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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Casino & Sportsbook | VIP | Instant withdrawals!|ARGENTINA & AVFC on: Today at 06:58:54 PM
I've visited the promotions section at Those on the drops and wins slot increased the prize pool from $500k to 2 million Dollars.
Can play several games on pragmatic play.
In the Grand Holiday Tournament Santa Gifts and Winter Winfest Tournament, each has something challenging to play because the prizes to be won are also large.

It is true. This Christmas celebration will be festive. I will look forward to this excitement.
I want to congratulate Aston Villa on being in the top four of the PL. This week will play against Bourneumoth.
That is too huge because you are competing with whales that is wagering more than a million dollar per bet. They are using tournament reward to recover some of their losses in case they didn’t manage to land any huge win in the process.

For normal user like us, The reward is indeed huge but it’s also impossible to have a share with that kind of tournament since the reward is just an equivalent of the bankroll of a single whale that will compete on that tournament. I believe gambling streamers is still eligible too on participating that tournament.
I would guess that it is not really about competing against them, but more like competing against yourself. You try to gamble for fun and just do whatever you can do (and hopefully do not force your economy while trying) and you just try to have as much fun as possible. If that means you will end up getting some reward and did alright that's great, there is nothing wrong with that and I would suggest that it is definitely positive outcome.

However, if we are talking about something that will be a bit different, like for example you try to wager and compete against whales, not only they will beat you but also you will lose all you have while trying to beat them. I can sell my house, my car, my possessions, everything, and I would not be able to win this, not get the first place, someone will bet more than me anyway. This means that we do not have to go that hard, just try to enjoy the situation and not worry about anything else, keep within your means.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Slot games are a waste of time and money (most of the time) on: Today at 05:53:21 PM
Slots are the most "fun" game around according to some people, I personally do not enjoy them all that much because I feel like they are brain numbing and I do not get that much fun out of them. However, I od agree that there are a lot of people who enjoy it a lot and they like to just spend time like zombies.

I do not mean that in a bad way, they like to just lay down on a couch, open up their phone, open up the app or the website, and then start gambling on a slot game for 8 hours straight, I have seen this first hand, I have seen my wife do it. That's not a thing I would love to do, but that also doesn't mean that there aren't any people who does it, there are plenty of people all around the world who likes to do that. Just like some people watch youtube, some watch netflix, some read books, some listen to podcasts, there are also people who likes to gamble on slots and the result doesn't matter, they just like to spend time doing that, it's as simple as that.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: How discipline are you in managing your bankroll? on: December 01, 2023, 06:42:33 PM
At least we can enjoy gambling games well without having to think that we have to control our finances well, just limit the budget that we are ready to lose for gambling, sometimes we also have to be disciplined in setting a special budget for gambling in order to keep out bets that are not needed and will destroying everything that has been built.
That's only one way to look at it, just enjoy and have some fun without looking at our bankroll. And this kind of gamblers mostly played to relieved their stresses on a weekends. I have seen this kind of groups when I played on a land based casino, sometime group of friends maybe around 5, just betting small cheering each other on a slots, loud as it is but you know that they are just having the time of their night at that casino.
I agree that there are some people who do like risk, but I disagree that it's for all humanity. For me, the change is not to bet more, but it's getting tired of gambling and stopping, I do not desire more risk and do more I end up desiring less. So, if I gamble with some limit and all that then suddenly I want to stop gambling, like if I lose it all then that's fine that means I can take a break for a while and do not gamble.

It's not because I am some super smart and emotionally amazing person or anything, of course I have bad addictions in my life like smoking, but at the same time this isn't one of those. This is a proof, because I reject the notion that I am the only one, there must be more people like me as well. Some people gamble, lose, and want to gamble more to make it back and lose even more, and yet some people gamble, get bored, and stop which is the reality and not everyone is like what you imagine, it could be quite different in the end.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: December 01, 2023, 05:52:31 PM
While I think that it's safe to keep your coins on Freebitco because this website has proven to be trustworthy, honest and fair since 2013, we still shouldn't forget that not your keys means to not your coins. If I were an early adopter who bough bunch of bitcoins when price was low, I would simply hold 10-20 bitcoins on freebitco account to cover my monthly expanses and more.
If you say not your keys not your coins then why you suggest to keep your coins here? You are contradicting your own opinion so there no context behind your statement about that. If you said Not your keys not your coins suggest the user to safe keep his coins to the wallets where they hold their private key since from that they can assure their safety.

I don't mean is a bad site since they are really so good for providing good experience to their gamblers but we are talking about safety here so much really better if majority of people decide to hold their coins on much safer place.
I think the idea is that "this one could be an exception so far, but it is still to be secure then sorry" as in yeah this place hasn't shown any reason to doubt them, but if anything happens to them, it's your coins that will be gone.

However, I do trust them, I do not agree with him, I trust enough that I have been saving up money at any given moment and ALWAYS put my money here, not to just gamble or anything, I deposit here for the returns and that's the most important thing. I believe that there aren't any other place that could give me a good return like this place does that I can trust as much as this place, which is why I think it's quite important to keep it going as good as I could hope for, that's the most important part.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Tips on staying responsible. on: December 01, 2023, 04:42:42 PM
My biggest tip has always been knowing what amount would make you very upset if you lose. Like for a whole month, starting from lets say next 1st of December, until first of January, how much money could you lose and not care about it? That amount is the amount you should gamble with, doesn't matter how much it is.

If it is five bucks, then gamble with five bucks and when that's over then stop and do not gamble for the rest of the month. I know that sounds small, but if you are a person who would be upset about losing ten bucks, then you should not be playing with ten bucks. That is a reality and it does help people a lot, if you end up losing an amount that you do not care at all and fine with losing it, then you will be fine.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 2023 NBA Season on: December 01, 2023, 08:44:31 AM
Honestly Sixers looked like they would reach to 20 before anyone else, but then they had a few bad games, started better and now they are back to 50% in the last 10 games, they had like 8-1 or something start I think, and then lost a bit more and at 12-6 right now. In the end, I am not sure who would reach to 20 wins this season, feels like Celtics are doing fine, but if they end up the same and lose to a situation like that we should be doing something different. Like maybe sixers will go with 8 win in a row and Celtics will have 4 losses then that is going to be quite different.

I would say Celtics has a higher chance for sure, but it is undecided and doubtful to know beforehand. I get that it may not be all that quick to learn, will take a while. Just realize that NBA is a weird place, you do not really get what you look for, sometimes the best team could end up losing to the last team, and that wouldn't be all that shocking because in NBA that's common.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Motosport General discussion tread --- Formula1, MotoGP, WTCC, ETCC, DTM..... on: December 01, 2023, 08:19:04 AM
After F1 is done now, I think it's time to think about the teams and the drivers for those teams. I honestly believe that are 4 or 5 teams that are guaranteed to keep the drivers, rest may have some changes. Aston Martin may stay as long as Alonso agrees to stay, Mclaren has a great young duo, they are great, and Mercedes of course looks amazing, and ferrrari seems happy, these are it, maybe alpine too. Rest are a little unknown, specially the biggest one is Red Bull, will Perez be fired or not?

I think he should be sent away already, he doesn't really deserve that second place, he still got to end the season second place but he had so much trouble, Max deserves a friend who would do a lot better than Perez has done so far. I believe that Williams will look for someone else than Sergeant as well, it's sad that dudes start was a terrible Williams season, but if Albon did all that well, then he was expected to be a little bit better too, he was terrible.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: November 30, 2023, 09:16:23 PM
Honestly France "recovery" isn't even recovery ,they have found a golden generation that may win everything, I am expecting them to win the euro cup as well, it will be in Germany so it is close to them as well, nearly home court, and I think it is going to be fair to say that we are talking about a situation where they won the world cup, and finalist once, and they may win the next world cup considering everyone's age as well.

France has built a squad that is both young and already getting titles and for at least 2 more world cups and 2 more euro cups, they are going to end up being good. Maybe things will not be all that easy and maybe there will be a situation where it is going to end up with something that might create some issues eventually.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: November 30, 2023, 08:42:21 PM
The shocking thing about Union Berlin is that they did not lose some superstar players neither. I have seen teams who do great one season, then bigger clubs buy their star players for a lot of money, and those smaller clubs end up going down a million times before.

However, when you look at the situation right now you get to see that they are not really doing all that shocking well and yet they did not sell any star players they had neither. In fact, they got better players than last year during the summer as well, so in theory they should be doing better right now and yet the yare not. I think it could be quite important to notice that you are going to have some trouble one way or another if you are not careful. The best thing to do for them is to just keep grinding and trying their best.
10  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲| 💸Join NEW Crypto Staking | 🔥Get the highest APRs – up to 60% on: November 30, 2023, 07:22:04 PM
P.S. Sometimes it is both hard to believe and looks shocking, when a guy makes a 1.5k purchase and wins 76k worth Bored Ape Yacht club NFT with 0.77% chance to win only. I mean there are lots of less risky games there for a 1.5k single bet.
This guy made six spins, spending ~$9.6k. So, he actually made a huge profit. However, this is a really crazy thing to do because this guy was very lucky to win a $76k NFT for such a small number of spins. I can't imagine what he had in mind, knowing that there is a 77% chance of winning only 777 BFG($13) and only a 0.77% chance of him winning the grand prize. That sounds like just gambling addiction and dumb luck.
I'll call it a dumb luck Cheesy Sometimes it is so hard to believe (and not be envy) when I see a guy placed 1 dollar in limbo and turned it into x8000 multiplier. In limbo, it is not the game when you watch how the rocket flies and hit cashout button, it is the game when from the start you set your cashout at exact multiplier and just launch the rocket. The guy manually set 8000 and caught luck. FFS... How come someone in clear mind think of something like that?
It's "possible", as people can imagine it is not probable but it is possible and that is why I think it's quite important to realize that we are going to end up seeing a lot better situations on the long run when people realize they can't do the same thing. Unfortunately too many people see those things, envy like you and me, but also start to gamble a lot just to have a chance to have the same result. Considering how unlikely that is, most of them fail, and lose all their money to the casino.

When people think of profitable casino, what are they thinking? I mean where does the revenue come from? It comes from the people who lost money, and that's the important part, I think it should be noted that we can't really have a casino staying as long as it did, and still make profit without gamblers losing. Which means that yeah there are few lucky people, but that doesn't mean that they are going to end up with a profit that easily, it is not going to be good for most of them.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup 2026 :Canada/Mexico/United States: Discussion Thread on: November 30, 2023, 04:12:18 PM
@Leviathan. 007 Brazil should be careful not to repeat the mistakes of Italy otherwise in coming year’s they’ll be absent from the World Cup and personally I never got over the news of Italy missing out hence can’t see a World Cup without Brazil ever. Furthermore the gap exists because Brazil player’s play in important leagues and if other countries want to close the gap they need to try and get their player’s to play in big leagues to gain much needed exposure.
I think difference level national team between UEFA and CONMEBOL zone due Brazil need finish above six standings place automatically will qualify to world cup. But not make it easy after three consecutives matches loss and Brazil have wake up upcoming match next year for securing their top six position place. Have many points gap with Argentina on the first standing and must have won for several matches later if Brazil keep on the top position behind will make difficult under 7th standings will get playoff round.
Brazil next match against Ecuador but still very longer time, hope any player still injury will get recovery and already for the upcoming match and bring back Brazil to the top standing as possibilities with 2nd or 3rd placed.
I still think that it is not going to be all that difficult for them, after all we are talking about Brazil here. Yes they are not doing great, and yes they are looking to change their manager (ancelotti may take the spot) but that doesn't mean that they will keep doing terrible. They will do fine and I bet that they are going to be in world cup without a doubt. It should be noted that they are good enough to beat everyone else from here on out and they can go there. I know that some people have seen the bad momentum and they think that people will lose, but that doesn't mean that they will keep on losing forever, it is going to be quite difficult in the end.

I hope that we could continue this work and bet on them to win. I will personally bet on them to win all the remainder of the games because I believe that they are going to make a great profit, and that should not be an issue for them, it should be easy money for me hopefully, unless I am wrong and they lose again.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Why is horse racing so unpopular here and a bit of extra feedback on: November 29, 2023, 08:33:35 PM
As someone who has been interested in horse racing from the owner part of things (I am not a horse owner, I just spent time with some of them) I can tell you that it hasn't been all that interesting any part of the world. The recent era of humanity has realized that this is something that is not good for the horses, I mean just the idea that horses are whipped is clear enough that we are talking about something that hurts them.

You may consider that they are taken care of better than any other horse, but to be fair the horses are taken care of based on the owner, not the situation, even the greatest horse could be taken care of terribly if the owner is a bad human, and the worst horse could be taken care of as kings if the owner is a good human. So with humanity evolving, you may disagree with this idea, but there are more and more opposition to horse racing, and it was never at some football or basketball or tennis level even before, and definitely even worse now.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto's Most Rewarding Casino 👑 on: November 29, 2023, 07:01:10 PM
This really interesting to see a combat kind of gaming that's not based on player skill but luck based. Which means it doesn't give one player any advantage over another based on how skillfully better one player against his opponent might be.

It's an equal playing field with luck which means I don't have to worry that the next player is more skillful than I am therefore I don't stand a chance of winning him/her. I really need to check out this game for myself now, the suspense is killing me.
There isn't any How to play guide on and their twitter page and I am lost in vein how to play this game. Is this game skill based or luck based? I watched one match on and players were standing like a tree and were damaging each-other. It doesn't look like skill based but is still PVP. If it's luck based, then what's the point of PVP? I don't understand. But the intensity and the way they are promoting this game, it should be very good.

Btw isn't any casino going to add skill based games or 100% luck based games? For example, games similar to penalties, like this one? -> Penalties PvP
Well, from what I understand it's both skill and luck combined. To be fair it's very new and we need some proper youtube series about it to make sure that we get it right, some videos would be a lot better to see how it is done, but so far it has been quite fun to watch other people do it. In the end, it's still a gambling thingy, and there is no need to lose money on something you do not understand.

I mean it has been about 10 years since I learned about plinko, as simple of a game as it gets, and yet I do not understand the concept so I do not play. Like yeah it has multiple outcome options, wherever the ball lands, I get that and I understand how the game works, but I do not understand why that's different than slots, it looks like just a different design of a slot game, at slots you bet, the machine rolls, and depending on the situation you end up either winning nothing, or "winning" less than what you bet, or you get your bet back or you win more than what you bet, exact as plinko, so I do not play plinko at all. Same here for me, won't play until I understand more.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: November 29, 2023, 06:09:00 PM
If Ancelotti somehow gets to United, that would be all problems solved for United without a doubt. He is not called Don for a reason, that dude is serious about playing time, you can be the greatest player ever, and if you do not show up and play with your 100% then you will not get any start, maybe even be out of the bench. Ancelotti could manage PSG tomorrow, and if Mbappe doesn't care in the game or training, he could literally bench him, this dude is too much focused on playing the players who will contribute the most and will work the most, it is not just about talent for him.

United has that lack of passion issue, if Don goes there, he will make sure he plays all the ones that work 100% and all the players will realize this and will put their 100% without a doubt. But, to be fair I do not expect him to go there neither, he will either stay at Real Madrid, or he will go to Brazil, those are the two options if you ask me and he may go to Brazil more likely.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: | Crypto’s Fastest Growing Casino 🦘 on: November 29, 2023, 02:58:16 PM
So, true story it is. I went to twitter the other day and saw this message from Roobet:

And I remebered that couple of days ago I did participate in a giveaway by Roobet for which I should like and repost, things like that, but I totally forgot about it because I thought I will never win anything because of the odds(too many people were participating, like 3k or even more).

Then I went to Roobet and there it was, a nice notification:

and yes, it was added to my balance indeed:

You never have a chance if you don't participate, guys. Try your luck once in a while. Wink
Congratulations on the prize you get, $30 is enough to channel your gambling passion and if you're lucky, it's possible to double it or even more.
I never again take part in giveaways held by Roobet on their social media because as you said there are too many competitors so it can be said that it is almost impossible to win a giveaway prize, but your post encourages me to return to take part in every giveaway that Roobet does, who knows, luck will come.
and this is the latest event that Roobet posted on their Twitter
I think it's small enough that it worths taking a risk and losing it all, but also big enough that you could double or more that money and withdraw something nice. If I wager 30 dollars on something that is like 10x return, that means I have 10% or even smaller chance to win, which is small and I will be fine losing that and most likely that I will lose it.

However, if I get lucky somehow and win, then that would suddenly become 300 dollars and that's a big enough amount that you could withdraw it. Depends on where you live of course, but even in the USA which is an expensive nation, that's good enough to buy something, or have enough money for food for a few days without worrying. These are all nice things for people who don't have much.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Saudi Professional League 2023/2024 on: November 28, 2023, 08:01:11 PM
I was just checking the momentums of the teams, and it is obvious that Al-Hilal is playing on another level, they have built by far the best team without a doubt, but seriously considering the situation, Al-Nasr is going great too. I mean obviously one of them will win, and whichever team ends up losing the league, it will be quite terrible for them.

I think it's quite obvious that we are talking about something that will be a bit different and I believe that we are going to end up seeing one team be super upset about losing. Al-Hilal by all means looks like they are going to win the league, but Al-Nasr definitely played like a champion all season long as well and if/when they lose, that's going to hurt a lot. Plus if Al-Nasr fails to win, it will be second year in a row when Ronaldo lost this league, everyone would love to see him win a title here before he retires, seems like he will keep on playing for a few more seasons at least, so he still has  chance.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Italian League Prediction Thread (Serie A) on: November 28, 2023, 07:08:04 PM
Juventus is by far the better team if you ask me, and I would say their manager is better too. People who think that Inter is better and Juventus is mismanaged have not seen Juventus at their peak when everyone was healthy. To be fair their problem has always been a bit about the injuries, it was also like that last year too, even with points fine, they could have been going to Europe if they didn't had injury trouble. Maybe that is regarding their training?

I am not sure what causes it, but Juventus is famous for having injured stars at this point, it has been a few years now and back to back each year they lose someone. In any case, I am feeling like they are going to be fine, these players will get back and they will win something, it should be quite important. I understand it may not be easy, and it may take a while but that's going to happen and I believe that we are going to see it happen as well. I just don't know when that will happen that's it.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Most gamblers do not believe they can consistently make money, that's why... on: November 28, 2023, 05:24:25 PM
I doubt that "most" gamblers feel the same way, I mean it looks like we are talking about a situation that would be a little bit different, we are talking about a situation that would allow them to be a bit different and think that it could be a bit weirder. I understand that we are talking about a situation where most gamblers are aware that they are not going to make money consistently, sure there could be some moments where you get lucky and win a lot here and there, we all did, but that doesn't mean that we all expect to keep having the same result at all times.

This is why it is quite obvious that we are talking about a situation that would be a little bit different, it is not going to be all that easy to handle one way or another. We need to make sure that it could be a little bit different. So not all gamblers feel the same way, and the ones that think this, will end up thinking it is not possible eventually so it is going to be fine and they will join our ranks to gamble just for fun.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: FIFA World Cup 2026 :Canada/Mexico/United States: Discussion Thread on: November 28, 2023, 03:58:55 PM
The next World Cup will be 48 teams World Cup and they will obviously earn more money from this tournament, maybe they can spend the money they earn during this time on developing football, I think even in Brazil they need to do much more development because this country got a huge potential and they only thing they need to have is a good management system to help the young talents in this country and that's how Brazil can return to the golden days again.
That would be lovely, reaching out to places that wasn't reached out before would be quite good for them, they really need to grow football a lot. I understand that social media helped a bit, but we are still talking about a 2+ hour deal, between the half time and the extra added times on both halves, we will have 2+ hours of our life in football every week, and that's just for fan of one game, if you watch other games as well, then we are talking about insane amount of time going to football.

In a day and age when nothing else was good, I understand why football was great, but nowadays there are many competitions to football, people can watch or do so many more things at home now, so convincing them to watch football is harder. World cup should be a place where you can convince a lot of people, the reach is greater.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Motosport General discussion tread --- Formula1, MotoGP, WTCC, ETCC, DTM..... on: November 28, 2023, 09:39:56 AM
Ferrari ended in 3rd spot in the leaderboard.

Not sure it is a bad thing, they will get less money as prize but more hours in the lab for testing
Ferrari has a "ferrari rule" that makes the F1 give them insane amount of money, it was 60 million dollars a year last time I checked, to keep them in the game. The idea was that unless f1 gives them that kind of extra money, they would not be able to sustain it, and leave. Which is fine, there are other teams that have left before and Ferrari could leave too, right?

Well, f1 decided that ferrari has a huge name and it makes the whole league earn more, so it works to keep ferrari in the league by paying them more, because it allows other teams to earn more as well, may sound unfair, but if other teams leave, the league wouldn't lose that many fans, but if ferrari leaves, the whole league would crumble and lost more money than they are paying to ferrari. This is why it's fine for them to be third, it allows them to get a lot more tunnel time, be better, and still make a lot more than the second place as money too because they are getting that added money.
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