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1  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Hey does anyone know any good free SMS numbers to use for Coinflip ATM machines? on: September 19, 2021, 07:28:14 PM
You can get phone numbers for certain countries to receive SMS messages, and you can only get these numbers for a certain period, but I don't know if there is a service that sells the numbers.

If you intend to rent a number for a short period, you can try  and you must know:

  • Max guarantee period for the rent - 90 days.
  • We are recommend to use private proxy, clear cache and cookie of browser when you create accounts using numbers.


You have about 90 days to use a phone number according to the above data, but privacy has a price as you may lose the right to help if you want to use the number for more than that period.

@, I guess smspva will be quite expensive since, its made for those posting ads on craigslist.
the person who started this thread needs cheaper sms verification number.

I think have use one of such service in the past where you have to depsoit a little sum and you will be given a cpanel to verify account on most of the wesbite that requires sms verification.

I will check & get you updated because it's been a long time since i log-in to the account.

2  Other / Politics & Society / Project for Some RADICAL PEOPLE INTO POLITIC's on: September 18, 2021, 07:54:14 PM
Pls, pardon me for coming with such subject but, the group of people who intend to collaborate with me should be POLITICALLY RADICAL!!

Pls, don't worry about the country or the organization involve.
They are just some group of illitrate who happens to find their ways on top of the hills.

Now, it's time to CRACK the hills.

          CRITERIA's :

Pls, you need to be a RADICAL politically
Communication in form of video's/foto's will be needed

Sometime(s) a group broadcast in form of a breaking news might be needed as well.

Time to put your smartphone & notebook into work

= Usage smartphone/computer/notebook & your IQ will be required!

= Payment & mode of compensation will be discussed

Note : group of young & vibrant people should apply as well.

3  Other / Off-topic / Re: Tears Of A Struggling Single Mom on: September 17, 2021, 07:53:19 PM
Wow, it ain't easy at all, it weakens my very soul that all I've worked for have really gone and no way of making ends meet for now.
Do I regret bringing another being into this world? Perhaps I do when I'm down and emotionally at my lowest but I've learnt to be strong atleast for my kid. Unfortunately finding a love interest to serve as that emotional anchor ain't even easy in our society, once you tell them, faim! Its all over.
I'm probably feeling depressed but I still hope on loving and being loved. Hoping on God wiping away my silent tears, hoping on a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear.

@Kinghunter0071, i'm commenting on this just because i'm about to embark/fight for a similar course. everyday we see children related or unrelated to us goes into hardship,child abuse, slaughtering ...ecc

Pls, know you are not alone. Be strong & Couragious. Just like to other member had suggested earlier, pls, take a break & take care of your lovely kid(s)

Don't be in a worry to jump into another relationship. Have a moment of reflection.

In addition, you can connect & hang around with single mothers/women like you in this forum.

4  Other / Off-topic / Re: It's Good To Be Back On Bitcointalk ---- on: September 17, 2021, 07:45:19 PM
Welcome back to the forum.

I don't know about the other hashtags you have included but most of those are world events, right?

@boyptc, thanks for your comment. pls i'm sorry about delay in follow-up to you comment.

In regards to the hashtags, yes it's some that has been giving me sleepless night & i'm now willing & ready to offer help in my own little way.

The world is full of injustice. to MANY the word INJUSTICE simply means is just about THEM! this simply means that the term justice is applicable to some class or group of people in our society.

Well, thank you once again. i may keep logging-in to check out what is going on in the house but, not like the previous time when i had to be connected always.


5  Other / Off-topic / It's Good To Be Back On Bitcointalk ---- on: August 27, 2021, 09:48:48 PM
Hello fellow trader's, it's good to be here and continue to be a part of this great community.

I have been away from most of my online activities for a while now Kiss
At a moment, I cannot unfold the reason behind my absence but, its good coming back & connecting with you again.






6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I rather stay hungry than sell my Bitcoin on: August 27, 2021, 09:39:07 PM
my advice to you is to sell when there is an immediate need to be taken careof.

Consider the danger of nOT doing so. Just a simple hunger in the family might escalate into different problems(s)

Note : you can always acquire coins but, its difficult to repair health once detoriated! or repair damage relationships...
due to the above consequesces

7  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Nigeria Local Board {Official language, Pidgin} on: June 15, 2021, 09:38:32 PM
How far una, how the June 12 protests dey go for una side, I hope all of una dey safe.
Peaceful Protests dey on for Abuja as we talk so and from the information I don gather so there is no problem, the police just dey watch as they matches on to talk their mind but security operatives dey around just incase anti-protesters hijack the process or criminals use am as means to steal. But the footage I watched from Twitter for wetin dey happen for Lagos police just dey throw tear gas anyhow I no know why they are being attacked by security operatives, everyone get the right to a peaceful protest but don't put the country at risk.

Mehn nigerian don finish like dis. We just dey survive on cruise.
No baba Nigeria is a great country we have our flaws just like other countries but we shall get there, we are still young yet we don achieve wetin African countries never achieve in terms of Education, growth and Economic stability. We are facing some challenges now as a country with new government as wdey happen for everywhere too but we go surpass am too. Make we try see how great Naija is and not only the bad side of it.

"....great country we have our flaws just like other countries..."

great country? what is great about nigeria? I have noticed that most nigerian on this forum hardly tell truth about the current situation of things in nigeria to those in diaporra.

This is the reason why we dey suffer & dey smile at same time.
Other countries simply mock us.

Well, the country is schedule to crumble any moment from now. so advice most of you we keep pretending that all is well to have a plan B.
otherwise, the fulani herdsmen might butcher you.

Soldierwitlittlefaith (from rome)
8  Economy / Invites & Accounts / $$BAY BUYER & SELLER ACCOUNT with 10 feedback(s) on: April 07, 2021, 07:04:58 PM
I will manually create a buyer & seller ebay account using proxy from italy

- Account will be verified with real mobile phone,prepaid card...

- Buyers can send preferred names or biz name that should be associated to this account.

NOte : The task will be completed within 7-15 working days
The account will be populated with 5 buyer's feedback(s) & 5 seller's feedback(s)

What you'll get :

 - Your ebay username,associated email address
 - Password, security words if, any
 - Proxies

I'm available via telegram for a quick chat :

9  Economy / Goods / Re: >>HERMES LUXURIOUS Ladies Handbag For BTC on: April 06, 2021, 06:42:40 PM
10  Economy / Goods / >>SELLING HERMES Designer Ladies Handbag For BTC on: April 04, 2021, 07:28:43 PM
Selling HERMES Designer handbag

Color : Black
Condition : New

Worth Over : 7000-10000 USD

Selling Price : 35000  Negotiable
Item Location : Italy

Shipment & Dispatch from Italy

NoTE : this is Original
11  Economy / Digital goods / Re: [WTB] Unlimited vcc (Need access) on: March 31, 2021, 02:25:21 PM
Still need

Do you have access to UK or USA VPN?
Most of these app for generating such vcc are not supported for countries outside these two country.


12  Economy / Digital goods / AMAZON AFFILIATE CAS$$$$$ => SMart Wor...... Regional Marketing ... on: March 30, 2021, 04:53:42 PM
                       AMAZON AFFILIATE  Smart working from home with the right resource

         You'll receive the right package (including a promotional mini website, regional marketing blueprint) that is proven to generate income for
         you within you local zone.


           By now you probably know that affiliate maketing is NOT a childish task!!
           So, i'm willing to help you get started. Atleast to properly utilize the LOCK-DOWN period!

                               Thanks - From Soldierwitlittlefaith
13  Economy / Services / Re: FrEe & Paid BiTcOiN Accelerator - quick & Speedy ConFiRmAtion(s) on: March 30, 2021, 04:36:40 PM
free bitcoin accelerator.
Quick confirmation without payment of outragious fee!!
14  Economy / Services / FrEe & Paid BiTcOiN Accelerator - quick & Speedy ConFiRmAtion(s) on: March 28, 2021, 10:52:57 PM
  =                    ==D| Get your pending transaction(s) confirm
                                  Pls, send the txdid to me via PM

                                       THose interested in multiple confirmation(s) should get in contact with me via telegram
                   Note : In case of high demand, i might give top priority to those who are willing to drop some tips just to encourage the team
                             behind the processing of these transaction(s)

15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I quit smoking and buy Bitcoin every week on: March 17, 2021, 09:16:43 PM
Guys, this guy it a genius.

I donot know him or her personally but, this seems cool for anybody who wants to get rid of bad habit.
 Investing into a more profitable habit!!

Almost everyone has some habit that is gradually taking away some cash from them!!

A few days back i was counting the numbers of these bottles Vermouth red wine because i usually keep most of the bottles.
Now, it getting upto 100 pcs.  Pls, let nobody add-up this figure for me because i'm not interested,

The price per one is 2.50 euro

16  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Nigerian Bitcointalk Community Hangout. {Current topic: NIN & Local board} on: March 06, 2021, 06:06:25 PM
***Right now, i think the major concern/help to NIgerian in these forum should be  focus of foriegn conuntries towards installations of more ATM & issueing of prepaid card which can work effectively independent of the infeference of these financial agencies in in NIgeria!*****

We no reason am brotherly, no mata how u when write, whether na for oyibo man language or our own, you no get shaking and we gat ur back. I think you don talk better something here. Make I tell una something, so I go filling station go buy fuel play play my ATM card loss.

This one come make me go back, I spend nothing less then 4hours just to get card wey be say if this crypto firms get sense dey for done bring am come nigerian and na just order something we don recieve instead to go waste all our day for bank wey we no dey even reason except when the coins dem wey go Naira.

No be play oh, we need this ATM asap, assuming we get just one self for my ares I no for even dey near my bank again.

"....This one come make me go back, I spend nothing less then 4hours just to get card wey be say if this crypto firms get sense dey for done bring am come nigerian and na just order something we don recieve instead to go waste all our day for bank wey we no dey even reason except when the coins....."

@CryptopreneurBrainboss, hello #CryptopreneurBrainboss, i'm happy that you've finally contributed to this aspect of the discussion.

well, in the past years there have been several attempt by some foreign countries to provide Bct prepaid card specifically to most countries in Africa (nigeria,ghana...) to be precise but, this has not yield any positive result due to one or more challenges.

Now such project will be top priority of most prepaid card provider's in europe. before that, i think, there are some shortcut to bypass the current restrictions. Keep you posted!

17  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: Nigerian Bitcointalk Community Hangout. {Current topic: NIN & Local board} on: March 05, 2021, 12:32:19 PM
Is mining profitable in Nigeria

Bitcoin mining has been profitable since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, the difficulty of mining has been increasing while mining reward is decreasing. But the bitcoin valuation in bitcoin price makes it still profitable to mine bitcoin. I know about bitcoin mining in countries like China, USA, Russia and some other countries, but I have no much idea about bitcoin mining in Nigeria. These are my questions:

1. Is it profitable to mine bitcoin in Nigeria?
2. Or, it will be better to mine altcoins instead?
3. Are their selling places for mining hardwares in Nigeria, like ASICs?
4. As CNB banned bitcoin, is it possible to import miners into Nigeira?
5. What are the factors making mining not possible in Nigeria to be amount the countries competing most miners are located?

I still want to ask some more questions, in mining, there must be constant electricity, cold weather will also help, but we all know Nigeria is hot, which means we need more access to electricity and cheap electricity. Normally, electricity is not good in Nigeria, a country of over 200 million population estimate generating very low electricity. I am think if it is possible to make use of solar to mine in Nigeria, maintenance of solar is not easy while solar itself is costly.

Will mining with solar profitable?

Not a must to answer all the questions, you can just answer the ones you are quite sure about.

@Oshosond, mining in countries like Nigeria should be profitable but, might pose severe challenges due to unstable power supply except for possible use of solar panel.

secondly, the hot weather condition through out the year must be put into consideration.

***Right now, i think the major concern/help to NIgerian in these forum should be  focus of foriegn conuntries towards installations of more ATM & issueing of prepaid card which can work effectively independent of the infeference of these financial agencies in in NIgeria!*****

NOTE : pls, i'm sorry for my other brother who had earlier contributed to this thread in pidgin english. i can read the pidgin english unfortunately, i'm unable to write in response to some of these comment(s) in a pidgin english.

18  Local / Other languages/locations / Re: So Nigerian Believe That Buhari & Co Could Ban.... on: February 23, 2021, 02:35:42 PM
i was just wondering what is happening to people who are into bitcoin trading in Nigeria!

For real, do you trully think anybody at this point in time could place a ban on bitcoin?
Bitcoin is not contol by Nigeria govt. so how could they ban the use of bitcoin in NIgeria?

They can ONLY instruct financial agency in Africa (Nigeria) to freeze any transaction(s) that is associated to bitcoin trading!

there is a way around this. There is a way to bypass or go about this.
Actually, i see things working in favor of NIGERIA who are already into btc trading but, you need to think smartly.

I repeat, for the strategy which i'm going to unfold to you to work for you, you need to think smartly!

No more time to live in fear & limitation(s) of some illitrate govt.

Pls, watch out for my thread on how to go around this bullshit

19  Other / Off-topic / Re: Congrats to humanity! on: February 19, 2021, 12:31:41 AM
I thought, why should we make life on Mars when we can easily build a large spaceship (like an American aircraft carrier) for human habitation. 

Mars is just an arid planet with little chance for humans to survive.  sorry not a scientist Cheesy

Sure, they are looking for a way to probably go to settle on mars since, planet earth is filled with corona virus!
However, congratulation  to such effort

20  Other / Off-topic / Re: There are three ways to get rich on: February 12, 2021, 12:33:45 AM
Hey guys, see how chance and choice can get you rich.

There are certain things that prayer can't automatically do for you and one of them is getting rich.

We have to understand that getting rich isn't by accident. You must have to position yourself for it. That means, you have to be designed for it either by yourself or by divinity.

Therefore, there are certain factors that can land you into riches. They are divided into larger group as two but subdivided: into three.

They are basically :

                    and            Choice

The first point is chance occurrence, the second and third fall in the category of choice.

1. You are born into it :
This is the aspect of divinity. It is a chance occurrence occasioned by your descent and not a choice. This is why some are born into rich families while others, to a poor family.

2. You work hard for it: This is a level of self achievement by dint of hard work either through your profession or other means. This level is very critical and meant for the strong and hard hearted. You are likely to meet tongs, wilderness, mountains and toughest times but if you over come, you become a winner. As they say, tough times don't last but tough people do. And success has followers but failure don't.

3. You marry into it:
This is also your choice not totally chance. At this level, it is your choice most times because it is a decision you should willingly take. Like an African proverb says,

It is a man that is destined to be poor that will give his first daughter's hand in marriage to a wretched man.

I am not sure you can pray yourself into being rich if you are not destined for it or you don't work for it.


well, the above affirmation(s) are true to certain level but, not in all case.

"You are born into it" born into it ? i have seen people are are born with a gold/silver spoon like the prodigal son. they go out, waste all these resources and become poor to the extent of serving  their father's slave.

"You work hard for it" in the second scenerio, ok, if you can work hard in order to acquire riches & live a more comfortable life.

Riches sometimes, does not depend on hardworking. Not everyone that is rich is hardworking!

Lastly"You marry into it" you can also divorce from it when you are married into it!


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