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1  Economy / Collectibles / Re: [INFO]-Crypto Stamps- Collectable Blockchain postage stamps on: May 22, 2020, 11:55:51 PM
Yeah it's funny how some people are CERTAIN that there are rarities again but nobody got a real source. Even in the source(??) video the don't say it.

There will be 5 on-chain colors again. Black, green, blue, yellow and rarest red.

source: me, we develop this stuff together with post
2  Economy / Collectibles / Re: Stamps go digital - Collectable Blockchain postage stamp on: June 14, 2019, 10:50:36 PM
Right now, the best option to get those is the classic online store.
All OnChain aspects are visible only with a Web3 Browser. The very limited edition of 500 OnChain store is now basically sold out due to the price increase. There is a secondary market on opensea

My company developed all the blockchain aspects around this.
3  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: March 27, 2015, 10:46:13 AM
Tried to get some testnet coins, the f*cker actually tried to arrange a meeting to exchange 2000e for his testnet coins..... shocking

you know that there is a bot that hands out testnet coins for free (virtual trader)
4  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: March 25, 2015, 08:52:09 PM
hello everyone.

i was just wondering what are my options for HD wallet recovery if for some reason mycelium isn't available as an app download in the future?
not very likely perhaps, but i would feel more confident knowing i can restore my wallet in some other app as an emergency measure.

btw, to the mycelium developers, i really enjoy your app a lot. find it most user-friendly for a newb like myself.

i am pretty certain multibit HD is fully compatible with the mycelium seeds, and it uses a completely different implementation stack and infrastructure. so you will be able to use it, even if mycelium servers completely vanish.

using the trezor together with is another option with another distinct stack.
5  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Re: HD Wallet on: March 23, 2015, 09:06:17 PM
Can you verify (or refute) that Mycelium checks these 20 lookahead addresses for transactions once every 24 hours? I was trying to read through the code yesterday, and I'm not sure I got it right.

no it does not. mycelium only queries the index servers when it is shown on the display. you see the "sync" icon on the top right spinning when its happening.
6  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Re: HD Wallet on: March 23, 2015, 11:16:02 AM
mycelium does a 20-address lookahead on the main chain. if you would do the same trick with an index further out, it does not work.
7  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: MyCelium -Keys issue with regards to BIP39/44 and differences of iOS and Android on: February 24, 2015, 11:05:38 AM
thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention.

Mycelium iOS and Android have unfortunately different xPubkeys:

for the first account, Android uses
while iOS gives you
These pubkeys have different purposes: the Android Pubkey allows tracking of all incoming addresses and change addresses.
The iOS Version excludes the change addresses and only provides the "external chain".

We talked about this internally, and the iOS version will change, Since the m/44'/0'/0' version has a few usages today, and of course we want compatibility.
8  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium HD Seed Word-Length and Entropy on: February 24, 2015, 09:29:09 AM
I noticed while setting up a new Mycelium HD wallet, that I'm able to choose 12, 18, or 24 words as backup.

As far as I know from Electrum, 12 words is 128 bits of entropy. Does this mean that in Mycelium, I'm able to decide if my master private key is 128, 192, or 256 bits?

The master private key is always 256 bits. A 12 word backup has 128 bits of entropy.

The strength of ECDSA inversion from pubkey is 2^128. So some people (including me) think 12 words / 128 bit is sufficient, and longer wordlists may otherwise lead to people not doing backups.

The default for mycelium is 12 Words. At the first startup, If you import a wordlist from an external source you can chose 18 or 24 words also, with optional password.
9  Bitcoin / Wallet software / Re: GreenBits - New snappy Android Bitcoin Wallet with multisig and hw-wallet on: February 06, 2015, 01:17:58 PM
nice, i think this architecture is much better than the old greenaddress html thingie.

some remarks:
i sent 100 mBTC from mycelium to greenbits. it came over as "100.000" bits, while it displayed "$ 21.61" so the "thousand-mark" was the same char as the comma - incorrect and confusing.

the time received was "59 minutes" although it was just 10 seconds ago.

i wondered why it could not generate new deposit addresses offline

the qr code is "blurry"

there was no way to switch the unit bits to full bitcoins or mbtc. ( after testing more, i was able to change it in "send" but i really expected it in settings)

when trying to send back recently confirmed coins (2 conf) - i got the error msg "you need to wait 6 confirmations" - this was likely because i checked the "instant confirmation" - if this is not possible why not hide it/grey it out

when entering amounts (10 mbtc) my phone turned the screen off and on - it was changed to 9.96.. something. (also when rotating phone)

when ending the wallet i have to type in the full 24 wordlist - if i had just checked the button without actually doing the backup my coins would be gone now. i suspect the next thread will be "please help me recover my funds from greenbit" - many people just check boxes without reading it - or they make a mistake in writing down the pw. there seems to be no way to actually test the seed before depositing money.
the default should be to remember the seed and just check for pin (which i did not set)

10  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: January 23, 2015, 11:24:06 PM

Feature request: Under Settings -> Currency, can we get "None". Sometimes I do not want/need the exchange rate displayed.

yes, this is planned for the next version. you will be able to select any number of fiat currencies, including 0.
11  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: January 19, 2015, 12:27:30 AM
If you accidentally switch between portrait and landscape screen orientation while decrypting BIP38 private key... "Preparing decryption key..." percentages disappear and you have to start all over again.

Is this normal?

yes, this is a known bug. it could be fixed - but it is some work to do so and it is harmless.
12  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: January 16, 2015, 09:14:00 AM
Where i work, my phone's connection is very very bad. I still could use blockchain because i have a computer. I can't use mycelium.

Mycelium lets you create transactions while it is offline, and broadcasts them when it gets an internet connection. So it could still work with really spotty connections, just not instantly.

Ok, you convinced me to give mycelium a serious try.

So I tested mycelium and I did switched from I am very pleased to have two HD wallets, electrum for cold storage and mycelium for my hot wallet.

I noticed some French labels not very well translated, so I will see tomorrow or next week if I could make a pull request.

if you want to contribute to the translations, drop me a pm with your email, i can send you an invite to our crowdin system. if you do it via pull request it is a bit harder for us to integrate.
13  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: January 11, 2015, 09:52:25 PM
How do I find xpub key?
in the next beta version 2.2 which is planned in january.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Wallet for Android / Re: having a hard time recovering a wallet on: January 07, 2015, 02:43:32 PM
Im having a hard time importing a backup made by the bitcoicn android wallet in june, to any new light wallet (hive, myceilium, etc.)

Backup files are not interchangeable between apps.

note: you made the backup in june it was still for the 3.x version of A.S. Bitcoin Wallet. Mycelium did include an importer for single private keys from that time. if you download mycelium 1.3.3 for example from you might be able to get back your key (start mycelium->accounts->add key->import schildbach wallet) i did not got through the whole thread but it might help you.
15  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Stolen phone and Mycelium on: January 02, 2015, 12:43:47 AM
use an emulator to restore your funds, maybe move your funds to a fresh paperwallet or fresh seed.
16  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium seed not restoring correct key on: January 02, 2015, 12:41:24 AM
Make sure you're copying the seed correctly, and not confusing "l" for "I" or "i".

You could test on Android emulators such as Bluestacks and Genymotion, the problem could be isolated to your device and you should contact Mycelium about this.

I'm going to try bluestacks and see. I know that the seed is correct and ever read it back after doing a restore to the wrong address.

Edit. After some more looking I found that the address I was using is listed as a "legacy account". I am just going to move my funds to the HD account it looks like.

legacy accounts are single address accounts - i recommend you move your money to an HD account and keep the 12 word backup safe. if you are still receiving money on the legacy account, you can make a seperate backup of those keys by looking in "settings", there is an option to export all non-HD keys.
17  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: December 23, 2014, 09:06:08 PM
We had multiple crash reports from Nexus 6 devices, with out of memory.

Since we don't own any N6 yet, it would be great to hear how it is possible to reproduce a crash.
18  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: December 22, 2014, 11:59:02 AM
v2.1.0 has been released to , , beta channel and very soon also staggered release to general channel.

Changenotes from 2.0 to 2.1:

*) Optimized output selector that omits dust from transactions and makes fees smaller on average
*) Fallback geocoder
*) New NFC function to push payment request
*) Show total amount of coins in accounts view
*) Customizable fees
*) Pin reset function with a 7 days enforced delay
*) Fix crash if you don't have a flash on your device
*) Preview of secret sharing import/cold storage - Compatibility for Mycelium Entropy
*) Ability to delete Mycelium Local Trader accounts and trade sessions
*) Bugfix for synchronizing single address accounts with a zero balance: now allows you to view the history
*) OKHttp - connection pooling for faster syncing (preparation for orchid integration)
*) Button for each account to manually resync (in case of possible malleabilty, or otherwise getting strange sync edge cases)
*) Removed permissions no longer needed due to version upgrades (account, SDcard)
*) Now requires Android 4.0 - 2.2 is explicitly no longer supported.
19  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet on: December 10, 2014, 10:53:17 AM
I was trying to confirm the "cold storage spending" feature and change return process with a simple test.  It did not work as I expected it to.  Hopefully someone can tell me what I did wrong.

I had an address with only 0.25 mBTC in it.  I used the Mycelium Cold Storage feature to spend from it.  I scanned the private key and had it spend 0.14999 mBTC to one of my Mycelium addresses, and a miner's fee of 0.1 mBTC.  I was expecting to see the remaining 0.00000001 mBTC returned as change to the same cold storage address.

Instead, what happened was that the 0.14999 mBTC went to my Mycelium address, but the miner got 0.00010001 mBTC.  So, was that new amount an adjusted miner's fee?  Or was the miner's fee still 0.1 mBTC, but the change of 0.00000001 mBTC go to the miner?

Or does this have something to do with the small dust levels I'm playing with?  If I was to spend a partial amount from my cold storage, how can I trust that the change will be returned to my paper wallet?


There is a minimum limit for standard outputs, 5460 satoshis. if such an output is part of a transaction it is considered nonstandard and will by default not be relayed. (and thus not mined)
Mycelium makes sure that your transactions have a chance of working and does not produce change outputs that are smaller than this limit, so the rest <= 5460 satoshis is included in the mining fee.

the reason is, on average such outputs can not be spent economically because they make the transaction bigger. some more background info is here:
20  Bitcoin / Mycelium / Re: What's the issue with Android 2.2? on: November 26, 2014, 01:58:09 PM
after updating, Mycelium tells me that my Android 2.2 phone is unsupported due to a bug in random number creation on that OS version.
Could you share some technical details so I can estimate my risk? (or did I miss an announcement somewhere?)
Since I'll be switching to a new phone in a few weeks anyway (Christmas is just around the corner) I could probably live with avoiding to create new transactions and just initializing from the backup once I have the new phone.

Onkel Paul

there is a bug that leads to android 2.2 being unable to multiply big numbers _sometimes_. previously this mostly just lead to wrong TX being generated, that were rejected by the network. annoying, but no huge risk.

now with HD wallets it is possible to generate a wrong address from a seed that has no matching private key. this is bad. therefore, quit using it Smiley we had one case where a user reported this, and we strongly think android 2.2 was the reason.
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