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241  Economy / Speculation / Has trading ruined the day for HODLERS? on: November 08, 2014, 02:38:34 AM
Clearly traders are taking out a chunk whenever possible out of Bitcoin's rise in price. Here is some news about bots trading its pants off automatically:

Given the dramatic rise in price end of last year, traders rolled into the game and have been chopping off peaks as soon as they can, keeping the HODLERS from making any headway!

Hopefully the economic recovery may draw traders away and leave Bitcoin to a steady rise.
242  Economy / Speculation / Re: Japan is new China? on: November 02, 2014, 04:42:32 PM
The Bank of Japan just announced QE. Yet another reason for the existence of Bitcoin.

Huge adoption on November in Japan:

1. Kraken Launches in Japan
2. GMO-PG Enables 48000 Merchants Using Bitcoin as Payment Option
3. BitFlyer Rises $236000
4. Rakuten Accepts Bitcoin
After reading this post from wall observer, I've got an idea: The 2013 bubble was because of China (and Willy  Grin). What if 2015 bubble, next point of growth will be not Wall Street and not China again, but Japan?

Japan, just like China, has a lot of people with a lot of money they have nowhere to invest. Bank interest rates are around zero, economy in stagnation, entrance to business is controlled by big guys. So bitcoin is the solution a lot of Japanese are looking for. Is Japan the new China?

Japanese unlike Chinese can simply invest into the world market including NYSE and Nasdaq. They don't face restrictions like the Chinese do. Also, the Japanese are not rolling in cash like you claim.

Less money will flow into Bitcoin as the economy does well since people will feel confident to invest in stocks and businesses. Both gold and Bitcoin will see lower flow of cash. That said it takes just one upswing and a barrage of investors will get on board Bitcoin taking it to new levels.
243  Economy / Speculation / Re: Bitcoin Price Is Not Rebounding,why? on: October 30, 2014, 03:49:14 AM
This is good for Bitcoin. We need to get a lot lower to shake out all the weak hands. Plus, lower prices means cheaper coins for us true believers! Imagine how many coins we'll buy if we ever go sub 100!!! We'll buy thousands of them! Then, when we drop below $50, we'll buy tens of thousands! Promise!!!

So you plan to buy a whole bunch of btc at $100 and then lose half its value at $50 to buy more?

The price is going down because traders are trading the crap out of btc. As soon as price goes up, they sell and then they buy back when the price drops!
244  Economy / Speculation / Re: If someone buys Bitcoin today, they'll be lucky to see a 300%+ ROI. on: October 22, 2014, 03:47:36 AM
If I want to buy something online I will only pay in Bitcoin unless it's not available with a merchant who accepts Bitcoin.

I buy on Coinbase and then use those Bitcoins to pay for my order. I think there's a large enough community where if more did this it would greatly affect the Bitcoin economy.

Honestly I think Bitcoin can easily hit $125,000 per coin in a few years. Considering the sheer size of the mining infrastructure, the scope of the new innovations on the horizon, the ones that we know about...

I think the exchange price is irrelevant right now; it doesn't reflect any weakness or limit it's potential growth.

I guess we'll see how it turns out. I wish I had the opportunity to get in when you did. I hadn't even heard about Bitcoin until November 2013...

Paying for stuff with BTC does NOT help at all. Because the retailer or merchant simply dump that BTC into the market and covert it back into fiat. The only way BTC will go up is when the people who you pay with BTC, once again use it to pay others and a proper cycle is formed. Tipping with BTC helps since there is a chance that that person will once again rotate BTC to someone else.

The day we see people getting PAID in BTC as salaries is when it becomes a real currency. But then again, the price of BTC will not be so low like as well. So now is a good time to buy BTC!
245  Economy / Speculation / Re: Make $$ while everyone just sits and waits for "$10,000" per coin on: October 22, 2014, 03:39:26 AM
This thread will be aimed directly at making money trading bitcoin while most rush to put their coins in cold storage (rendering them useless)

Some background on me, I usually trade stocks and have been doing it actively for over ten years. I'm still in the market now & made lots of money on the recent downtrend the S&P is having. I own three businesses here in NYC too & they all accept bitcoin. I make money year round up and down in the market & saw the potential in the BTC market too. Actually more potential, especially if all of us navigate these treacherous waters together! I basically started by making a few bitcoins out of nothing so I could trade with them. I was too scared to divert funds to an online exchange, so I had my gf do faucet's and other tasks for small amounts of btc, approx .06 worth (which was a lot more back then lol) This was when I found out about the alt coin market and I was able to make half a coin with a friend who already had like 20 coins from alt trading... I was hooked. This was way better than the market and I could play around daily without getting raped for commissions!

This is when I bought a miner... I got a awesome deal form someone at the bitcoin foundation here in NYC. I think it was a converted dragon miner, Im not sure, but everything was in English already hashing approx 1.2th/s. I remember setting it up took me about 5 hours  Lips sealed I made a few coins then jumped into the bitcoin market. Selling all my coins above 660 and re bought them at 333ish~ ( I went by my lucky numbers Tongue) I was really hooked now even thought doubling up on coins was bitter sweet since my account value was approx the same (This is where I realized the dilemma trading bitcoin) I still had faith in the system & was mining away, less and less by day loll. I knew it would probably rise again but not to the same 1,200 level it once was... I don't like to be a dreamer or set high standards obviously. But when it went up to over 500 I knew something was great here! I knew with patience (which is what most traders lack) there was a lot of money to be made in this market. Also when margins hit the scene I knew it wouldn't be worth it since the wild swings of bitcoin could me you wake up with no coins. It's very dangerous so I try to have side money & not be in trades for too long. In the stock market I ditch trades after 5% but for bitcoin you need at least 10%+ most times 15%~ I have been shorting bitcoin a lot since that 500 pop but did the last short after the paypal news sent an artificial pop to 450. I covered above 300 since I didn't see 275 in the near future. It dropped like a rock and recovered before I knew it but I never saw real strength until recently. I see a base being built as buyers are trying to get this thing to stack above 400. Sorry about the long story about my background but it seems people are unsure who I am on here. It was completely needed... but on to the good stuff!

Right now I bought over 9 coins earlier at approx 375 since the drop was too fast, I expect a short term recovery target to above/near 400. When that happens I will watch closely & either release these coins for profit or double up if 400 proves sustainable. These lower highs are starting to make this look like the slow climb look like the other rally we had recently to 660~ I know I am considered a long term perma bear but I have just nibbled at 9 coins last night, lets see how this goes!

This thread will be displaying recent trades... I will be letting you guys know what trades I'm in, why, and how long I will be holding on for!
Let me know what you guys are thinking and what trades you are making too!
Together we can make a lot of money considering we have even MORE firepower than any "bearwhale" or other whales you guys speak of... Don't forget their are power in numbers... This thread is to help us stick together. GLTA!  Kiss

If you are already making money, you are not going to be here on a speculation thread. Good luck!
246  Economy / Speculation / Re: Get on the train... on: October 22, 2014, 03:35:52 AM
This was a pretty good pull up...if it gets out above 0(very close now), its a pretty good deal and will get us moving on the upside significantly.

-3/-7 at this time, pulled out all the way up from -32/-35 in a matter of couple weeks.
247  Economy / Speculation / Re: 3dMACD is GREEN! on: October 22, 2014, 03:32:05 AM
It was a buy at $300 when a call was made to get on board the train....bummer to those who missed that ride!
248  Economy / Speculation / Re: If You're Not Buying Bitcoin Now... Then You're Just Stupid. on: October 19, 2014, 05:07:36 AM
Bitcoin is heading south once again... I wonder what price it will stop at now? Maybe under 200 ?

How are you seeing it go south? It is about to pull out from under zero with significant upwards momentum. Positive CCI and Divergence, rising up for air. Now is a great time to get onboard given sub 400 prices!
249  Economy / Speculation / Re: Is it possible that 1 BTC be worth $2,000 by the end of 2015? on: October 18, 2014, 03:11:04 AM
i think it would be possible, more and more people are using BTC now then ever, a lot can happen till end of 2015, for good and bad.

1) More and more people using BTC DOES NOT help the price go up. The reason is as soon as you use the BTC, it is sold and converted into FIAT. None of the merchants want to hold BTC because of ridiculous price changes on a daily basis. The best hope for BTC price to go up is a slow and steady growth and MORE stability in the price.

2) Due to the speculative nature of BTC, LOADS of traders are into the game now and you will see massive profit taking at all levels resulting in big price swings. Those random price swings helps traders make money but does not help the stability of price resulting in wider usage of BTC.

The day merchants accept BTC and then once again use the BTC to buy services/products is the day BTC will go up in value. All that said BTC is currently available at a very good price to hoard for the long term though!

250  Economy / Speculation / Re: Get on the train... on: October 14, 2014, 01:51:20 AM
The noobs have missed their train and bitching and moaning will commence soon....

CCI getting close to the 100 mark after a very long time. MACD/EXP at -15, -20 and we are looking at a nice ride if it pulls out from below the zero mark.
251  Economy / Speculation / Re: Get on the train... on: October 13, 2014, 12:40:41 AM
Well, I think btc will continue to slump for some time, but when the everyday person starts to see the value in btc and buys btc rather than paying with btc, then the price will go vertical hard and fast.

After a long time we have positive CCI. Also positive divergence and MACD riding over the EXP. -20 to -25 but the trend is up and if it pulls over the 0 mark, we will be back over the 500 mark easily.
252  Economy / Speculation / Re: Get on the train... on: October 09, 2014, 05:19:38 PM
Tooo! Tooo!

Chooo choooo chooo choooo...we are off~
253  Economy / Speculation / Re: Get on the train... on: October 08, 2014, 03:20:14 PM
$300 was a good way to get on board...
254  Economy / Speculation / Get on the train... on: October 07, 2014, 02:56:11 AM
Incredible price for Bitcoin at this time so to all the noobs, get onboard before the train leaves you behind!

Don't be caught all moping and crying "I WISH" stories because the time when everyone is selling is the time to BUY!

Long story short, BUY NOW!
255  Economy / Speculation / Re: Situation on: October 05, 2014, 02:22:52 PM

Hello everyone!

Well... i never bought any BTC in my life and i just sold around 100 at $420 each. The value is at the moment $320 should i buy back or what would you do?


Forget about Bitcoins and enjoy your fiat~

Alternately, if you are looking into investment, buy about 10 Bitcoins now and wait. If the price goes up sell and cash out. If the price goes down, buy another 10 and wait...but all this is not worth your time in my opinion.

If the cash is not something you need at this time, just buy a bunch and forget about it for couple years as someone had mentioned earlier. BTC will do good in the long run...
256  Economy / Speculation / Re: Why the price is keep going down? on: October 05, 2014, 01:13:36 PM
The more entities which accept Bitcoin, the more the price will go down because they simply dump it into the market and get their fiat. Essentially, when you spend Bitcoin, you are selling it off for fiat thereby putting downward pressure.

Only when entities start holding Bitcoins and PAYING their employees wages in Bitcoin as well as BUYING their own goods in Bitcoin, will the price start to go up.

Adoption my a$$!
257  Economy / Speculation / Re: im not happy on: October 05, 2014, 03:06:19 AM
The problem is everyone is crying like a baby when they could not have a chance to buy cheap coins. Now when cheap coins are available, everyone wants to bitch and complain about the downward trend.

Trends go up and down and never ever follow one direction. Just wait for some bad news to arrive into the good economy and further adoption and that should bring the prices back up. The important thing is when the price does go up and the overall trend turns positive, it will take off and leave all the whining bitches behind.
258  Economy / Speculation / Re: im not happy on: October 04, 2014, 09:12:42 PM
Once the boom happened, traders got into the game to grab a nut!

Economy is doing good and stocks are thriving and is expected to do better next year as the interest rates go up. Gold will go down in value along with Bitcoin.

Long term Bitcoin will do great but it will take time but not more than 2016 when the block reward cuts off in half. Just HODL and stop whining like a baby!

259  Economy / Speculation / Re: At what price would you buy 1 BTC ? on: September 27, 2014, 07:01:38 PM
As long as USD is doing good and the stock markets are on the upside, money won't flow into BTC and we will see sustained BTC price drop. That said, its a good price right now to hoard up and become one of the HODLERS.

End of year is generally when BTC makes its run, hopefully money will come flowing into BTC starting October.
260  Economy / Speculation / Re: At what price would you buy 1 BTC ? on: September 24, 2014, 03:29:19 AM
I bought in yesterday at near the low $380.01 usd for 1 BTC

placed my bets...(now of course have confirmed that it is gonna tank further I always pick the wrong time....don't ya know)

anyway ..holding all I've ever made or bought

if BTC tanks and I follow it down buying my obsessed manner...I will have lots and lots of Bitcoin

*much like the old pc equipment in the attic...quantity vs quality*

well better then collecting cats in my old age....usb stick is much less hassle for an obsession

(good to have goals)

so I will meet you at the top or at the bottom of the hill.....I'm holding it all and prob (modestly) going to add more

What's your goal? For example, if you get 10%($38) profit, will you cut loose and take it and wait for another entry point? Making 10% quickly is better than being left hodling the bag...

Naw my goal is to accumulate bitcoin...if it works i get a super model wife..if it don't work i lose 3% of my entire net worth big whoop

only other way to get super model wife is to win lottery...

so i'm in it till it goes to the moon or goes benie baby (which means i'll have lots of btc...pretty much worthless but lots don't ya know)

I'm too stupid to know when to price getting/buying in/out etc

Well, wait long enough and you will catch the 10k with lots of others hodlers! Good luck!
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