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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] Gold Bits Coin(GBC) on: November 17, 2018, 09:59:12 AM
Gold Bits Coin(GBC)
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Best ICO to invest in 2018 on: April 11, 2018, 10:13:36 AM
Gold Bits Coin:

Let’s take a look at five reasons why government backed cryptocurrency will guarantee you more return on investment than any of the other cryptocurrencies circulating the market.

1. High levels of independence.

Free from government and political propaganda, government backed cryptocurrency can give you a level of control that cannot be achieved with any other form of money. People in power, throughout history, have been known to manipulate the value of money to attain their own personal end goals, hurting hundreds of common men, businessmen, and investors in the wake of their own greed.

So the trust you place in government backed cryptocurrency comes directly from the fact that it cannot be manipulated by financial institutions of any kind. The play with the value of money is done so that goal setting can be met and growth can be put down as figures in the paper. This throws a veil over the people’s faces and expectations. None of the above things can be done to the government backed cryptocurrency as it is backed by the blockchain technology. Everyone who is privy to the working of the blockchain method knows that any and all transactions are directly between the users and includes no third party. All transfers are also registered in the electronic ledger which is impenetrable and immune to fraud. The rigged banking system has nothing on this latest cryptocurrency.

2.Minimal Volatility

Uncertainty about all the other currencies keeps all parties involved on their toes. The constant ups and downs are due to a number of factors. The long-term trends of gold have always remained very stable. For this very reason combining the cryptocurrency and gold is a very smart idea because this ensures that the value of government backed cryptocurrency never falls too low.

3. Asset value always remains

No matter how low the value of the cryptocurrency itself reduces the initial intrinsic value of the gold which backs it remains as such. This way, anyone who deals with it can be sure that the value does not fall beyond a certain limit. Invest in these cryptocurrencies like Gold Bits Coin and you can have faith that the returns on your investment will be more than any other possibility.

4.Attributable intrinsic value

Having actual government backed for cryptocurrencies gives us real measurable value for the currency. This compounds the algorithms that go into the cryptocurrency and makes sure that double the value is imbibed into this mode of currency. The person who brought to life the idea of this government backed cryptocurrency has seamlessly given something that provided almost no security, an entire second tire that it could fall back on.

5. Convertible to Gold.

Redeeming government backed cryptocurrency is not as easy as it seems. Essentially, every other generic cryptocurrency is simply transferred from person to person, to redeem it is to sell it to someone else and get paid by them. However with this cryptocurrency, you can actually get the value of what you have in gold. The conversion of government backed cryptocurrency is actually multidimensional and offers the investor much more flexibility and reliability.

Listed above are just some of the most obvious reasons why this cryptocurrency offers more to its investors and almost gives more return on investment all the time. Gold Bits Coin quiet literally brings you the best of both worlds. Our population is very clearly divided into those who believe that Gold is the future of the economy and those who believe its cryptocurrency. The masterstroke, of combining both and then investing in it is what smart businessmen are looking to do.

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Are Cryptocurrencies Really Stable? Is It Feasible To Improve Their Stability? on: March 24, 2018, 11:33:01 AM
Ever since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have been in the market for quite a while now. But Bitcoin wasn’t the first of the cryptocurrencies. It was only the first that evermade sense. In other terms it was the first one that was stable and actually successful. Let us have a look at the most stable cryptocurrencies there are so that we can decide which ones are a safe investment. But before that, let us give a thought to the concept of stability.

What is stability?

The benchmark for stability, fortunately or unfortunately, has been set against the good old US Dollar. It is undoubtedly the world’s largest currency and something pretty much every one wishes to own. When an investor wants to consider how purchasing power actually fluctuates, he turns to the USD. Even if the dollar were to fall by a considerable percentage, people would still look up to it. This could also be because of its deeply available liquidity. Its stability, however, is also volatile like any other currency but investors still chose this as a benchmark.

An overview of stable cryptocurrencies – the top cryptocurrencies of 2017


Bitcoin was the first ever successful cryptocurrency and came with a peer-to-peer decentralized concept. It is the most recognized and most widely accepted cryptocurrency for real world transactions and has almost become a global cryptocurrency. There is a supply of more than 16.5 million bitcoins and has an approximate market cap of an astounding $80 billion. It is also the costliest virtual cryptocurrencies on the market and is far more liquid than any other cryptocurrency in the market. Bitcoin is probably the best cryptomoney there is.


Ethereum emerged in 2013 as a decentralized platform for applications which could be run the way they were programmed without having any chance of fraud because there is no interference of any third party. A Ethereum Virtual Machine which again is a decentralized one uses an international network of public nodes and executes the scripts. The Ethereum tokens being blockchain assets with value are set against a standard called the Ethereum ERC20 token. Every ethereum token has to meet this standard. It has a price of $300 and a market cap of $29 billion. The founder of Ethereum has also claimed that it will have the same transactional power as Visa within the next two years. Even though a quite stable cryptocurrency, on the whole Ethereum has not shown much promise and since its emergence it has only gone up by 8%.


Those who are behind Tether claim it is the most stable cryptocurrency right now. It has also gained quite the popularity as a bitcoin alternative. Tether has always been pegging itself against the USD and that has added quite the appeal to it. At any given time, it is pegged to one US Dollar per digital coin. Tether is basically a subsidiary of Bitfinex and issues USDT tokens which operate on a OmniLayer Blockchain which in turn branches from the blockchain of Bitcoin. It implies Tether would lose ground (as would any other bitcoin alternatives) when the price of Bitcoin rises.

The Concept of stability

The reason why Tether claims to be the most stable cryptocurrency out there is because it follows a 100% cash backed principle. Speaking of backing, gold has always had the reputation of having the ability to preserve the purchasing power.People have always wanted to invest in gold. Even the USD looks good when there is a fluctuation in the price of gold. This has led to the emergence of government backed cryptocurrency.

A systematic Approach to Stability

Historically, there were several attempts to make a digital gold currency – some of them even showed some promise for a while. This was way before Bitcoin or the Blockchain technology had emerged. Now that we have blockchain technology, the concept of cryptocurrency and digital gold currency can be brought together into what is called government backed cryptocurrency. It is a compelling concept wherein a token or coin will represent a certain value of gold. The real gold is stored with a custodian.

The underlying fact is that, no matter how much interest cryptocurrency has generated, there is always the clause of volatility attached to them. Even the mighty Bitcoin recently suffered a huge downfall. Cryptocurrency is certainly set to play a major role in the future of money – the cryptocurrency market is evolving and it is evolving rapidly. However, it is quite possible that without the factor of stability, you always have to question yourself if you want to invest in cryptocurrency, because chances are – if the market goes bear, you can end up losing your entire investment.

Buying Government backed Cryptocurrency

Before you go about purchasing a government backed cryptocurrency you will need to have some bitcoin or ethereum. If you are buying a government backed cryptocurrency during the ICO phase (Initial Coin Offering, during this phase, the token is offered at a set rate. Those who buy early, sometimes also get bonuses), ethereum is your only option. Gold Bits Coin is one such new cryptocurrency which is government backed. Read the whitepaper here. Until 31st January, 2018 it is in the pre ICO phase (a Pre ICO or ICO presale is a token sale that takes place before the actual crowdsale goes live. Only a few tokens are offered, however, they are offered for a discounted price.)

With the government backing adding stability, more and more government backed cryptocurrencies are being developed. Gold Bits coin is one such is deemed to be one of the top ICO of 2018 and promises to provide the best ROI. Even for those of you who have had their share of doubt about cryptocurrencies and their stability, government backed cryptocurrencies are clearing up that air of scepticism. Read the whitepapers and prepare yourself for the initial coin offering of 2018if you want to make investments that count.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: GoldBitsCoin New CryptoCurrency backed by Secured Gold pre ICO on JAN 15 on: March 06, 2018, 12:48:47 PM
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5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How Cryptocurrency Cloud Lead Economics on: March 06, 2018, 10:28:04 AM
To start with Crypto currencies back in the history, the very first crypto currency transaction can be traced back to 1998. However, it was not until 2008, a decade later that the actual trading and value of crypto currency took off. The coding and the mining process is what brings value to the crypto currencies that change hands. A decentralized process and the fact that it gives certain autonomy to the investor from the highs and lows of the market are major reasons for the favor garnered for crypto currency.  Before going into detail about the crypto currency cloud and the ways in which it affects the economy in real time, let us first have a short introduction to mining and then cloud mining.

Mining in Crypto currency

Mining is the one of the ways in which a lot of people made a fortune back when bitcoin was first made. Mining is essentially the process that keeps the block chain alive. Miners are the people who approve and facilitate the transactions between two users. You will need a huge amount of technology to back your mining if you are doing it for gaining bitcoins. One of the fundamental concepts that binds crypto currency is that there is only a limited amount in the entire world.

Miners mine because they are paid in fractions of cryptocurrency. Likewise, the more crypto currency spreads in the world, the more miners are involved and the payment to each individual miner falls by a fraction. This has now escalated to a point where the money spent to get enough power for mining was not worth the reward you receive. This has brought about the need for a way to mine without spending these massive amounts of power behind it. Thus we introduce the concept of cloud mining.

Miners are in fact the crux of Crypto currency. Every other attempt to make cryptocurrency failed because of the imbalance of power that was given to the miner. However, the decentralized method of mining in block chain helps restore an equal balance. The miners are all a form of a bigger network of computers and cannot mess with the rules of the transactions that have been set.Going into scientific terminology, crypto currencies have seen a boom due to block chain because it is based on the concept of “Nash Equilibrium” and Game theory.

Here let us take a look at what cloud mining is and how crypto currency has affected our economy.

What Is Bitcoin Cloud Mining

Humans have always found ways to simplify any process that they come across. The major hurdles to simplifying the process of mining was the sheer amount of computational power that was needed to support it. Finding a way around it, people have developed cloud mining, which utilizes the power from a remote source through a shared network. This means that all you need is a computer for communicating with this cloud and you are good to go, to start mining.  

The process works for all bitcoin wallets that are at your expense. You get amazing benefits in terms of the expenses saved in acquiring and maintaining the mining equipment. You also save in electricity usage and are left with ample amount of space which would otherwise have been taken up by equipment.

Cryptocurrency And Economics

According to data collected by Cambridge University during one of their numerous surveys there are about 5.8 million users of cryptocurrency as of now. Most of them are active users of Bitcoin. Economists have been forever divided on the stand they take regarding cryptocurrencies. Some of them support the growth and reliability of cryptocurrencies while others remain skeptical, much like the general population.

Similarly the end of the era of cryptocurrency has also been predicted many times by analysts and economists. The main appeal of this digital currency is that in most cases, once the rules have been set not even the users can change them. A sort of automated system of payment becomes implemented, which also gives the users high levels of anonymity. This trust in transaction is the major reason why people still prefer the use of cryptocurrency over paper money.

Let us take a quick look at five very active ways in which the digital world of cryptocurrency is crawling up into real economy.

1.   A shift in power.
Before the entry of cryptocurrency into the banking scenario, the power of money transactions and its information rested with governments and central banks. They were the sole point at which all this data was collated. With every new user in the premise of cryptocurrency one user is removed from the list of these governments and banks. As we all know, in today’s scenario, information is power and we can see a very visible shift of the same to the masses from these governing bodies.
The autonomy thus offered has both extensively good and bad effects; however, it is safe to say that the fate of economy is now not resting solely on the shoulders of banks and governments.
2.   Hike in Illegal activities.
One of the most alarming uses of cryptocurrency is to carry out illegal transactions at the hands of politicians and even civilians to avail services from the so called dark web. The provision that crypto currency offers to users to remain anonymous is being utilized by some people to make untraceable transactions of black money.
3.   Budding of new markets
Cryptocurrency is the avenue based on which multiple new markets which are highly volatile have emerged. They are controlled only by the cyberspace and gives validation to no other government body. The minimal transaction cost and maintenance of anonymity makes crypto transactions more appealing than transactions by the more traceable paper money.
4.   Uncertainty
Cryptocurrency is also highly uncertain in terms of the rise and fall of their value. This uncertainty also means that any day the price can crash and the entire economy built on this can come crashing down. This issue however, is now being combated by government backed cryptocurrencies like GBC.
5.   Growth of the dark web
The dark web thrives under crypto currency transactions as this has made an exchange of goods very smooth and hassle free. This expansion also means that a lot of things that usually affected our economy is now taken out of the game entirely.

Long term effects of cryptocurrency on our economy are yet to be seen, but economists all around the world now agree that digital money has become big enough to be an actual deciding factor in the way our economy will behave in the future.


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6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Creating the Perfect Cryptocurrency | Gold Bits Coin Cryptocurrency on: January 15, 2018, 06:22:46 AM
With Bitcoin soaring high into the financial sky limits and other cryptos following the suit, it seems that mankind has finally found their relief in the form of digital currencies, enabling people to free themselves from the tyranny of fiat currencies.

The financial crises and the unpredictable and uncertain nature of fiat currencies is what that is causing people to move towards cryptocurrencies.

It is not just the short-term investment benefits that people gain out of going for a crypto, but also the steady nature and a decentralized background that gives it a unique magnetism of trust. Especially from disgruntled Forex traders who tried their hands at fishing in ever stormy waters of the fiat.

However, creating a new cryptocurrency is not an easy task. It is not just a bunch of computer doyens who come together and decide upon to create a 256-bit double hash algorithm to generate a currency. It is a team effort, a masterstroke. Creating a new cryptocurrency out of nothing is like building a massive castle that will sustain for centuries and millennia and needs to be built right from its foundations laid twenty feet deep.

Think it this way. A cryptocurrency is something that involves tech being brought into the world of finance. This creates multiple dimensions of the crypto, and as you discover more and more work that needs to be put into making this happen, the dimensions keep unfolding.

We start with finance and tech, and we incorporate technical people and financial or market experts. Then as we move on, comes the legalities and marketing aspects since this too could be classified as a business. And there you go. It is a complex task and a team effort that needs to be executed like clockwork.

Let us take ‘one at a time’ look at every functional part of building a sustainable and hence successful cryptocurrency.

Business Management Professionals:

Creating a sustainable cryptocurrency is creating a sustainable business. Therefore, the team is going to need experienced business managers who will be turning the idea into a realistic real-world enterprise that will work for a profit-generating, self-sustaining organization. A business management team will be creating a blueprint of the business structure around the whole cryptocurrency through plans and methods, facilitated by a long-term anticipatory insight.

No matter how great the idea be, crypto needs to function in an environment with set rules. This would include funding for the project, finding investors, pitching, and being able to gather and manage resources that will go into developing this business.

Financial Experts:

Although cryptocurrencies work as a parallel monetary system, they might not breach the law of ‘intrinsic value.' A digital currency that does not operate upon any intrinsic value can be just considered not more than any random set of 1's and 0's. In addition to that, there is a maze of financial regulations set by the financial authorities of a given state as well as set internationally that the crypto business team will have to consider.

This is where the team is going to need financial experts who will shine the light on the various natural aspects of the financial markets and work in co-ordinance with other teams that will enable them to create a viable product that does not falter on the natural laws of finance.

Resolving Debt Related Issues:
If at all there is time that the enterprise goes into Jeopardy of debt for supposedly, a financial expert will help with the following tasks:

Analyzing faults in operational methods of the enterprise and deciding upon a strategy that will help the enterprise rebound.
If you file for economic failure, they will create the monthly operational reports as an evidence of a faltering business to the courts.
Preparing your financial statements pertaining to filing for insolvency.
Managing Taxation Related Responsibilities:
Financial experts will also assist in terms of taxation policies of the digital cryptocurrency with the growing business. A team of experienced financial experts will lend their advice on tax payments as per the role and growth of your digital cryptocurrency business, depending on the local laws.

Valuing Your Business:
Like any other enterprise, you need to estimate your enterprise value and this is where financial experts will put your digital cryptocurrency business on the table. They will assess the total value of your assets invested in the enterprise and balance them with your loans and other liabilities and then finally value your business accordingly.

Fund Managers/Economists:

The financial experts are going to need an extra muscle to rely upon so that their planning of the whole business stands true to the financial realities. Here is fund managers come into the picture. Usually, the role of a fund manager is to suggest the right mix of financial products and invest methods to ensure the most optimal return.

Here, a fund manager will ensure that the digital cryptocurrency can take the form of a viable economic and investment product for the potential investors. People wouldn’t like to invest in something with no value or something that is obscure. This is where the fund manager will work side by side with the financial experts to formulate a solid product background for the digital cryptocurrency.

Especially when it comes to the Initial Coin Offering Or ICO, fund managers are going to play an important role in formulating the policy of how to calculate estimated value for one cryptocurrency coin and how to gradually increase the value of the coin as more and more people ‘mine’ the coin.

If we want to go in details, we can divide the responsibilities of a fund manager in the following ways:

Ensuring Growth:
Since your digital cryptocurrency is a financial product, a fund manager will ensure that it grows over a period of time as an ideal financial product. A fund manager will formulate your digital cryptocurrency in accordance with the current regulations and financial systems and help craft your digital cryptocurrency into a tangible financial product that people can invest into.

Generating Prospectuses and Reports:
Fund managers will also fulfill the responsibility of creating prospectuses that will educate potential investors and clients about your digital cryptocurrency and help them understand its role in the backdrop of the current financial systems. Fund managers and their teams will also generate timely reports that will inform investors about the performance of your digital cryptocurrency since the last quarters.

Compliance and Regulation Experts Along with Auditory Personnel:

The reason we have merged them together is that they carry out an almost similar functionality.

The cryptocurrency would be required to operate in a legal environment where the resulting enterprise will have to follow certain laws and regulations that are specifically applicable to financial enterprises. This is where compliance experts guide the enterprise related legal and regulatory aspects such as its duties towards the customers, investors and government bodies and the liabilities that it will have to consider while operating as a full-fledged business body.

While audits of the organization’s internal structure pertaining to allocation of financial resources will be taken care by auditory managers, in order to ensure that the organization is managing funds competently in its books. This will ensure a full payback to the investors.

Mergers and Acquisition Specialists:

It is quite possible that an ambitious business start-up can be merged with a more established enterprise so that the entity can survive. This strategy is carried out in order to ensure that the business will be managed by a better-experienced team of experts and hence will be able to gain a greater share of resources.

However, during a merger or a buy up of a small business, there are legalities that have to be followed relating to the transfers of assets and liabilities to the larger enterprise. This final division becomes a bit more complex when two equally established enterprises combine to form a larger business body.

This is the time a company needs a good business merger specialist to ensure that all their books are balanced when it comes to the division of assets and liabilities and that no aspect is left unattended while combining the two organizations into a single entity.

Core Business Teams to Keep the Business Engine Running Hot and High:

After we have taken a brief look at the peripheral teams of experts who will help to guide the business in the prevailing financial and regulatory environment, we are going to understand the functions of the core teams involved to make the business a reality.

Technical/Blockchain Experts:

These are the people who will work on the core team of the digital cryptocurrency. Blockchain experts will be able to provide an abstract view of the Blockchain world with respect to its technical aspects. This will include structuring the whole technical core of the cryptocurrency, deploying the cryptocurrency online and ensuring that it works exactly the way this concept was intended to work.

Core Technological Team:

This is where we get to the nucleus of the whole cryptocurrency system. Although it is divided into a few sub-sections, some of whom that do not deal directly with the crypto itself, the fact does not diminish the importance of this core team.

First, you will have programmers and algorithm experts who will write the encryption algorithm based on the double hash 256-bit function. Or they may choose another encryption algorithm altogether, but that is going to use up more time and resources.

Legal Experts:

If the title was not enough for you and want an expansion of this point, here it is. As cryptocurrencies expand their spread on the financial world, international laws and regulations are slowly being formed from time to time that provides a standard background and legal format for their exchange, investment, value and their relation to solid commodities.

Legal experts will help the team with the consultation of these laws and rules so that the new cryptocurrency will have a smooth sail and not face any legal hindrances.

Marketing Experts:

In a time when there are numerous cryptocurrencies competing with each other, the team is going to need a marketing team that will help spread the word about this cryptocurrency through various marketing channels. So, we can safely assume that the marketing of this new cryptocurrency is going to be online as well as through offline sources.

However, both the marketing methods are going to need different teams altogether. For the online marketing, the crypto developers will need to hire a digital marketing team that will make use of the various online media such as social media like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and even Instagram and many other available boons to rule the online marketing  to spread the message.

In addition to that, they will also advertise about this crypto on paid Google ads or pay websites to feature an article about this new cryptocurrency. They may even start a new blog where they will talk about this new cryptocurrency through the use of SEO relevant keywords.

On the other hand, you will have the offline marketing team that will take the course of traditional marketing techniques such as choosing appropriate newspapers and periodicals to advertise this new cryptocurrency. They may also try visiting potential customers such as investors and businesses for information dissemination.

Research and Development Teams:

Any tech company worth its salt will never function without having a separate R&D team of its own. Research and development hold a significant place in the world of tech. Without adequate research efforts put into its life cycle, the product will stagnate and eventually chucked out of the competition.

This rule stands true to even a new cryptocurrency which is nothing other than a tech endeavor. This cryptocurrency will require various value additions and modifications that will enable it to morph and evolve into something that goes beyond its old roles and molds according to the changing requirements of the time.

An R&D team will facilitate this evolution to ensure the survival of this cryptocurrency.

Business Development Team:

There might be a confusion with the business management team but it’s completely different.. For the inexperienced, this may seem ‘almost the same,' but the difference is that of chalk and cheese. While a business management team directs how the business has to be carried out by managing its various aspects such as manpower, resources, finances, funding, sales, marketing and pitching for investors, the business development provides a revenue model for the cryptocurrency.

They are the guys who will determine how the new cryptocurrency will be able to create new value for itself and bring in the income for its creators. In a nutshell, it will show how the crypto will help you earn money for the business.

Concluding Words:

Although we have divided all the involved teams into two groups, the peripheral and the core, sometimes their functions MAY overlap, or they may have to work in tandem with each other for certain aspects of the business.

One thing for sure is that as cryptos will grow in number, new cryptocurrency creators will have to niche down and provide something unique about their cryptocurrency; such as the recent trend of a government backed cryptocurrency.

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7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / GoldBitsCoin New Crypto-currency backed by Secured Gold pre ICO on JAN 15 on: January 11, 2018, 02:31:48 PM
We are Gold Bits Coin. The cryptocurrency that is government backed, it actually works on the concept of bitcoin but the problem with trust in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is answered here. It is backed with something real and something that is being trusted from past decades and centuries. This is going to be the trend setter in coming future. join us Today!!

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8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / GoldBitsCoin - A REAL GOLD & Trending CRYPTO - Pre ICO Starts On January 15 on: January 10, 2018, 03:02:44 PM

What are cryptocurrencies backed by? Before we delve into the core of our topic, let us take a look at this. Cryptocurrencies are based on Blockchain science where they are ‘mined' by cryptocurrency miners who solve mathematical problems based on algorithms. This problem solving takes a considerable amount of time, electricity, hardware power and other resources which together create the intrinsic value of a cryptocurrency. Alright! Sounds pretty good! And it is indeed! Because unlike many other currencies that are backed by the US dollar, it is rather better to be backed by something genuine, something that has real value like GoldbitsCoin The new world of cryptocurrency that is government backed

However, when a cryptocurrency is backed by something, it offers something way more than an ordinary cryptocurrency. Take it this way; if a cryptocurrency is the ‘alpha' of monetary systems, a government backed cryptocurrency can be considered as the ‘super alpha.' 

We are Gold Bits Coin. The cryptocurrency that is government backed, it actually works on the concept of bitcoin but the problem with trust in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is answered here. It is backed with something real and something that is being trusted from past decades and centuries. This is going to be the trend setter in coming future.
What are the strengths of this coin??
•   Great Team
•   We come from a background of fund management, stock markets, currency markets in Australia.
•   This means that we understand securities, currency markets and economics.
•   We understand responsible investing and complying with legislation.
•   Real Asset Backed Coin:
•   Our coin enjoys the benefits of both worlds "Trending Crypto" and "Gold".
•   Each coin purchased has a real value embedded.
•   This puts a lot of concerns to rest.
•   The coin has a Gold value and Demand Value.
•   Backed by astute Investors
•   Safety, security and compliance: Wallets are secured by best infrastructure available.
•   Usability of coin
•   Jewelers
•   Loans against gold
•   Pay for travel
•   Remittances
We want to fund raise through Pre ICO and ICO to pass on the benefits to initial coin holders at a low price since the start of coin.

Here’s a link to our media page and website landing page if you’re interested:
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