341  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: wihch crypto should i buy? on: December 19, 2017, 06:32:38 PM

which is good crypto for buy, right now?

for low price, now i buy and then i will wait for years,

Hi there sfgdsgdfgh! If you are asking the best that could go skyrocket the price in the next year, if I am you, I will stick and chose bitcoin. There are so many coins out there but as you can see in the market, bitcoin is the leader of them all, once the bitcoin price surges other alt coins follows. However, there are still coins that negate the positive effect of bitcoin specially the fork once, i just never to mention their names. If you don't like to choose bitcoin, I could suggest Ethereum, due to its unlimited supply capability that hinders the bitcoin. You should think of this; Items that are limited number have a high price compare to items that have unlimited supply, due to law of supply and demand.  Wink
342  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: What are the most common uses of Bitcoin? on: December 17, 2017, 06:25:00 PM
I am a newbie in Bitcoin Forum.I know some of the most important uses of Bitcoin.They are:
1.You can buy a flight ticket.
2.You can rent a hotel room. can buy pizza and other food related goods.
4.You can use it as a investment vehicle because bitcoin will continue to grow in value.

I want to know other important uses of it.

Hi there Md.Esamul Haque! It seems you have know much of every basic usage of bitcoin, Let me add some more  in your list; Bitcoin could be use to donate in hospital to cure illness just what I have read weeks ago. The couple manage to bough bitcoin at $700 and sell at $17,000 the proceeds were been donated. Basically it is used in online services like, buying online games, paying virtual host, shopping online, and paying bills. One story I have read, bitcoin is used to send money from across several countries because its transaction fee from sending to receiving is almost half of the regular fee compare to popular money remittance company. I think there are more, other usage, I hope this could help by now...  Wink
343  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin prices on: December 16, 2017, 03:51:24 PM
With the unstable increase and decrease in bitcoin is it a good idea buying, selling or holding now? Like yesterday I saw it hit $19,000 on coinbase but today it stands at $16,000

Hi there dotcomwriter! As of this post the bitcoin is very very near at its 20k mark at cexio exchange, however, it is in its over bought status which for some trader it signals a bullish market and could trigger a buy signal. However, to others it could be a hold because at some point it could raise up much higher than 20k. While for me, its a buy because I just got some couple of bucks from a day job so this salary could be worth saving in bitcoin than bank with small interest rate. To some, it could be a sell, because this is right moment before it go down due to the up coming CME announcement, like for example what just happen in the previous CBOE.   Wink
344  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin in 2018 on: December 16, 2017, 03:33:14 PM
The journey of bitcoin from 2009 to 2017 is very interesting. Although the stories of individuals(investors) are very interesting and motivational that how they initiated and what problems they faced at earlier stages.

In 2017 the number of businesses accepting bitcoin continues to increase. Where you see the bitcoin in 2018?

Hi there Maxnetlabs! In deed the bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining attention, but its journey in stock market is just started due to the recent XBT by CBOE and the up coming another bitcoin future contract by CME. In the previous years you stated, bitcoin gain traction little by little due to people popularity and usage, however this year, it increase more than the sum of the three previous years. I think the year 2018 will surpass the increase rate the year 2017 have done. And just like other guess, I think 200k wil be reach before 2018 ends.  Wink
345  Economy / Economics / Re: Why people says gold is better? on: December 15, 2017, 05:53:49 PM
Actually today I watched a video on facebook which is about spending bitcoin and gold in USA,it says it is difficult to spend bitcoin but some places are accepting bitcoins accepting as payment like supermarket,restaurants and some institutions.But no one accepting gold as payment then why still people says gold is better?

Hi there akram143! I like your reasoning there, it is really true that nowadays, no convince store, or even online store that accept gold as a payment whereas there are bunch of company starting to accept bitcoin. The two main reasons they tell gold is still better because of the market capitalization. The gold market cap is in trillions of dollar while bitcoin in in billions of dollar, way more far from each other. Another reason is the limitation; it is been said that bitcoin could reach at a 21M limit whereas gold have no limit. Wink
346  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Futures on: December 14, 2017, 04:00:38 PM
Heyyy Guys , what do you think about the Bitcoin futures listings ?

Hi there Tomjames! Currently, the bitcoin future by the Chicago Board Options Exchange is trading with its ticker XBT. At first, their trading platform half twice which affect the traders in surge of buying the futures however, after several hours the price soar to more than 18k it definitely go on top of the current bitcoin price.  Then eventually at the time of this posting, the price play around $17.5k.  It could be good for the traders and miners. The good thing to miners is that even the price drop they could be pay based on the contract but when the price goes rogue and high, that will benefit the traders most.  Wink
347  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: How is the bitcoin price determined? on: December 14, 2017, 03:40:36 PM
I have just been recently trying to know how our legend crypto (Bitcoin) price determined. I really need to know more about this. Pls how is the price determined from time to time?

Hi there topty11! There are several ways how to determine the bitcoin price, but what can I told you is how to analyze it. First of all, no one could accurately predict when the price could go up and could go down. Why? Because the price is determined by several factors and one of them is the traders. All of the traders set a specific sell price and buy price, when there are more people want to buy the price could go up but when there are more traders who want to sell low, it could trigger a price drop. Next factor is the news; news affect the way price is determine, simply as a good news in bitcoin tend to soar a price while bad news like government ban and the like tends to drop bitcoin price.  Wink
348  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Sell your house for investment in btc. on: December 14, 2017, 03:21:50 PM
Just imagine selling your $259,900 house for 43BTC and 2 Months in street.

and after just 2 months sell 43BTC for $498198.

Again buying the previous also you will be in profit of $472298.

would you try this technique.

Hi there TonyMark! That is unthinkable, a good idea but honestly, I think I cant do such thing. First, it is more risky in the street like the risk of you bitcoin on the wallets. A sudden sickness could struck you by that, what follows is when you lost you important documents that could be use to re purchase your house. What is most like could be done is to mortgage your house, by that you can get money but you can still live on it. When the worst comes in and the bitcoin price drop, that is the time you lose your home. But, when the price doubles, you could also lose you home because you may intend to buy a more luxurious or bigger one. Wink
349  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: HARDWARE WALLET - ITS YOUR MONEY PLEASE SECURE on: December 14, 2017, 01:53:30 PM
Guys,after going through the pain of loosing my BTCs HAckers I keep learning more and more about the Cryptoworld.Watever amount of Cryptocurrenices you have secure them in your HArdware Wallets,its your money guys keep them safe,let them not drain out for these lazy hackers !

Invest safe and stay safe !

Hi there Crypto_Happy_Sad! Thank you for your advise, I hope you sate the website of wallet that been hacked and wipe out your bitcoins to give warn to the members of this forum. Anyway, what have been happed is a really bad thing, I have read reports that a man who lose a huge amount of bitcoin visit the  Aokigahara forest. It is good thing to have a hardware wallet but most of the time I re invest my bitcoins to make it snowball. I think I will try those wallet, I just hope that I donít lose that USB thing
350  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Should I buy BTC? on: December 13, 2017, 08:02:25 AM
Bitcoin prices have risen so dramatically lately.

In this situation, I expect to be able to purchase a bit coin, and I think the price will drop soon.

Hi there fpvlemtmxk! I you will ask me, I better wait for a while when the bitcoin price drop below $17k. the current price at the moment is around 17k, it would be hard to gamble to buy at the peak of its price, even though you could buy at high price, it would took more time to wait, pump it up and later sell. I recommend below 17k because the price seems stable after the previous introduction of the future contracts by CBOE, however things could go north if the CME same future contract is released and gain positive feedback.  Wink
351  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is gaining momentum in Africa on: December 13, 2017, 07:21:48 AM
Africa is covered by demand for crypto-currencies !!!

Now Bitkoin.Africa allows customers from all African countries to buy bitcoins, quickly and without problems.
Nigeria became the first country to exchange P2P digital assets, seeking to facilitate access to bitcoin throughout the African region.
Bitkoin.Africa was launched by a team of Nigerian developers on October 1
Have a nice day, everyone! Wink

Hi there 999sever666! Its good to hear that Africa is going with the trend of cryptocurrency. The good thing about the whole blockchain technology is its broad user spectrum. Anyone on the earth with a good internet connection could hop in and join in the cryptocurrency era. And that good thing with Africa is its power to invent new strategies to be famous in the world and that P2P digital assets exchange is one example of its. I hope that there are more country that will follow the initiative done by the said country.
352  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Panic selling vs Panic buying on: December 13, 2017, 07:05:36 AM
Hey there!
A question of panic selling was already discussed on this forum a billion times. But whats bad here? If you are sure that the price will grow back then you can just buy some BTC in better rates. The more dangerous will be the situation when someone is buying BTC while being afraid of loosing some profits despite the fact that pump has already happened (I'm calling it a panic buying). Thats seems like a straight way to lose money and make a bubble.

Hi there Beerwizzard! Yes, your notion about panic buying and selling is true. Traders are tend to sell when many traders is starting to sell a bunch of their possession, that amplify the sudden drop of price but on the other hand, that also trigger the sudden price soar. We can see that scenario several times this past few weeks. But as you check the market overall the price tends to go upwards most of the time rather than downwards, those fact is etch to the mind of traders that have a good information to foresee that the price will not suddenly drop to its very critical level.  Wink
353  Other / Off-topic / Re: Can Bitcoin be ban? on: December 13, 2017, 06:49:24 AM
Can Bitcoin be ban?

Hi there timcheerful1! Yes, it could be banned. Currently there are maybe four countries that banned bitcoin and even all cryptocurrency. The government explain that they banned those technology due to the increasing reports of fraud and their people fall in different fraudulent schemes. Thus to protect their citizen, they intended to banned it. Other country have given warning to their citizen to avoid investing into the crypto due to its unstable price swings. However, that price swings is the one that people (mostly traders) love. Price swings, enable them to buy low and sell high resulting in more profit.  Wink
354  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BTC Mining vs Buying on: December 12, 2017, 04:05:17 PM
Is it better to get BTC via mining or buying now?

It was no longer profitable early this year for mining. However, with the recent price surge, does mining becomes profitable now?

If yes, any suggestion? There are quite many cloud miner in the market.


Hi there windsee! Based on my experience that will depends on your mining rig and electricity cost. If you are using the Antminer S9, and with electricity for a cent, Iím sure you can get more profitable in mining than buy and holding. However, if you got contract with cloud miner like genesis and the like, the profit will be much lower due to the maintenance fees it occur. Another problem is the hack, I hope you read the latest NiceHash accident.  At the end, even you choose to buy and hold or mine, the price of the bitcoin will be the number one answer on what to do.  Wink
355  Economy / Economics / Re: Does this mean Cash will be extinct? on: December 12, 2017, 02:43:20 PM
Sweden is contemplating to stop using cash by 2023, does this mean cash might be extinct if other countries follow suit?

Hi there babsalt1975! A great article there, after reading it I discover another advantage of bitcoin or cryptocurrency as a whole. The shop thieves will got nothing by robbing a store that use bitcoin because there is no physical money present, there could be even no cash drawer. Lol. Since Sweden is said to be small country and if their government support the cryptocurrency I think that would be possible. Another benefit to the government is that they donít need to print physical money that could save them millions. But the problem could be the people that still prefer to use physical money will be not in favor of this.   Wink
356  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Worried about btc future on: December 12, 2017, 02:25:49 PM
I see a lot of optimism about bitcoin, which is understandable seeing the price recently.
But I have to admit I'm a little worried about the long term future of btc.
The major problems if the currency still haven't been dealt with. I see 2 major ones:

-Block size. Which makes the delay and fees of transaction rise very fast. Smaller transactions are more and more difficult to make.
-The centralization of the market. China got low cost electricity, which make them by far the most bitcoin mining capable.
-And maybe others that I'm not aware of.

Another thing: The Hard forks that are oddly getting much more frequent than before. (BCH, BTG, Segwitx2 etc...) It almost looks like "attacks" in order to divide us. Now called "airdrops" by the community. Even though they're supposed to solve some of the problems.

All in all, this makes me really worried about btc future. I've been a strong holder since 2014, and I made quite a lot of money with bitcoins, but I begin to doubt now, even though the price is crushing ATM. Please help me keeping faith. Or should I switch to another currency ? Really thinking about ETH recently.

Hi there zaphyr!  So, you are very familiar by the frequent price swings of bitcoins, and as you said, just have fait! You have a point in there, bitcoin could be affected by the frequent fork and there could be more planned and upcoming fork in the near future. But do you think if ETH will become successful there will be no fork? People will continue to fork those successful cryptocurrencies whatever they could be to spread the coins and make more room for new investor and refresh the prices that go along with the original bitcoin. As for me, I would still be loyal to bitcoin.  Wink
357  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Is this for real? I could be a millionaire? on: December 12, 2017, 02:09:29 PM
Please forgive my cynicism.
I was offered bitcoins in I think 2010 when they were 50p each.
I was tempted to buy £200 worth but had been just lost £200 to a ponzi money scheme so decided against it!

I have seem recent reports saying they are now worth £2,500

Are these the same Bitcoins?
So would I be able to actually sell for cash or money in the bank?

Sorry to ask, but I see lots of people saying they are millionaires but don't think I have seen anyone with the actual money banked.

I mean, my 400 bitcoins would now be worth £1,000,000 and I could actually sell them for £1Million less commissions?

You gotta see I'm sceptical.
Please tell me I haven't made the biggest mistake of my life?

Hi there wakeywakey! Based on my understanding you donít have with you the 200 BTC? If so, YES! You should be millionaire by now if you sell those bitcoins today. But there are some misconception about selling it to the banks. Currently, I did not read or hear that banks accepts bitcoins and exchange it with local fiat. Thus the correct process to do it is to sell if to exchange like bitfinex, gdax, gemini and others. Those exchange could wire transfer your pounds to your bank account. But, as I see, you have lost all those bitcoins forever, but can you still access or remember the bitcoin wallet you have used?  Huh
358  Economy / Services / Re: FastInvest Signature Campaign(FULL) on: December 12, 2017, 01:32:16 PM
1st week payment received. Thank you sir! hope to rank up...
359  Economy / Speculation / Re: Am I late ? on: December 12, 2017, 11:18:25 AM
I decide to buy 2 bitcoins with in this week.. Its valuable ? Am I late ? Waiting for your replies ?

Hi there hemanthalaksiri! By the time I see this post and decided to still answer, the price of bitcoin is at top. But I didnít tell you to donít buy today. I have answered similar questions in this forum and my always answer is that will depends on when you are planning to sell the bitcoins. One can buy bitcoins even the price is at top but just donít sell it soon. You could hold it for a minimum of two months, if the price continue to inclined, you could reach your ROI within two to three months.  Wink
360  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Do you keep buying? on: December 12, 2017, 10:44:57 AM
Bitcoin price keeps increasing. Price is x10 considering last year. Even 25k-50k-100k is predicted.

Are you adding more bitcoin by buying with cash? or you trade or invest in ICOs & altcoins in order to increase the amount you have?

or do you just hold what you have?

Hi there faaty! I prefer to add using cash every week when the price is considerably low, I check if the current price is the lowest of that week before I add, but when it is in resistance level I waited for another week. I also do trading, especially when the price have huge swings, but it is on different wallet. I never withdraw the revenue from the trading to snowball my possessions. I never try to invest in ICOs but it seems also profitable, I just donít have good enough information about the company behind the ICOs.  Wink
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