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1  Other / Archival / del on: August 24, 2020, 05:14:55 PM
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: How do new projects know about this situation some years ago? on: August 04, 2020, 05:56:36 PM
There's a lot of DeFi projects that cropped-up at the beginning of this year and are now coming to fruition. There are many more who've been around for more than a year, some even 2 years or more. This is not necessarily unusual as many crypto projects often linger for years before their initial concepts and development are ready to be deployed or pushed outwards. DeFi is not new, it's been around since the ICO boom and prior to that conceptually. What is new is renewed vigor in the ability to execute on these sophisticated projects, maturity of blockchain as a whole and a greater fundamental understanding/awareness of cryptocurrency as a whole to institutionalized investors.  

Some primary reasons you're seeing the current explosion:

1) The market was proven by Compound in an extraordinary fashion, leading many teams to expedite the release of their cryptos
2) The market is/has been demanding DeFi since it's the latest trend
3) Many team's recognized the trend and demand, therefore executing on a sale or release of their tokens to take advantage of the situation. - Essentially good timing and overall thought out
4) Coincidence that several backlogged DeFi projects all hit a critical-mass point in launching at this time
5) A lot of newer DeFi projects cropped-up over night to take advantage of the situation, with no inherent legacy or proven track record - Similar to ICO boom.
6) General consensus that we're no longer in a bear-market for crypto-currencies. No bear market means more investors, users, community members and overall awareness, boiling over to heightened awareness of such projects. The "Crypto-Winter" put many projects into a(n) deep-freeze state where they could not solidfy any funding or generate any awareness.
7) Uniswap DEX.

In essence, various of environmental factors and a proven market all correlated into an explosion of DeFi hype and excitement. There are a few external factors outside of crypto that attributed to this, but that's more speculative
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Binance is Becoming a Crypto Monopoly on: May 22, 2020, 05:49:22 PM
As most conversations shift towards Binance's CMC acquistion, few heeded the warning or signs of monopolistic tendencies.

This is even more concerning now due to mounting pressure by the CCP on blockchain and businesses and the tension flare-up between the U.S. and China. I wonder how this will spill over into cryptocurrencies and the behaviors/tendencies of Chinese-centered exchanges.

Despite this, CZ still claims that Binance is run "without an HQ" while in practice they may be the case, in principal Binance has been increasingly responding to China's movements.
4  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: CTE Advisor | Strategic & Growth Crypto Advisor on: May 17, 2020, 06:01:16 PM
Can you please post details of some of your clients who had got consultancy from you and are now are successful in the market?

The most recent project is Cartesi (IEO on Binance Launchpad), I'm also head of marketing for them currently and have been involved since Dec 2019.

More recent projects this year and late last year (there are many many others, but for consistency I only talk about projects I work on during the most relevant year):

- Ferrum Network (Bitmax) -
- V.system's (with PoS inventor Sunny King). - Various of exchanges

For more info:

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact me on Telegram: @tk808
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The Weaponization of Blockchain Technology by China on: May 04, 2020, 05:59:26 AM
Due to the nature of this post, it may convey some sensitive topics and pride (and bias) for open, free and democratic societies.

The most important news for digital currencies, blockchain technology and crypto's is a story that has gone largely unnoticed, under-the-radar,

Without delving too deeply into territories that reveal my biases and obvious country of origins, this article by CoinDesk and other news crypto agencies is significant.

China has been increasingly delving down the path of weaponizing blockchain technology for economic gain and power. The history of technology and more recent discussions of surveillance are always highly controversial, but without getting to philosophical, it comes down to how the particular technology is put into use and for what primary purposes. This is generally the differences between authoritarian regimes and the west ~ whereby the west generally is more inclined for capital gains then direct control of behaviors - or censoring and "giving social credits" for acceptable cultural behaviors of said individuals. The west may be increasing moving in this direction, but it's nowhere on the caliber of the Communist Party of China (CCP). This topic in itself is a major issue and I will not delve too heavily further into this hotly and broad topic.

Since 2019, China's agenda was revealed to the world through blockchain technologies push, this was followed by a bull-rush into cryptocurrencies, which saw a 10k BTC, before retreating back. In essence, the objective of China currently is to create the world's largest integrated and interoperable blockchain, according to CoinDesk. This is set to launch July of this year and will emphasis and take advantage of Blockchain technologies on a scale we've never witnessed before. Little details are shared on how this blockchain will function, but the gist of it is that nodes will be controlled by centralized telecom and external agencies, under the authority of CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The implementation will allow for robust technologies, cloud computing and etc, all the benefits of blockchain with "transparency," efficiency and reduced costs. The primary objective of such a system is to be integrated into external countries, for the same benefits.

It all sounds amazing, no doubt. But now the kicker.

As many of us come to know and understand, 51% attacks on any network remains a real threat and the greatest security risk undermining any blockchain, or DLT (Hyperledger) technology. Therefore, if a malicious actor sought to control the network, in this instance CCP, they could do so by having full authority of doing so. The way China operates, according to most western investigations, reports and intelligence is that all companies operating in China are beheld to China's authority, from Telecom's to every industry operating (which is why you hear about Huawei and etc. being a security threat to the western world).

China will assume to incorporate this DLT technology, therefore with it's independent (or dependent on CCP) will in effect be a 100% controlled and closed system at their discretion, or this is how the article is interpreted. We still know very little of what China is developing, what interoperability will look like and etc, but a formal infant conclusion can be drawn to a centralized, controlled and closed DLT system, with the full authority and surveillance of the CCP; similar to most of their behaviors and actions in the last decade and increasingly in the last 5 years or so on their people. Blockchain technology, in effect by China, is becoming a weapon for power, control and monetary control. A highly critical threat. This also includes their digital currency RMB, which has also been more relevant then this news.

It also appears that Chinese crypto companies, Binance and others may be under-pressure (this is a conspiracy theory by me btw, but does not go unwarranted) and continue their expansions on the cryptocurrency front, to monopolize the industry entirely. As recently reported on Binance's continued monopolistic tendencies, but, the safe-guard is they are operating out of the democratic, but increasingly pressured Hong Kong.

What does this essentially means

Currently, there's no region or country aside from China, who's this bullish and sought to integrate a centralized blockchain or DLT system to this level. They are years ahead of the rest of the world. The U.S. and the rest of the world is still ignorantly "assessing and analyzing" the benefits of such systems and for good reason. Blockchain integration is mostly untested, but furthermore the resources and capacity to understand the benefits of blockchain technology or even the ability to harbor companies exploring and advancing the industry forward is still in a highly premature state, with over-regulation destroying most crypto-based companies operating in the U.S. Obviously, there were many reasons for this, but the SEC has recently drawn back their stance, but still remain as vigorous as effort in their continued malignant and blind ambitions for regulations and control.

Everything is still mostly untested in real-world scenarios, but if anyone has any inclination to blockchain technology, then this should be a cause for alarm for all western nations, who remain as ignorant and blind in their actions as ever, even in regards to the newest and most exciting technical frontier in the last decade - Bitcoin and the advent of Blockchain Technology -- The advancements in this space from hundreds of teams that continue to propel this entire space to the future, businesses in which you and I are invested in --- cryptocurrency projects.

This post is not complete by any means, as we have no idea of what this system will entail or what's being developed behind closed doors, but it is still something to greatly consider where the entire crypto and blockchain industry is heading towards for the future; as I've always stated, governments and powers will be players in this space and that is coming to fruition, for better or for worse.

Technology is controlled by humans, therefore its use and intent of use is solely predicated on those who use said technologies.

Don't mind my grammar, or loose thought processes, I don't particularly feel like checking this post at this time and it will be updated if users comment for clarity. I wanted to write this post to express some deeper thoughts and general insight.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: [NEWS] Data shows Ripple's community is dissolving fast on: May 02, 2020, 05:24:11 AM
It's really hard to see XRP is slowly fading from people's eye, they need come up with strong analytical skills to catch Investors mind. Ripple was a powerful asset when BTC went down badly, it was tremendous centralised platform where a large number of investors gathered when BTC went down. However I still believe XRP will bounce back than ever.

An example of XRP scamming shills that linger on these forums as well. Or just disillusioned investors who bought at the mountain peak in 2018 with their life savings.

Good reporting @bbc, I like your frequent and solid content here on BTT.
7  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: CTE Advisor | Strategic & Growth Crypto Advisor on: April 28, 2020, 04:56:03 PM
Maybe you will also consider attaching your portfolio where you have or are collaborating with your client company. Maybe this will help in terms of marketing by knowing the advisory members are legendary members of this forum. Although you'd suggest doing independent research, some people might assume that you're the person who represents their research on the project without having to research further. Grin

Good luck...

I had the chance to talk with T.K Hamed in the past over a small project related to deadcoins and I can confirm that at that time, his advisory
skills were very good. A little bit critical but he certainly has a lot of skills one would need in a company or project. He has been in crypto since
2012 or something so you guys better be ready for some good experience of someone who could observe the industry as a whole.

Maybe you will also consider attaching your portfolio where you have or are collaborating with your client company. Maybe this will help in terms of marketing by knowing the advisory members are legendary members of this forum.


Thanks for the kind words from the both of you!

If you want to know the most recent projects (this year 2020), It's in the "about me" on my website:

I know you guys want to see some images on this thread and I don't want to go that far and shill myself out. But, I'm the Interim CMO of Cartesi atm, which recently conducted a launchpad on Binance and is now trading on Binance. Been working with Cartesi since Dec 2019.
8  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: CTE Advisor | Strategic & Growth Crypto Advisor on: April 14, 2020, 03:59:04 PM
I really admire your sincere efforts in this very hazy space of crypto startups. Such type of expert services are need of the hour. As it has been rightly pointed out before that mushroomed growth of greedy and corrupt ICO's has now been slowed down because of tamed hype attached to crypto in general and bitcoin in particular. But I must say scammers are also evolving at the same rate if not faster and now it is the time that expert like you stand out and guide the way for new investors like us.

Thank you Cry, I appreciate your kind words. I've always remained honest and kept my integrity when it comes to crypto. As you noted, this space is filled with greed and that greed leads to malicious acts and actors.

Cartesi: has been the latest project I've been working for, heavily involved with their strategy and marketing. I'm currently the Interim Head of Marketing at Cartesi, assisting them with their efforts with Binance.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 23, 2020, 07:53:06 PM
Thanks for giving us opportunity to ask questions, it's really appreciated, during the last bull run, I wasn't a part of crypto,little did I know about it,though I heard how bullish the crypto market was, like I was also told about the Chinese New year and it's effect on the crypto market but this year,it didn't turn out as it use to be because of the Corona virus,  that brings me to my question, if the Corona virus persist till May which is the halving period, will it have any effect on the halving or not?
If its will continue until the halving then the price will be affected even there are good things expecting to happen after halving .

This will be a war between negative market because of covin19 and positive thinking about the halving that it will give positive feedback to investors the only things we should wait is who will win in the market if thats happen.

First, Akiko is talking about pure speculation and is not backed by any evidence or proof that "good things to be expected after halving." Is this wishful thinking, yes. Is this something to look forward to, yes. Is Bitcoin directly impacted by COVID-19, no; it's only connected through investor sentiment and has always been the case.

As you all have witnessed, there was a large correction in cryptos and Bitcoin, mostly from a suspicion of hedges and big funds selling off their entire portfolios, which occasionally had Bitcoin or other cryptos within it. The best example of a large investors in a particular crypto, outside ETH and BTC, is Link. Link's market has all indicators that big money has been involved in it for over a year now. This ultimately all adds that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were increasing being looked into and being invested in by the big guys. There's of course all the little fish who sold Bitcoin, because once liquidation starts, panic also begins. All that capital that was sold is most likely being held in stablecoins, as noted by the grand-rise in BUSD and many others.

There are other sources and individuals who've spoke about about Onecoin's scammed BTC being dumped during this same period, which may have also attributed to a panic sell among traders.

Yes COVID-19 will persist through the Bitcoin-Halving and this is becoming more likely and iterated by experts in the media and through officials. These two events are not directly related, the bigger question you're asking is about Bitcoin miners, since this is the only area that is directly impacted.

Bitcoin halving real quickly is when reward payouts are "halved" meaning Bitcoin mined blocks get reduced in half, reducing the amount of new BTC entering the market and diminishing the impact of miners liquidating their BTCs.

So there are 2 forces: 1) Less Bitcoins entering the supply 2) Less impact of miner's liquidating Bitcoins.

Hash rate since the slight crypto crash has rebounded and will continue along its logarithmic trajectory. We saw a dip to DEC 2019 levels (3 months ago), which is significant, but nothing to really worry about it, since this dip was minimal and has since recovered as cooler heads have prevailed in mining and the markets. (as seen below)

Energy prices are also diminishing due to COVID-19, which will increase the amount of mining power being put towards Bitcoin, you cross a certain threshold of energy cost vs how much you can earn in 1 day mining Bitcoins.

Accordingly, some recent news of Bitcoin mining should ease any negative mind-set, Antminers just sold out almost immediately and are being prepped to ship right around the halving period.

What does this all mean?

It essentially means, Bitcoin will be slightly impacted by COVID-19 through the markets and big investors (sentiment), but in terms of the network and what halving means, individuals remain bullish as ever. It's easy to get upset, scared, worried and etc about the next 2 months; this is common since most can't comprehend or look beyond tomorrow, thinking only in the moment and now.

My advice, relax and be vigilant. Bitcoin and crypto markets are in early infancy compared to every other financial market. Crypto and Bitcoin are still dominated by sentiment. To a much smaller degree, it's dominated by external monetary factors in the world markets; but the crypto markets have stabilized and have remained relatively stable since that sell-off occurred, despite worsening COVID situations in the west and through increasingly aggressive monetary policies. I have a suspicion, which is not backed by anything, that eyes will turn to cryptocurrency soon or later. There will be a moment in time where Bitcoin makes a big comeback in the news, for better or for worse.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 22, 2020, 04:56:44 PM
I have a question about crypto transactions.
Maybe this is simple for others, and yet it's important to me.

Every time we make a transaction (send) say Ethereum. In one transaction the coins will go out in two different directions. First to the intended wallet. Second, to the wallet fee.

The question:
1. Why is TX only one?
2. Will the fee go to the wallet platform or return to the Contract Creator source?

Sorry if this question is a bit stupid. Grin Grin Grin

The question:
1. Why is TX only one?
2. Will the fee go to the wallet platform or return to the Contract Creator source?
Txid stands for Transaction ID. Txid can be used to track transactions and the status of a transaction (still waiting, unconfirmed, or confirmed and received by the destination address). For every transaction you make, you must pay a small fee so that the token or coin you send will go to your destination wallet. Transaction fees will be deducted from the balance of tokens or coins you send and the amount of fees will affect the speed of your transactions.

Every transaction that we do still requires another party called a miner. The fee you pay for each transaction is the fee you pay for the miner so that the token or coin you send goes to your wallet. Transaction fees (fees) will enter the miner's wallet and txid is proof that can be used to track your shipping transaction. Please CMIIW Wink

I believe Raja was asking about sending multiple transactions with 1 TXID. For example, lets say he wanted to pay 100 employees; how would he do that through 1 click? This is how I'm interpreting his question and not so much about what a TX is.

Let me try to state this as friendly as possible (This is blockchain specific btw):

The reason there's only 1 TX per transaction (Peer-to-peer transaction), is because of the nature of blockchain and how tx hashes work. This is inherent and fundamental to blockchain for security, privacy and etc. When you send a transaction, you're revealing secured information to only that receiving party (much like how you access websites through SSL encryption), there's only 1 key known by you and that party, for a secure connection. If anyone else knew this secret key, then your transaction could potentially be hijacked/hacked.

Therefore, people use automated scripts/payment platforms and specific wallets designed for this, to make multiple payouts automatically and generally not by hand. There are numerous of solutions (third-party) that solve this issue you're talking about it.

Can you send 1 Bitcoin to 10 people, at the same time, yes you can; but each transaction will be sent with a specific Hash in it's own transaction with its own fees.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 22, 2020, 04:45:17 PM
My question is all on privacy coins now, its hard seeing people or investors talking about Monero this days except miners out there, what do you think the future of privacy coin will be? Prevail or not?

It's difficult to predict where a certain crypto niche is headed. There are many factors and elements that can undue or create a situation where privacy coins are in high-demand.

The reality is, not many really care about privacy and data, it's an abstract thought for most. Will we see some sort of catalyst that drives privacy-coins? Probably. Could we even see a continued disinterest in privacy coins? Also could be a possibility. The truth is, no one really knows.

There are many new, sophisticated projects that offer various of privacy features. There are a lot of open-source or third-party websites that can complement non-cryptocurrencies and serve every niche for privacy. What the general trend is at this time, is incorporating various of privacy features into cryptos, that isn't necessarily the center-stage of their marketing. There are a lot of crypt-advancements that have been made, that are baked into a lot of new blockchains and utility tokens that are a forethought.

The reality is, the demand for privacy coins is very small, niche at best. So what teams do is follow essentials of crypto adding various and numerous of technical layers and improvements into their chain. It's a very different situation today, because in order to strive and be successful you need to compete at a much higher-level. Therefore, niche-based coins no longer can compete or have any worth in this current climate.

Alternatively, a lot of business and regulations are clamping down on things like mixers and etc. Exchanges are heavily under-pressure to appeal to financial institutions, banks and etc. KYC and AML are increasingly a big factor. So, in a sense, privacy coins are dead in some specific aspects, for an average user who's not conducting illegal activities with their privacy coins. So as the larger crypto industry and business that serve cryptos continue to become more centralized and exchanges start appearing as crypto banks, privacy coins get pushed out of the picture.

These coins will prevail to the end of time. The real question is if there will ever be demand at a high-level for such coins. Given the situation of the markets, you will always see pumps and dumps occurring, but it's probably unlikely that one day we'll see Monero overthrowing Ethereum or Dash climbing back into the top-10. The current climate for privacy-coins is only becoming more closed and shut-off, by centralization (of just about everything). Concurrently, the current blockchain and crypto industry is about technical advancements and striving forward. There are much bigger beasts. Some of the early, open-sourced, private and community-centered projects just have no real space to compete with bigger and significantly more organized (and funded) crypto teams.

Again, there could be a catalyst for the need of privacy coins in the future, but that future is always uncertain and if and when that day will come.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 22, 2020, 04:29:45 PM
I see that most projects that survive are projects that are under 2017. While new projects in 2018 and above are more about capital returns. Because many of them have already spent capital on the 2017 project and the end of the project is a failure.
Nearly 80% of new projects fail. Some were successful but in the end, they ran away. This is something bad for crypto.

I saw several projects that survived, they have their own platforms. If indeed the project hitched a name on another platform, then most of them failed. The website that they make is just a place where they express ideas, but the ideas don't work.

I think now only Tether is on the lucky line. They created coins equivalent to the value of USD. While their supply is unlimited and will make the price of other coins drop.

I overall and somewhat agree with what you stated here. Not entirely sure what your question is here though.

There are 2 paths for start-ups to take

1) The crypto through conventional fundraising means, sale, exchange, etc.
2) The business - generally funded through private means without a cryptocurrency associated

Most people conflate these 2 ideas together, any cryptocurrency that's looking to make a business from that are mostly unsuccessful, this is due to numerous reasons. But yes, projects that launched in late 2018-2019 are mostly the most active and hardworking teams, in contrast to coins to launch in 2016-2018. There are definitely outliers, but this is a general round-up of the scenario.

Projects don't survive for numerous of reasons, the primary reason is due to lack of experience or inability to execute. It was relatively easy to raise funds, but the hard work begins after the crypto is launched and you have infinite avenues to take and work on. Some focused on technical, which leads nowhere. Some focused on just marketing, which also leads nowhere. Some made cryptos without a full internal execution plan and etc.

More often than not, teams have failed because they don't have the talent or experience in their team. You have to have knowledge both about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ability to weather any storm in crypto, while having well-rounded experience and a strategy for general marketing and development road-maps.

Overall, this answer can get quite big, there are 100s of examples that we can get into; but you seem to generally recognize the scenario. As we move forward, less and less cryptos are launching; more people are filtering only the highest quality projects and even more are creating good business models and projects (which in turn, raises the entry-barrier for start-up projects and drives this whole space forward.

My final assessment, is that the line that separates a "good" project from a "bad" one has been increasing at a significant rate, since mid-late 2018 and will only continue to grow. We're left in a situation where (if you follow cryptos closely) you can immediately recognize a good team with solid fundamentals.

Where there always be scams, get-rich and projects people are fooled by? Of course. But this will become less and less frequent and has become less frequent. There just aren't that many cryptocurrencies launching these days in contrast to a couple of years ago.

Feel free to follow up with a specific question, I ran on a tangent here and basically inflated what you stated.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 10, 2020, 05:33:24 PM
Ok, i am ready to ask you a couple crypto related questions, so please answer me in detail;
1) when do you think crypto mass adoption will become a reality?
2) when do you think crypto will be declared a legal and legit thing all across the globe?
3) when do you think btc is going to hit 100k mark?

I hope you will shed some light on these things in a thorough manner. Thank you.

These questions we can only touch-upon or are speculative questions in which I will not answer. You asked several broad-questions, if there's 1 particular specific question, I'll be happy to answer that. Therefore, this answer will be reserved in thought and details. Feel free to post more specifically in a follow-up.

1) You gave a very generic term for "Mass adoption." This term is thrown around lightly, without any contextual framework. What does one consider mass adoption? 100% of the worlds population, 50%, 20%? Majority adoption for third world countries? Integration of BTC into any payment vendor? Crypto's on the World market Indices? These questions go on and on. Because, this is a click-bait term used to elude to a question "When will crypto markets become a 1-2 trillion dollar market" which then implies, yeah crypto has then seen mass adoption because Bitcoin hit 50 or 100k. Even if the markets achieve speculative territories, it doesn't mean Bitcoin or any crypto has been "mass adopted." Again, very vague terminology that's interpreted 1001 ways.

The answer to this question is also and more-so, highly data driven. Give me a more specific question you want answered.

2) See above response But in short, there will never be a moment where anyone understands this question properly. Crypto is and always will be subjective to local, country and etc laws. Every location will have a specialized rule-set/laws and legal framework to abide by, that favors that particular country.

There will never be a specific date or year in which crypto will suddenly be declared unanimously by every government in the world. These are fantasy imaginations. You have to take a micro-macro approach and observe what's occurring in every country, every region/district to get a full-representation of how crypto is perceived and which laws are being applied/discussed.

Therefore answering this question is also null to me, because it has no significant meaning.

3) I will not comment on speculative questions. No one knows the answer to this question or has any clue if this ever will be a reality or when it will be. I will comment, this information stems from this data-analysis of logarithmic regression, a chart/graphic that has been circulating Bitcointalk for over 6 years now. This is where every idea of a 100k bitcoin stems from and has been taken as a holy bible for all the useless price speculations that popular crypto news sites and shills cover on a regular basis.  (IMAGE BELOW)

Never listen to anyone who comments on price, neither should you ever get your hopes and dreams for something someone predicted, they don't know anymore than you do. That's the real truth. No one on this planet, even with the best software tools available, can predict where the crypto markets are headed. Crypto markets are still an infant and there's still very little we actually know; especially since the markets are just little over 10 years old. There are only 3 events and the chart below in which almost every future analysis is derived from. Alternatively, it's easy to get excited because anyone can depict the graph below and interpret it as fact, because it predicted roughly specific milestones, years and prices. The human mind will piece any string of information together to fit its desires and make that truth as the new reality. What do you see?

14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Ask Any Crypto Question - A Thread By a 6-Year Crypto Vet on: March 09, 2020, 07:11:21 PM
Aren't you afraid that crypto will be completely banned by every country? Using crypto will be illegal and every person that will not accept it will go to the prison. Whats your opinion? Because governments control money for a loong time in oue history.

This is an impossible reality at this current time. If you were to ask this community 3-10 years ago, that fear was very real. In this day and age, crypto is not in any position to usurp any economy anytime soon, so therefore it posses little-to-no threat to current monetary systems; frankly, we won't see such a scenario unless all faith in any currency is lost. There will be national digital currencies that will replace any fiat gap before Bitcoin or any crypto will be seen as a primary currency.

On the contrary to what you stated, it's observed that countries are becoming more favorable towards cryptocurrencies and governments are finally waking up to potential future possibilities. A big wake-up call occurred last year, when Chinese president Xi Jinping, announced his internal strategy publicly, to dominate blockchain industry. Quickly followed by that, we saw a much mildier-tone from the United States and many public figures have come out to show support for regulating, tax friendly and etc around crypto. So the environment in the U.S. many European countries, Japan, China and most recently the ban-lift in India denotes a positive picture where crypto is becoming accepted and legitimized.

Cryptocurrency is one application for Blockchain technology. No government will restrict a forthcoming industry that will shape the world. Crypto is a means for entrepreneurs to adopt, create and innovate. You stifle that, you stifle an entire emerging tech industry, leading to the loss of talents and potentially trillions of dollars in future industries and revenue.

There has been some movement to crackdown on crypto's though, specifically through security laws and registration. We are not in an era anymore, from a social crypto perspective or government perspective, where you launch a crypto without having some sort of oversight and regulation authority overseeing your business/start-up. So make no mistake, governments are highly in-charge of this industry and this will only significant increase as time progresses. Concurrently, users like you and I will never accept some shady practice/crypto that's operating as an ICO or claims to give ROIs on profits, these practices will always be shunned on from here on out.

People will always be duped and let their imaginations run wild, but these are usually people who lose their life-savings in such schemes, therefore, high-profile scams will become less frequent. What we are witnessing is both growing pains, legitimization and maturing process of an entire industry.

We are far from seeing an attitude shift towards cryptos, we're actually seeing the inverse sentiment around cryptos and favorability. If the U.S. saw crypto as a threat, they would have banned it already, they would have banned it 2-3 years ago when crypto was just getting out of its infancy. On the opposite spectrum, in an authoritarian government, China, if they saw it as a threat they would of outright banned it. China is most interested in becoming a dominate factor in the world, actively competing with U.S., so China could very-well ban "foreign" cryptos, but they have been most nurturing of any crypto/blockchain business in China, up to this point (disregard IEOs and ICOs/public sales).
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Cardano's is a rockstar in future. on: March 08, 2020, 10:07:04 PM
A remnant shitcoin from 2018, along with many others. Overvalued and useless altcoin.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / del on: March 03, 2020, 02:50:21 AM
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi joins Quantum Generation on: February 29, 2020, 12:59:44 AM
This isn't 2017, only the oblivious, non-crypto person will fall for these scams. As far as the actors go, that has absolutely 0 bearing on how good a project is; just like any other clueless person who's never even heard of crypto before being duped into a scheme.

Take your scams elsewhere
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Binance Chain or Binance DEX hype is gone! on: January 25, 2020, 07:46:33 PM
Binance chain and DEX are both useless failures. Both a mechanism to pump BNB and mechanisms for teams to have favor with Binance.

There was no other reason for teams to list on the DEX, other than hoping to eventually list on the main CEX. There was also additional minor promo through Binance outlets, but this is negatable altogether.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Re: Bounty hunter needs fu**ing unity!! on: January 25, 2020, 05:30:21 AM
I've never been a bounty hunter, but I know exactly where you're coming from. I do somewhat agree with holding teams accountable for their promises; this issue isn't just a bounty hunter problem either.

There exists teams who lay out their road-maps, promising particular things, but fail to deliver. Often associated as scams, but there is no one holding these types of teams accountable.

In reality, nothing will ever change. Your best bet is to label a thread addressing concerns for a specific coin (title the thread with that name, so it's directly related to said project (means, make a new thread with whatever coin you have fault with)), basically flagging that team's misappropriate actions, do not label it as scam or make "scam" vocal, because it will be removed from this altcoin section and posted to scam accusations. You will have a lot of responses from other disgruntled hunters and eventually the team will notice the thread.

There's nothing worse for a new project, then being labeled with non-honest, red-flag and disgruntled community comments; it's very impactful if you can keep up the momentum (thread on this 1st page). Use caution with your words, it will either go unnoticed (if you don't promote it in the threads) or it can blow up pretty largely.

Most of the time, making a loud enough noise is not worth anyone's time, so most will just take it for what it is and nothing more.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: 99% of Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS Volume is Likely Fake: Report on: January 09, 2020, 09:29:04 PM
NewsBTC is one of the worst crypto news sources there is. They continuously put out material that has no substance and typically is based on pure speculation and or opinionated
"experts" who also have no fucking clue about anything.

To make the situation even worse, NewsBTC are heavy shillers for XRP, which oddly enough, is primarily their content they put out and is absent from any content or the headline of this article. There's is little doubt that whomever is writing such articles has a clear bias or is in the pockets of Ripple.

Scrolling through their news will yield you with a similar depiction of this particular crypto blog; one of the worst there is in all this space.  

By the way, I do agree with volumes being heavily faked and manipulated/wash-traded, even on Binance; but 99% is click-bait trash based on no concrete evidence other than a feelings, conjectures; with no concrete factual analysis or metrics being displayed.

Spam your garbage opinion articles elsewhere, truly a shame
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