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1001  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Bitcoin Only Exclusive Items on: October 20, 2017, 01:46:08 PM
Does anyone know of retailers which sell goods/services for crypto only with no option of payment made in fiat?

Could this represent a good business model for a small store with an online only presence?

There must be some holding alts who are fustrated by the lack of options in terms items they can spend their coins on. While there are many options for bitcoin, for the most part alts are neglected and there isn't a huge market where they can be utilized without first having to convert to btc.

Could support for ripple, eth, bcc, doge, ltc, dash and other alts be a good foundation upon which to build a small business?


Dude check in purse io. Here you can access with the bitcoin any fiat options too. Via this site, you will be able to purchase any things in and you will be able to get this discount for using the bitcoin payment here.
Additionally you will get the credits for accessing next time while purchasing things in this site.
Bitshop is the place you can access only with bitcoin bro. Now most of e store people are looking into add the bitcoin payment API to their cart, soon will find many sites.
1002  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Re: Where to buy bitcointalk accounts on: October 19, 2017, 05:38:45 PM
hello ,
im looking to buy bitcointalk accounts, is there a marketplace for that? or who is selling? thank you

Buying and using farmed accounts would not be entertained here. You can check the accounts and invites section to buy the account. Mostly you can find the scammers who are selling the account. If you make the posts continuously your rank will increase as you expected buddy.
Check the below link to find the board you expected bro.
1003  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: Tiny Fee. unconfirmed on: October 19, 2017, 04:59:15 PM
Hey ive recieved a payment  but the sender is new to bitcoin and included a tiny fee so its going to bew stuck for ages

If anyone could include this transaction in their pool i will send a proper fee to them instead once its cleared.

Thanks for any help

This is the transaction

Tried to accelerate the transaction through viabtc accelerator but it states that transaction fees is low.

Accelerated the transaction in
I hope it will be confirmed in another 20 to 40 minutes. Please wait and check the transaction.
1004  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Import S9 Antminer In india ? on: October 19, 2017, 01:39:31 PM
Hello Everyone

Has anyone imported AntMiner S9 (or other similar miner of bitmain) to India yet ? I am interested in knowing what problems are there from the customs point of view and and if you have imported it in india how were you able to solve the challenges ?

Would really appreciate your advice.

Thank you

Hey now bitcoin is become legal in India after the Japnese adoption. So you are free and you would not face any issues in the customs team in your airport or port cargo. You please google the legal release about bitcoin in your country first.
It will make you understand that you will not face any issue to import that to your location.
1005  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I've just been hacked!! :-( on: October 19, 2017, 01:11:44 PM
Online wallets not pretty safe to keep your high amount of bitcoin bro. This kind of incident happen to me too. Once I have tried to log in from my office computer but search blockchain in Google search and enter into with the public address and verify with the password too. In next few seconds fund I have 0.21 in my wallet transferred to different wallet. After I noticed that was a similar ad pop-up site. Please be careful. Can't do anything to take money back.
1006  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Building a rig (need some major help) on: October 17, 2017, 07:33:10 PM
Just a question I have about $1500 to invest.
What would be the best rig to buy or build, and still be able to see a profit with
I have been looking at a few already build at Bitman also what are the different in the batches it makes ??
Also electricity where I'm at is about .12

ASIC would be best option to mine bitcoin. You may heard about the antminer s9 is the best machine to mine btc now. For altcoin mining you can any type of graphic cards but it should give 8 mb clock speed atleast and best in the market to mine top altcoins. Now Zcash and Monero are the coins best to mine to get the profit more than btc and eth.
1007  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Best mobile for monero browser mining on: October 17, 2017, 07:19:23 PM
Hello to all.

I tried to mine monero with my phone at browser and it is showing about 5-6 hashes/s.

Who knows the best mobile phones for mining with max hashes in browser? And cheap.

Stop wasting your time and torment your device, you will earn cents! In such way you can try to earn for ferrari with faucets Grin

Yes it is true. But!!! If you have some popular website you still can earn decent money! If 100 000 people will mine with their mobiles you can earn a pile of bucks!!!

Suggest him to use any faucet which can give the better income he mine with the mobile for Monero. None of the coin mining is possible with the mobile, you have to go with GPU cards atleast to start mining any top altcoins else you cannot bear the electricity cost also for the miner machine you used. If you concern about cloud mining, don't go with that still it is consider as ponzi scheme.
1008  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Moving bitcoin before the new fork on: October 17, 2017, 07:04:49 PM
I expect the occurrence segwit 25 october later as bitcoin cash, so all the bitcoin that I save on the web wallet safe and not reduced at all, even then I also keep in bittrex and it all does not matter.

Then all the transaction will be slower and fees will be increased like last time right! I expect the segwit activation should be taken happen nearing to the hard fork like 18th or 20th of November.
If segwit has been activated bitcoin transaction blocks will be increased then fees will be decreased compared with the fiat currency value.
1009  Economy / Services / Re: - High paying Signature Campaign - BIG Payouts! (Opened) on: October 16, 2017, 01:34:35 PM
Hello Manager, I wish to join this campaign. Please accept me.

Bitcointalk name: solarion
Rank: Hero Member
Bitcointalk Profile Link:;u=155510
Bitcoin Adress: 1EzELK6o23ZgW9EVZAdZfhdQiVZPWPMpts
Email used to signup at Brickblock:
1010  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: I want to enter on this ''business'' on: October 14, 2017, 05:30:05 PM
Hello to all . I am new here and i hope you can help me with some answers of my questions.

I am a little bit new in this ''business'' and i want to know if i can enter now to mining bitcoin .

I have 1000 euro for beggining and i want to know if i can start to mining from home . The electricity is not problem for me ( cost 0 ) and also i have a room where is cold all the time and is ventilated . Anyone can recommend me something to start ?

Thank you

Check the youtube videos about the bitcoin miner for beginner to learn the tactics and components you need to start mining with the ASIC miners. Bitcoin mining is most efficient and high yield income in the mining platform.
You with the proper reseller to purchase the machines nowadays many people are scamming when we go with the antminer machine purchases.
1011  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: What to do when prices are falling on: October 14, 2017, 05:16:41 PM
If you know that you got good coins then you should buy more when others are selling and wait for correct time to sell.
Just right on point! Only those holding shitty coins always end up getting scared as the shitty coin keeps getting dragged down.

That is why you just need to trust your portfolio and believe that no matter what, it is just going to bounce back. And even dips like what we are having presently is always the best moment to buy and get a huge profit once they get back on track.
This is why it is important to trust our investments, if we just invested because someone recommended that coin or just because we wanted to obtain quick profits then it is going to be a lot harder to keep holding when the price goes down, this is why people lose so much money since they invest in projects not knowing what the project is about.

If you are a long time holder of the bitcoin you will never worry about the situation when value dumps or bump. Keep your coins in hardware or elsewhere where you cannot touch the bitcoin in your wallet.
To invest your coins in any project you have do analyze the complete about it. For example if you are going to invest in ICO token sale you need to check the white paper release and other information.
1012  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I did it! Traveling with Bitcoin and $100 only on: October 14, 2017, 04:42:58 PM
My journey started on Sep 21, from Boston to NYC, flight to Egypt then Turkey, back to Boston! Carrying $100 just in case and 3 bitcoins in my wallet!

Fuck If I will ever carry credit card, or cash any more:

1- I used Localbitcoins for cash! Search for best local currency rate!
2- How much I save from credit card fees and Fiat exchanges: $305.
3- Is it save to deal with Localbitcoins in person overseas? Yes, so amazing nice guys, you are making friends Smiley

You should try it! & $100 stayed with me! and I spent less than 1.9 btc in both countries!!!

Wow.  What an amazing experience to have it.  I also want that to experience.  Actually I guess it is more safer because you do not have a big amount to show and less holduppers.  But I do not have that bitcoin as much as you.  I never have even one bitcoin.  I wish I could do that someday.

Why if you just work in the signature campaign for a year itself you can find the perfect money to you. I hope might be earned atleast 2 btc if you just joined signature campaign itself you will be able to make that much amount.
If the travelling with the bitcoin you will be able to exchange the bitcoin to that concern country fiat cash. Avoid USD and go with the bitcoin everywhere.
1013  Economy / Services / Re: BitMix.Biz Signature Campaign (FULL) on: October 14, 2017, 12:25:06 PM

Applied for this week in bot. Thank you.

Congratulations, but you should read every thread:

I am really sad about the ending of this campaign in this week itself. However, I will do contribution from this week and wish to have the signature sometime till next month promotion.

Thanks for the reply.
1014  Economy / Speculation / Re: 2 Days back i sold 17 BTC for 4968 $ on bittrex - i regret on: October 14, 2017, 12:17:51 PM
Growth will slow down in next period and after fork I think we will see some dump below 5 000. So wait and do not give in FOMO.

He has already sold out the bitcoins he has now speculation can't do anything right.
Why you expecting this growth will downfall to low again. I am really worry to stop bumping the current price movement.
Hardfork may takes us to sky rocket value also we cannot say we can see dump only in that time. Like last time this time also price value increase to peak value again.
Do buying still because you can get the profit still with this amount hitting in the price index.
1015  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTC next level on: October 14, 2017, 11:41:15 AM
Would there be a down trend before BTC takes its next level.. opinion pls

now we are at $56xx and the highest we can reach at $58xx in bittrex and we are in october 2017 which mean just 2 months away from this year. we have to see what will happen with the fork later so we can know what will happen with bitcoin price but i guess in next year, the price will be around at $7000. we can reach the highest price in this year and next year, i think we can see the another highest price too so $7000 can be reach in the new year.
Some speculators say that bitcoin prices will reach a much higher level.
we can say that currently bitcoin prices have increased significantly.
with these circumstances we are all certainly optimistic bitcoin prices could reach 7000USD by the end of the year.
this will make the bitcoin price will have a level value that is much higher than the existing at this time.

Hey upcoming hard fork is there bro. How you first speculate the bitcoin price to 7k USD in this year. I agree that value increases more than 3500USD in this year itself in the bitcoin price index.
There must be expectation as you said but we cannot manage the price like whales do in bitcoin.
If the value decrease as expected in last fork, the amount we invested to it will be lose all the time.
1016  Economy / Speculation / Re: 2008 Again on: October 14, 2017, 11:23:36 AM
What is this a crash that will go down to $2008 mark value or just like what happen in the year 2008? well OP must be confuse while posting this thread, if it is $2008 mark value then I think the price would not go down below the $4000 mark value because I think that is the safe cap we can get right now, and if you are talking about the year 2008 bitcoin was not introduce until 2009 so I think there is no crash introduce by 2008 and just an increase in the value.

Market capital of the bitcoin will be increase always whenever the hard fork initiated. During that segregated witness will increase the block size henceforth the transaction speed will more and confirmation time increase but faster than earlier.
Instead of op creating these kind of waste thread he can start create the useful thread to analyze the price value of the next year, new coin compete with bitcoin or price bumping happens this week.
1017  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Sell all alts to buy more cheaper? on: October 14, 2017, 11:11:10 AM
With the upcoming bitcoin fork and the so called "dividend" that will be received thru bitcoin gold the price of BTC is on the rise. I am considering selling all my altcoins, even at a loss, so that i can buy more of them once bitcoin's price rises up higher.

What are your thoughts on this? Would this be a good strategy?

Of course this has always been a trading strategy in cryptocurrency but it may not really work out this time because of the after effect of the Bitcoin fork. Mark my word, the dumping of Bitcoin immediately after the fork will likely strengthen the altcoins and not weaken them. So, I advise you still keep your losing altcoins while you may sell off only those in profit.
But if someone sells out his altcoins for just two weeks before the November fork, then this deal should work fine. Also, if not all then selling out at least half amount of altcoins for the sake of bitcoin would not be a bad move. Unlike you, I have full trust in the potential of bitcoin and by watching its past survival plus the present performance, we can say that every dump is basically a symbol of big pump.

As bitcoin even altcoins are also bumps up all the time along with bitcoin whenever bitcoin raises, there are many coins in altcoins list still there are many people investing into ICO token sale purchases and buying top altcoins.  Last time in August 1st we all trolls the bitcoin price dump in the time it happened but now we all supporting bitcoin. Block size may not increases like last time. Please be careful in the time next hard fork like last time.
1018  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Accepting bitcoin for service on: October 14, 2017, 10:53:51 AM
First you to prove that you suited and trustworthy for the job which is very  hard especially when you're still a newbie member you just have to find a person/client that might need your services and if you've done your job effectively you'll get paid that might boost your chances to get more clients in the future cause you have already a background in this forum. For now you can post your services in the services section.

Instead he can use the trusted escrow in his service. In the form also people will trust him. Moreover op thread be created much better with the bbcode creator. Then keep accepting bitcoin in your service and your project will run successfully.
If you gonna start the e-store you can directly promote the site after you done the all implementation in your website. Have the best hardware or desktop wallet to receive the coins.
1019  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Best place to store bitcoins during the forks on: October 14, 2017, 10:38:22 AM
Electrum is the number one choice here. You can use the bitcoin core, too but it is too heavy to the computer since it requires us to download the whole blockchain to the computer. Unless you are a developer or someone who wants to learn about the blockchain, it is not necessary to download the Core. The important thing you need to remember in this hard fork is that you have to hold your private key. If you do not have your private key, it means that you will not able to access your bitcoin and receive extra bitcoin gold after the fork. Therefore, I believe that holding bitcoin in electrum wallet is the best choice since it gives us all of the thing we want such as private keys

Early time to now bitcoincore is the one of the best wallet in desktop series. I have multibit and electrum wallet to save my bitcoins now. What ever the wallet you use it does not matter but you have keep your wallet's private key safely and wallet.dat file in your desktop or any hardware you have.
Bitcoin gold can be good amount after the hard fork but the price value will decrease like happen with the BCH.
1020  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: How I can make money with cryptocurrencies? on: October 14, 2017, 07:09:55 AM
The easiest way is to buy bitcoins and just hold nothing else,sounds easy na.....yes it is easy...just see the price of bit[Suspicious link removed]n and on
This is just the best way apparently. For someone with a job, you can just part with little of your monthly income and buy bitcoin, then HODL.
There are still other ways anyway with which you can still earn passively alongside whatever you are buying but at the long run, HODLing is more safer and all you just need is patience.

I too depend on day job earning but the income is very low comparing with the bitcoin earnings what I am making with the signature campaign or web maintenance projects.
We can buy still but if you invested to buy bitcoins last week you might get 1000$ profit for 1 bitcoin purchase bro.
For long term profit please go with the investment option like mining and trading.
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