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1  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: [ANN]Coin Ticker - Bitcoin and altcoin ticker and portfolio management [iOS App] on: June 17, 2014, 10:40:06 AM
I love this app- it's my main go-to portfolio manager for crypto.
Although I like the coin voting I wonder if entire exchanges shouldn't just be listed? There are some obvious coins such as Monero and Bytecoin (BCN- not to be confused with it's namesake BTE) missing- and many new coins on Poloniex that are getting popular- why not just add the entire exchange?
Additionally, you should absolutely add the coins on it's a main trading exchange for mastercoin and maidsafe (if not the only exchange?).
Anyway, great with developing and updating the app!
2  Economy / Securities / Re: WARNING: Crypto::stocks currently not allowing withdrawals on: June 06, 2014, 02:49:10 AM
Realised that I had a tiny amount of BTC on there and got it out- of course, paying the ridiculous withdrawal fee of 0.005 in the process.
3  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE - NEW IPO, NEW HARDWARE, 1,500 TH/S HASH RATE on: May 20, 2014, 02:25:14 AM
Well, I sold out half of my holdings (including my original capital) but I'm still half in. Let's hope that the we can get through this IPO ok- I didn't necessarily agree with the hastiness in which it was announced but I do wish for the best for the mine, and I still see it as one of the better avenues for crypto investment until proven otherwise. We've been through a few ups and down in the history of the mine and for now at least Cryptx has always come through. I have always enjoyed the generally 'non-corrosive' nature of this thread (aside from Bmine's occasional FUD etc) and the simple but pertinent updates, but the last week it's reflected the aspect of crypto that I don't like on both sides- lot's of emotional rants and a lack of clarity about what exactly is going on. I think that there's probably fault on both sides. I think that I'll try to stay away from this thread for now and see what official announcements may bring. I'm having a break in New Zealand for a week, so that should give me some good internet down-time Smiley
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][MRO] Monero - Anonymous Currency Based on Ring Signatures on: May 19, 2014, 07:46:21 AM
Great, bought a few. I like where this is going.
5  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE - NEW IPO, NEW HARDWARE, 1,500 TH/S HASH RATE on: May 17, 2014, 12:43:37 PM
I don't think the 33K "new" shares will sell without new buyers. Right now, anyone can buy PETA units for .091-.093 which are the same as the units that will be selling for .095-.1 in a few days. It looks like roughly 1400 shares have sold in the past 18 hours.

SCRYPT-X was partly a success because enthusiastic PETA investors diversified into it, but in this case, existing PETA holders who can buy more shares now at .091 aren't going to be buying them in a few days at .095. Anyone paying attention here on the forums likewise has the same opportunity, and I imagine that accounts for most of the Havelock userbase.

So who is going to buy them? It looks like the market is just too shallow, and we are going to go a few weeks without dividends. I still think we are in a great position, and it may only be a short time before we are back with massive dividends.

New users are the only way to sell those units, though. I think cryptx knows this, and thus the website redesign and subtle repositioning as "cloud-mining" seem to point to the notion of a marketing push. There are a lot of people in the broader bitcoin community who aren't here on the forums, and we'll need to reach them somehow: stories, posts, ads.

Yeah, this is also my concern with the situation. I feel as though the market depth has perhaps been over-estimated. I don't like second IPO's- buy back's on their own are ok, because it immediately adds value per share, but IPO's are always a risk as to fair pricing. I'm not saying that the price isn't fair, but I don't know if the buyer base is large enough to absorb the new shares.

Regarding those people taking issue with the situation because they unwound positions in Peta to invest in Scrypt- I do get where you are coming from in your frustrations, but at the same time that's always going to be a risky move in expecting the market to stay still. I personally kept my shares in Peta, and used other funds to take a smaller position in Srypt- and I'm happy about that position for the long term. I think (and I think that this view way shared by others) that Peta has been relatively under-priced for a while, and I fully expected some lift-off in share price in the nearer term, be it from growing market sentiment/dividends, or in the IPO situation that has occurred.
6  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] SCRYPT 10 GH/s hosted scrypt mining project by CRYPTX - IPO 7 MAY on: May 15, 2014, 11:05:15 AM
Assuming the following...

Week 1

-We have added no more units this week
-The total amount of shares sold will be 30,000

BTC Mined - 45.5
Dividend - 21.63
Dividend Per Share - 0.000721
Yield - 91.4% @ Share Price of 0.041

Week 2

-We have added the remaining 1GH/s
-Difficulty has gone up 10%

BTC Mined - 61.425
Dividend - 29.03
Dividend Per Share - 0.000967
Yield - 122.6% @ Share Price of 0.041

These projections are very conservative because of the following factors

Week 1

- I am not including any BTC mined before Friday the 9th
- I am assuming CryptX hasn't added any new units since Friday the 9th
- I am assuming the only coined mined is LTC
- I am using the higher current difficulty, not the average difficulty over the week

Week 2

- I am assuming difficulty will rise 10% in the following week when it has fallen slightly over the past week
- I have not included any new reinvestment machines when calculating BTC mined
- I am assuming the only coined mined is LTC

My actual projections for these weeks are more optimistic, but I'm not going to share those as publishing conservative estimates is always best. If I can get some alone time at the beach this week ill redo CryptX's original projections as they have far too many static factors and as such are linear in nature. they are also not relevant anymore as they use a number of outdated figures such as shares issued, difficulty, shareprice, hashrate and coin prices. They also do not account for a multipool average rate of return and there is also a pretty serious error that has been highlighted here but not rectified. Ill probably put together a few different scenarios relating to BTC and LTC's performance over the coming months to give a more varied overview

Hope you all have a good week,


Thanks for the breakdown. That looks very positive in outlook.
7  Economy / Securities / Re: CryptoThrift - Capital Raising Advice on: April 22, 2014, 06:45:17 AM
As a start you should probably publicly respond to this reddit topic:
I've never used your service or even heard of it- but shooting down or clarifying situations like this would aide in gaining some trust regarding your business.
Regarding your questions- if you were to list Havelock is the site that I have a greater trust in- there have been far too many scams on Cryptostocks. Which ever way you decide to go- the more financial records and general transparency that you are able to provide the more likely you are to gain trust with investors. For some reason the crypto stock community seems a little bit immune to this (ie see Neo Bee)- and for me a big red flag from the beginning. In any investment, in any field, and in any currency historical and forward-looking financial records should be a prerequisite for an investor.
8  Economy / Securities / Re: Looking for investment of ~$1.25M USD for music festival, return = ~$85M USD on: April 22, 2014, 06:27:06 AM
I'm glad that you guys have simple enough lives to take time out of your days purely to bash a plan that you know nothing about. The Internet is a great place for people like you to relieve pent-up angst.

I'm looking for an investor who knows enough about the industry to realize that this is the prime moment to break the mold, as large corporations are acquiring festival brands left and right for 100 million dollars. Our plan is centered around creating the optimum brand for selling based on the buyers strategic goals.

I am not looking to bandy words with people such as yourselves who seem to be only seeking conflict. Go do something constructive.
If you aren't interested or have something constructive to say, kindly carry on. I will continue to look for the curious, outside the box thinker that I know is here somewhere, then I'll go over my business plan with them and go forward from there.

Fortunes aren't made by shooting down ideas before you have a clue what they are. They're made by considering the potential of things and getting in early. (Cough bitcoin)
I thought people would be more open minded here given the mindset behind being an early adopter, apparently it's just as full of trolls as the rest of the Internet.

Life is also about contributing a community- which is exactly what members of this board are doing. You are asking people to put a large investment into something on a securities board on a forum- so I don't know what you expected- rose petals thrown into the air? If people point out flaws in your investment proposal then it's up to you to argue otherwise.
9  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE 700 TH/s or 8.68 GH/s per share on: April 13, 2014, 12:33:04 PM
So after further reading I found a mining pool address:

Is this still valid?  If so, why is it only showing 1TH/s?

They've moved pools- look at instead. 201TH/s
10  Economy / Securities / Re: Looking for investment of ~2500 BTC for music festival, return = ~150,000 BTC on: April 12, 2014, 11:47:39 AM
As someone who has close friends with people in the music festival business in Australia and NZ, I can certainly attest to it being an extremely hard market to make the type of gains that you are talking about. There are a huge amount of insurance and compliance costs that the operator is responsible for and that carries enormous risk. The business model isn't a great one, because it involves a large capital outlay of costs upfront (contractors tend to be reluctant on taking 100% risk with music events and will ask for deposits in advance), and profit is dependent on a number of factors many of which stand outside just successful marketing or high quality acts.
My friends do it for love of music- because making big money in that industry is extremely hard. I wish you well, but I would bet on the return that you are talking about being far more likely simply by holding BTC than investing in this equity.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Primecoin (XPM), DVC, etc has no Wow and little hope == Bottom in site? on: March 30, 2014, 04:53:11 AM
Primecoin will recover when the Bear cycle is over.
Being on BTC-e is a big advantage, so XPM is far from dead.

I agree- we're in a Bear market and people are consolidating into Fiat, BTC or into a few of the bigger stronger coins. In a Bull market people will look to diversify again and alts will benefit. The market is still finding a floor, and it may go on a little while yet- if we have a movement up in the market I don't think it will be gradual- it will probably be another strong Bull run from some kind of big BTC news/adoptment. I'm still accumulating BTC and a number of alts at the moment- XPM included.

12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [NEM] New registration introduction thread / waiting list on: March 30, 2014, 01:56:26 AM
Hi, I'm interested in joining the waiting list for a stake. I have been into cryptos for about 1 1/2 years now, initially with BTC and LTC primarily- I'm now really interested in some of the next gen projects- I have to say that NEM has been under my radar. I'm will read up further on the project, and I wish you good luck on the project launch.
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Bitcoin arbitrage, pros and cons, experience and profitability on: March 26, 2014, 02:31:18 AM
I have achieved a kind of accident arbitrage when going from Coinjar (Australian) to BitNZ (New Zealand). Buying via Coinjar is a bit like buying from Coinbase- the fees aren't outrageous and withdrawal is free. BitNZ has poor liquidity, but this means that you can quite often get good selling rates because people are desperate to buy (given lack of orders) and move closer to the sell price.
I am not doing this for the purpose of arbitrage- I am simply wanting to go from AUD to NZD- but the end result 80% of the time is to achieve an end conversion that is better than the actual spot currency conversion rate- around about a 1.5-2% gain. I think it would be possible to buy back into BTC on Bitnz and achieve some BTC arbitrage too, but it would require a bit more patience for orders to fill. The benefit with low liquidity exchanges is that the market is often slow to react to broader market movements.

14  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE 700 TH/s or 8.68 GH/s per share on: March 22, 2014, 11:36:45 AM
I've just discovered PETA while browsing Havelock and am interested in learning more and possibly investing.

I did a bit of math, to see how long it would take to pay back my investment by earning dividends:

PETA Last dividend: 0.00063172 BTC/unit/week
PETA Last price: 0.07200201 BTC/unit

Weeks to recoup unit cost: 0.07200201 / 0.00063172 =~ 114 weeks = 2.2 years

Even if the dividends were to double, we are still looking at over a year. Is this calculation meaningful? Is 1 - 2 years to recoup this investment considered good, bad, or so-so? What am I not factoring in or taking into consideration? How are you seeing the value of this investment? 

I guess I'm questioning this because most mining operations expect to recoup their investment in months, not years.

You need to read the update pages posted on Havelock. We are currently at 120ths of a initially planned 700ths- there is supplier-sided delay of ordered mining rigs that have pushed the mine slightly behind schedule- so the dividends that you see now are a fraction of what they will be in a short while. You also need to realise that 35% of profits are set aside for reinvestment. Cryptx has been extremely transparent with delays and planning through this process- so I feel confident about the future of Peta. All things going to plan (which is always a risk in the crypto world) ROI should be significantly faster than 2 years!
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Which is better, Dogecoin or Litecoin? on: March 18, 2014, 03:40:36 AM
You need to factor in the real world relationships that will drive adoption- in the case of Litecoin, Charlie Lee is well positioned in his relationship with Coinbase and obviously BTC China via his brother. You can bet that these ties will count for something as mass adoption begins. I don't know about the developers of Dodge- so I can't comment, but I do know that despite being decentralised, the people inherently connected with cryptos will count for something.
16  Economy / Securities / Re: [HAVELOCK] PETAMINE 700 TH/s or 8.68 GH/s per share on: March 17, 2014, 08:38:29 AM
Rate at which hardware is coming in at this point completely insufficient.  I know cryptx and crew are doing their best to keep people informed regarding their day to day contact with manufacturers but unless something changes pretty significantly in the shipping schedule of these remaining units the remaining per/share values will only continue to drop.

True, but remember we aren't that far out from their designed hardware. That they can control, as long as they are on time with design/deployment.
Personally I am not too concerned. I may take the opportunity to purchase more shares, but I just emptied my wallet on some more USB miners, building a small ppc farm.

There is always the risk of supplier-sided slowdowns in the mine development- however like you I am holding for the long-term, and in fact accumulating a decent amount of Peta at present as the price dips further.
There are very few crypto companies that are professional in their approach and communication to investors and as such Peta is the only thing that I am invested in at present. Peta is a bit like AAPL stock- it will soar on good news, but dip on no news.
btw Looks like a couple of new machines added today judging by the hashrate.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Im over it with Altcoins..... on: March 15, 2014, 02:51:24 AM
Ive been mining them mainly to pump and dump if they rise in value, since i dont have much hashing power ive been careful what ive been mining, since ive been mining the most profitable coins and then keeping them to exchange for better coins.
90% of the altcoins are just litecoin clones with an adjusted block time and number of coins issued.
As much as i like bitcoin, i can see it needs major room for improvement and transaction speed is one of those things that needs improving.
It would be great to see all these developers work together to bring a decent currency that can replace credit cards or EFTPOS.
It also has to be easy to use.
I dont think that a currency with a huge number of coins is a bad thing, since if we want a global coin, we really eventually need hundreds of billions of coins or else they will be over inflated like bitcoin and breaking something down into smaller units isnt really that appealing.
If there was a way to slowly release this many coins as the currency was adpoted is the key in controlling the inflation, as is regulating the hashing power so that it will not be impossible to mine in the future.
NXT has alot of advantages as mining is not required to keep the thing running, and i think this is a major advantage over other coins.
I liked the idea of mint coin as it is a POS coin that lets you mine it at the start. Its good to see another coin that was build from scratch and not just a litecoin/bitcoin clone. I see there is another fork of NXT, but again, only those that registered and paid a certian amount got the first block of coins, it really makes me wonder if the developers did it for quick cash.

All i know is at the end of this year most of these altcoins should have died, its crazy seeing a new one pop up every day with no real advantage over another.

I think that in december the major coins will be bitcoin, litecoin, doge, quark, peercoin, NXT

Goldcoin may very well be a good coin to mine, however other coins are more profitable, so exchanging my digibyte for them would be a better idea i guess.

Maybe i should just exchange all my coins for bitcoin and face that bitcoin is here to stay? IDK

Look, I'm not a miner, so my perspective is slightly different. Bitcoin is certainly here to stay- and in terms of financial gain- there is plenty more upside remaining. I think that people get clouded by the promise of 1000% returns or what have you- the reality is that if you get a 20% on the regular stock market you're doing very well. My advice would simply to mine what you believe in for the long haul- and get away from the pump and dump philosophy. It's not about making a quick buck today, it's about investing in a coin as a long term venture- as a miner, user, or buyer you are supporting different parts of its ecosystem. There are probably a limited amount of coins that are here for the long haul- mine or trade for the ones that you believe- and trade at least some into BTC.
My philosophy, rightly or wrongly, is to put around 60% into BTC, 30% into LTC, and 10% into other alts. Over time I am simply looking to accumulate into my portfolio and look for buying opportunities. I bought LTC relatively early and I believe that for at least the mid-term future the future is bright with the likely-hood of large exchange adoption. With other alts I am simply risking what I can afford to loose- I like PPC, NMC, XPM, NXT, plus five or so others- but I can't say for certain what will succeed- instead I have a small portion of each and if any do 'succeed' I will have done pretty well.
I believe that on forums like this we talk about technical innovations and improvements- but if you take a bigger picture view, that's only half the story- what is just as important is spreading adoption amongst the masses, and in this sense there are coins (and the people affiliated with them) that already have a huge head-start.
I think that you should keep mining, but try to take a longer view on things- mine what you believe in, and hold (and trade) for the long-term.
18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I'm From The Government And I'm Here To Help You!: New York To Control Bitcoin on: March 13, 2014, 08:33:59 AM
It sounds more like they are "controlling" centralized fiat exchanges instead of Bitcoin, but don't let that stop a sensationalist title.

Sorry, Charlie, we accept only the finest tuna and your post is not it!

New York regulations would cover all exchanges, no matter where they are located because if the exchanges wanted to do any business at all in New York, including sending or receiveing fiat or crypto, the exchanges would have to conform to New York law.

My $.02.


To be fair- the United States does not dictate what other countries will do with regulation (although it may influence it in some cases). I'm betting most people here aren't American or US based- so when you say 'all exchanges' that comes across as fairly sensationalist to someone living elsewhere. The thing that I love about Bitcoin is that although the US will influence adoption, it does not necessarily need the US to drive adoption to succeed- and that's the beauty of a decentralised currency- you can regulate locally, but it is impossible to regulate the whole, internationally.
19  Economy / Securities / Re: Best securities with daily to weekly dividends? on: March 11, 2014, 06:19:17 AM
Looking for the ones like said above, been looking at B. Mine, CoinMiningUnionCorp (CMUC),  Firemine, and Mineco. Does anyone have experience with any of these securities and yes I do know about the security flaws, am waiting for them to be fixed over at cryptostocks before I buy. And suggestions on what securities i should invest in? Doesn't matter if pays in BTC or LTC.
B. Mine i dont know where it's listed whats the full name on that company ?

CMUC definately a SCAM they run away the 17:th feb i think it was, no sound from them since then and no more dividend from there miners they claimed to have

Firemine/Mineco/Digimine and altswap i suggest you awoid.
Firemine/mineco/altswap claimed to have been hacked.

Firemine is a SCAM or at best they "only" charged 8 times what current ASICs cost per GH, but they also left people with the stock and no dividend and demanded people upgraded to mineco for an extra 0.01 to get dividends in the future.
Mineco is fremine's followup stock after they somehow screwed up the first one and left most people with there stocks and no dividend in the first, mineco also left people with there stocks and no dividend
Digimine same issuer as Firemine and mineco, there 3rd attempt, stay away they havent explained what they claim to be mining with or how they calculate dividend, will probably end like the other 2 with people loosing there btc and get no dividend
ALTSWAP has the same emailadress as firemine/mineco so it's probably safest to stay away from that one to if he lends out his email to the other scammer that supposedly works for the ceo of altswap.

What you definately should do is to look very carefully and critical at securitys before you invest in any of them if you go throu them one after one and make a list of what you thing could be a legit stock and whats not and what might be possible to invest in then your a good step on the way.Then even if some stocks is legit they may not trade at resonable prices so they may not be a good buy at current price. If you end up with more than 10% of the stocks at cryptostocks as possible candidates to invest in your doing it wrong. You may also get a clue of what people think about different stocks if you search this forum for the stocks you have left on your list of possible candidates.

The stock at cryptostocks that most seems to think is legit and possible to invest in is cryptsy, the stock cost around 0.19 btc at the moment and there avg dividend is around 0.2% per week at current price.
If you want something cheeper and possibly higher risk but with expected higher percentage dividends, maby you can buy GRID or FAS stock at 0.000001-0.000002 btc per stock and hope there legit.

Good luck

+1 for this post. Look for securites that communicate to their stockholders and have been around longer than 5 mins. Certainly avoid Firemine etc- definitely a scam. In fact Cryptostocks as a whole has a lot of shady stocks listed, and has a large withdrawal fee. As mentioned above Cryptsy would be the 'safest' bet of those on Cryptostocks.
Personally I would invest in stocks at Havelock instead- better quality companies who offer more detailed explanations to their shareholders. As far a mining goes I would look at Peta- trading at a good price right now, and they have begun issuing regular dividends which will only increase once more equipment is installed.
Ultimately, you need to do your own research- but make sure you read about any company that you invest in thoroughly- check the threads related to the stocks here on the securities board for other users personal experiences.
20  Economy / Securities / Re: [IPVO] [Multiple Exchanges] Neo & Bee - LMB Holdings on: March 08, 2014, 08:13:20 AM
Get back to discussing *this* "pathetic charade."  Let's stay on topic plox Smiley

Suggested theme:  "What happened to the pump?  Did vandals really break the handle?"

Opening day speculation, lots of reddit pumping saw this coming from a mile away.

Indeed, I sold off at the height of that rise, not because I think Neo Bee isn't a great company, but because there was obvious jump in price due to the positive media coverage. I'll buy back in at some point, just not right now. The company itself looks to be doing everything right- it's just going to be a very long road in developing its customer base, and reaching profitability. Those calling it a scam, or even a pump and dump, need to separate what the 'market' is doing from the company itself.
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