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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.18.1 [Torrent]
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981  Economy / Economics / Re: The human brain is not ready to deal with exponential growth on: October 27, 2017, 04:58:43 PM
Yes, bumping old threads is against unofficial rules. I learned that recently.

Our brain indeed is not prepared to deal with exponential growth. Many people have problems understanding exponential behavior in different aspects of the world.

But I donít think many of them are depressed because those who sold at $100 made a good profit if they bought lower than that. This issue has been debated in the forum many times and I donít find many people believing that there are still early adopters holding significant amounts of btc.

It is not digging the old thread dude. He just compare the information with the old to current scenario. Since he is a legendary member he may much aware of unwanted digging the old thread is not good and recommendable.
Sell and buying bitcoin does not matter but you have to be involved in the bitcoin transaction and btc related projects all the time.
Not a early adopters only do all the things in the forum and outside. Recent adopters also bitcoin to grow higher in the cost.
982  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Hackers are active these days. on: October 27, 2017, 04:31:45 PM
Some bitcoin users told me not to do transactions in these couple of days because hackers are active these days. I want to know is it true? or some kind of rumor? Anyone here who have faced such problem?

Fake new are everywhere,with bitcoin it is impossible to access your account we should be just be carefull with hackers or their modus will be free bitcoin if you log in with their website, by that you are giving them to access your account. Hackers are really finding ways to get bitcoin or access our account since bitcoin now is blooming and the price of it is increasing everyday.

This news is because of the medical site hack done by the bitcoin users in the August I think. They demanded to 300 USD in bitcoins. This may be reason for these kind of the hacking issue discussion come here.
If anyone wish to hack the bitcoin wallet simply it is not at all possible and the transaction also not been hacked since we can check any transaction with the wallet address itself.
Don't login to your online wallet with the google search results.
983  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Iíll eat myself on national TV if bitcoin doesnít surpass $500k in 3yrs Ė John McAfee on: October 26, 2017, 06:19:53 PM
I'm not sure that the bitcoin will surpass $500.000 . Already a woman gave a interview ( I miss her real name ) and told that she can't buy bitcoin at this moment because is too expensive for her . Also let's think logically , if 1 bitcoin will reach $500.000 who will buy 1 bitcoin Huh? and if someone will buy 50-100$ in btc it will be something like this 0.00000000000000034 btc

John Mcafee is the one of best supporter of bitcoin and speculation of bitcoin price is always done by these person. Tell that lady bitcoin is not expensive if you think about the bitcoin's value in 2030 or more future years. There are many people still thinking we can go to any ICO which gives the higher value in the future years which is not cost a big value in the future.
984  Bitcoin / Mining speculation / Re: Just want to know about one mining rig on: October 26, 2017, 06:05:44 PM
Did one of you tried one? how was it? Is it profitable please do share experiences here as well friends thanks a lot as well.

Are looking for ASIC miner or GPU cards mining rig. Both of these mining option have the different variant earning and mining coins. If you wish to mine bitcoin go with the Antminer s9 or d3. These are been consider as the best miners to earn the bitcoin. Since the hash rate is higher in these miners.
You will be able to get the more profit since the electricity is getting free of cost or cheap cost.
GPU mining is fit for ethereum and monero mining. You can check the profit in the calculator available in online.
985  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Investments in the media on: October 26, 2017, 05:42:44 PM
Already we've got handful of media to give updates regarding cryptocurrency as a whole. Similarly several projects have existed based on the same media. It's an good pick, but have dedication and a huge investment as it not that similar to the small scale projects as well needs a perfect planning.

Exactly, there are a lot of crypto media related news, so  I doubt the OP can make a successful business out of it. There's already a lot of competition out there, and it doesn't make sense to invest in media about crypto-currencies. You can channel all your efforts to another project, but if you really like this project then I guess no one can stop you. But remember that the competition is really out there,,, and other media's is already giant in the field so I don't know how you gonna faced those Goliath in the cryptocurrencies news sectors.

You missed the merkle in this list.  They came into the forum two years before and still they low in the media circle but they did not stopped the investment on media yet and simply trying still to be a underrated news channel. Initially none of the people reach the sky dude. We cannot compare the initial investments with the top rated channels.
986  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Brace yourself, Bitcoin Silver is coming! on: October 25, 2017, 06:49:35 PM
We have Bitcoin Gold, B2X and now Bitcoin Silver! Money-grab or a bright future for bitcoin  Huh

Is there any official information for the bitcoin silver dude. Since bitcoin gold forking is taken part today we all are making more with the bitcoin gold rewards. If you are confirming with the proper link I will be hold the bitcoins for the more time.
Henceforth, I will be able to make money by holding it in my wallet itself without no effort.
987  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: SmartCash on: October 25, 2017, 06:33:21 PM
Hey guys, i just wanted to know about your opinions about, do you guys think its worth keeping an eye on it?
Thx a lot for your opinions in advance!
I just notice this in the market earlier, It has a 80%+ percent increase in the market, I think many people are trying it out or something.

Since they have a this much growth why they does not have an official thread or any announcement in the forum. I see that they have their own wallet, own forum and etc... This is fine to invest on this concern project. Gaining the trust among the crypto users they should be part of the forum and should have trusted escrow in the forum to find the better security for the investment.
988  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: How to join signature bounty? on: October 25, 2017, 05:58:16 PM
There are many signature campaigns gives the bitcoin as well as tokens for the members participating in the campaign. If want to join only in the bounty campaign you can check in the altcoin section to join in that.
Every campaign will be having bbcode to join in their campaign. So copy and paster it to your signature in your account and apply to there.
989  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Supermarket Accept Bitcoin on: October 25, 2017, 05:15:55 PM
Is there any Supermarket or Malls Accept Bitcoin near you ?

Its not really possible for every country to have a function that supermarket will allow bitcoins to use them as their source of payment but i highly agree in this kind of transaction because it will be the advantage for the consumers to buy goods that has no tax and it will be cheaper.

If block size increases in the large number that is possible to get the confirmation for the each transaction will be confirmed in few minutes. In segwit activation we will find the increase of block size.
This will be good for the expecting confirmation to be increased. If that happens wall mart, al-futtaim or world wide super market will accepts the bitcoin payment.
990  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: why some country still not legalized bitcoin ? on: October 24, 2017, 04:30:38 PM
because Bitcoin is considered as a threat to their country's economy, with its volatility Bitcoin could incur great losses to Bitcoin users in their country. and also by legalizing Bitcoin the government needs time to study it while the country's priorities arenít fixated on such small things, especially in developing countries that they still have to improve themselves and also improve their unstable economy.

Do you feel that share market and mutual fund not volatile to invest but many government sector and banks are been invested in those then why should think that bitcoin is the evil for the government and country's economy will not fall at all.
If crises or bankrupt on any government they Fiat economy also fall down dude. Nothing is stable you can invest on bitcoin since it's shows growth in a year itself.
991  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: $2300 for ethereum mining. on: October 21, 2017, 08:12:16 AM
I would like to do a GPU mining and I have a capital of about $ 2300. But I need a recommendations from experienced people to choose a better device for mining ethereum. My choice is in Shapire RX 480 for GPU, what do you think, please tell me your opinion.

Yes this investment amount you are having is enough to start mining. Components such as processor, RAM, 6 GTX 1060i cards, risers, PCI, Power supply and rig. These all will cost your around around 2k USD. You can mine the electrum or Monero with this specification.
You will be able to get the 400 USD in a month. If you run it in domestic or residential location. If you go to commercial location means then profit will damage because of electricity cost.
992  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Which exchanges are supporting bitcoin gold? on: October 21, 2017, 07:40:26 AM

HitBTC, BitStar and YoBit (source: / Currently down).
Yobit is not a real exchange but a scam site. I suggest all not to use Yobit. You will lose money if you send larger amounts in, support will not awnser your tickets.
Just forget Yobit.

Are you out of mind. There are many people involved Yobit to trade many types of altcoins. You can refer the below link when the bitcoin gold trading gonna start.
They do not consumer live chat to support them. Only they have ticket response system to send if you face any issues in trading or so on. You will get the reply according to your concerns.
993  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: How to send Bitcoin to an email address on: October 21, 2017, 07:32:14 AM
As far as I know is that Blockchain supported to send Bitcoin to an email address or even to a phone number in the early days. With the second version of the Wallet, they removed this feature along with other great security features.
Do you mean Blockchain (the website)? There's a Tutorial from 2014 for this indeed.
But, this isn't really sending Bitcoin as it's designed to be, it's just a third-party that promotes it's website to new users, and the sender can reverse the payment if it doesn't get claimed. It's kinda like sending a Paypal-payment to any email address that doesn't use Paypal yet.

Alternative, if you insist on paying in Bitcoin, just give them a funded paper wallet, in person. But to be honest it's just annoying if someone wants to pay you in a format you're not familiar with. If someone wants to pay me in Skrill for example, I'll politely decline.

Third party in the sense, you have are sending payment to email address with the wallet.dat file right.
If you want to send the bitcoin to the email address that is obviously not safe to send and hackers attack your transaction and steal that amount.

You can find this option in Coinbase, Xapo and etc...
But it says only invalid address bro, unless you added the dat file in the e-mail message.
994  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: and bitcoin brakes $6000 now on: October 21, 2017, 07:15:24 AM
Probably there is much money going in from people who want to get BTC gold for free. Should go down a little after the fork

But thing is we have another upcoming fork soon in November....Will it get to 7000$ then? or will it go down after the BTG fork then regain the 6000$+ when the upcoming segwit2x fork approaches?

Block segregation always increase bitcoin fees. I am really happen to see the bitcoin 6k USD now but the profit you can expect will damage via fees for the transaction. Last time hard fork bitcoin transaction fees increased huge cost ever in the bitcoin transactions.
Most of the wallet not providing the option to get the Bitcoin Gold as now. Even also added Bitcoin Cash just three days before. But comes to market after 2 months. Will expect online wallet also to have the Bitcoin gold rewards.
995  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: BitcoinGold is a Scam!?! Carefull with Your Bitcoin Private Keys!!! on: October 21, 2017, 06:40:31 AM
hello friends,

people are still not understanding about BCC and yet another BCG is trying to scam people's BTC..

i am just sharing my perceptions and raising doubts...

As per my knowledge BCC (Bitcoin Cash) is worth trusting to claim the free coins and sell them for a quick buck but what about the BCG (Bitcoin Gold) ?

There is no electrum wallet for BCG and the website asking people to enter thevBTC private keys directly onto their website to open an account or wallet of BCG  Huh

well i tried to enter my BTC private keys (encrypted) but guess what i only see one error message as shown below ..

so friends, after entering all my BTC privatekeys , i see only one message as shown above..

if anyone tried and claimed BCG Huh? not sure.. if not don't even think about it because i feel that this site is trying to collect everyone's BCG  Tongue

Dude, the above image states that your private key you have given to add it not valid only bro. In which aspects it symbolize bitcoin gold is a scam according to your point. Still I hold some bitcoin in online and electrum wallets but I don't get the reward for BTG.
Please refer the below link to know how to claim the bitcoin gold and effects of this coin after spliting.
996  Economy / Speculation / Re: BTCUSD 6000 is new low, breached today on: October 20, 2017, 05:09:49 PM
Am really impressed and and filled with optimism and Bitcoin has nailed a new landmark of $6,000.
Even though the surge in price is as result of the upcoming fork, but still it's a good feat.
In no time Bitcoin will be heading to $10,000

Yup I checked peak value in CoinDesk chart touches 6003$ today. Really 283 USD changes in the chart from yesterday to today. I think traders has taken the charge to find the profit now. Good time to sell for the long term investors.
If you seriously look into more profit you have to wait more 2 years to find the profit more. Marching towards 10k would be much now it takes at least more than 5 years to find that value.
997  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Wich coin to mine with Nividia GTX 1060 6GB on: October 20, 2017, 04:10:08 PM
How will bitcoin gold will be introduced?
Wil there be a mining pool or is it best to mine solo.
I never mined solo i dont know how to make the config file.
Can somebdy please explain me?

Hey you cannot mine the upcoming coins once splitting taken part then only you will find in which network pool it will get mined. I hope ant pool will go first with the BTG mining.
Wait till the bitcoin gold segregated from the bitcoin then will decide which miner machine will be good to mine bitcoin gold.
You can any batch file after bitcoin gold comes out to the market place.
998  Economy / Speculation / Re: Gold Versus Bitcoin? on: October 20, 2017, 03:56:15 PM
I search all over the internet but cannot find a chart for bitcoin/gold if anyone knows a chart for this pair please share.
this is a good indicator for price prediction.

I am damn sure you have not surf about in online. In February itself bitcoin cost surpasses the one ounce of gold rate. You may another thread in the economics section created in February. I don't what chart you are expecting to see.
If want to see press release about it. Check in CoinDesk news. There you can find what expect to see. Since fatal error passing in the site can't send to here. Check with the instructions you have.
999  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Who supports Bitcoin Gold? on: October 20, 2017, 03:44:23 PM

I have Bitcoin on bittrex and kraken exchanges.
Somebody knows if they will support and send me Bitcoin Gold after the fork?

I wrote to them but received no answer yet...

Asking for donations won't be appreciated in this forum bro. If you want to have bitcoin gold after hard fork you should have the concern desktop wallet which supports the BTG after coin splitting.
Most of the online wallet won't have BTG support so we cannot expect the BTG reward from them. So Google it the concern wallet and change your coins that concern wallet to have a reward.
1000  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Long Term BTC Investment Is No More on: October 20, 2017, 02:14:20 PM
With bitcoin value increasing to new heights every day or week, is long term investment of bitcoin in alts no more? Because with the increase of value in bitcoin, all alts suffer and their value in bitcoin decreases even if they are stable enough to keep their value in dollar sustained.

So all one can earn from such long term trade is a loss in bitcoin.

So, is short term trading alts the only option or even that is too risky for now and holding could be the only option.

And for buying alts, one should use dollar instead of bitcoin.

Altcoins trading is now mostly taken to earn money since faster fluctuatation in the chart of any altcoin. Now BCH price growth is good than other coins so choose this coon to trade would be best.
Since bitcoin price rising everyday it is now has to consider as short term and long term investment for the bitcoin buyers. After purchase, hold certain amount in your wallet itself for a year. It will truplecthe cost from now.
Then you will get reward for the bitcoin gold which is gonna split on November.
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