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1  Economy / Speculation / Re: Wall Observer BTC/USD - Bitcoin price movement tracking & discussion on: August 12, 2017, 05:10:51 PM
This is crazy!!!!!! Remember during the last crash when people were contemplating suicide. That time is probably just around the corner, but will be a much worse this time as we have mainstream media attention at a larger scale Shocked

What is the new floor going to be? I was thinking somewhere down at 900 USD, that seems too hopeful, its looking like it might be even higher now above 1300. At some point I think profits are going to be taken and this is going to fall like a lead balloon. Once the media hype-cycle reverses on Bitcoin its gonna be bad "news". Lately we have seen in the media these softball fluff pieces of news about Bitcoin, mind you on mainstream news sources. They will reverse on us sooner or later, producing edgy content about how Bitcoin is not really all its cracked up to be or some dumb shit narrative they take that the mass will blindly accept.

Programs that trade BTC for profit, Usually are not programmed to buy when the price is near or at the highest its ever been ever. In fact the programs do the reverse and sell incrementally percentages of reserves during periods of value growth.
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: (Almost sure) stole 22BTC from me on: August 08, 2015, 12:48:36 AM
if you used brain wallet and the passphrase to create the address had less characters then this sentance.

then you probably had a weak passphrase that any script kiddie could hack using random character generators

This could be likely, however I just tried loading and it just loads two words: 'Closed Permanently'

Who knows whats happening, but being closed permanently sounds like is done.

OP, How did you use you use brainwallet? By getting the source from Github, then copy that Javascript to a machine offline? Or by loading the actual web-page from on a machine connected to the internet?

3  Economy / Speculation / Re: 21 millions bitcoiners on: August 03, 2015, 03:53:07 PM
What will be the value of one Bitcoin when the number of users (people that will want to use Bitcoin) will hit 21 millions?

At this point, if each user wanted to have 1 Bitcoin, will have to pay a certain number of $ or or Y, whatever. I'm going with $ just because it's the most used around the world.

How many $ do you think that person, the n. 21 millionth, who wants to buy 1 BTC will have to pay to obtain it?

My wild guess is: 160000 $.

I wrote a post about this one day: . One day I started a blog and turned it into a post on it:
4  Economy / Speculation / Re: how many people in the world own any amount of Bitcoin? on: July 29, 2015, 08:38:40 PM
This will be the closest for you to determine:

The number is between 1 and the Number of Addresses holding coins. Several addresses can be owned by one user so its practically impossible to determine how much a given person actually owns. Unless you know all their addresses.
5  Economy / Speculation / Re: Fractal analysis shows Bitcoin to reach $100k+ in 2017 on: July 07, 2015, 08:16:42 PM

Ok, I am the only one to notice that this is a Fontas prediction? I remember him in the past just massively pumping Altcoins, as much as I would like to have a price of 100k USD Per Bitcoin. I think he is just trying to get a temporary pump running or maybe he legit believes this. Which I seriously don't think is the case. In the past after he finished advising everyone to invest one way, he would be waiting too move in the exact opposite direction of what he said to make profit. I remember advertising for: 10-100 BTC to join his altcoin pumping club so you get insider info.

6  Economy / Speculation / Re: A humongous crash imminent! on: June 16, 2015, 07:36:33 PM
I really hate to agree with Falling but I don't think we are out of the weeds just yet. I don't care which way we go really cause I am here for the long haul. I cant imagine a long term upwards trend is starting with whats currently happening 'behind the scenes'.

Only reason I say this is the media has not even reported once regarding: Bitcoin XT vs. Bitcoin or about Bitcoins current lack of scale-ability, or how several core developers are having a tough time coming to an agreement etc... That fact alone is going to tank the price, in the past the media has caused so much FUD, I feel like these prices will be considered high in a few weeks to a month.

I was reading some discussion on Github regarding Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin, once the media gets a chance too sink its teeth into the idea of XT and the possibility of a fork etc. I think we will get crushed! Its going to take us Months if not at-least year to come to an agreement on a good way to scale Blocksize, during this time I think the media and those who do not understand/like Bitcoin will have a field day smearing the project.

Edit: Spelling
7  Economy / Speculation / Re: "How to Time the Bitcoin Market? Hint: Dont :)" - A Medium Piece on: June 15, 2015, 07:43:50 PM
Check out this post I wrote this weekend -

What do you think?

I read your article last night before I fell asleep, it was pretty quick read. I actually was reading through your article and was kind of upset until I understood the point for using Lawnmower, it was was too mitigate some of the price volatility.

Because your app purchases a tiny bit each day with your normal transactions, you are spreading your risk of buying coins over multiple days thus averaging out the overall cost of your purchase. I thought it was really cool how you were able to average out your final price point/1 BTC.

I never understood Lawnmowers perceived benefit until now. Thanks for sharing with the community!
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I'am getting afraid - bitcoin XT on: June 05, 2015, 07:47:54 PM
Not afraid of Bitcoin XT, however its a shame Mike and Gavin are even trying to label it with a different name. Bitcoin layman will assume the state of things are really bad, and that the people invested in Bitcoin are going to be scammed out of wealth etc. etc. I would be surprised if we did not see a number of large sell offs soon and its going to be attributed too peoples misunderstanding of us working towards consensus on a Blocksize.

Price will plummet once the media has a chance to 'learn' about Bitcoin XT and report on it. In the past the media has put forth zero effort towards researching articles on Bitcoin, typically I have seen them as the largest sources of FUD and impact on the relative price.

Your concerns are valid, however my beliefs are that it is placed in the wrong boat, you should be concerned about the media backlash by not understanding whats going on that will occur sooner than later. The technology/coins are not going to just vanish magically, when in doubt WWSD. What would Satoshi Do: in this case Nothing, his coins are still valid and yours will be valid regardless if agreement on Blocksize is: 1mb, 4mb, 20mb, or 32GB per block.

My fear is if we become so centralized, that we get to a situation where we have someone or something choose which transactions to allow in blocks. My fear is someday someone can take away our rights to use Bitcoin the way it works today...we cant allow for this to occur.

9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can an Anonymous Recluse Who Vanished Push Out Alerts to Each Bitcoin Wallet? on: June 03, 2015, 07:37:59 PM
Just curious if Gavin ever got around to changing the alert keys? Can Satoshi still push out update alerts to each client?

satoshi or anyone with the alert key for that matter, cant put your client into 'safe mode' any longer, the worst thing they could do is push a message to your client.

'Until version 0.3.20, Bitcoin went into safe mode when a valid alert was received. In safe mode, all RPC commands that send BTC or get info about received BTC return an error. Current Bitcoin versions no longer go into safe mode in response to alerts, though Bitcoin will still go into safe mode when it detects on its own that something is seriously wrong with the network.' -

'The known private key holders are Satoshi Nakamoto, Gavin Andresen and theymos. There are other people able to issue alerts in the event of the incapacitation of the aforementioned.' - I would imagine sipa, waldimir, Corallo and a few others can do alerts also.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Want 1M USD from Roger Ver? Prove him wrong on: May 27, 2015, 04:39:14 PM
I invite all of you to read the entire email chain between myself and OKcoin.
Then decide for yourself who is in the right or wrong here:

It's a long read,  but lots of interesting points.

Thanks for the link, I prefer to inform myself regarding things. I fortunately have some free time this morning to read. I actually have never been to or saw a reason too visit it, from my perspective OKCoin was doing a poor job maintaining and promoting the domain.


After reading the document, it seems obvious, that OKCoin is trying to breach the original contract. It does appear as though they forged a new version of the contract, and it does seem likely that the lawyer they employed to email you is likely fake.

The saddest thing about all this is is being neglected and it has so much potential for the community, I just tried to load it and it forwards me to The most righteous thing for the time being would be too open source codebase on github and let us decide what to put on the page so we can provide information to those looking for it. After the community gets it too a decent state, focus on monetizing the domain.
11  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: BitcoinDial: Make Calls With Bitcoin! on: May 20, 2015, 04:54:20 PM

Nice work! This is an impressive idea and is worth sharing with others Smiley
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I googled: "The Times 0(...)" and it completed the sentence... on: May 15, 2015, 06:09:13 PM
Interesting, to get Google to auto-complete with:
The times 03/jan/2009 chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks
You only need to type "The Times 0".

Did not work for me while NOT being logged into a google account. I beleive it is because if you are logged into Google, they modify your search results based on previous searches. While logged in and working on some programming projects for extended period of time, x Langague will appear in my auto-complete for searches.

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Does Satoshi still have plans to access his coins? on: May 12, 2015, 07:55:01 PM
Satoshi is dead! Ok He wants to be Anonymous! What's the reason behind going offline forever? I don't see any genuine reason! Hundreds of thousands of people die everyday, cant satoshi be one of them?

Have you ever thought of the possibilites that satoshi wish to stay anonimous becayse he doesnt want people to know who he is because he might be a celebrity and alot of countries will be pursuing him in attempt to make him work for the country? Satoshi could be the quiet guy that doesnt need any fame at all and no there is no proof that he is dead already

Where is your proof that he is alive?

Well not much proof exists either way, the message satoshi sent revealing to us he is not Dorian Nakamoto on, could be considered a sign that he is alive. Granted he should have signed the message to give us more validation. More likely than him being dead is he is just involved with other research topics currently, satoshi was well aware of the 'hornets nest' before/during/after Bitcoin was introduced to the public. Satoshi's entrance, existence and exit in the community were all carefully planned out ahead of time.

Also for those thinking that satoshi 'lost' his private keys... stop kidding yourself. If someone architects a system reliant on asymmetric cryptography, how could they ever forget to save the KeyPairs...never would that happen.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: WWSD? on: May 12, 2015, 06:30:08 PM
What would Satoshi do?

In regards to the block size and transaction times?

If only he appeared from hiding to give his view.

This is how Satoshi wanted it to be implemented:

It can be phased in, like:

if (blocknumber > 115000)
    maxblocksize = largerlimit

It can start being in versions way ahead, so by the time it reaches that block number and goes into effect, the older versions that don't have it are already obsolete.

When we're near the cutoff block number, I can put an alert to old versions to make sure they know they have to upgrade.

I remember reading his stance on MAX_BLOCK_SIZE a few times, originally I think their was no cap to blocksize, we had to make a change to add the current 1MB limit.
15  Other / Meta / Re: Should we consider moving 'Beginners & Help' from 'Other' to 'Bitcoin' category on: April 30, 2015, 12:27:44 AM
I haven't seen many off-topic questions in the sections you mentioned which belongs in 'Beginners & Help'.

'Beginners & Help' belongs to 'Other' because users make/post threads/questions which is not related to Bitcoin. So these questions will be off-topic if it is moved to 'Bitcoin' category. This fits whete it is now. No need to move IMHO.

Edit: redsn0w beat me.

Perhaps both of you are correct, I haven't been frequenting the boards as often as I used too. When I do now, I see at-least half a dozen or more questions a week that could be in the Newbie area, most just end up sliding into the abyss, being passed up by other threads which demand attention. I try to toss an answer to them If I can, but I cant but help get the feeling that they are having a hard time finding the beginner board.

I think its odd we have no beginner section under the category 'Bitcoin', I think because of this new users ask basic questions we have seen for years multiple times a week.
16  Other / Meta / Should we consider moving 'Beginners & Help' from 'Other' to 'Bitcoin' category on: April 29, 2015, 04:45:02 PM
Just a thought, I noticed that we have the 'Beginners & Help' section is in the 'Other' category. I feel as though new users might post more often in the Beginner board if it were in the 'Bitcoin' Category.

Previously we had the Newbie Jail requirement which forced people into this board for a 'bit', and because of this they knew of its existence. Now it seems like more of these questions end up on other boards: General Discussion, Economics, Development etc. Perhaps because the Beginners forum is not closer to the top?
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Blockchain questions on: April 29, 2015, 04:24:41 PM
Can you tell me who is working on transactions confirmations?

More questions later!

Here is some information on confirmations:

Above Wiki has some good information regarding Bitcoin in general, it is a good place to start to learn details about how Bitcoin works.

In essence the number of confirmations is equivalent to the number of blocks deep the transaction sits in. As miners solve new blocks, they are strengthening the confirmation of your previous transactions. The further 'down' your transaction sits in the chain the less likely it is someone can double spend those outputs.  Described In Section 11 -

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / Re: Bitcoin block chain data with full transaction index torrent on: April 28, 2015, 09:45:36 PM
As there is almost impossible to find out a updated block chain with full transaction index I created one

File: Blockchain042815-FullTxindex.rar
Torrent info hash: F5D1BD85080DE489089AE35735C168604A378B86
Updated: 28 April 2015
Size: 28.6GB on RAR (40.8GB uncompressed)

magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F5D1BD85080DE489089AE35735C168604A378B86&dn=Blockchain-042815-FullTxindex.rar&[Suspicious link removed]%3A6969%2Fannounce&

File was created with the official bitcoin client and it contains "blocks" and "chainstate" folders, so just copy to your data folder and enjoy!

I will try to keep it updated (more often than the official block chain data torrent)

I might post direct links later.

Donations and tips to: 1GyKr6hS2FygXXcSe5yUww8u7Qwzt9j6rb

Hi Aniscartujo,

Thank-you for taking time to create and share this, I know that their is already a torrent that is maintained by the community, I believe Jeff Garzik was the one who set it up.
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: i found satoshi nakamoto on: April 28, 2015, 09:42:13 PM
'Until version 0.3.20, Bitcoin went into safe mode when a valid alert was received. In safe mode, all RPC commands that send BTC or get info about received BTC return an error. Current Bitcoin versions no longer go into safe mode in response to alerts.' -

Three people have the key: Theymos, Satoshi, and Gavin.

Typically it has been used to inform users of URGENT updates.
20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Best Engraving material for Seed words? on: April 22, 2015, 04:30:50 PM
I am planning on engraving my seed words on 12 unique plates and have them somewhat order encrypted, what material would be the best to do this on? Has anyone else engraved using an engraving pen? Brass or steel is more preferable? Any negatives come to mind from engraving seed words?

These aren't just questions but I am also posting this thread because I think it is a great idea for everyone to do, an engraving of seedwords sure seems to beat a paper copy somewhere.

A bit different than Engraving, here is my stamping knowledge:

I did some brief research one day a few years ago, I quickly settled on Copper due to its melting point being above the average house fire temperature which is around 1200F.

'For this rating a specially designed room is heated to 1200 F, which is the highest temperature in the average house fire.' - Google

'1,984F (1,085C)
Copper, Melting point' - Google

ETSY, has a few vendors similar to the one below that sell all the materials you would need for metal stamping.

I think it cost the same amount of money for a stamping kit, plus metal and some other things to polish the copper etc for same price as a Netbook. ~120 US Dollars

Edit: Spelling

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