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1  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Optimizing ATI performance, 6950 in particular on: July 07, 2011, 01:31:05 PM
70% fan at 61C? i'd consider lowering the fanspeed. helps the durability of the fan as well as your ears.

70% is the final percent from quiet and loud. At 71% it gets loud. I like to keep the temps down as much as possible as I live in Arizona and my motherboard tends to run hot because of the cards. Need to start water cooling as I already have 8 fans in my case lol.
2  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Optimizing ATI performance, 6950 in particular on: July 07, 2011, 01:22:10 PM
MSI 6950 2GB with unlocked shadders.

Getting 395Mhash/s with the newest GUIminer ( and the preview 11.7 ATI Drivers (

With ATI Tray Tools (

Core: 895
Memory: 300
Volt: 1100
Fan: 70%
Mining Flags: -v -w128

With the memory at 300 I get a significant drop in core temp, both my cards run around 59 - 61 degrees Celsius.
3  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: AOCLBF (was Phoenix Rising): Phoenix/POCLBM GUI With Built-In Overclock Tool on: July 01, 2011, 07:34:42 AM
How come my ATI Tray Tools can set unsupported clocks but this cannot? You also need to make is so it sets the fan speed on startup. Another great benefit is if it changed the clocks back to default if the application is exited. Unfortunately, I am going to have to continue to use ATI Tray Tools for my overclocking until these issues are resolved.
4  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: poclbm mining problems with 6950 on: June 29, 2011, 06:40:18 AM has been updated by AMD.

"This affects windows only. I know we have root caused the issue and we should have a fix in one of the next few catalyst releases." ~MicahVillmow

Hopefully we will see this resolved soon Smiley
5  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: 3% faster mining with phoenix+phatk, diablo, or poclbm for everyone on: June 29, 2011, 05:06:04 AM
Wow this really worked!!

2 6950's both:

380 -> 395 Mhash/s

Thank you so much!!
6  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: BTCs for 1 Ghps? on: June 10, 2011, 03:32:54 AM
I make between 1.2 and 1.5 BTC a day with 1,000 Mhash/s.
7  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Optimizing ATI performance, 6950 in particular on: June 09, 2011, 10:31:12 AM
I can't get above 900Mhz and 1.100 volts on my 6950's (unlocked shaders) at 380 Mhash/s. I guess I did not get these good cards like you guys got that can be overclocked a lot.
8  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Major Problems with MSI 6950 x 2 setup please help on: June 09, 2011, 09:46:24 AM
Do you have GPU-Z running or anything like that? Whenever I have GPU-Z running or the "video" settings page in CCC my 6950's crash. Try closing all applications and make sure no flash is playing in a web browser. More details on this can be found here:

9  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Re: Can multiple cards share the same Miner Account? on: June 09, 2011, 06:14:27 AM
Each GPU/CPU/Computer needs a separate worker/miner.
10  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Using pocblm to mine causes 10-100% CPU usage on: June 09, 2011, 06:12:26 AM
The only thing I have found to help is setting the affinity. Until the drivers are fixed this is the only option or running Linux. I am using Phoenix Rising now because it allows you to set the affinity on start up to a random core.
11  Bitcoin / Pools / Re: BTC Guild - 0% Fees, Long polling, SSL, JSON API, and more [~850 gH/sec] on: June 09, 2011, 05:56:03 AM
Just switched from to I am loving it so far! The only thing I am missing is the bitcoins made in the last 24 hours. I don't think it would be to hard for you guys to implement that. Other than that it is awesome. Thanks and keep up the good work!!
12  Bitcoin / Mining software (miners) / Re: [MINER] Phoenix - New efficient, fast, modular miner **BFI_INT support!** on: June 08, 2011, 12:44:43 PM
Sounds like you are missing the poclbm kernel in the kernels directory located where your phoenix.exe file is.
13  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Difficulty = 567358 on: June 06, 2011, 12:33:57 PM
I'm curious to see how this effects the market.
14  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Sapphire 6950 v2 non-reference performance on: June 06, 2011, 01:24:42 AM
That is a lot because I can't get my core clock above 950Mhz. When I have both cards in the machine it is even more unstable and I cant get them above 900Mhz without crashing.
15  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Sapphire 6950 v2 non-reference performance on: June 05, 2011, 06:33:21 AM
I will look for this when I get home. Thanks for the info!
16  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Sapphire 6950 v2 non-reference performance on: June 05, 2011, 06:29:26 AM
I can't get the on-board video to work if I have a video card plugged in. Did you have to change something in the BIOS?
17  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Sapphire 6950 v2 non-reference performance on: June 05, 2011, 06:17:46 AM
Wow, that is some decent speeds without the unlock. As you can see here you are around what the unlocked ones are doing:

My two 6950's are unlocked and do about 370 Mhash/s each with a small overclock. I am not overclocking them to much yet as it is my main computer and the drivers are currently unstable.
18  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: Sapphire 6950 v2 non-reference performance on: June 05, 2011, 06:13:46 AM
Is that 355 Mhash/s each or together?
19  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: GPU overclocking relation to hashing power, hanging on: June 05, 2011, 06:03:17 AM
I have the same issue with two unlocked MSI 6950's and that same powersupply. I think it has to do with what is related in these two forums:


Looks like we need to wait for driver updates to resolve the issue. When you do your overclock, make sure GPU-Z is not running. I have found that this and other applications cause the freeze you are describing.
20  Bitcoin / Mining / Re: 6950 causing lockup when viewing YouTube on: June 05, 2011, 05:42:51 AM
Details of this issue can be found here:

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