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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 22.0 [Torrent]
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1  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 25, 2013, 09:03:42 AM
omfg. there is something very wrong...

1. no 'warning' for new miners - not even offical news on the hp - that payouts are suspended (only 'we have a lot of support requests') -> they want to scam new miners
2. is the hashrate manipulated?
3. -> look the 'registered users' chart last 5 days - suuuure

twimc: if this unprofessional b_____ will ever be up and running aggain - please ddos the s____ out of them - ty
2  Other / Archival / Re: Mining pools list on: October 24, 2013, 07:58:44 PM
warning for 50btc!

hacked 1 week ago - propably all coins are gone. almost now reply from pool owner. withdraw not possible since 6 days. smells fishy (check hashrate drop). communication bad if any. i would strongly advice u to not farm there until 'we' know whats up.
3  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 23, 2013, 04:53:44 AM
PilotCurly99, dude np - I rely respect that everyone has its own view on things :] i just felt exactly like u think (ok I got my bfl miner now - and I did not invest to mutch money) but waiting for 1y and 1m was a big pain.

so my hypothesis is that its true that all coins are gone or that 50btc owners are amazingly stupid. still no statements and the statements they do include not the info everyone want to know. I try not to be pissed becasue A - I tried to withdraw on a daily basis before, and B - I am the 'fool' who put my trust in 'them'. *shift their risk on to groups of individuals in this industry" - exactly.

4  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 22, 2013, 03:15:08 PM
full ack - but wtf  Wink

People that owe me money (in order of amount):
Social Security and Welfare Recipients

ah I see Mr Rand. So good luck to you and your future health. karma is a ... wouldn't it be funny if you would owe yourself money in near or far future :]
5  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 22, 2013, 03:07:24 PM
my trust is lost now. this is a good example for bad communication. i am not even sure if they speak english or know bablefish? (ref. to the latest copy and paste posts for 50btc - without any word to the real important questions in this thread. even if i would be able to withdraw now - i am done - moving....

friday: "please be patient - might take up to 24h"
wrong AND no info updates for 50h+

sunday: "technical support response can take up to 3 days."
wrong. still no reply

also this great info that the shop was not affected (for me its seems they were pushed by their hardware coops to release that statement). they MUST know what the real question is....

sorry for being a ____ but I think this is the only option to get some info:

"Someone at IRC wrote some hours ago that he got the insider info THAT ALL BTCs were stolen."
- please prove that this is wrong.
6  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 21, 2013, 02:08:03 PM
thanks for the update+

pls announce the expected - 'able to withdraw again' date and time EARLY - cause I would expect some nasty market price drops
like we almost hit 200 with 195 less than 48h ago - i bet there are some people who rely would love to sell their 50btcs asap.

ps. about security: is 'route' parameter not sensitive at all or is it also used internal? do you maybe show to much info in your error msgs?
(i didnt send any vuln requests - an of course will not - that was just my first impression) - i can offer sec/hack help - just PM
(i am sure u have friends for that - just in case...)

7  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: [115 Th] - PPS|Stratum+Vardiff|Port 80|QIWI,Yandex,Mobile,WM... on: October 21, 2013, 12:38:24 PM
A big WTF to you (mr.) - (Last Active: Today at 12:14:52 PM)

logic tells me that this smells like all coins are gone OR that it is impossible to roll back to the (latest accurate) mining stats of each users.
50% pool speed drop - and still no communication - this sounds like a real problem.

if you want us to continue mining take responsibility NOW. (I was rely getting angry to see that the forum user is online currently) WTF - no reply??? Angry

8  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / heat recycling on: June 29, 2011, 09:22:23 PM
hi miners,

is anyone of you recycling the heat of your mining rigs/racks? is anyone using (custom)
Heat-Pipe-System / (solar) Tube collector hardware?

New Heat exchanger Smiley - sounds great

any othere ideas about that topic?

9  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Re: Possible alternative uses for the rigs on: June 29, 2011, 09:11:36 PM
cracking passwords  Roll Eyes
10  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Re: dual card 6990 and 6970 won't work - advice needed! on: June 29, 2011, 09:10:27 PM
please also check your mainboard manual - if the pcie speed changes if there are multible cards used or if its supported at all Smiley
11  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Re: dual card 6990 and 6970 won't work - advice needed! on: June 29, 2011, 09:02:41 PM
Hi there - I have a 6990 and a 5970 running on a asrock extreme4 - i have 1000W power
- 900W reserved for PCIe. I don't have a power problem - but a cooling problem - i had
to use two PCIe slots (for 2 dual cards - double size) "next to each other" - and there is
not even 1 cm space between the cards. it was not possible for me to use the 5970 in
the possible "third" (4x) PCIe slot (card did not work - or was dead slow)...

I tought like the 6990 running at 880mhz cosumes about 400W (?) in the "normal"
830 mode is should be less than 350W. I am not sure about the 5990 maybe also
350W max.

It of course also depends on other hardware like harddisk and cdrom drives uses
your power...

Good luck Smiley
12  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / bitcoin generation using bash shell (poc) on: May 30, 2011, 01:35:57 PM
hi forum,

I tried to develop a bash shell based bitcoin miner poc for a better understanding
of the crypto stuff. Can someone please tell me how I can find out or compute
test or verification values (mindstate/data/hash1/target) - with a target match?
...still haven't figured out the verification details yet :)

I used the following versions of dependencies:
GNU bash, version 4.1.5
curl 7.21.0
OpenSSL 0.9.8o

(no target check yet - unproofed crypto!1)

# bitcoin poc 0.1
#  by sead (1B91ZzpVrs7wq3pYdeDLFoKVWQuxPngZSk)
# deps: openssl, curl, xxd, bitcoind

getwork=`curl -s -u $rpcuser:$rpcpass -d '{"params": [], "method": "getwork", "id": "json"}'`
mindstate=`echo $getwork | awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $8 }'`
data=`echo $getwork | awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $14 }'`
hash1=`echo $getwork |awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $20 }'`
target=`echo $getwork |awk -F"[,|:|\"]" '{ print $26 }'`

while [ $i -le $((16#ffffffff)) ]
  h=`printf '%s%s%08x%s' $mindstate ${data:128:40} $i ${data:176} | xxd -r -p | openssl sha -sha256`
  printf '%s%s' $h $hash1 |  xxd -r -p | openssl sha -sha256

13  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: HD5970 + HD6990 experience on: May 27, 2011, 08:39:22 AM
hi martok, thanks for your comment.

I did not know about the performance differences and I'll try to find out more.
I used only the latest 2.4 SDK (custom build pyopencl) so it's time for me to
compile diffent pyopencls with the diff SDK versions. I ll post some info soon.

I can just mentoin that I am a little bit disapointed about the HD6990/SDK 2.4
performance (I think there was a design change of the vector calculation 'core')
so I realy expected 2x speed (compared to 5970) (core/core).

After all I can also tell you that I am so sick of the way AMD threats their
customers. The opencl/cal forum is not moderated and is more a bad joke.
If the cards where not that fast compared to nvidia I would completly ignore
amd (gpus). for them is just a marketing feature not even supporting the
academic researches by just some damn open source - so we can all find out
our self. sorry for drifting out of topic but i just checked the amd forum - of
course there is no info about the different SDK speeds.

happy computing

PS. additional info to my hardware

I got 0 monitors attached
I did not use a crossfire cable
14  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Mining difficulty rate!! on: May 27, 2011, 06:49:20 AM
[dramatic classical music]

Difficulty adjusts to 434,877, a 78% increase


ps. maybe you should just adapt your reality and think like the difficulty and not the dollar rate represents how mutch
     a btc is worth in the near future Smiley
15  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Will someone Help me Real Quick? first mining rig on: May 27, 2011, 06:10:51 AM
i am a mining newb too - but are you should not use crossfire on opencl/cal computations


happy computing
16  Bitcoin / Mining / HD5970 + HD6990 experience on: May 27, 2011, 05:20:05 AM
Hi forum,

I just want to tell you some experience with mining on a system. Just in case you are planing a system like that.
Here is the system relevant hardware list:

AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1055T Processor
Chieftec APS-1000C (1000W / 900W for pciE)
OCZ Vertex2 E 2,5" SSD 60 GB
19" 4HU

XFX 2GB HD5970
XFX 4GB HD6990

overall price around 1600 EUR (January 2011)

I am using bitcoin-0.3.21 and m0mchil-poclbm-06cf386 on a Linux ubuntu 2.6.35-24-generic. I don't like ubuntu
but the installation of the AMD (GPU) SDK simply works. I lunch 4 times the in parallel because you
can not specify multiple devices. I think using dual gpu cards - nice and easy - is still not really supported by the
SDK - but from my coding experience with it - it works to start 4 kernels on 4 gpus but this will decrease the over
all computation speed - at least for me...

Just a quick note about overclocking the gpus. I decided not to do that simply because (I may be naive) I hope
the card will have a longer lifetime :-) I did some test with like 100-150mhz on the core and this increased the
fan noise "exp" :-)

Adapter 1 - ATI Radeon HD 5900 Series
Current Clocks :    550           1000
Current Peak :      725           1000
Configurable Peak Range : [550-1000]     [1000-1500]
GPU load :    100%

Adapter 2 - same

Adapter 3 - AMD Radeon HD 6990
Current Clocks :    830           1250
Current Peak :      830           1250
Configurable Peak Range : [500-1200]     [1250-1500]
GPU load :    99%

Adapter 4 - same

Speed results (running 48h+):

26/05/2011 X, 194437 khash/s < HD5970
26/05/2011 X, 194408 khash/s
26/05/2011 X, 340399 khash/s < HD6990
26/05/2011 X, 340302 khash/s

My experience:

I think this - "oh the complexity increases so far because of the gaming gpu kids" - is very overrated.
1. If you do not have a dedicated system for processing it is in my opinion impossible to use or (play Smiley with the system
2. My room temperature (20sm) increased like 5 degree (C) - air moisture down
3. It is impossible to sleep next to system - i am a nerd i am used to sleep next to case-less mb only systems (like 10 y ago) -
   but - if you are a computer guy - the noise of my system can be compared to a:
   - Vacuum cleaner full on
   - NetApp/EMC 4HU head (storage)
   - Old cisco or juniper cores
4. Maybe a 2nd system like that would fit in my room - but I thinks it is very impossible to have more
   than 2 or these systems in a room without climate control
5. The hashing speed of the 5970 started with ~250 mhash and decreased constant to 194mhash after like 10min - I am not sure
    for the cause - maybe I don't have enough power - don't know
6. if you are richy rich you can buy some custom water cooled extensions for the HD cards Smiley don't known like 500-600 EUR for both.

I did not plan this system for bitcoining but a dedicated opencl computation system... I am
working with cuda/cal/opencl sind 2-3 years mainly with crypto. I am trying to optimize because in my opinion
you can have a big speed up by having kernel run times of 5-7 seconds each - of course this only works on a dedicated system
without needs for gfx refresh rates Smiley)

If you have questions please ask.

If you have tricks for increasing/optimizing the computation speed without overclocking please tell me Smiley

happy computing

(sorry for language difficulties not a native speaker)
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