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61  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 02, 2018, 08:56:33 PM
How can a system be so unfair to people who needed one week for the next rank? This is extremely disappointing, I haven't received a single merit for helping quality posts in a whole week.

The people who are supposed to be slowed by this system simply go to a merit brigading channel and merit each other.
Sad to say but, you aint gunna get those needed merits anytime soon.
We, of the lower ranks, have come to believe that this was implemented in order that the Legendary/Heros get all the bounties..That is what it looks like..
62  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 02, 2018, 08:51:35 PM
As I see from posts Merits sell-buy or people simple begging  for that. Now I wonder will Merit will appear on exchangers and all those people who desire it so much will be able to buy it kinda oficcially?!  Cheesy

Don't you also see some of the members getting negative trust for trying to abuse the merit system. I think it makes finding alt accounts easier.

Once you get negative trust you are screwed, I don't get why these members would try and do that. I am for the merit system in spirit but in application I think it could have been handled better. Irregardless the system is in now it is adapt or die time Smiley.
You are exactly right on here but, that is a screwed up kinda problem for a quite a large portion of folks here.
We can either 'adapt or die'...What kinna choice is that really?
I mean either kiss the ass of those that wield smerit power, bend to 'their' opinion of a 'quality' post, or just be frozen in your rank as they continue to reap the sig/bounty rewards..
63  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / Looking for a Stellar Career? on: February 02, 2018, 08:36:59 PM
Hello, is looking for a dev to rewrite the service. It is very popular at the moment and it keeps growing and is very important that we provide reliable and accurate information to the community. If anyone is interested please DM.
Please tell them that StellarSnaw on Slack guided you there.
64  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 02, 2018, 11:26:05 AM
All things considered, this system is pretty cool. It is a hassle to have to go to a separate page to give points to a post - is it possible to implement this within the thread itself?

For damn near 20 years i have been pushing on the mouse wheel to open a new tab in my browser.
Try it.. Wink

I tested it by clicking the merit link on your comment then ..closed the window.
I have no interest participating in this crap.

Far more things have been known issues for years and years.
And just like in 2013 mod's vanished as BTC went from $400 to $20,000.
The forum ..the whole scene is a joke.
I couldn't care less about ranks, abused trust ratings by lying piece of shit like VOD or other idiotic bullshit.

When i signed up here and BTC was around $30 if i recall correctly i was told theymos received around a million worth of BTC in donations........................for a new forum.

5 fucking years later we have shit storm of retarded spamming moron noobs and this shittty ass forum and now..

..a merit system  Roll Eyes

puuuuu fucking leeeeese gimme a break.  Cheesy

This merit is the new requirement to rank up right,
This would mean that it would be really hard to rank up nowadays because most of the forum users are just saving their Smerit,
Some of don't even give some Smerit even if the post or the answer to the topic is a quality post or a helpful answer .
We often ignore it and just continue to do what we are doing.
I did not understood merit fulfill yet. I was reading past few comments in this thread, but didn't find any concrete information. So, by your words if you do not give or get Merit your rank's raise is kinda going to be frozen, is it really so? Prove or unprove this to me somebody, please Smiley

Because you are a mush mouth foreigner who doesn't understand English like 99% of the other noob idiots here.

Understand ?

If you did not read the first post ..and you didn't get it then you SHOULDN'T even be in the fucking English section ya profiteer pajeet investard.

I am done with this place because of you retards.. i can't suffer through deceiving anymore of your horrendous idiotic fucked up butchered English comments and titles.
You are insufferable greedy little useless morons.

Seriously read what the idiot i just quoted said and then tell me if that is unusual here *now.

And yeah duh.. of course these guys are going to abuse the living shit out of it.  Roll Eyes
That is why the pajeets came here.. to abuse anything and everything they can.

Crypto is dead people.. walk up.
Prejudiced much?
What a person....
65  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: <----WARNING! PRODEUM ICO is a SCAM! -------> on: February 01, 2018, 03:01:37 PM
66  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: February 01, 2018, 12:00:16 PM

This system was created to protect hero and legendary to get more stakes at bounties. Keep their cheese slice intact. If they wanna solve the new accounts problem that were other ways to solve it. At the start of the new accounts.
This merit thing will never result. Almost no one send smerit to others. Older members with triple accounts and more will send smerit ot each other and not to third party accounts.

I find that post pretty insulting. I've started to put some effort into giving away sMerit. I don't award any to the categories you mention, or to negativity.

I see tons of low-rank accounts projecting their attitude onto others. They'd automatically assume higher-ranks will trade merits or exchange only with alts or friends - because that's what they would do.

No, it's because that is what is already happening. It has been posted all over many different threads with links to proof, it's not an opinion, it;s a fact,
67  Other / Meta / Re: Merit - one week later on: January 31, 2018, 03:18:29 PM
There are tons of unsorted threads and posts in the Altcoin Section, as a regular member, it's a waste of time just to find a quality post there.
[r] What we need are Merit Sources that are designated to grant merits to those boards (one who can withstand reading shitposts).

People will read topics in the boards and threads that they have interest, chances that any constructive or helpful reply that was posted in an uninteresting thread to receive a merit is low because most of the replies there are most likely posted by non-readers.
Members with sMerits will have to read a bunch of nonsense just to find a good post. [repeat r]

Meanwhile, In the Meta Board:

Before Merit:
  • [SMAS] Signature Managers against Spam (light version)
  • Stake your Bitcoin address here
  • Hacked my account
  • TIL Activity does not work on precisely 2 week intervals + interval timings
  • Forum ranks/positions/badges (What do those shiny coins under my name mean?)

One Week Later:
  • Merit broke my life
  • Merit - right to consensus
  • Members Need to be Better Informed About Merit
  • Merit donation thread
  • How to get merit points for free!
  • Merit!!!
  • Can someone explain why this post is worth 96 merits
  • 'Merit' System is a SLAP to the term 'Decentralisation'

Yeah, i mentioned somewhere else about the fact that merit has actually done the exact reverse of what it was supposed to do.(It has created more spam). And all 'Quality' posts have been shoved from the top spots...go figure..
68  Other / Meta / Re: I swear i just made a post about ranking up on: January 31, 2018, 12:08:02 PM
It probably got deleted because it indicated that you hadn't read the sticky on ranking requirements.
Well, i was under the impression that the requirement for Member is 60 activity and 10 Merit.
Am i missing something?

(just noticed my activity still shows 42..makes no sense)
(nvm, i seem to have conveniently forgotten about 14 activity per period)
nothing to see here but a dumbass.yall move along now.
69  Other / Meta / Re: Merit - one week later on: January 31, 2018, 12:02:58 PM
I will encourage you to explore the forum. Join discussions in other sections of the forum and not restrict yourself to altcoins only. How then can you tell people about if you are only in altcoins?

How can you convince folks to do that when i have seen Hero/Legndary members say 'Altcoins aint my thing' ?
How long has it been since they have contributed a 'quality' post in those forums?
70  Other / Meta / I swear i just made a post about ranking up on: January 31, 2018, 11:59:02 AM
I came to see if there had been any answers/help, and the post appears to be gone.
It was about why i had not ranked up to Member today.
Either i've gone slap-shit crazy or it was removed for some reason.
(Iv'e checked my post stats, it does not show there either)
71  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 29, 2018, 09:57:09 PM
More I study the system, more it seems to me completely unsustainable: just try to make some different scenario on excel, and you will see how fast we'll run out of merits; so, the only concrete result will be to "freeze" the actual situation: high ranks will stay high rank by "divin right", low ranks will remain low rank forever.
After some time low ranks will give up, spam and shitpost will diminish, but also the vitality of the forum.

I think that who implemented the system is an intelligent guy and he knew perfectly what I'm saying (and what everyone sees).
So, I just wonder: did this merit system have really the aim of "to improve the posts quality" as officially stated or its true goal is to keep in power who is already in power (I suspect Legendaries don't like concurrence...)

There is a third option: Mr. Theymos is doing a kind of social experiment, proposing something that can't work, just to test how much time people need to figure it... :-)
We'll see.

This, exactly...over time there will be less 'shitposts' and this most honorable forum will go back 'the way it used to be'...<200 members...
72  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 29, 2018, 07:39:21 PM
I'm hoarding "merit" hoping in the future to convert it into LTC
sews. ifn ye caint sales ur ltcz, and i rite sum qualitittiefied posts,you can git a meritoriously feelin

..ur mum
73  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 27, 2018, 09:56:50 PM
Please accept my apologies if this has been discussed, I'm not reading through 82 pages.

Currently, the forum's general protocol frowns heavily on the act of asking for positive trust in return for a transaction. Hell, I've been given negative trust (unfairly) for simply stating that I would conduct a transaction for free if the other person would consider giving me trust equal to the experience.

Should the sam rule apply, more seriously, to merit?

I just came across a post where someone explained a simple idea and then said "if you like my idea, send me merit." There is no negative merit, so an ask like this seems more serious than asking for trust.

What's the consensus here, if someone is asking for merit should they be penalized or ostracized or "corrected" as to the correct forum protocol to not do so?

To be honest, i would not ask for merit but, i see selling it as a far worse thing.
74  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 27, 2018, 01:51:45 PM
And you can already see the first signs of such a tendence here in these threads about the new merit system. Juniors who are posting here to praise the system get plenty of merits, critical voices don't.
That is not entirely true, TMAN for example has given a lot of merit to users who openly disagreed with the change or criticized certain aspects. Others have been doing similar things, some more, some less.
I also have given a few merits to people being sceptic, as long as they had a well explained position or provided some alternative they believe to be more suited.
It's not about opinion not about agreeing with someone or disagreeing with them, it's about how you voice that opinion.
People who outright cry and shout "No, no, no" without giving reasons or alternatives don't get merit. Posts like that are neither constructive, nor "high quality".
If you make a well written post, explaining your position and opinion, bring something to the conversation, or just sum everything up really well, you will get merit, regardless of your opinion and stance.

this is my take as well. merits should be awarded for posts with accurate, helpful information or clarifying a point of view in a concise way, not for some "old boys club" or "you merited me, so +merit for you" thing. whether or not you agree with that position. i have no problem with meriting a post i dont agree with as long as that post contributes to the thread in a meaningful way.

this whole obsessiveness about rank seems blown out of proportion anyway. are there THAT many people in sig campaigns where rank makes a difference? i mean the only advantage to rank is sig campaigns anyway (aside from the recent "serious discussions" and "ivory tower" forums which are a welcome addition btw). i honestly dont know how many folks have sigs as i have sigs turned off so i never see them. the only sig ive ever had was a plug for cgminer back when btc was mined on gpus.

personally ive never paid attention to forum ranks. now am i proud of my legendary status? sure, ive been here since 2011 and ive tried to help whenever i can. but i post when i feel like it what i feel like it. its never for post count or to level up.

I get what you're saying but that's the problem 'merits should be awarded for posts with accurate, helpful information'. If you implement a system then sure, you think of a way it should be used. And then there is the way it is used.
To answer your question: Yes, there are THAT many people in sig campaigns and there is a lot of money involved. This can't be argued away and as long as it is like this, you need to take this into account.

Don't hate on me if I quote mayself from a couple of pages before:
The best example is this post where many gave merit points. But ask yourself, is this a valuable post? It took time to make it, sure, but what makes it valuable. It purely reflects an opinion. It doesn't discriminate or list pros and cons, there is no contrast. It tells the supporters of this new system what they want to hear and of course, they merited it, ridiculously high if I might add.
There are hundreds of posts in this forum that have more value than this post, I wonder if all of them get 61+ merit.

Please, have a look and decide for yourself. And as I said, I'm not jealous, this member did everything right. But it shows how the merit system is used in contrast to how it should be used.

I have to agree with you here. This poster(while nicely written) was just parroting what all the 'OG's' of BCT wanted to hear and was rewarded for falling in line.
I would venture that most of the sMerits-to-give never click inside an alt thread.
75  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 27, 2018, 01:33:50 PM
There is a big chance that even if you post only quality content you will be left with no merits at all.

First, people don't know what that is and how to use it. Second, nobody likes to give merits because it fills like you are losing them.

There will be a lot of abuse for sure. We will see merits sent to low-quality friends post and accounts providing upvotes for money or in exchange.

I see there is a discussion to add bad merits to downvote spam. I am afraid that people will use it as a weapon to downvote posts they do not agree with or just because they don't like the author.

You see, this right here is why we need a 'Like' button..
Folks like me, with limited sMerits will be less likely to give them to someone of higher rank, even for a quality post.

(gave you my last)
76  Other / Meta / Re: Merit Spam? on: January 27, 2018, 01:22:21 PM
Yep - and lots of duplicate threads that could be merged - like this one of mine.

I have been awarded enough merit to rank up(i'm appreciative of that) but, i have seen far too many posters require that you 'post only in btc' or 'i would suggest you learn english'.
I don't think that is what the merit system was meant for.
77  Other / Meta / Merit Spam? on: January 27, 2018, 01:11:44 PM
I gotta say i have gotten over my initial reaction to this new merit system..I DO see a small hiccup in one of the objectives though. In an attempt to slow the rise of the spam posts, the top 20 threads or so(unpinned) are all about the Merit system...go figure.
78  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 27, 2018, 12:49:56 PM
So....I was ready to move up to member on Tuesday, now due to this i have to wait until i receive merit points..Garsh

Same here man. I feel stagnated already as I'll have to wait to receive merit points  Cry

Gave ya a little help there bud, hope you get there soon.

79  Other / Meta / Re: Merit & new rank requirements on: January 26, 2018, 03:17:21 PM
and i have an other question. do you "give/send" sMerit to post that are good but the content does not suit you?
or do you use the new "tool" like +1 or "like it".

i have to admit that i still don't know how i will use my sMerits.
Perhaps people will need to start a "Gimme a Merit" thread..
Quote their own posts and see if it is deserving?
80  Other / Off-topic / Re: Merit System Upgrade on: January 26, 2018, 03:14:09 PM
I donít have much Merit to give but Iím going to give it up until itís all gone. Iím not sure if this is the right section for this thread because Iím not really selling anything. Itís about accounts so Iíll just leave it here until someone decides to move it. I donít know if this is wrong to do. I donít care if I get negative trust for doing this because I donít buy anything here, sell anything here, join signature campaigns or post routinely in threads that even show the trust rating. Essentially I donít make money here so I donít use trust anyway.

I felt sorry for SOME of the members that posted in the merit thread. They seemed to be fairly articulate, fairly knowledgeable, rational and really trying to be members of this group of dreamers (community).

Hereís how itís going to work. Youíre not just going to beg for merit and I give it. Do not PM me and offer to pay me for merit points. Your money means nothing to me. I have given away more bitcoin than you will likely earn while on this forum (just ask Gleb Gamow if you donít believe me). I will report you to a mod that will give you negative trust for being a potential scammer. You will ask me to research your post history and direct me to 10-20 posts that you believe show you have a deep desire to learn about, use, and support bitcoin. I will then ask you a couple of questions about how bitcoin works and you will answer them. I donít care if you take some time to research the answer if you come up with the correct answer. That just means Iíve made you learn more about bitcoin than you knew previously.

Bitcoin does not mean altcoin. I know altcoins are more popular on this forum than bitcoin. I donít care. I will only help bitcoiners level up. If most of your post history is in altcoin threads I wonít help you. I do not consider Bitcoin Cash to be bitcoin. If you donít know what the real bitcoin is then you havenít been here long enough for me to help you. Which leads me to the group Iím willing to help.

Rank                  Required activity            Required merit
Brand new                    0                            0
Newbie                         1                            0
Jr Member                   30                            0
Member                       60                           10
Full Member                120                           100
Sr. Member                 240                           250
Hero Member              480                           500

New members, Newbies, Jr Members and Members donít need any merit. They donít have enough post history to judge so I wonít be helping them.

Full members, Sr. Members and Hero Members really got screwed with the merit system. Some of them were really close to leveling up and now have to wait until theyíve impressed the right person to probably get only one merit point from them. The most extreme case of this is Hero Member. They may need hundreds of merit points to level up which could take a very long time to get.

You will be working for 20 merit points. Good luck to all. I will announce when theyíre gone and lock the thread.

If you don't care about the things i care about, just go away..

I still believe this is a bitcoin forum. When I first came to this forum there were no altcoins. I believe every time another altcoin is born it dilutes bitcoins user base slightly. You are asking me to give you something for free. You're not paying so you canít modify the rules. Maybe someone in the altcoin section will do the same thing someday. If you borrow my car for free instead of renting it you canít bitch because I wonít let you smoke cigarettes in it.

I gave you a merit for clearly showing people that their fear of bias (as to how merit will be distributed) is warranted

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