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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Soccer Bet Trading Plan ( Bet Trading Market ) on: July 29, 2020, 06:59:17 PM
What if Soccer betting is consider as a trading investment just like the stock trading or Forex trading rather than a game of chance (gambling) ? Soccer bet trading is one of the most lucrative online businesses if you have the right tips and strategies.  I created this thread to start a soccer trading investment tips to help generate passive profits rather than gambling without having any strategy or plan.
This is just 5 days trial......

The tips will be strictly 2 odds (95% )  with 5 days investment plan:

Start up investment capital = $10

Day 1= $10 * 2 = $20      Save $5
Day 2= $15 * 2 = $30      Save $10
Day 3= $20 * 2 = $40      Save $15
Day 4= $25 * 2 = $50      Save $20
Day 5= $30 * 2 = $60      Save $60

Total = $110

DAY 1 Tips

England Championship playoff
Brentford Vs Swansea City ( Team 2 over 0.5 ) = 1.63

Italy Serie A
Cagliari Calcio Vs Juventus ( Team 2 to win either half ) = 1.34

Total Odds = 2.184


I do not see anything about trading or investing in this strategy of you but just a regular gamble. you just gamble 5 times in a row on 2 odds or higher and hope they all land. But I do not see what this has to do with trading or investing.... it just stays gambling in the way you approach it
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 28, 2020, 06:46:32 PM
again not much football today but was able to grab a small opportunity to lock and secure some guaranteed profits.

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 28, 2020, 03:54:26 PM
Even this is the same function with GT you can hedge the same winning profits on all of 3 events (and not have as seen in this example more money in draw... Strommen match)

I think this is just a matter of the odds rising while doing the cash-out. In Strommen match Orbit/Betfair makes back-bet for like 5.6 for the draw, but it actually gets matched at 6.0 (when the odds rise/drop in your favour, it gets matched; when it's to your disadvantage it fails).

But I agree of course, that GT is way better, faster and gives you more options to plan hedges Smiley

Perfect! You understand my point! Sometimes you can hit different odds!
"ok I will win more in case of a draw" but if you're trying to get "all green" and maximize the winning options in ALL 3 events in this case you're penalized. With GT this doesn't happens, and always you can set up BEFORE Wink your cash-out option in BF !

Anyone can ALWAYS create their cash-out option even without a SW or accepting BF option. But it requires time and to be able in math (fast!) calculation Wink
(personally I wouldn't suggest)

I used to use geek toys as well for horse racing. But same issue as you. Due to my current location I am not allowed to play on betfair. Beside geek toys I use couple other softwares as well. I loved scalping the horse racing pre race and than hedge my profits over all horses to make a guaranteed profits. Perfect way to make money from horses even if you do not know shit about it.

So now I am obligated to use orbitx exchange through a betting broker. I use BetInAsia as they also accept BTC as deposit and withdraw option.  Only shit is that you can't lay horses anymore. I used to play 'lay the field' plenty of time.

I scrolled through above conversation. I agree that playing 'lay the draw' prematch has not much use. I always wait at least until half time and then check the stats. Below you see one of the few games that triggered me to lay the draw at halftime yesterday.

BTW I like your approach to lay the U4.5 @1.05. its indeed a small risk for a huge reward. I very often also lay at extremely low odds. if for example a team is up by 1 goal difference and I see the other team is pushing then I sometimes lay the leading team in 86th- 87th minute. Lately there always is about 4-6 minutes extra time. Which leads the loosing team that is pushing still has 8-12 minutes to score the equaliser
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 27, 2020, 05:24:28 PM
not much football today but yet we still were able to secure a guaranteed winner. 17€ guaranteed no matter what the outcome of the game will be at full time.

5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 07:17:45 PM
check my previous post about the Swansea-Brentford game. Another profitable trade.

I layed the draw at a 1.81 odd with a 6€ stake. So my liability was only 4.86€ that I could possibly loose. I cashed out and hedged my bet in this way to secure a guaranteed profit of at least 4.21€. So this means I almost hit 100% profit on this trade

6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 06:58:55 PM
and another profitable sport trade on football.

The winnings/profits do not look great..... but tell me. Is there any market (crypto/forex/indices,...) where you take 10-15% profits on practically all your trades..... I do not think so. So this is only a 100€ account I started with and after 2 days of trading this account my balance is almost up to 130€

BTW next game on my radar is Swansea-brentfort. Not much action in the first half but enough shots to convince me. And second half already is underway for 15 minutes with a missed penalty + a red card for Brentford. So I seems a good pick for laying the draw to me.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 05:31:03 PM
Secured another guaranteed profit on 1 of the matches I followed. this games statistics didn't really meet my qualifying criteria but their previous games lead to high scoring games. So I decided to lay the draw here as well just because I was pretty sure one of both would score another one.

Want to learn more about trading on sports.... just keep following this thread. I will regularly post more successful strategies that I am applying myself on a daily basis
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 04:27:38 PM
another successful trade on the Liverpool game. No matter how the match ends I will lock in a 14€ profit. Just love it. I don't need to keep an eye on the game and just can go on to the next one and try to scoop some profits in the next trade

9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 01:29:28 PM
I would like to briefly explain my own football betting tactics by stating that the sharing of information and experience in the subject and which is conveyed to us is extremely beneficial. As a gambler who usually prefer live sports betting, I bet in two different ways. My first type of bet is to interpret the match I watch and bet according to the estimates of these comments. This is definitely a very useful method, and it often helps to win many bets that I have played this way. The second type of bet I use is my method of making predictions entirely instinctively. Depending on the elapsed time, score and statistics of the game being played, I can easily say that I have achieved an average success rate of around 70%, although this method, which I bet on, does not help me gain so often.

To give additional information about my second method, for example, if at least 1 or 2 goals were scored in the 25th minute of the match played by two good teams, I predict that there will be at least 2 more goals but I do not follow the match. Besides, I prefer to make different bets based on other statistics besides goal bets.

Everyone has its own methods and strategies. I used to have lots of ‘betting’ strategies myself. But since I switched to sports trading I use entirely different methods. I used many pregame in inplan strategies. But since the past 6 months I entirely switched to sports trading and to keep myself entertained I ask some fun accumulator bets on The +2.5 goal market and FHG market and I do some pool betting in between. But 99% of my time and mindset go to dedicate to trading the sports markets
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 12:26:02 PM
The problem and what I miss here, is what you do when things don't go your way ? Every strategy, as good as it is, needs also an exit strategy, where you just admit defeat and settle/hedge for a loss. All these little profits are nice, but one game without a goal, will wipe out all those profits.
You can consider this trading strategy just as a "punt-pray-hedge" strategy, but then you should use lower stakes (in % of your bankroll). Do you have any strategy for exiting the trades at a certain point ?

I will going to be covering that as well in one of my following posts. Of course I do not let the trade ride out until end of match if it doesn't go my way. I mostly take an exit with a loss at a maximum of 30% loss in that trade. So if it takes to long for the goal to come I just close the trade and take the losses.

Regarding to the stakes that I use. I know in the example it is not ideal. I started with a bankroll of 100€ and have liabilities of 12-18€ which is way to much for this bankroll. But I have a good explanation for that. In my main sport trading accounts I mostly use 0.5 up to max 2% of my bankroll in a single trade.

Firstly I do not want to expose my main trading accounts. Cause I personally think no one has to know how much I have in my accounts and what amounts I am using to trade.
And secondly where I am resided I am not permitted to use betfair directly. So I use their partner exchange orbitx through a broker called BetInAsia. But the disadvantage is that orbitx has a minimum stake of 6€ for backing or laying a position. So actually it is to high for this bankroll.... but I am only using this account for explaining strategies, take screenshots of all actions taken, etc.

So if I make some profits on the 100€ account than its fine for me but if I blow it I just reload a little to keep explaining my strategies
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 11:48:09 AM
Another successful trade.

match Japan J1 league Kawasaki frontale - Shonan

first half statistics which triggered me to place a lay bet on the draw. Huge home advantage in ball possession and huge amounts of shots on goal.

However the trade was going into the wrong direction when Shonan took the lead with 0-1. This resulted in still a loosing trading because Kawasaki still was huge favourite to at least take it back to a draw.

But Kawasaki went to take the distance and took a 2-1 lead which resulted in the possibility to secure some profits again.

3.26€ profits guaranteed on this match which is almost 20% profits on this trade with a 18€ liability and a 2.5% increase of my bankroll

12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 11:35:53 AM
Very nice thread Smiley

Lay the draw is probably the longest lasting strategy that is still working, if you are selecting your matches carefully. Instead of laying the draw, you can also choose to just play over x,5 at half-time. Laying the draw gives you some options to do more trades with free money in that game afterwards though. I saw me losing all profits and finishing the game with +/-0 only, so the over is better suited to undisciplined people maybe.

Looking forward to your next strategies Cool

Thx for appreciating the thread. Yes you are right and I apply the over x,5 myself on multiple occasions. as I said I have multiple strategies that I will post here over the coming weeks. But its to much to all post at once. I rather build up this thread over a longer period. I do not want to add to much different details at once cause people not familiar with a betting exchange, lay-back and sport trading would get confused Cheesy
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Football Strategies to apply on a betting exchange on: July 26, 2020, 10:48:36 AM
Hey guys.

Some time ago I started to get more involved in placing my sports wagers on a betting exchange. With my background as a trader I am feeling much more comfortable by using a betting exchange.

Firstly because the odds are entirely determined by punters and not by a sports book. Compared to a sports book where you play against the house (bookmaker) on a betting exchange you play p2p. So punters take over the bookmakers position by getting the opportunity to lay bets (bet against outcomes).

Secondly and most important a betting exchange gives me the opportunity to trade on sports markets instead of betting on sports which is a huge difference. By using different trading strategies on a betting exchange I do not rely on wether the bet I placed is going to be correct or not.
I only need several things to happen for every different strategy.

There are many different strategies that I apply and I will use this topic to regularly explain some of the strategies I use. In this way people can learn this strategies as well and maybe can also start building on their sport trading adventure.

'Lay the draw' Strategy

My favourite trading strategy on the betting exchange is 'lay the draw' strategy. In this strategy you place a lay bet on the draw which means you think the match will not end in a draw. However I do not really care about wether the match ends in a draw or not. The only thing I need is a second half goal to secure a profit no matter what the outcome of the match is even if the match does end in a draw.

How do I apply this strategy??

- Prematch indicators

             - There must be a clear favourite pre match with an odd of no higher than 2.2 preferably 1.3 to 1.7 range.
             - There must already be matched at least 10,000$ on that match before kickoff.

- Inplay indicators

             - I search for games that are on a draw half time
             - Those games that are on a draw at half time need to have had 5 to 10 shots on goal with at least 30% shot on target.

As soon as a game matches all this criteria I place a lay the draw bet on that game.

Doesn't matter wether the match ends in a draw or not. How is this possible?

It is very simple. If you have a lay the draw position and as soon there is a goal in second half than the odds for the draw shift significantly and you will already be able to secure profits. As soon as a goal is scored in second half you will profit no matter what the outcome of the game will be.

The reason for this is that a betting exchange hedges your secured profits over every possible outcome to guarantee a profit. This means as soon as you take a cash out the betting exchange spreads your secured profits over every possible outcome in that game.... in this case 1X or 2.

The Beauty about this strategy is that you only rely on a second half goal. So even if the underdog scores you will be able to lock a profit. Below I will show a trade I made at this very moment while posting this topic.


Deposit on orbitx betting exchange on 25th of July 2020     100€
Trades placed so far 8
Current bankroll  123€
23% profits on my bankroll.


Football trading is not a fast rich method. It requires dedication to stick to the basic rules. Football trading also can deliver loosing trades.... so you can loose money. So only use money you can afford to loose.

Example of my lay the draw strategy.

Match Japan J1 league   Yokohama FC - Urawa

First half statistics

lots of goal attempts and plenty shots on target.

So after seeing the stats I decided to take a lay the draw position on this game with a 6€ stake which gave me a liability of almost 12€ that I would loose if there is no goal scored.

So if there would be no goal scored and it will remain a draw I would loose 11.88€ and in any other case I would be a able to profit 5.82€

Now we are in the position and the only thing that needs to happen is a goal by either 1 of the team. Because I said we are not 'gambling' that the match is going to end on a draw or not. We are trading the 1x2 market and profit from the market behaviour of other punters.

Whoppa after 7 minutes in second half Urawa scored 0-1

But as I said on this betting exchange we do not lock the actual profits but the exchange automatically hedges your stake over all different outcomes. As you can see. I secured a profit no matter how the match ends. Does the match ends in a draw than I secure 1.32€ profits. Does Urawa wins I secure 1.45€ and if in some way Yokohama manages to win I will receive a 18.66€ profit. And this are pure profits cause I have no more liability on this game and my stake already is back in my bankroll. So basically I am free rolling out this game and will make profits no matter how the game ends.

So this is basically what I am doing. Instead of gambling I am trading the sports markets. You maybe can think that profits are not that huge but I approach my winnings on the long term.

A gambler aims for big multipliers and odds to make money fast but in most cases result in losses.
A sports trader aims to take smaller profits and builds his bankroll and his wealth in a steady way.

And after all in the example above I lock at least 1.32€ pure profits on a current 123€ bankroll which is a little over 1% profits on the entire bankroll and little over 10% profits on the position I had.

You can compare trading on sports a little with trading on crypto. The only major difference is that crypto markets can be manipulated by whales but the sports market behaves according to what happens in the game. For example an odd on a draw will not drastically move up or down if nothing is happening in the game. Compared to BTC. BTC can take a run or a small crash without anything prior happened.

So if you are interested in trading on sports.... just keep an eye on this topic.

  • Ask me anything related to sport trading
  • Share your own experience
  • I will post different strategies I use myself regularly
  • I will post prematch and inalai tips if I find games that suit one of my strategies

14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Do online gamblers think about their privacy and anonymity? on: May 23, 2020, 12:14:27 PM
I personally do not really care about protecting my identity when its gambling related. I sometimes gamble with my crypto as well and it is convenient not needing to pass a kyc verification.
But to be honest when I start gambling bigger balances I feel much more convenient to place my bets on fiat supported sports books like for example Betfair. and I mostly use the betting exchange where you wager peer 2 peer and you do not have any risk to get your account limited or restricted cause you don't win from the house but from other players
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Biggest winning so far on: May 23, 2020, 12:10:56 PM
Its only 1 month when 2020 came around the corner but I would like to know what your largest win is so far and if you have set yourself some targets for this year.

Below you can see mine that I won a couple weeks ago. However I only owned 20% of this jackpot pool ticket that won 24.000€ I scooped 4800€ and some pocket money for a 1.2€ contribution to the ticket.

That's pretty neat win if you ask me, I bet the odds of you winning we're pretty high.
So as to answer your question, I've never ever won that much amount of money in a single bet, the maximum money I won of my bet was 17 times of the money I wagered, I guess luck is even greater factor than strategy in gambling.

this win was made in a jackpot pool bet. So there are no odds involved in pool betting.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 100% guaranteed no loosing sport betting method on: March 02, 2020, 03:11:03 PM
            When we say sports betting, there some analysts that are providing their opinions regarding team standings and what are the team capabilities but sometimes it is not accurate, it is also helpful that you make your own analysis. I honestly prefer sports betting than other gambling ways or methods, because for my own experience i can analyze and make the choice of your own base on my analysis. Winning is also not really a hundred percent sure since pther teams maybe hiding their strength.
Even the Analysts can possible have a error and not all their prediction is precise because there's possibility it might change but we can used their opinion to guide us to possible winning but still its depend to us if we will used or not. Also Im not 100% guarantee to believe that no losing in betting method because I think it's really impossible to happen.

100% success rate or what we called a holy grail doesnt exist on this world specially talking about gambling.We know that anything can happen in sports
even you do bet on the most favorite team but it doesnt mean that you would win 100% on that one. Come to think on injuries or handicaps that would happen
unexpectedly which would really affect a particular games outcome.

On other note on why this old thread being bumped by that dude above? necro-posting is highly being prohibited into this forum.

never talked about a 100% succes rate. Even I know this isn't possible. In the original post I only tried to explain that there is a way on the colossusbets platform to turn your betting into a risk free way of betting..... ONLY if certain conditions are met.

It is just exactly the same as benefitting from a referral system. Lets say you have zero balance in your gambling account but you have 100 referrals that earn you lets say 0.01BTC in total of referral commissions. If you bet this 0.01BTC then you also are betting risk free cause all winnings will be pure profits cause you havent put in any own money.

This is the same with colossusbets. the only difference is that you first need to put own money in your tickets .... and if certain conditions are met you can receive back your entire stake through the rebate system
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 100% guaranteed no loosing sport betting method on: March 02, 2020, 03:06:47 PM
The 100% guarantee is sketchy enough i mean how can you bet something and take it all back without losing anything plus you'll get to earn from getting a rebate. Gambling business doesn't work that, this is one of the methods to scam people. Also some of us here like an anonymous betting site because our country has laws about online gambling.

I would believe it, if it has some kind of big giveaways or jackpot. Like freebitco and Kawbet but its not. The conditions are simply extraordinary and hard to believe.

then you should visit their website and check out yourself. Colossusbets have been in business for a couple years now and is operating under strict regulation of the UK gambling commission.
I never claimed everyone can gamble 100% risk free on their site. I only tried to explain that there is a possibility to earn back your personal contribution through the captain rebate.

It is very simple. they have 3 rebate tiers 5- 7.5 and 10% captain rebate. 

If you get a syndicate ticket filled you automatically receive the 5% rebate. So if you for example sell a 10€ syndicate ticket and contribute 1€ to that ticket yourself than the week after you receive back 0.5€ which is 5% of the total ticket value and 50% of your own stake.

If you manage to sell 120€ or more in syndicate tickets the rebate increases to 7.5%. Can you sell for over 880€ in tickets than the rebate increases to 10%

But the only way to benefit fully is you need to reach the highest tier and not contribute more than 10% of the ticket values yourself. Only in this way you receive as much back as rebate as you invested yourself in your tickets.


you create 1000€ in syndicate tickets and they all get filled. You contribute the minimum captain percentage of 10% which is 100€. Because you filled over 880€ in tickets you get the 10% rebate which also is 10% of the total ticket value. this means you receive back the same amount than you invested yourself.

But if you decide to contribute lets say 50% (500€) of your own tickets then you still receive back the 10% (100€) but you are not betting entirely for free.

So that's why I said there is a possibility to bet risk free because you can earn as much in weekly rebate than you invest yourself in your own created tickets..... BUT then a certain amount of conditions must be met. Never said it is easy.... only said there is a possibility.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Biggest winning so far on: February 06, 2020, 02:37:18 PM
What sportsbook is that? even the total jackpot has to be distributed to many winners including you, still you have a nice chunk of profit there. I can't remember my biggest winning but if there is, that's not even big comparing to yours. I have never hit a jackpot so you're very lucky to have it.

the platform is called Colossusbets is the largest sports jackpot pool provider of the UK.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Biggest winning so far on: February 06, 2020, 02:27:10 PM
Thx for all the congratz.

Many asked what platform I placed the bet. Well I did not place the bet myself but I bought a share of someone else his ticket. This platform allows you to sell percentages of your tickets and purchase percentages of other peoples tickets. In this way it is some kind of group play. Several people put money in 1 ticket and they share the profits made on that ticket. In this way you can increase chances to win a big prize without needing to cover the entire expense of the ticket.

Unfortunately this platform is a fiat platform that requires a kyc verification. They are licensed in the UK so they need to keep strict to be compliant and regulated.

But everyone that wants to know the platform or is interested can post me a PM
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Sports betting strategy. on: February 02, 2020, 05:28:58 PM
achieving 2% profits on average daily with sport betting is doable but I saw your Imgur picture and all your bets had a quote of above 2.0. this is not the ideal way to build your bankroll.

your start bankroll is 0.02BTC

Use 5% 0.001BTC per trade on an odd around 1.1 (pretty safe). do this 4 times daily and your have your 2% overall daily profit.

But even then I wouldn't recommend that. gambling on such low odds will destroy you as well eventually. If you get 1 bet on a 1.1 wrong then you need 10 correct bets just to recover you loss. and as we always know there are always upsets in sports and the huge favourites loose sometimes as well
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