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1  Economy / Goods / Interest check - Bitcoin T-shirt on: January 26, 2021, 08:32:48 PM
I was shopping other day in my local shopping centre and spotted some bitcoin T-shirts. I bought two without asking any questions. This was the first time I saw a bitcoin T-shirt.

After coming hope I was thinking what if I can supply these T-shirts. Almost all famous brands in the world imports garments from Bangladesh. Some of the brands are H&M, Walmart, C&A, Zara, GAP, Target, TESCO, Carrefour, Levi’s, JCPenney, Primark and many more. The reason is the cheap labour cost obviously.

I can have a T-shirt business and/or even can export lot too. For large scale I can contact with the garments near to me. Many of them not far from me. 20 minutes or 1 hour drive. If anyone is interest in business or even want to buy T-shirt then feel free to partner with me. We can discuss how the entire business will work for us.

Anyway, here are two T-shirts I got for myself.

Maybe I should have better lighting but I think you get the idea anyway.

If anyone wants then I can order some for them. Maybe we will need to check how much the shipping will be.
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: [Eng: Tutorial] PGP Signature - Encrypt/Decrypt message - Fingerprint on: December 21, 2020, 10:40:46 AM
I am working on updating the topic. The update has been done until the following block.
[--------------still updating below contents ------------- 21/12/2020]
3  Economy / Reputation / Re: Who is trolling? Suchmoon or mdayonliner on: December 20, 2020, 09:33:46 PM
Removed some posts which were off-topic [1], [2], [3]. Some wannabe noobs seem grown up but pretty much still hasn't changed.  They do not have the simple sense of being on topic. I did not ask for mdayonliner this, mdayonliner that, it's always mdayonliner, I never believed you bla bla bla;

If you don't have sense of on topic then learn from LoyceV.  If you cann't speak blatant truth then learn from pugman.

I asked a simple question. Between me and suchmoon, who is trolling each others?

Sorry Laudanum, I had to delete this because this was a response of an off-topic post.

Local rules: Suchmoon can make only one post if she wants and can have her defence on that post (she is free to edit update it). More than one post from suchmoon will be deleted

P.S: The wannabe grownup noobs, keep complaining. If you have so much against one person then have your own threads and speak to each others.
"A group or wannabe grownup noobs ≠ the whole forum".

4  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Source - Plagiarist (#2627711 “Ratimov”) on: December 18, 2020, 07:46:44 PM
Sent them today the second notifications. The fist reports   were ignored.  Do Russian mods support the break of rule 27? If they do I perhaps will spam there doing Google translate.  
I can help you in this maybe it will work as a support on the reports you make.

When you report, can you make a list of the posts and PM me end of the day, everyday? I will also report those posts and since I have more than 300 reports I can easily share the report status.

If I was an expert in the Russian language then I would do it by my own.


Let me represent this a better way so that the mods can easily get his trick.

This is for the mods.
Post in question:


I have two more from wooI_Ioow, I will investigate and format them before I report the following two.


Reported with the following comment
Reported post:
5  Economy / Reputation / To be continued: Who is trolling? Suchmoon or mdayonliner on: December 18, 2020, 07:42:23 PM
Another unnecessary troll post:
There is no bug. Stop order is not created immediately. The system will attempt to create it when the stop price is reached, and if you don't have enough funds at that point then the order will not be created.

There is also a difference between stop and stop-limit orders. You should probably read up on how it works before making another molehill into a mountain.
6  Economy / Exchanges / Possible bug in Kucoin Stop-limit order. on: December 18, 2020, 05:50:20 PM
I was working on selling some BTC for USDT. Not sure about what price to check in so this morning when price was under $23k I thought to set a limit order at $24,5xx for the whole amount I sent to the exchange. Earlier half an hour ago I thought to set a stop limit at $20k just not to miss much down when I saw $22.5xx. Obviously a little confuse what to try. The amount is not much anyway.

Interestingly, I forgot that I had a limit order set on $24,5xx for the whole amount. But then how my stop limit order was taken? So I checked the tabs and noticed that in both tabs (limit and stop-limit) I have the orders but the math does not add up.


The amount that I sent to the exchange was 0.11
Limit order on $24,5xx was 0.11
Stop limit order 0.01 BTC
I now tried with 0.1 BTC in the stop-limit and walla, it was placed!
I tried with 1 BTC, placed! 2 BTC placed!! 4 BTC placed!!!
All stop limit.

When I try with the amount % buttons (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) it does not bring up any amount (because all the amounts are already in use for the limit order) but when I type any BTC amount and hit the sell button it takes the order.

% buttons.

Amount box

Anyway, I hope now you get an understanding about the topic and the following bugs I spotted so far.

Bug1: Those % button works when the amounts are in used as limit order.
Bug2: The manual entry box (amount you want to sell) do not give any warning, in fact takes any amount you put there.
Bug3: If the amounts are not in use meaning not in limit order then in the % button it always shows your coins no matter if they are in use with limit-order.
Bug4: Any stop-limit do not make any affect in the total asset page. The amount always shows in the available balance instead
Bug5: Even though it's taking those wrong stop-limit trade calls but the system is cancelling the trades when the conditions are true. (I think because of this no messed up with it yet or kucoin would have massive loss)

Overall these are some front end validation works imo. This should be fixed soon.
7  Economy / Reputation / Re: Who is trolling? Suchmoon or mdayonliner on: December 16, 2020, 12:31:01 PM
My honest asking to the community, is me trolling or she is trolling me?
You were (a bit) when you opened this topic.
Politically correct  Wink
You are the same old Loyce  Grin

I'd say you should ask yourself why you came back: it can't possibly be for the drama, right? That's literally the worst part of the forum, right under spam (at least that gets deleted)! Go read the tech boards if you're bored during lockdown Smiley Create something useful, like you did before.
I am giving my best to ignore the negativity but sometimes it just do not work. I will be focusing on more into doing good things for the community.

That being said: I'm going off-topic now. You know where to find the Delete button.
If you are seeing this response then you passed the doubt LOL
8  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Source - Plagiarist (#2627711 “Ratimov”) on: December 16, 2020, 12:18:58 PM
Today I'll probe their mods to see how wide is corruption of Russian section sending them my first report accompanied by following comment "Google-Translate-assisted to habitually break Rule#27. Inspectorate "
I like the reporting idea than this you had in mind few days ago.

With the 2nd one you would not help the community but with these reports you certainly is going to have a huge contribution, favour to the community. Maybe all these breaking Rule#27 were unnoticed by the Russian users and mods. Weird to think though.

If you have free time and much care for the community, I will encourage you to focus on reporting.

Thanks mate.
9  Other / Meta / Re: Local rules enforcement policy. on: December 15, 2020, 04:06:56 PM
Experience Wink
For what it's worth: I haven't had much result with local rules either. Self-moderation works much better.
I've also noticed posts in Meta are much less likely to be removed by Mods than posts on most other boards.
You have to consider the long gap I had in the forum. There are a lot of things which are already gone from my mind. And this local rules enforcement policy especially on Meta was not known to me from the begging I believe.

I think I am one of the user who love self moderated thread to keep the thread clean. You and some others too.


Reported with the following comment:
off-topic response, This has nothing to do what the question asked in the main topic about local rules policy. Poster made a post with some BS suggestion that suits her.
10  Economy / Reputation / Who is trolling? Suchmoon or mdayonliner on: December 15, 2020, 03:58:51 PM
Local rules: Suchmoon can make only one post if she wants and can have her defence on that post (she is free to edit update it). More than one post from suchmoon will be deleted

Since I came back my topic lists and responses on my topics/posts by suchmoon.

Topic 1:
because now it makes you look like a drama queen that you are.
Nice start with a provoking tone.

Topic 2:
Threads started by (your) ignored users will show grayed out in your watchlist and in board view. OP should lock this thread, the question was answered correctly and concisely in the first reply.
Nothing wrong but even knowing they are in the ignore list they just could not stop but had to say something. Fine, no problem here.

Topic 3:
OP is full of shit... he "discovered" text spinning after it's been debated, reported, and users have been banned for it for years.
Bitching like a mad bitch. Another intend of provoking user.

Topic 4:
Don't feed the troll... this is just a rant based on the accusation against Ratimov. I guess the OP decided to go full cryptohunter upon his return to the forum but this rage-against-the-machine act is an increasingly crowded niche and it takes a lot of sockpuppets to keep it going.
Bitching again and this time she started to compare with someone else just to make me look a bit dramatic.

Topic 5:
If you can see this post mdayonliner was lying again.




And stop this "dear diary" nonsense, no one cares about your feefees.
Another provoking comment even though I asked specifically him/her not to make a post on my threads.

Dear mdayonliner,

it's really easy to stop me from responding to your threads - don't create new threads in Meta because you have nothing new to say. You created a couple of whiny-ass threads about Ratimov's issue (with massive tangents too), even though multiple threads already existed on the topic. You created another one on a subject that was discussed at least twice before. Now you creating a new one to complain about your own locked thread. Just give it up. Meta is no longer the merit-anything-that-moves place that you remember from your previous life.

Not to mention a new thread in Reputation to announce your return when you could have posted in your own departure thread.

Basically every thread since your return was useless and a waste of time for everyone involved. Lax forum rules work to your advantage here since your merit-begging trash isn't getting deleted so all I can do is critique you. Now if mods disagree and start deleting my posts... I don't think you'll find me crying in Meta about it.
Have your wisdom with you and shut your mouth. I already told somewhere that I do not give a dick on what you say. But it seems your provoking is working on me hence this topic about you and me. But I will try to forget all very quickly to make my life better.

"troll meaning"

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who starts flame wars or intentionally upsets people on the Internet by posting inflammatory and digressive, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into displaying emotional

1) 5 topics I have created and suchmoon has her response in all 5 topics. In four of them she was asking me to respond her in a bad manners. Only in the 2nd one, she had a decent response where she also learnt that I have her in my ignore list.
2) There are other users too on the forum and I do not see them to respond with such bad mouth in all of my topics. She is constantly provoking me.
3) She is stalking on my threads it's clear from her latest response. She thinks:
3.1) I am merit begging
3.2) I should stop creating topic when I have something to ask.
3.3) She thinks I am complaining about following my local rules, I would never know if I would not create the topic that in meta no such local rules are enforced.
3.4) She hes her observation about Ratimov's activity and I have my own but she thinks I should start adopting her observation I guess or I would not see why it's hurting her so much.

I never responded suchmoon with a bad mouth since I came back on any of her topic/responses in other threads. In fact I really do not know what is she posting in other topics except my topics. Please feel free to investigate, you will not find one post where I gone and bitch about her in other topics.

My honest asking to the community, is me trolling or she is trolling me?
11  Other / Meta / Re: Local rules enforcement policy. on: December 15, 2020, 10:37:26 AM
There's a reason why you can't self-mod in meta and hence why local rules also don't apply here. Reports in Meta to censor people based on their own rules will either be ignored or marked bad.
Happy with the response. Thanks however in the unofficial rules book there were no such exclusion for a board so how a user suppose to know that Meta is excluded.

It's not explicitly stated, but I never see a rule excluding a specific user from posting in a tread on meta being enforced. The main reason being that meta is the public discussion board for forum issues, probably the same reason that you can't self moderate on meta I guess.

much to be done apart from ignoring and moving on then.
Maybe it has been discussed before and my gap is the reason either I forgot or when it was discussed I was missing on the forum. The user is already on my ignore list.

I will lock the topic in the next 24-48 hours, if anyone wants to have a discussion about having it specified that the meta board is excluded from local rule enforcement and it needs to be updated in the unofficial rules then feel free to continue.
12  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Source - Plagiarist-Ratimov on: December 15, 2020, 10:15:30 AM
Blessing,  but "a rabbit hole" is much deeper.

Good to see that the posts has been deleted. If anyone expert in spotting this kind of behaviours then I would suggest them to report to the mods and it will be handled. At least this action of my reported posts shows the good interest.

Let's not go against mods, admins or anyone here just because a user found a way to abuse a rule. Maybe the officials are still puzzled and looking for a way to stop this kind of activities.
13  Other / Meta / Re: Local rules enforcement policy. on: December 15, 2020, 10:12:21 AM
In the future just make your threads self moderated, and do the job yourself. That way you don't have to worry about it.
Only in the meta section you can not create a self moderated thread. So I had to have my rules highlighted or I would had a self-moderated thread. Since there are no scope for creating self-moderated thread then a report of breaking local rule from the topic creator should be handled and removed.
14  Other / Meta / Local rules has been broken but report handled as "Bad" on: December 15, 2020, 10:09:13 AM
My bad, I see it has been handled but as bad  Shocked

The questions on my first post still stands and in addition please explain how it's bad when I had my own local rules?
15  Other / Meta / Local rules enforcement policy. on: December 15, 2020, 10:03:32 AM
26. Local thread rules, if stated properly when the thread was started, specific enough and don't conflict with the forum rules, have to be followed.
I had a topic yesterday and I had strict local rule that was stated on my first post that user "No suchmoon response, it will be reported.". They made a post, I reported with a clear comment but no action has been taken.

Is mod still working on the pile of reports they received and my report is on the queue? or
Are there user-wise some special consideration, before removing a reported post? or
Did I not stated properly when I started the thread? or
Did it conflict with forum rules? or
Am I not eligible to have own local rules? or
Rules are there and some people disrespect it just because they can?

Please help me to understand local rules enforcement policy and what term I broke that my report has not handled yet?

Local rules: No suchmoon response again, it will be reported to be deleted.
16  Other / Meta / Re: Bug? Post count mismatch for some topics on: December 14, 2020, 01:18:45 PM
Report comment
Please delete, local rule: Please red font in the OP
17  Other / Meta / Re: My new idea about creating topics regularly but I would like to be sure first... on: December 14, 2020, 12:53:07 PM
Nice, using  Ratimov's-style it  took me  1+3 minutes to write couple of articles  - 1 min  - 3 mins

Local language (from the web) > Automated translator > English (on the forum) Example:
English (from the web) > Automated translator > Local language (on the forum) Example:

Please do not do this, if you really care about the community but if you have just some personal agenda against the user then this will not make you any different than him. This does not make this place any better. Imagine all of us start doing this then this place will be a spam heaven, Search engines will start punishing the rank of the forum. People will lose interest on this forum because they will easily discover this place is an archive of translated contents from the web.
18  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Source - Plagiarist-Ratimov on: December 14, 2020, 12:41:54 PM
I observe that this post was made on 2020-12-13, after this thread was raised on 2020-12-05.  Ratimov’s citation is in a format more or less similar to what I myself suggested 2020-12-10; and he uses exactly the format for (human) translations that I suggested to wolwoo on 2020-04-17; thus, I certainly don’t call that plagiarism.
This has reference at the topic ✅
This is not plagiarism ✅
This is not translation ✅
Then what is it ❓

A head to head comparison just to make it as clear as mineral water


27. Using automated translation tools to post translated content in Local boards is not allowed.

Reported with the following comments:

19  Other / Meta / Re: Bug? Post count mismatch for some topics on: December 14, 2020, 10:44:41 AM
Thanks Rikafip,
And one older one where thyemos explained the issue.
Bctalk posts count not correct?

I found this response from theymos
I did a recount of post counts earlier today. There are several bugs which cause the post count to drift from its real value over time. The current count is the accurate one.

The current count is the accurate one.
Clearly it's not accurate yet @theymos.

Also most of the responses on there is about deleting posts but clearly here the case is not about post deletion since on the list it's showing lesser number than on the topic.
4 while number of response is 7
4 while number of response is 5
20  Other / Meta / Bug? Post count mismatch for some topics on: December 14, 2020, 10:36:02 AM
suchmoon may have a problem with me.

S/he thinks I should know everything about the forum even when I had more than a year's gap in the community.  
Quote from: suchmoon
OP is full of shit... he "discovered" text spinning after it's been debated, reported, and users have been banned for it for years.

S/he also thinks I am a troll while I am trying to establish a point.
Don't feed the troll...
Since when you have started advising users (fools will listen you anyway) on the forum and became the godfather? Keep your mouth shut if you have no value to add. I do not see your post when I am logged in but when logged out unfortunately I still can see your "full of shit" responses and advises to others.

I don't mind you are advising others but please do not try on the points I speak. I have genuine points to speak because unlike you and some others, the forum is not a motivation for me for money (if I had money to have my motivation then I would create a brand new account, stay unnoticed and would have been nice with everyone, lick the asses, earn merits, rank up nicely to have a spot in the highest paying signature campaign. I believe there are no doubt about my capability around. If I wanted then I could  be one of you opportunity seekers already).

But my goal is to keep a balance in this community and speak up when something is looking wrong. You are free to create a "Re: mdayonliner..." on the reputation board (if you feel you need to give an answer to me) like you do for others, I don't give a dick... Talking about troll, if there are few I have discovered then you are one of them and you are doing it artistic way. Congratulation on fooling the fools around you but users with genuine interest in bitcoin and the community is not going to listen your BS.

Is Foxpup paying you for the avatar? I discovered he is paying LoyceV (Loyce Deserved it) for wearing it but none others.

Local rules: No suchmoon response, it will be reported.

Excuse me if this has been found before and already had discussion about it. Please point me to the post and I will lock it.

I was browsing the forum on my phone and noticed some miscount of the responses on few topics on the topic list. Please investigate the following archive links and the images.

Archive meta board:

Example topic 1 : 7 replies but showing 4

Example topic 2 : 5 replies but showing 4

For some other topics the number of response and the count is fine though.
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