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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: March 08, 2023, 08:23:55 PM
Will MU try to buy him with 100millions price? That's very interesting news to be waited for.
It's possible, considering the huge contribution that Kane will make to Man United later, one of the things that makes Tottenham quite productive is Kane's presence and currently he has scored 18 goals,
I really think Kane is passed his prime and the price that they are likely to ask for is too much, besides with Eric ten Hag in the driving seat I don't think players will be bought at such exaggerated prices knowing very well that cheaper guys with good skills can be found in other leagues.

Kane should have left the club a long time ago because if he had stayed at Tottenham he would have only to will be possible to equal Alan Shaerer's record as the Premier League's top scorer but the trophy will need a miracle if he stays with his current club.
Kane missed his transfer opening way back, now his assignment objectives has changed which is the time to help the club finish strongly probably secure that top four finish as the league looms closer to its end,and should transfer talks come again Spurs will likely put a high price tag to stop the sell from happening as his services are needed more than ever!

I agree Woodie that Kane isn't a player for the future. Perhaps he is a player for two seasons, but he is not the type of player that you buy in order to build a squad of the future around him. I didn't even know that Manchester United is among the interested clubs now. The last rumor I heard was all about Bayern and that there is something going on behind the scenes, but Bayern would never pay the transfer fee that Tottenham asked for. I thin when Manchester City wanted him they asked for something around 150 million, which is way too much.

If Kane goes away from Tottenham I don't even know whether he'd be interested in joining Manchester United. He also has a pretty well paying contract with Tottenham. It won't be easy to find another club willing to pay the signing fee and the salary he is asking.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: March 06, 2023, 10:48:23 PM
€140M sounds like a lot but how often did we think that the amounts paid for transfers can't be real anymore? In this market nothing is surprising anymore and it depends on which club wants Osimhen. If it is a club like PSG they would pay whatever it takes. PSG is actually a good example because they have demand at the end of the season. They could need someone like Osimhen I think. But nobody knows what his personal preferences are besides money. Manchester City has Haaland. It could even be Liverpool since Firmino is leaving in Summer.
It's true, the value of such an expensive player is no longer surprising. Even in the past Neymar had a value of €200M, Coutinho €130M and there are many other players who also have the same market value. But Osimhen probably won't be much more, and suitors should be good enough considering the value and quality.

Firmino will leave on a free status from Liverpool, this will be a bone of contention for several Premier League teams. Firmino's quality is recognized, and I think he is still very good to play in competitive leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and others. Barcelona also need a striker, but Firmino's future has yet to be decided where he will go.

Yes, Neymar was even 222 million if I recall that correctly. It was absurd to be honest when I first heard about, but today it is already normality. The money Ronaldo is earning, or the signing money for Mbappe's contract extension, which is not 100% public, but numbers can be found ranging from 100 million to even 206 million Swiss Francs as I just read.

At first when I read that Firmino is probably leaving Liverpool, I thought that he would be a good offender for Bayern Munich just for a season or two and then perhaps as a back up when they find a new one. But since Bayern then extended the contract with Choupo-Moting, it was obvious that it is not going to happen. Though I think he would have fit well into the Bayern team with his technique and his attitude to work hard on the pitch.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: March 04, 2023, 05:55:32 AM
The current market value for Victor Osimhen is €70M, it has increased greatly since Napoli bought him from Lille. It could be that Osimhen will fetch market value of over €100 at the end of the season or when Napoli renews his contract he is still very young for forward who will become a big star in such a giant team.
Yep. Osimhen's market value is around €70M. But Napoli won't let him go if there is no team to pay around €140M. It is the updated price expected by Napoli management, I don't know if it can be higher at the end of the season.
Of course that is fantastic value for Victor Osimhen. I'm not really sure if €140M is worth it for Osimhen, but the guy really has quality.

As a striker, I think Osimhen can play anywhere, including in La Liga or the Premier League. But Napoli don't have to sell him as soon as possible because they don't look like they'll be strong enough without Osimhen. After all Napoli must defend the title next season if they really win the Scudetto this season.

€140M sounds like a lot but how often did we think that the amounts paid for transfers can't be real anymore? In this market nothing is surprising anymore and it depends on which club wants Osimhen. If it is a club like PSG they would pay whatever it takes. PSG is actually a good example because they have demand at the end of the season. They could need someone like Osimhen I think. But nobody knows what his personal preferences are besides money. Manchester City has Haaland. It could even be Liverpool since Firmino is leaving in Summer.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: March 04, 2023, 05:51:45 AM
France is always seen as the favorite team on paper.  They were the team that made it to the final from the last world cup from the European continent.  Even if they are unlucky against Argentina, at least after seeing their efforts, my favorite for the European championship would be France.  Italy is also a strong European team.  We have to remember what they did in the last European championship.

Italy may be a strong team but I don't consider them a favorite to win the UEFA Euro 2024. After all, they didn't even qualify for the last World Cup. We will see how well will they perform at the Nations League final four in a couple of months. I think that they don't have what it takes to beat Spain in the semi final game.

I don't think that failing to qualify for the last World Cup says anything about their chances for the upcoming Uefa Euro 2024. There are a couple of examples where one tournament was a disaster even during the qualification and then the tournament afterwards the team performed very well. I would have to look it up but I remember that those situations have happened before.

The Nations League is a bad predictor for the future performance. The Nations League is often used to test players, usually nobody takes it as serious as the World Cup and the Euro and I agree with that. The Nations League is often boring to watch.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: March 04, 2023, 05:48:23 AM
Potter position can be temporary safe if he can bringing Chelsea to gets the winning result from Leeds and Chelsea has odds @1.65 and indeed this looks very tempting to bet but i personally didn't believe this is the safest bets because we all know Chelsea under Potter is so weak even with the current squad which is better than Leeds i highly doubt they can earn 3 points from this match

Leeds away matches records looks better than their home matches and it proven previously Leeds can able to beat Liverpool and stole points from Manchester United and Newcastle and today too very possible they will attempts not to lose and probably Chelsea will gets another draw results again and the odds for this option is quite high @4.00

Do you think that Potter can still be saved? I think a change is already in the works, but won't be done during the season. Maybe if he wins the Champions League he can stay, but I think that would be much more than a sensation if that happens. If they don't play in the Champions League next season that is also an awful start for the new Chelsea investors. They thought they'll come to the Premier League, pump hundreds of millions of money into the club and then just conquer the league. Now they found out that it is a bit more complicated than that. Smiley
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: February 21, 2023, 11:59:25 AM
I'm puzzled by Chelsea's recent performance under Potter. Potter is unable to lead the team despite having all the resources and talent. Chelsea's home loss to Southampton highlights their poor form, prompting us to question its reason.

The club should have known where they went wrong when signing Potter for the incredible talent at Chelsea.
I think there will be a change in the Chelsea coaching chair at the end of this season. and they can start next season better.
overall, the team's play is terrible, they look very lame even with good names in the squad.
The Club should think about this.

There are quality players on the team, and it's Potter's job to properly coordinate these players and give them the tactics. If it can't do this job, you shouldn't look for the problem elsewhere. It could have been different if Ancelotti or Guardiola had this squad. These coaches could have used the Chelsea squad better. That's why I don't think Graham Potter can manage more teams.
Everyone should expect less from Graham Potter.  he is just gathering new crop of footballers and with this young talented footballers we don't expect Porter to have results this season.The result of Chelsea by next season you will understand how beautiful they will do and they will likely be the title contenders. This season is already gone and the more you try to fix Chelsea in a haste that is the more problems you have. Todd should better allow Potter to settle down with this group of players and Chelsea will be great again from next season

I doubt that this is just a question of age. Many of those players are of high calibre and cost a lot of money. There is a certain minimum they should be able to deliver. That is how the business works.

The problem I see is that Graham Potter has almost zero stability when it comes to the starting squads. Sometimes it looks as if he rolls the dice. He has by far the most active players in the league along with Nottingham Forest. Countless transfers, players that played yesterday are gone tomorrow. Some not even sitting on the bench when the started the last game and so on.

He needs to find a formation he trusts in and go from there. If you change five or more positions almost every game I think that can't work out very well.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: February 20, 2023, 07:38:14 PM
However, the best football is still played in Europe, both national team and club football, and Europe still invests the most in football.

I might agree the best football is with club football, but I actually can't say I watch a lot of non-European football these days. But a lot of that is because of non-European players playing in those leagues.

But national teams? Surely the World Cups prove that the home of the best football is arguable. I think I've seen plenty of the past 2 or 3, and even when stretching back my memory to 1998 and 2002, some of the worst football is played by European teams, the very best from South America, while we get exciting moments from Asia and Africa.

Of course, what is "best" is subjective. I personally like physicality and positive play. I watched some of the worst top football in recent memory seeing England, Germany, Belgium, even Spain minus their first game... but I loved how Japan served powerful dogged battles in every game. Hell, even Morocco was adrenaline-inducing most of their games. I believe it's more common than that small sample.

There is a very simple way to recognize the best national teams in the world, and that is based on the results at the world cups. That is the only objective criterion and everything else is subjective.
Yes, I can agree with you that Morocco and Japan played well at the World Cup in Qatar and achieved some surprising victories, but in the end it is obvious that the best football was played by Argentina and France, and that the best football players were Messi and Mbappe.
At every world cup, some national team surprises and achieves some unexpected victory, but only the national teams that continuously achieve top results, such as Brazil, Argentina, France, Spain, can be considered a football superpower.
However, I agree that the difference in quality between Europe and other continents is slowly decreasing.
Germany seems to have dropped out of this group of top national teams, so this EURO will be very interesting from that point of view. Will we finally see the return of Germany to the top of European and world football?

Why is it just the World Cups? Wouldn't you agree that a team that wins one or even two consecutive EURO tournaments probably also is a pretty strong team? Wink

Even though when France lost against Argentina I still believe that they are the strongest team in Europe and probably in the whole world. You can still lose even when you are stronger on paper. Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia but that doesn't mean anything. Germany will have to change lots of things before they can be counted into the circle of the strongest contenders for the EURO title. Since the cup will be in Germany they will be extra motivated, but they will still need a higher quality in the team.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: February 20, 2023, 07:34:52 PM
The level of recovery witnessed under the new Manchester united is quite awesome and as long as they keep playing at the current speed their will definitely move to compete with Asernal for the first spot and if I must predict the outcome of this season I may say Manchester is likely to take man city spot as the second position in the next coming games.
What we see from Manchester United's current game is the fruit of the strategy owned by Erik Ten Hag, now Manchester United is more organized in defense and attack. Also they have a good transition when they build up attacks. They are not in a hurry to get the ball into the attack line, but they take advantage of the players' ability to hold the ball and practice it well.

Erik Ten Hag added another dimension to the team. I think he has a good relationship with the players and makes the team better. The influence of Ten Hag in this rise of Manchester United must be acknowledged. Manchester United are performing better than expected in the Premier League. If they eliminate Barcelona, ​​we can say the same for the Europa League.
It seems like Erik ten Hag has a good relationship with all the Manchester United players because a good relationship between manager and players is very important to create a solid team and also good because of good communication. And as we can see how Manchester is playing very well, especially Marcus Rashford.
and in my opinion with this season's match which leaves 14 more matches, Manchester United's chance to fight for the English league championship trophy is still wide open. And for the game against Barcelona at home to Manchester United I'm sure Manchester United will win it.

I think it was key to get rid of Ronaldo because that leaves room for other players to develop. Ronaldo wants to take the penalties, the free kicks, the everything that a player would like to do. If you are a talented, rising young player you get mad at some point when there is this one guy who demands everyone else to play just for him and accept everything he wants and says. I guess ten Haag realized that and decided to change it. That was quite brave because it came to quite the showdown between him and Ronaldo and it could have gone either way if he didn't have the success he then had with the team when Ronaldo didn't play. Well done.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: February 14, 2023, 09:17:32 AM
Klopp will not be sacked by Liverpool management, this is a trying times for Klopp and Liverpool, every team do have trying times. They have to be patience with him. Klopp is an experienced coach and if Madrid bid for him, is not a bad either he will deliver the club.
Klop hasn't had any successful results this season. I agree with that. Everyone agrees with this opinion. But if Klopp leaves, who will they entrust the team to? I think it would be a big mistake to send Klop off the team. Chelsea made the same mistake. They sent Thomas Tuchel and made a deal with Graham Potter to replace him, but now they are in a worse situation. I think if Liverpool send Klopp out of the team, they will suffer the same fate as Chelsea.
After sacking of Thomas Tuchal how things gone in Chelsea all are aware and with having good record at club in past just one season is going into wrong way most chances Liverpool management will not do anything like this because they are also having feeling things like these can happen so giving him more time is enough instead of having worst like Chelsea which is surely now going deepen because they are still not able to have positive results even against weaker sides.

As they are having bad time, but things can go better it's matter of just sometime or having some change in strategy now after win against Everton surely they are feeling positive and can do better against Newcastle United and Real Madrid which will bring good changes, and they will be on right way for the better end of this season.

As you are mentioning Thomas Tuchel here, it just came to my mind what could be going on next season when one of the coaches like Klopp or Simeone gets sacked. Liverpool would be looking for a coach, Madrid might be looking for a coach and even Atletico might be looking for a coach. We may see a lot of back and forth between the clubs and the available coaches. Unless Ancelotti wins the Champions League, I don't think he will remain the coach of Real Madrid for another season. Zidane is also available as far as I know.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: February 14, 2023, 09:11:35 AM
A very exciting match between Liverpool vs Everton and this is a Merseyside derby match which certainly took place very hot, as evidenced by the commotion between players of the two teams during the match. The 2-0 result was pretty good for Liverpool considering they were very difficult in the end to get a win. Goals were scored by Mohammed Salah and Cody Gakpo. Finally, Gakpo scored his first goal with Liverpool this season after he arrived from PSV in the last winter transfer market. In the next match Liverpool must get 1 more win in order to be free from the mid-table.
Salah, Nunez and Gakpo these players were performing well yesterday that especially Nunez although he didn't scores goals but he never stopped running and he has made 1 assist from quick counter attack which is Mo Salah can convert it to scoring goal and i can see based on their statistics apparently Liverpool dominate the game since the first half

And this is what fans want that Liverpool players looks enjoyed the match and win from derby match always be special and probably this result can boosted Liverpool mentally but next matches will be more difficult for them because before faced Real Madrid on champion league Liverpool have to fight against another tough team Newcastle this sunday
Nunez continues to try to do well with Liverpool, especially to be able to play to keep pace with Mohamed Salah, and he must be able to be like Mane even though he is far different but must always be able to provide good assists for Mohamed Salah to score goals and also score goals when he has the opportunity. and Cody Gakpo answered critics in 6 goalless games during his time with Liverpool, and finally he was able to score his first goal for Liverpool and this goal helped Liverpool to win the Merseyside derby.
and Liverpool's tight schedule is Klopp's hard work, because the next match is very tough and you have to really make a strategy and also the right players and also good stamina. And Liverpool's next match will face Real Madrid in the UCL and also Newcastle in the EPL, and both are very tough opponents for Liverpool.

Liverpool had a very balanced offense when Mane was still there with Salah scoring the most goals, but all the others also scored frequently. Now individually they still have an amazing offense, but it seems as if they aren't playing together as well as the offense they used to have before Mane left.

Sometimes one player leaving a perfectly running system can slow everything down and that seems to be the case at Liverpool for the time being.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: February 14, 2023, 09:09:40 AM
For example, s good player will improve his performance if he is playing in England. While the same player will probably stagnate if he plays football in some minor league.

From what I can see, the current trend (a very recent one, I'd say) is for European players to get contracts with less known leagues around the world (one example is that of Cristiano Ronaldo playing for Al Nassr), and at the same time players from AFC and CAF participating in the top leagues such as Serie A and the English Premier League. European leagues always had Asian and African players to a certain degree. But this trend has really accelerated during the last few years, which is helping the Asian and African national teams in a big way.

That is not a new trend. It is very standard for players who are at the end of their career and want to make big money for a last time. Just see how many players went to China or Japan when they didn't have salary caps. Iniesta plays for Vissel Kobe or Hulk played for Shanghai. Xavi played for al-Sadd for even four years. Nothing new about it and not to forget how many stars went to the MLS. Ibrahimovic, Henry etc. It is all about the money.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ UEFA Euro 2024 in Germany ⚽ - Qualifiers on: February 08, 2023, 09:10:27 AM
If the quality was so high, then the following outcomes were not possible in Qatar 2022:

1. Australia defeating Danmark (1-0)
2. Japan defeating Germany (2-1)
3. Japan defeating Spain (2-1)
4. Morocco defeating Belgium (2-0)
5. South Korea defeating Portugal (2-1)

On all these instances, European (UEFA) teams were defeated by teams from AFC or CAF. The days of European dominance in football is over. The sooner you realize it, that much better for you. Else you will continue to lose bets on these teams.

I agree that European teams are stagnating while other nations teams are getting better. As an European, I find this good because it will bring us more good games in the World Championships. But if you look at the world champions, other than Brazil and Argentina there is no nation outside Europe that have won the World Cup since Uruguay in 1950. Every nation (including the top European nations) can lose a game or two. But we will see if your words that European dominance is coming to an end will come true.

I think it is because soccer has become more and more of an international sport and players are highly mobile these days. The team of Senegal is a great example of that. They have a relatively high number of superstars playing for European top clubs. Due to that they have the experience on the pitch to play under the highest pressure. The number of South American and African players playing for top European teams has significantly increased over the last decades at least as per my perception. I have no statistics at hand right now, but my guess would be that that is the case.

I think the trend of teams other than the typical favorites competing stronger and stronger will continue in the future. Scouting is so strong and global, when there is an African or American or etc. player, it won't go unnoticed anymore. These players will be supported and promoted very early on and can then give back to their national teams later on. The competition will even out even more in the future.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2022/2023 on: February 08, 2023, 09:04:44 AM
Hey guys what do you think about the investigation been carried out on Manchester City about some of their financial misconducts, this misconducts does not only apply to one season but covers over 3 year.

If Manchester city is found guilty they would be facing the possibility of fine, getting point deduction or worst been stripped off their title.

Possible Man City sanctions:
- Points deduction(s)
- Expulsion from the league
- Trophies rescinded
- European ban
- Transfer ban
- Hefty fine(s)

The point deduction could be either 15 just like Juventus this season or 25 like Derby county last two season. And I heard they can’t even appeal it in the court.
In addition to the sanctions you detailed above, Manchester City has the potential to be left by its coach Pep Guardiola. Manchester City have hired a reliable lawyer to face accusations of violating the Financial Rules, heavy sanctions await Manchester City if found guilty. Reporting from the Express, Manchester City is in danger of dropping four castes or playing on the National League stage or the fifth caste competition in England due to financial violations.

Not only its coach. Some players are ready for leaving manchester city if premier league will be a degrading city to the championship league. I think that haaland has been picking the wrong team. Pep itself feels disappointed with city caused by the latest case that happened with city. City has been even forcing pep to resign from his position.

It seems like we will not see city against in EPL next season. City will be marked as shady team.

This could turn into an interesting legal case I believe. Think about it, usually some players do have clauses implemented in their contracts that if something like this happens, they have the right to unilaterally cancel the contract and leave the club. I wonder though if all of those players have such clauses? But Manchester City also is a different kind of beast. Most clubs would probably have to sell most of their top starts when they get relegated to the second division. Since Manchester City is filthy rich, they might be able to buffer the problem quite a bit. The big problem is that I assume the financial fair play rules also apply to the Championship league? If that is the case the players would either voluntarily have to forego salary in order to help the club comply with the rules, or they would indeed have to leave the club.

Now my question is, do you guys really, really think that a club like Manchester City would be punished so hard that it could mean the end of this era? There is only one good reason that might indeed happen and that is because Juventus already got a severe punishment as well and if it turns out that Manchester City's behavior was even way worse, then that might be the end at least for a couple of years. It will be particularly hard to make a comeback when indeed the financial fair play rules are now enforced even harder.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Turkish Super League 2022/23 Season on: February 07, 2023, 01:15:18 AM
As a Turkish person who is following the news closely for nearly 24 hours now, I can testify that this is one of the or maybe even the biggest disaster in our history, we had some earthquakes before, but this may end up being the biggest of them all. We had 7.4 earthquake before and similar, but never two back to back with 7.7 or 7.8 or 7.6 whatever it was decided, and nearly 100 4.5+ of them, with 2 of them being 6+ aftershocks. That is basically as bad as dropping a nuclear bomb there, just without the radiation. There won't be any games anytime soon, it will be postponed until further notice, its not going to be just one week, we need to wait until a further notice to first see how things are, because it could be weeks and weeks of this disaster to finally end.

Soccer left aside, at least we can see that the world is able to cooperate during such times no matter what. Solidarity is there even between Turkey and Greece. It is devastating that it happened at all and it is also devastating that it first needs such an event in order for the presidents of two countries to communicate again and leave their military shenanigans aside.

For whatever it's worth, it is once more necessary to show the biggest solidarity possible. The earthquake was insane and now the weather is shit and cold as well. Couldn't get any worse right now. At least it seems that a lot of countries can offer professional help.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ⚽ Football Transfers Speculation, Odds and Predictions on: February 07, 2023, 12:52:36 AM
I agree, I don't think that Chelsea would target Osimhen when they already have Nkunku, even Osimhen wouldn't want to be played from game to game and get replaced in the middle of the match all the time, he might want to join a club where he is the main striker and play most 90 minutes.
Victor Osimhen should cost around 100 million pounds in the summer, that is definitely not an amount Chelsea can spend in this forthcoming summer transfer window, not that they can't afford it, but because of the amount of money they've already spent in the last two transfer windows. As a result of that they might have to take things pretty slow in the summer, except they are going to sell some players for good money, thus they can they balance their books. I'm pretty sure they would be looking at the charges leveled against City today, and they'll want to make sure that it doesn't get to them in the future.

Chelsea should also take into consideration that Manchester City is now once more under investigation because of violation of financial fair play rules or whatever those rules are called in the premier league. However, shouldn't there be some limit anyway? If you realize that 300 million didn't take you anyway and you go and put in another 200 million and it doesn't work, which we might find out soon, the problems are probably more of a structural thing. Something just doesn't work out. 

Given that Osimhen just turned 24 and imagine he also wins trophies on top of being the Serie A top scorer, I am sure he is going to cost any club more than 100 million pounds. His contract runs until 2025, which gives Napoli a nice edge for upcoming negotiations.
16  Economy / Gambling / Re: Gambler Loses 1.4 million USD in a bet with lower than 1.01 odds! on: February 07, 2023, 12:46:53 AM
One bettor wasted a massive $1.4 million wager after betting on Los Angeles before the Jaguars mounted an epic comeback to beat the Chargers 31-30, according to Action Network’s Darren Rovell.

It seems that a gambler has loss this massive amount (1.4 million USD) playing a bet with an odds lower than 1.01! (exactly 1.008)

I think there are several lessons here:
- there is not easy bet! even lower odds there is always a risk.
- it's really risky playing an huge amount. This not helps gambler because the risk is much much higher then rewards!
- gambling is not easy at all! it's really hard achieve a profit even for easy games!

what your opinion about this gambling issue? did you had experience similar experience? how a good gambler should avoid such mistakes?

I wonder whether there is some easy conclusion to be drawn that the player was addicted. We don't know his bankroll and maybe he doesn't even bother because he has billions, but if it was a substantial amount for that person, would it ever make sense to place a bet of that size at all? Saying that this person wanted to play it safe would only apply if that amount of $1.4 million is within his perfect bankroll management range. Otherwise, if someone is seeking the kick in putting up $1.4 million for the chance of winning $11,200, I would think that there is some loss of control at play because nobody would care winning $11,200 in exchange for risking over a million. 

That's a crazy story either way and as you already put it, there is no such thing as a 100% safe bet ever unless you are hedging somehow. But this one ended with way more than a punch in the face...
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: why do you keep allcoins? on: July 26, 2021, 08:54:18 AM
Well, alt coins keep us busy researching right? New technologies coming up, new features, all the stuff you can change about Bitcoin or add to it. Alt coins essentially are the playing field for innovators and researchers. New stuff is tried out and you can see how it is received by the market. They are necessary to ultimately also improve Bitcoin. You could always implement successful and important new features into Bitcoin as well.
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Which Cryptocurrency has best future? on: July 26, 2021, 08:50:29 AM
There is no true answer to this question because each people could have different opinion and choose different coin. But in my opinion any top coins are gonna be the best candidate as many have said but an underrated nft project that is offering really good product such as mobile game could also bring good return of investment if you choose wisely. If you just want a coin that has good future doesnt matter how much roi you can get as long as its not dumping just choose the top 10 coins or even top 5 coins

The question is what does OP mean by best future? Is that question solely referring to return on investment from today's point of view or is he referring to global adoption and resilience against external attacks of all kinds? Bitcoin has a bright future, maybe not so much anymore from an investment point of view. There are probably popping up coins that do a 100x or whatever. But Bitcoin will have its place for sure.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: ETH high gas fee on: July 26, 2021, 08:47:52 AM
When will this madness end?
Who is willing to pay such amounts for a transaction?

This is nothing infront of ethereum fees which I saw in previous 3 month. About 3 month ago I had participate in IDo whitelist and I was selected as a winner but when I visit his site to claim my token the ethereum fees almost hit 30000$ which is really crazyful but I was confused when I saw that many of people are paying this such a huge gas fee.
Its a very bad side of ethereum many invester are unhappy for these gass fee.
When will be it fix

What? $30000? Are you sure you are talking about the right numbers here? I know that if you used Uniswap the fee was indeed three figures, but it never hit $30000! Cheesy Imagine you want to make a transaction and face such a fee, Ethereum would be dead by now. I am not saying that the fees weren't already high enough, but $30000 is again a bit different. Wink
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Bitcoin and ethereum is now increasing the price day by day. How how to choose and invest the coin. Bitcoin or ethereum which is the best future investment and how to invest the coins. Kindly explain me the Bitcoin and ethereum coins deats. Kindly share the link also. Which is best opportunity for invitations coins. Kendriya give me your advice to invest the best coins
Both are the best in my opinion. For investment, I recommend choosing Ethereum. Ethereum can be for long-term investments as well as for short-term investments. First, Ethereum is cheaper than BTC, so it's easy to get to. When we have small capital, we can buy and sell quickly when the chart is up.

Maybe what's also speaking in favor of Ethereum at this point is that there will soon be a fully rolled out staking function. I think that is going to create some more momentum for Ethereum and also an option to create a passive income source. Bitcoin is always a safe haven if you look at it from a long-term perspective.
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