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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]⭐[STO] Stellerro - the future of Digital Securities Investments 📊 on: June 01, 2019, 08:57:47 AM

I had a very bad experience with the team members leading this project. They did what they wanted, haven’t delivered what was in the whitepaper, and they started another ICO.

Be careful!!

You might want to double check that man. To my knowledge, this team has also worked on bitjob, and the last time I checked it's actually developing and in beta. So far they have a successful track record, and the Stellerro concept is pretty damned solid.

They managed to bring a project to beta with a custom platform; that's pretty impressive with so many icos that failed.
Back on topic, Stellerro has some serious potential, and (bonus) it's an actual security, you can profit.

Get out of here with your FUD.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: CryptoKingdom Uncensored on: April 25, 2019, 12:32:18 AM
This may be a radical idea, but how about turning this into a MUD? The roleplaying aspect fits with the of the original platform; MUD codebases are pretty much free and we could add content to an existing engine rather that build from scratch.

Transactions would have to happen manually, but thats not so bad. And the hosting requirements should be pretty low, given the textual rather than graphical nature of the engine.

3  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 04, 2019, 12:25:06 AM
We agree to disagree then. I cant be more clear about this, and I'm clearly not making this up, it's literally from the government, not even Obama era officials. The things I cite directly are literal definitions and facts from the current White House regarding immigration, I understand if there is a disconnect between reality and what the WH regularly says.

I'm done with this. We aren't making ground, and I believe you think I have more personal interest invested in this than I actually do. To be crystal clear, I am for firmer border policy. I am against the wall. I believe that folks that come here seeking asylum should be afforded due process. And I believe those that come here outside of that very simple process (come to the border, turn yourself in) should be deported immediately without due process. They are invading, it is the prerogative of any State to remove those that would subvert legal process to gain entry. They have shown an inherent non conformance with our rule of law by attempting to enter illegally, which is a terrible start to being among us. I am saying, very clearly, that the majority of folks that come here do so legally. And to do that, they would have to walk up to the border, and enter the country at a point of entry. Which is exactly what the majority of the folks in these caravans have done.

The law is broken, is what we should be talking about. But as I have said, I'm done because for some reason, I have failed to provide you sufficient evidence. I believe that the statistics put out by the current administration support my assertion. Not trying to advance any agenda here; I'm not about to sway opinions here. The majority of voices in this forum are conservative. And this forum is obscure; it's a source of information about bitcoin. Not politics. No one comes here to get their political opinions. And I dont affiliate with liberal policies as much as you seem to think. I'm actually a moderate, I know that seems rare nowadays, but the majority of us are. The world is much more grey that black and white.

Please speak your peace, and lets move on from this. No one really gives a fuck what I think concerning this, and my opinions will not sway policy. I'm simply a talking head, and I grow tired of this mental exercise with you.

This was kinda fun, up until we stopped communicating which each other. I am eager to respond to your post in the abortion thread, I will address it a little later after I catch up on my work. Thank you for your attentions and time in our debate, and have a blessed weekend (what little remains!)
4  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 09:22:39 PM
Quote from:  TECSHARE
So, once again, what is stopping them from applying at a port of entry? Crossing the border any place other than an authorized checkpoint is a crime regardless of your endless equivocation.

Like, what is not clear about this? Are you pretending not to understand this to not admit you were wrong? Point of entry = border checkpoint. Any place you can apply for asylum, is within the borders of the US. You cannot seek asylum without coming into the US. They come to the points of entry, we hold them. And apparently, even if they did sneak across the border, they would still be correctly applying for asylum.

This is not fake news. I am purposely using non biased, official sources to point out a fact. What I'm saying is real. You can read it yourself. You speak English fine, what gives? I have never ran up against this type of cognitive dissonance before.

@Spendulus, I thought so myself (the majority of border crossings were out in the desert, next to a random cactus), until I took a look at the actual DHS brief from 2017, via a Washington post article. I trust very little people tell me, so I read the brief myself. To save you some time, start at page 15 if you read it (it's a snoozefest)
The Wapo article is right. More people actually cross "legally" than illegally.
I will say, clearly they dont know who they dont catch, but among those they do have records for, far more come through a point of entry than those that say fuck it and sneak in.

Let me cite the Wapo article and the brief:

But illegal border crossings represent a relatively small share of the number of people who enter the country, legally or otherwise, in any given year, according to the Department of Homeland Security's data.

A September 2017 Office of Immigration Statistics data brief estimated that in fiscal year 2016, the latest year for which complete data is available, there were 170,000 successful illegal border crossings occurring outside of authorized ports of entry. That's down roughly 90 percent since 2000, and it's about one-seventh of the roughly 1.2 million immigrants who obtained lawful permanent resident status via a green card, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

You don't seem to know what the meaning of an ad hominem is, so please stop using that term, at least until you understand what it means.

ad ho·mi·nem
/ˌad ˈhämənəm/
(of an argument or reaction) directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
"vicious ad hominem attacks"
in a way that is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.
"these points come from some of our best information sources, who realize they'll be attacked ad hominem" (IRONIC!!)

This is way off subject anyway. It is almost like you know you can't win a debate about the topic at hand so you need to keep bringing up countless other red herrings to argue about to distract from this.

You are in a Northam thread talking with me about this. If you look back, I only mentioned this to show how I dont differentiate members of classes. You refuted me, saying crossing a border for asylum is illegal, and I corrected you, with cited material. LOL, why dont you 'bold' the on topic parts again for us?

After all, you can't have anyone looking too close at how these double standards are applied to "your team" with zero accountability, and how violence is excused against "the other".

Yep. Democrats are sainted angels, and they all smell like roses 🙄
5  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 01:20:07 PM

Lets just put aside the fact the US consulates are for all intensive purposes are legally US soil and are venues for legally applying for asylum, as are border checkpoints.

I'm sorry, but this is incorrect. Notice I'm not using ad hominems to attack you and your demonstrably false statement. I'd appreciate the same, if you will good sir.

Anyway, turns out you cant apply for asylum in consulates, just like the CIS government webpage I linked to said (perplexing, that).

Asylum is a form of legal protection available to certain people who cannot or would not feel safe if they tried to live in their home country, because of past persecution or the danger of future persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.

Unfortunately, U.S. embassies and consulates cannot process requests for this form of protection because, under U.S. law, asylum seekers can apply only if they are physically present in the United States (or at least at a U.S. border or other point of entry).

There is a common misconception that U.S. embassies and consulates are basically the same as U.S. soil. It is true that international law protects national embassies and consulates from being destroyed, entered, or searched (without permission) by the government of the country where they are located (the host country). However, this does not give those embassies or consulates the full status of being part of their home nation’s territory. Therefore, U.S. law does not consider asylum seekers at U.S. embassies and consulates to be “physically present in the United States” (or at a U.S. border or point of entry).

Presenting oneself to a border checkpoint is exactly what these people are doing. So for the final time, I fail to see how seeking asylum in that manner is illegal. It's literally the law. But yet they are still being detained indefinitely.

Are there any on topic subjects you would like to discuss?

Nope, I'm good. But do swing by my thread about the new abortion law, would love to hear your opinion.
6  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 12:57:05 PM
Quote from: TECSHARE
And how do you apply for asylum, without crossing the border?" LOL. Could you display your ignorance on this subject any more clearly? There are lots of ways, such as approaching a checkpoint and filling out an application, a US consulate in their nation, as well as various NGOs who I am sure would be more than happy to help.

Actually, you are displaying your own ignorance. I dont talk about shit I haven't researched, that's how you look foolish Wink Educate yourself, from the Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services:

Obtaining Asylum in the United States
The two ways of obtaining asylum in the United States are through the affirmative process and defensive process.

To obtain asylum through the affirmative asylum process you must be physically present in the United States. You may apply for asylum status regardless of how you arrived in the United States or your current immigration status.

A defensive application for asylum occurs when you request asylum as a defense against removal from the U.S. For asylum processing to be defensive, you must be in removal proceedings in immigration court with the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR).

So again I ask, how is it illegal to cross the border to seek asylum? Me being so uninformed and all that, I'm sure you can set me straight. I thought I was literate, but meh.

And I quit with the MAGA hat discussion. I concede, you win. You aren't arguing with me in good faith, you are talking at me. And I apologize for the long post, FH has gotten on me for double posting in the past, so I try to say everything in one go. I appreciate your patience, sincerely.

7  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 12:16:21 PM
The consequences of WHAT ACTIONS. Why is it these boys are held responsible for Huh, and the media, the left, and everyone calling for attacks and harassing these kids are not responsible for their incompetence, threats, and actual crimes? So, they are politically engaged in an opinion you do not agree with, so that justifies these attack on them how? Crossing the border illegally is a crime, that is why they are in cages, this is not an argument.

I disagree with your baseless slander against certain regions, but for the sake of argument lets say there is a K.K.K. town U.S.A. That town and the people in it still have to obey the law. Now while you might be well advised to not go there, if you chose to do so YOU WOULD HAVE EVERY RIGHT to. Your reasoning is invalid, and this is the definition of double standards via the lens of Critical Theory. Some face criminals are more equal than others I guess.

Many actions, both wearing the hats, and even being at an event like this in the first place.  

Again, many conservative voices shit on these kids as well, very publically. You seem to keep forgetting that.

And again, I view these political protesters as just that. You offer up your opinion, the public decides how to respond to it. Just like this forum.

I didn't know I was slandering anybody. I'm just pointing out some inconvenient truths. Surely you have the right to say and do whatever you would like, as long as it is within the law. But with that said, go scream nigger in downtown Chicago and see how far those "constitutionally protected rights" get you before someone breaks a foot off in your ass.

There is a such thing as being "dead right".

I try not to play with situations that needlessly endanger my being with no perceivable gain. My fellow community members dont need to know my political affiliation in the first place, they dont pay my bills or fuck me, so they are irrelevant. No need to offend those fine folks; political beliefs are a personal thing, and everyone is entitled to their own. I gain nothing by making what I consider a personal thing known publically. Why antagonize those people like that? I consider that trolling; I would be going against norms for the personal satisfaction of self expression.

And that's why wearing maga hats is pretty dumb at the moment. If what you believe is true, you are literally painting a target on your back so that those "crazed, deranged and violent" liberals (cuz Antifa is on every corner, watching LOL) will direct said craziness and violence on you for your assumed beliefs. Is wearing a non descript red hat really worth that? If liberals are as dangerous as you say, who in their right mind would endanger themselves like that knowingly? All to be able to say "well I let those damned socialist have a piece of my mind!"

A damned fool.

We can go on about this. I still give zero fucks about the Covington sitch. Don't think of me as left or right on this particular topic, I'm more like the Canadian guy that sees this in the paper, goes "meh" and turns to the sport section. It is a non issue to me. No dog in the fight.

Also, you dont read well, are outraged beyond logic, or are intentionally misrepresenting my statements. I clearly condemned him in blackface, and suggested he abdicate the office. Methinks you protest too much.

And how do you apply for asylum, without crossing the border? So you are saying the act of seeking asylum is inherently illegal? One thing to get caught sneaking in, lock their ass up until they are released where they came from. But since you are the moral authority in this conversation, can you tell me why it's ok to detain someone indefinitely that comes here seeking help at a legal point of entry?

You were aware that this is what is happening, right? Crossing the border illegally is indeed a crime. But that's not what all these people are doing. They are presenting themselves to border security, in order to apply for asylum.

And why spend money detaining non citizens? Certainly not to line the pockets of the prison conglomerate, that's just crazy talk. Its because those evil immigrants are raping everyone and bringing in all the drugs LOL. Cant trust those wily bastards 😉

8  Other / Politics & Society / So, let's talk about that new abortion law... on: February 03, 2019, 11:50:06 AM
Morning gents 😊  Was curious to the opinions on the board. Personally, I dont see that a whole lot has changed; this is pretty much Roe v Wade. The "termination up to birth" consideration is a rare case; a very low percentage of abortions go on past five months, let alone nine. And typically in the event of medical necessity. It's a no brainer in those cases, hell yes abort the child if it will not be viable. To not do so is medically irresponsible.

The practice is legally contentious in the first place; most doctors wont touch abortions of this type for the legal liability it creates. So as I see it, this essentially decriminalized abortion in these cases; this is the most profound change by far. Potentially life saving procedures should not have the threat of legal force behind them; this ties the hands of caregivers to provide the most informed situational solutions for the health of a patient.

And empirically, we have seen that restricting early term abortion seems to actually increase the rate at which late term abortions occur. Seriously.

Is the poor reaction to this just a product of the politics we live with now, or am I missing something?

And full disclosure, I'm for both. Yep, pro choice and pro life. You see, I'm a Christian. The Bible isn't clear enough on this, but in my heart I feel that every consideration to give the child to someone else should be attempted before abortion is an option. I just feel that is what Jesus would do. Our love for human life, and desire for it to be happy and optimal for all, I would logically assume means protecting the defenseless and preserving life.

On the other hand, I support a woman's choice to decide if she wants to carry a baby to term. While I may frown on it, it is not for me to decide as God has given us free will. Many impacted by this law are not Christian; given that there is a clear separation of Church and State, religious and moral considerations based off of Christianity dont really come into play here. This is not a power the State should have, the right to control one's own health outcomes. While I may frown on the act, my frown doesn't mean too much in the grand scheme.

9  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Trump and the incest rituals on: February 03, 2019, 11:20:49 AM
Trump is definitely a weirdo but accusations like this one are useless. It makes anti-Trump people look angry and stupid.
The man is mocked by the entire world, no need for nonsense accusations.

Agree. Although this is as titillating as believing Obama is gay and Michele has a dick, this is some of the same that contributes to the divisive political climate we are all experiencing at the moment. There is no proof of this. With all the obvious flaws that Trump has, this undermines more realistic arguments against Trump. Although I will say perversion of the sort you have mentioned does happen with alarming frequency among the truly elite; money can insulate you from some amazing shit if you have enough of it.

A more convincing argument about Trump and pedophilia would have been mentioning his association with Jeff Epstein, a convicted pedophile know for having child fuck fests on his private island he named "Little Saint James". You seriously cant make this shit up. Google it.

“I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.” - Donald Trump

Bill Clinton hung around with this nasty fuck as well. Guilt by association, for the lot of them.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 11:03:04 AM
I see, so blackface is acceptable, but smirking while wearing a MAGA hat in public is deserving of death threats and harassment of children is it?

Yezzir. They are all fine as long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your public actions. I would argue that being at an anti abortion rally is an inherently political act; there are no children here good sir. I see protesters. Just like I see immigrants in detention, not just kids in cages LOL. There are grown fucking men and women in cages as well, they are equally important to me as the kids.

Children dont have to worry about reproductive rights, should they? Dont you think that's a bit of an adult topic? Let me find out I am practically more conservative than you 😏 you damned hippy 😂

Wearing a MAGA hat is a political statement at the moment. Just like wearing a BLM shirt is. Or a pussy hat. I'm black and my life matters a fucking lot in my opinion, but I'll be damned if I wear a shirt like that out in my hyper rural, North Carolina, conservative community. If I did, ultimately I would hold myself responsible because I know exactly what the fuck would happen should I attempt some foolishness like that. Pick battles you can win, or at least influence in some way. Lost causes are an inefficient use of time.

Also, please requote me, I changed the last post you responded to a bit.
11  Other / Politics & Society / Re: We should have known about Ralph Northam's yearbooks long ago on: February 03, 2019, 10:32:06 AM
I feel like the democrats buried this in the past to protect his career.

Theres a near 100% chance that photo was seen by everyone in that yearbook.  Who is the other person in the racist photo? Who was the editor? Who was the faculty member who oversaw the publishing of that book?  Who else was in the yearbook, knew about the photo and never exposed it?  

We need to find all of these people and out them on the internet.  It is very important that POC know if their healthcare providers are 35 year KKK sympathizers.

Same thoughts here. This is a medical school yearbook, possessed by what I would assume was every member of that graduating class. There is no way in God's green Earth that this wasn't an open secret among the alumni; and given the nature of opposition research, beyond the shadow of a doubt someone had this. Dems gambled and lost with this one; Ralph is burnt in the public and needs to gtfo LOL. There are too many other people qualified for the job, both Republican and Democrat (although I'm rooting for the Dems short term).

Now, as a black person, I'm not offended by this one bit; honestly I think the shit is a bit funny. To be clear, its racist as fuck and he isn't deserving of the office, but in my eyes It is perfectly fine to wear whatever the fuck you want to a private event.

You also have to look at this in context. I'm more concerned at the fact a school would publish some shit like this in a publically accessible yearbook that was duplicated, and then distributed. Ralph is like, fucking Sambo black in a top hat standing next to a fully costumed White Knight. It's like a bad joke setup ( a minstrel and a Klansman walk into a bar 😂) Clearly this was ok among the people that he associated with; this is a pretty good example of institutional racism in that this wasnt a deal when it happened. It was funny enough to put in a yearbook. Guess it's not so hilarious any more 😉

I defend the right of white people to put on shoe polish and look like a damned fool because at the end of the day, if I want to powder up like a ghost and wear overalls and fake rotten teeth. I will. I reserve that right, if you will. No intention to use it, but damned if it will be taken away from me. But I do understand the repercussions of doing something like this in the public eye. You reap what you sow; this is why I have no problem with freedom of speech. Society has mechanisms in place to self regulate shit like this already (shaming, loss of livelihood, shunning). This is a perfect example of that.

Bye Ralph! Soft shoe right on out the fucking door and dont let it hit you in the ass on the way out 😂🤣

12  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Evil MAGA hat kids from Covington School VS Native American on: January 26, 2019, 02:08:43 AM
Quote from: TECSHARE
Now why would I make any conclusions about your political leanings when you immediately jump to distract and change the topic from one of the biggest embarrassments and exposures of the left's unhinged behavior coupled with media complicity?

Noone really gives a damn about this but you and Breitbart right now  Wink But as far as you making assumptions, I dunno, you tell me..

Quote from: TECSHARE
Leftists have been getting increasingly violent, hysterical, and detached from reality, and you aren't helping their case with your obsessive insistence on changing the topic so people like you don't have to feel the pain and take a good hard look at the results of the ideologies you support.

Quote from: TECSHARE
Frankly I couldn't give a shit less what your stance is, your topics of discussion scream "I believe anything I am told by the media".

You kind of already did LOL, so I was going to set you straight, but I see you have this thing figured out already  Grin

Quote from: TECSHARE
The fact that you are covering up for the harassment and death threats made to children here says plenty about your leanings.

I'm glad you didn't make any assumptions LMAO.

It's funny, you decry the mainstream media and its effect on 'gullible' Leftist (through the stoking of false outrage against the boys, by your charge), yet you fail to see the effects of the media YOU ingest.

You are sitting here yelling at us about some random ass kids that no one gives a fuck about. You are spending time out of your day to talk to an echo chamber (the Politics board) to achieve what?  Huh Ok, assume you are right. Kids are still gonna be blacklisted forever. Mainstream media has moved on to important shit. What did you hope to achieve with all of this? It seems like you are having a pity party and you are looking for guests to invite. You are displaying characteristics I associate with the 'derangement syndrome' everyone gets accused of having.

All because a talking head on a conservative blog told you the 'radical left' did a bad thing (it sounds stupid when you make assumptions about your opponent's experience in a debate, see what I meant?).  We wont even talk about the fact many conservative pundits condemned the boys as well. No, let's make this a left/right thing. Your topic is meaningless. Let me be plain; you are a hypocrite if this attack offends you, but Hogg doesn't. You are the one trying to claim moral high ground. I simply dont care about any of it. I would have to care about the opinions of you and others to waste the energy to "cover this up".

You screaming about unhinged leftism as if you know me/us, isn't about to change anyone's mind on this forum bro. Left or right. You are part of the problem. You stoke the fires of outrage to forge nothing. And in that, you serve to perpetuate the agenda of the talking heads you subscribe to. You condemn the left for its poor reaction, yet you parrot the reactionary outrage of Fox and Friends. Media bad cuz kids sad! Mean left pick on kids, must defend! This is just as fucking dumb as the lefts initial reaction of condemnation without investigation. Your words are a distraction from what really matters.

I guess that's what I was trying to say on my original post, but not so bluntly as I was trying to keep it civil.

If my indifference feels like a misdirection to you, meh. I'll sleep tonight, dont worry. Like a little soy boy SJW baby 😂🤣

At @Spendulus, I will concede that those investigations are not specifically aimed at Hillary during their creation, but the spirit/scope of the investigation was essentially thus. Had I said "Clinton Investigation", mayhaps I would have been more on target. My bad, and thank you for catching that. I concur, I have seen lesser crimes in the same vein get way harsher punishment; "money talks" is all I have to say to that!  Grin

13  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Evil MAGA hat kids from Covington School VS Native American on: January 25, 2019, 08:55:34 PM

I will concede, my last post was mostly off topic. I got passionate a bit. The majority of my last post was more in response to Spendulus; when I hear Hillary nowadays I get the itch to provide facts to belie conspiracy.

Let's see what FH has to say, or if you would like I can remove it from your thread, no issue. You are my brother, left or right. I dig the Dumbos just as much as the Jackasses, different strokes and all that.


Let me correct that for you:

We are the same. American citizens. He is my president, just as he is yours. We just have a difference of opinion about his effectiveness.

The deplorable state of the Union, and the political climate that would foster the Covington debacle, is a symptom of OUR government. History wont care as much about our affiliations as we do now.

Edit: I just got that Fizzy Lifting Drink reference. That was hilarious  Cheesy

Second edit: TEC, please explain to me what you think my political stance is. I'm curious to the stereotype you may have constructed of me, genuinely.
14  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Evil MAGA hat kids from Covington School VS Native American on: January 25, 2019, 04:10:52 PM
Quote from: TECSHARE
Yeah why should we pay any attention to the uncontrolled insane violent mobbing of children by leftists being puppeted and wound up by television and other media? No what is important is the Russia story that we some how haven't been able to produce any evidence of after 2 years of investigation.

The protest is a non-story. The media 2 minutes of hate is the story, and it is quite convenient for the left to declare everyone ignore their unhinged behavior completely detached from reality as they condemn the right for all the same things.

I agree with you but not in the way you'd like.

Once this issue became an embarrassing fiasco, intelligent liberals fled from it. There's always a shiny new penny of an anti-Conservative anti-Trump story to pick up from the gutter, right?

So let's keep moving.

We don't need to discuss all that "old stuff."

Hillary's lies...server....Bengazi.....Covington...

Keep moving, nothing to see here...

I'm not really urging anyone to ignore anything, I'm just asking for relevance to be considered. Sure, this may irritate you because you empathize with the Covington students. But if I search the forum, will I see a post from either of you condemning the attacks against David Hogg? You definitely wont from me; I had better shit to do LOL.

Either be offended by everything, or nothing. Selective outrage is hypocrisy by another name Wink

And @Spendulus, I'm not even joking when I ask you this. Like, what would it take to satisfy your side that Hillary Clinton is either innocent, or untouchable? How is it that through all the investigation launched into her, her organization, there has been nothing? She cant be that slick; supposedly there are books like Clinton Cash extolling the icky vileness of her ways. So many shitty books and docs written about her "evil shenanigans", I can find like 10 unique titles on Amazon in a minute or two. Basically, I'm trying to express that her supposed misdeeds are public knowledge.

So if she is a known bad actor, that has faced oversight at the highest levels of government yet avoided prosecution..
.. maybe shes innocent?

Whitewater was 70 Million
Email Probe was 14 Million
Benghazi was 7 Million (fun fact! Congress spent more time investigating this than 9/11. Seriously, look it up)

This is the definition of insanity, repetition with the expectation of divergent results.

Meullers probe has dredged up shit at a fraction of the time and cost. Say what you will about the man, Meuller is efficient.

Anywho, back to the subject. An FBI investigation. A Congressional investigation. And most importantly, intelligence agency oversight as she actively served in office as the Secretary of State. You know. The job you need a security clearance to perform? I understand if the gravity of a security clearance has degraded in the current WH; the highest intelligence designation in the land used to mean something before they just started handing them out like bottled water to the unqualified (Kushner, Bannon).

I personally propose we spend exactly as much money investigating Trump as we did Hillary. For the sake of fairness of course XD no stone unturned...

Speaking of Stones, *cough* Roger Stone *cough*

15  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Evil MAGA hat kids from Covington School VS Native American on: January 24, 2019, 09:45:55 PM
I think you forgot about all the calls for violence against the kids, and harassment by the hate group at the event against the kids.

The kids likely have a case for defamation against many in the MSM along with the Phillips fellow.

You're talking about how the media handled it.

I'm talking about the event in itself.

The coverage and consequences are what they are but the event in itself is pure void. The native american did nothing wrong and the kid did nothing wrong. Anyone crying at what has happenned is a pussy. This is nothing, this is a non event.

USA shouldn't even be aware it happened.

Still the whole country focused on this nothingness like flies on a big pile of shit.

Amen!! As a mod lib, this shit is a no issue. Who gives a flying fuck if two groups of random citizens disagree with each other at a protest?  The current antagonistic political climate is the only reason I have to keep reading about this. Both sides have ran with this story; it's so inflated its meaningless. Fuck the Elder, fuck those kids. I hope that's sufficiently neutral XD.

I just cant give a fuck about people getting offended at a protest.about something as divisive a reproductive rights. And I question the judgement of allowing 16 year old kids to even attend some shit like this (this is a Catholic school, damned kids cant even legally fuck yet). Sex education for Catholics is a non starter, but yet we allow the kids to go to something like this..

Let's focus on why we are easing sanctions on Russian oligarchs with proven ties to Russian intelligence. Let's talk about being in the middle of the longest government shutdown in American history. Let's talk about Maduro expelling all US diplomats and closing all embassies in reaction to a tweet. And let's hear Cohens testimony in open Congressional session.

That, my friends, is the hot topic for the week.

16  Other / Politics & Society / Re: From what I see democrats are at fault on: January 24, 2019, 09:33:00 PM
....The way Trump is moving, can actually lead to third world war.
I am curious, can you support that assertion? I have to ask because this is the guy that seems to be heading toward SOLVING the NK problem, and several others.

Trump's biggest problem, the alleged Russian collusion, is actually directly preventing war with Russia.  I have no idea how bad the Russia relationship would be right now with an establishment hawk in charge. 

No, that makes no sense. Yes, I'm referring to what you said.

There is no chance of "war with Russia." Zero.

There is for warmongers, the possibility of the US supporting a middle eastern country and Russia supporting a different one, and there being a proxy war.

Russia -> Iran -> Syria
US -> Saudi -> Syria

Trump's moving US troops out, not in.

The Democratic alternative, Hillary Clinton, actively talked about war during her campaign.

All Russia is today is an economic adversary, and that to a minor degree. They are not even your friend. They're not trying to spread communism.

I disagree. We may not be overtly at war, but the amount of known, proven intelligence activities by both the US and Russia would amount to what would be considered a "cold war". You dont facilitate propaganda campaigns against "economic adversaries", nor do you get an agent caught holding Russian state secrets when you are dealing with a "fiscal antangonist".

I dont see it as a Repub or Dem fault. It's a executive branch vs legislative branch thing. Before Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh, this was a done deal. A resolution passed both House and Senate that would have funded government weeks ago. But Trump rejected it. So here we are.

It occurs to me, given that it will take 3-4 years to build the wall (that's kind by a magnitude) why are we defunding government when we have all the time in the world to solve this during 2019? We are still in court trying to get border landowners to cede land so the wall can even be built (as it stands, it would be impossible to build a continuous wall as the government does not own the land).. why is this such a big deal, that we cant pass a temporary resolution to get folks paid, guys vital to national security like the coast guard, air traffic controllers, the Secret Service?

Trump dug his own grave when he "owned" the shutdown. Despite what radical conservative pundits may say, the majority of polls (from both liberal and conservatively leaning outfits) say the people blame Trump. Not Pelosi. This cant end good for him. Pelosi has demonstrated she will obstruct him (which fills me with a perverse glee) at any cost; either this will go on until he is so unpopular he becomes impeachable, or he will have to cave, as he will get nothing done for the remainder of his time in office if this does not resolve.

Goodbye, the party of Lincoln. You let one guy wreck your shit . Trump accomplished what Democrats have been trying to do for the last 50 years.

it's a shame too. Conservatism is a necessary foil to liberal policies, abalance to check government spending. But you guys gambled and lost with these last few years.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: bitJob: Student Marketplace Bounty Campaign 2.0 on: December 31, 2018, 07:52:32 AM
Your very revamped website is not working properly. The first thing that loading page seems slow.
And the texts on the site is not fit with windows and other pages like FAQ are not also working properly.

Thank you for the attentions, I will pass your observations along to the dev team.

I want to give advice to you legendary, I hope you have a bounty group, because this amazix group doesn't know the bounty you made. and I hope you immediately create a spreadsheet, so we know what we are doing every week. thanks Wink
Here is the bounty group:
I was out of town (Xmas) when this campaign started. The group was not made at the same time the campaign began. It is now available.

And the sheet is not currently public.So, when will the spreadsheet be public? Need an clear answer for this,ad!

It's public now. I didn't see a need to make it public before the first grading (also, I had to flag many alt accounts, and didn't think it wise to release the sheet until this was done). Now that the first week is graded, the sheet is available.

Hi manager, about Reddit campaign. How many post per week ? Thank you.
See the rules:
- You need to comment on 5 posts and create 3 original posts about bitJob in a week. Posts and Comments with negative Karma will not be accepted
- For a created post to be counted, it needs to be posted in one of the cryptocurrency related subreddits such as but not limited to: r/bitcoin, r/icocrypto, r/cryptocurrency or another. At least one post must be in the bitJob subreddit.

That should be everyone, if you asked a question (that was not blatantly obvious or a repeat and didnt have it answered), feel free to ask the question on the bounty channel.

Since many of you did not submit a report for this week, I will allow 2 days for you to post your report. This is only because of the initial date change on the campaign; to assist those that may have failed to post due to confusion. If you do not have a report on file within those two days, you will not receive credit for this week. No exceptions.

If you did your posts but don't see stakes on the sheet for yourself, submit your report if you have not. I will update the sheet again in the next two days for those I may have missed.

If your name is marked yellow, you are an alt, and subsequently disqualified. Feel free to contact me if you feel this is an error; but trust me I went through pains to ensure those marked as alts truly are, and I an explain to you why I am aware (blockchains dont lie). To the person that went through the trouble of submitting a whopping 37 alts, next time try not to tie all your alts together by funding them gas from a single address Wink

To all my legitimate users in this campaign, thank you for joining and participating! We appreciate your efforts, truly! Smiley I will do my best to ensure you get every token you've earned, in the most timely way possible. I couldn't do this without you guys!!

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: bitJob: Student Marketplace Bounty Campaign 2.0 on: December 26, 2018, 10:36:02 PM

The form asks about emails, do we need to pass KYC for this bounty campaign?
I'm determined to submit an article after this question is answered. Please let me know. I can see the beta version of the project is already working, hopeful to see some jobs in the platform, I'd like to apply so some jobs there.

No. Currently there is no KYC requirement. This may change, but I doubt this severely.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: bitJob: Student Marketplace Bounty Campaign 2.0 on: December 26, 2018, 10:34:23 PM
Can i use my own blogspot sir ? and where the spreadsheet ?

No, unique blogs are not acceptable for.this campaign. And the sheet is not currently public.

Yes. BM, when spreadsheet??  Huh

See previous response.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / Re: bitJob: Student Marketplace Bounty Campaign 2.0 on: December 24, 2018, 09:47:39 AM

As announced prior in our Bounty Thread, BitJob had allocated over 2M tokens in bounty and bug hunt activities, and are happy to announce our 2nd Bug Bounty programme, which will take place alongside our bounty until January 27th.

Pre-Launch Bounty details

BitJob, founded in early 2016, aims to give the opportunity to pursue their dreams to all busy, hard working students.

The core vision has led the team to run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign (ICO), enabling the firm to develop a Social Mining™ platform and thus expand the global movement already backed by academic institutions and supports from around the world.

Due to the sensitive nature of the platform we want to ensure our users actions and tokens will be safe. To achieve this, we would like the community to take part in finding any potential security risks or loopholes in our system. We encourage the community to submit any vulnerabilities via our bug bounty program.

Basic details:
Start: 11:59 PM GMT January 17th 2019
Finish: 11:59 PM GMT January 27th 2018
Fund: ~2M STU

Areas of concern:
The following are the primary areas of concern for the Bitjob team. Different bugs found outside of this criteria will still be considered for bounty payment:

Security flaws within the platform resulting in loss or theft of currency
Bugs restricting users from performing any actions
Bugs associated with server crashes and high load
Platform bugs resulting in poor user experience

Pre-Launch bounty rules
Bugs will be considered valid if they have not already been submitted by another user or are not known to the Bitjob team.
Bugs must be submitted via the official Bitjob Bug hunt form. Submission by any other route will not be considered as valid.
Illegal or fraudulent submissions as a result of a breach of fair use will not be acceptable, DDOSing etc.
Feel free to test the platform. Provide us with the information on ways to disable or disrupt the security system and its database.
Find an attack on the website or via a user account. Please describe the way attackers deceive contributors.

Reward matrix
The reward will be will be determined by a mixture of the following risk matrix:

Bitjob Bug Bounty Risk Matrix

Critical: up to 100 USD

Example: Security flaws within the platform. Potential loss or theft of currency

High: up to 75 USD

Example: Bugs associated with servers, UX and platform crashes.

Medium: up to 20 USD

Example: All bugs within the Nodes and code (incorrect payments, security vulnerabilities, rating system bugs etc.)

Low: up to 20 USD

Example: UI/Platform bugs resulting in poor user experience

Bug submission

Please describe the bug and how we can recreate it (if applicable). If possible, please provide screenshots, code or videos with your submission to assist us with your description.

For higher bounties, we would love to get your insights on how we can fix the bug or a possible workaround.

First, complete this user survey to make an account in our bug compensation system:

Send your bug reports to, with the subject “BUG BOUNTY” and do join us on our Bounty Telegram Channel ( As soon as your bug report is received, our bounty judges will evaluate the severity of the bug and will contact you.

Good Luck Bounty Hunters!
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