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1  Economy / Gambling / Re: King of the Hill - Automated Bitcoin Doubler (Rounds Start Every Hour) on: June 30, 2011, 05:13:41 AM
Put in for the hill and the mountain! Good luck
2  Economy / Marketplace / Re: BDSM for Bitcoins (NYC) on: June 16, 2011, 07:02:13 PM
Bravo on accepting bitcoin *applause*, I'm nowhere near you, but here to offer the support and encouragement to keep it up. It will be the brick and mortar business owners who will give bitcoin a "purpose" in the eyes of those that don't understand it.

As to your concerns about being a target, silk road has used up most of the red paint for right now. As long as you gal's stay true to the termination of sessions because of customers asking for "extras" or "happy endings" I see no reason to need to worry about being a target, unless of course you're worried about being branded with a red "A".
3  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Silkroad: good/bad/indifferent on: June 16, 2011, 09:31:31 AM
Commodity, currency, luxury item, it doesn't matter, because each of those hold value. People don't go to tiffany's in New York to buy a luxury ring for $0.25, if that were the case there wouldn't be blood on the left hand ring finger of most people in the world (take a look into blood diamonds).

The fact is, that anywhere there is value there will be the underside that is crawling with maggots, and wherever a market exists, a sub-market will THRIVE.

Look at the pharmaceutical industry, a large majority of medications are opiates or narcotics, which if it weren't for the business interests wouldn't exist on an open market, seeing how they are schedule 1 drugs according to the dea (a substance with no known medical value), and this marketing of an addictive substance, albeit regulated has brought us a wonderful "epidemic" of pharma-drug abuse, and a sub-market where a $50 month of medicine ($3 if you get a generic through wal-mart) can fetch you on up to $1000, if not more depending on your area, and how tight the local doctors are on giving out prescriptions for those substances.

Why would anyone think that something with market value like bitcoin would somehow magically completely evade the sub-market (or, if you haven't caught the drift, blackmarket) if you can trade your pain pills for illegal substances (I've known dealers who would gladly take a handful of Oxycontin for a quarter of weed).

Narcotics are already regulated to the Nth degree, and all that did was increase the value of these substances. Marijuana is regulated (by prohibition, which tries to control the rate of production and sale in a submarket), and a plant is worth more than any other flower, including the tulip in 17th century holland. So, why would the regulation of bitcoin's outcome be any different?

Where there is demand, there is value, and if the demand cannot be met by traditional means, it will be met one way or the other, period.

Silk road is a manifestation of this, and it is perfectly natural.

Think of the bitcoin as a leaf, if they make them illegal, how do you get rid of them? Cut down all the trees (or get rid of the internet?)?
4  Other / Obsolete (buying) / Re: Entertaining music piece. Can be digital or YouTube. 0.10 BTC on: June 15, 2011, 01:01:46 AM

give it untill the 1 minute mark, it starts of "tinky" sounding, but it's well worth the wait Smiley

5  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: I Would like to get started with bitcoin, so I'm giving away... on: June 15, 2011, 12:26:41 AM
That has been the single most irrelevant post I believe I have ever seen in a forum that wasn't related to runescape, or wasn't gaia. What would searching for a tutorial do if I already have bitcoin installed, and I just want to see a transaction? Will a google search send me bitcoins? What is the it you refer to, and how is it going to be the same exact thing, and isn't it enough that I'm not asking for a handout, but instead am willing to offer something in return?

your post would have made more sense if it had read as follows:
"asdga asjgkahfwl ajskgfald alsjgalhdsfga asldgajg aueiyrigfhkjds;p vnhjdlgf, herp da derp".
6  Other / Beginners & Help / I Would like to get started with bitcoin, so I'm giving away... on: June 14, 2011, 11:59:34 PM
a invitation to anyone who is willing to send me 0.18 btc. I'm willing to give more than one out, if more than one person is willing to send 0.18btc.

and just to clarify, I am not selling the invitation(s). Think of the 0.18 btc as an incentive to not get the both of us banned or warned.

7  Economy / Marketplace / Re: A truthfully risky investment... on: May 25, 2011, 08:33:20 PM
get a pci to pci-ex16 adapter and a ATI 5850, install win7 or linux and mine. Heck you might be able to do it with ME... Its a lot cheaper than buying a whole new rig and will work just fine. If you really want to mine, be logical and do that.
Can you link to these pci to pcie x16 adapters, I can only find pci to pcie x1 and pciex16 to pci.

@grue I've taken what you said into consideration, and since newegg ran out of the graphics card I was planning on, as well as the ram and psu, I recompiled the list, at a smaller cost of $471.40, about 65 bitcoins (Even though the startup cost is less, I am still willing to pay out 150 bitcoins in a little over 90 days to the loan giver).

also, a screencap of the updated shopping cart is included below

8  Economy / Marketplace / Re: A truthfully risky investment... on: May 25, 2011, 01:14:15 AM
The rig is $560 with shipping and tax, or with rounding about $600. I'm assuming you wouldn't want to take out a loan for a mining rig to find that you are short money, and wouldn't be able to build the rig, making the loan worthless, and the interest of 50bitcoins unpayable thus making everyone angry.
9  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Earn 131BTC or 1BTC for getting shops/organisations to accept Bitcoin! on: May 25, 2011, 01:09:55 AM
I have suggested a Runescape cheating service called RSBuddy to use bitcoins for the new marketplace they are adding. They have a user group of 130,991, and they offer scripts as well as other runescape related services.

If I can get the community to want to use it (mostly young kids who hate the thought of paypal), there should be no reason why they wont.
10  Economy / Marketplace / Re: A truthfully risky investment... on: May 25, 2011, 12:53:29 AM
1. What skills do you have that you could sell for BTC?  Programming?  Graphic artist skills?
I have an at2020 microphone that I could use for Voice overs on videos, or audio recording. Aside from that, it's basic skills.
2. I'm running a rig, and have also been speculating at MTGox.  I wish I had taken the money I have sunk into a rig and just bought btc outright.  I would be ahead by nearly a factor of 10.
Which brings me to the next reason I would like to buy a mining rig, my computer is a dell dimension 4300 with 512mb of ram max and a windows ME serial on the side. It can hardly handle youtube, and it's time for an upgrade, the mining would be icing, and a way I could repay a loan, if one would even be given.
11  Economy / Marketplace / I'm looking to get a loan for 65btc, that will be repaid in 150 44% interest. on: May 25, 2011, 12:44:40 AM
Thank you for any flames and responses that this stirs, and thank you for viewing, even if you decide to hit the back button.

I'm not going to lie, and say that I can offer you doubling or quadrupling of funds, I'm not going to try to justify you sinking your money into a pyramid or ponzi, and I'm not going to post up a bunch of pictures with numbers to try to sell it as a proof of concept, what I am doing is one thing...

but first, a little bit of background.

I'm a minimum wage slave, whose wages are barely enough for groceries after rent. I've been seeking a new job for 2 years, and have been going to college for 1, and I've been trying to save up money $5 a week for two months.

Why would I post about this here? Because despite the fact that most likely no one will respond, I can't think of anything else to do but ask.

I'm trying to build a mining rig, and I've priced one for about $600 (Edit: the price of the rig has been taken down to $472) with an output of 350 m/hashes/s which should pay for itself, and a second graphics card within 3 months, 4 months maximum [Edit: With lowered rig price, it will be 2-3 months] (Electricity is paid for by the landlord, so all earnings are pure profit after initial expense is paid).

What I'm asking for is a vote of confidence, and a loan of between 65 bitcoins which I will repay with 150 bitcoins after 90 days to the generous person who was willing to loan me the startup costs.

I'm willing to work with those that are willing to work with me, no matter what collateral may be required of me. (Photo ID, phone number, etc)

Any ideas that could help me, or help me earn enough for the startup, would be very greatly appreciated.

respond in this thread or via PM, however you would feel most comfortable.
12  Other / Obsolete (buying) / Re: [HIRING] Writers needed for The Bitcoin Sun on: May 24, 2011, 11:14:11 PM
I'm interested in helping as needed, and find myself enjoying keeping up on the "numbers of the day" as I call them. I know that I am new to the community, and as such I am qualified as low trust/ no trust, so I am willing to write a sample on a given topic, or whatever else verification you would need to show my ability to perform these duties.
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