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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] TERNIO BLOCKCHAIN FOR DIGITAL ADVERTISING on: July 03, 2019, 06:44:53 PM
So now the original announcement has been marked as scam too. This project is just a scam and there founders are pure tricksters. They lured there investors through false promises and now blocking everyone who's asking questions on there telegram. Here are more details about them -

2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: June 26, 2019, 08:13:26 AM
I also have to reply to this ridiculous thread bashing a genuine company. 

This company is a genuine, good company.  I HAVE A BLOCKCARD.  I HAVE USED IT NUMEROUS TIMES.  I timely received it after I added my crypto.  The Ternio team put a lot of work working with VISA to get our cards to us. 

I actually made a PROFIT on the Ternio I bought.  I am in profit with Ternio and can also use the card! 

So what is your problem. 

You can't get free tokens?  You probably didn't properly register. 

Quit bashing this company. 

The card is a genuine Visa.  It works as a Visa card should.  This thread should be taken down because you have no proof this company is a fraud because YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A CARD.  You're making assumptions based on what?  I HAVE A BLOCKCARD.  IT WORKS PERFECTLY.  AND IT'S GREAT.

Have you even read the detailed thread? Why don't you read back the entire thread and let me know how many answers you have, feel free to ask the same queries in there telegram group and see if you get banned or not.
Blockcard was never the part of initial development, why all focus now on blockcard and not on there claimed 1M TPS blockchain? Where's a single company using there blockchain?
Now coming back to your point of free tokens, first of all it wasn't free, I spent more than a month asking people to look into there project and register if they find it worth investing. If a company is blocking there members asking questions around those points which they themselves claimed initially, what does that mean?

Go ahead and search there telegram group and you'll find videos where Daniel himself claimed multiple times about 3 top 10 exchanges and 3 worldwide known companies going to use there blockchain. And now they're banning people asking the same, do you think it's ok?
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: SCAM LIST by witcher_sense on: June 06, 2019, 06:36:39 AM
That's some nice effort. Very well done.

I have posted few articles about some of the SCAM projects I've came across with proofs of why they're being more scammers then legit.
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 21, 2019, 10:25:38 AM
I don't want to drag this discussion out, so this will be my last post on the topic. I would just like to ask you a simple question: If you had a proprietary method/procedure for a business model, would you want to disclose the "nuts and bolts" of it to the world so that anyone else could copy it?
We live in a competitive world where proprietary information has value - it can mean the difference between success and failure in a start-up business.

Have you read the latest news story about Ternio's joint venture with Distribued Ledger? If not, take a look:

I'm asking you what comes after alphabet "A" and you're answering 2+2 equals 4.
They have never shown anything about there proprietary method/procedure till now to anyone. They're saying that they filed a patent request but not going to show that to anyone. If a patent is filed why are they hiding it instead of embracing it? Nobody is going to know about the technology simply by reading a patent, if that's the case patents would never been public at the first place. They're publicly visible for a reason.

I can tell you the links of the patents filed by the Apple and Google, feel free to read them and use there "nuts and bolts" to create similar product. Theory is one thing, one could read there theory but couldn't use it to create a replica. Even if they do, they're still liable to fall under the Patent breach.

If there's a patent filed, give the link to the same. Matter closed. But they will never do that, coz there's no patent. It's a lie like there exchange listing talks.
5  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 19, 2019, 12:37:52 PM
I think we'll just have to agree to disagree on the BlockCard transactions. I can tell you that I have spent many hours mapping out the transaction history of all the active Ternio wallets, including the BlockCard wallets, as part of my due diligence. This is not hard to do, but it IS time consuming. I believe I have a good understanding of how the process works and have used my knowledge to find opportune times to buy additional TERN since there is a manual (with a time delay) part to the process.
If you spend the time to do your own research, you will find all the answers you're looking for.

If you have done your research and feel comfortable that it's correct, I'm more than happy to know how this is happening. As far as my understanding and research goes, I'm not seeing any buy happening on any exchange. Yes it's time consuming and it becomes even more difficult since there's no data provided by the team on how many btc/eth/xlm has been deposited so far. I have tried to track around 40-50 new wallets created after blockcard launch and noted the time of there Tern deposit and matching it with buy happened at that time on stellar decentralized exchange, but not found any link between them.

Why team don't want to clear air surrounding this question? Why are they always saying it's magic, we won't disclose any detail on it? What's there to hide?
And then banning those who are asking these questions again as they're not answering that. It's going like this, you can ask question once and they'll answer with we won't disclose it, if you ask again you'll get a ban.
6  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 19, 2019, 06:53:54 AM
You seem to make a lot of accusations about the project, so I assume that you are probably a bounty hunter that missed out on their free airdrop tokens because you didn't pay attention to Telegram group on how to claim the tokens.

I have to reply, I can't help it...

You seem to make a lot of assumptions about this poor guy.  So many that it required you to come out of an 11 month hiatus from posting on this site, just for this reply.

I got banned from Ternio's telegram and I didn't even FUD...  (after I got banned I had some choice words for people but that's a different story).

Carry on.


I don't normally post on this site, but felt a duty to defend the Ternio team from the accusations being leveled against them in this thread. Just because someone missed out on claiming their airdrop tokens does not justify calling the project a scam. The Ternio team is an incredibly hardworking group, so I think they deserve some respect.
If somebody started posting that CyperFM was a scam, I'm sure you would want people to defend your project also.
Let's all just try and get along shall we??

I don't understand why you are just focusing on airdrop tokens. Let me clear out that for you, I did received my airdrop tokens. I can show you my stellar transaction too for the same. Why don't you read the entire thread and try to understand that airdrop/referral was one of the issues.

In fact yesterday itself one of the guy deposited 2000 XLM and asked Ian in which exchange buy order happened as it's not happened on stellar decentralized exchange nor on bitforex, Ian and Daniel replied that we do not disclose that. I am pretty sure they are getting all the BTC/ETH/XLM deposits and giving the TERN tokens from there reserve of tokens, so no realy buying happening on any exchange. Whereas they have previously said that all the deposits on blockcard will be executed as buy order on exchange. And then they banned that guy since he was giving all the proofs that there's no buy order executed on any of the exchange.

You're not getting how smartly they're scamming the people. They're keeping all the blockcard crypto deposits for themselves and distributing TERN from there reserves and not through buy orders on exchange. Thereby keeping the value of the tokens at it's bay. Ask them how much btc/eth/xlm people have deposited for blockcard and ask for the subsequent filled buy requests, they'll ban you immediately.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 16, 2019, 02:22:11 PM
You seem to make a lot of accusations about the project, so I assume that you are probably a bounty hunter that missed out on their free airdrop tokens because you didn't pay attention to Telegram group on how to claim the tokens.

I have to reply, I can't help it...

You seem to make a lot of assumptions about this poor guy.  So many that it required you to come out of an 11 month hiatus from posting on this site, just for this reply.

I got banned from Ternio's telegram and I didn't even FUD...  (after I got banned I had some choice words for people but that's a different story).

Carry on.

Instead of handling users queries, they're just banning them accusing of FUD spreading. They are changing rules every now and then and they also want that no one should raise questions on that.
8  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 15, 2019, 02:38:28 PM
I think the mistake you are making is getting hung up on the Null Bush piece. You need to look at the credentials of the consultant that did the audit testing, rather than the name of his LLC. I have multiple LLC's for different businesses I own, but none of them have a website under the LLC name.

As far as the referral token distribution goes, the team have repeatedly stated that there was a lot of fraud in the referral process (which is no surprise) and they want to weed out the fraud to protect all token holders. I think you need to just trust the team on that - I have been part of the community since the very early days and had over 800 referrals. I know all of mine are legitimate, but would rather wait to receive the token distribution if it means that less tokens are distributed to fraudsters since that will benefit the value of my tokens!!!

I am not hung on just NullBash, please read the entire thread, there are more than 13 points covering everything from airdrops/referrals/auditing/partnership.

Haven't they promised that 3 top 10 exchange have approved Ternio. Why not a single listing till now? Isn't that cheating?
What about unsold ICO tokens promised to be distributed to ICO participants? Why they are banning people from group asking about it?
They are changing all the rules they made before the start of a program. They promised and didn't delivered on there promises. Obviously people are going to ask questions and that's what I did, and get banned for same.

Now about referral, I have told you why more than 90% of the people won't do KYC after 10 months. If you think I'm wrong on any of those points please tell me, I'm more than happy to know your view on it.

It's not about only referrals, it's about chain of rules change that they are doing. What are the stats on the airdrop tokens? What will happen to the unclaimed airdrop tokens? They have changed the rules so that they'll keep all the unclaimed tokens.
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 15, 2019, 12:59:30 PM
You seem to make a lot of accusations about the project, so I assume that you are probably a bounty hunter that missed out on their free airdrop tokens because you didn't pay attention to Telegram group on how to claim the tokens. Putting that aside, I'll focus this response on the technology.
If you have done your due diligence on the Ternio platform, you will already know that the Lexicon blockchain was developed as a fork off Hyperledger Fabric (open source code). IBM is the market leader in deployment of permissioned enterprise grade blockchain technology, and of course, they use Hyperledger Fabric for their deployments.
Other than the code updates that Ternio has done to improve scalability of Hyperledger Fabric, they have also added a payment protocol layer (which Hyperledger Fabric doesn't have) to allow the future use of crypto payments to settle transaction payments. The most important thing to remember here is that the 1.2M tps was achieved in a PERMISSIONED environment using an enterprise grade blockchain. The team have repeatedly stated that companies running nodes for Lexicion would have to invest in the hardware necessary to maintain these high tps speeds - this will be major investments by large companies in the industry supply chain.
The audit of the Lexicon blockchain was done by a respected consultant who was associated with Accenture. He simply set up an LLC called Null Bash for his individual consultancy work. I believe the Ternio team has posted links to the consultant's LinkedIn profile on several occasions in the TG chat if you want to contact him directly.
Just a quick comment on the AWS Advanced Technology Partne status: If you read through Amazon's requirements to become an Advanced Technology Partner, you will note that it is a long process that also involves a review and "sign-off" on the technology by Amazon. To be honest, becoming an Advanced Technology Partner on the AWS platform is actually a big deal and gives an enormous amount of credibility to the Ternio project and Lexicon platform.

Anyway, my recommendation to you is to accept the fact that you missed out on claiming your airdrop tokens and start to focus on the technology and partnerships that the Ternio team signing. This might help you see the light!!!

You are saying exactly what the admins are telling on the group. But does it answered any of the questions I asked?
Where's the proof to 1M TPS blockchain? Have you read there audit report? They have been audited by NullBash which doesn't exist. Try asking these questions in there telegram group, and you'll get a ban too. They banned me coz I was asking about NullBash and audit report authentication.

Now coming to the bounty hunter part. They asked everyone to create a LOBSTR account and airdrops will be sent there. Then they changed it at the last moment and didn't sent any email. Also They have never mentioned in there website that all those need to do KYC after 10 months. Now I'll tell you why it's not fair:
1. It's almost 10+ months since referrals registered. Many of them now won't even remember registering.
2. Market is bearish for all this while and hence people are no longer interested that much in crypto and doing KYC.
3. Since many have joined for airdrops and if they didn't won during airdrop, why would they do KYC? They're not getting anything by doing KYC now.

9-10 months delay is too much for anyone to remember registering on a website. They keep on changing the rules made by them only in the beginning.

Please read my entire thread and try to understand the reasons. Where are there 3 top 10 exchanges which were claimed by them during ICO? Isn't that the violation of SEC rules?
I'm going to file a court case too against them, looking for that option too. Since ICO doesn't come clearly under SEC in USA, I'm in talk with one lawyer on how to proceed with it.

Lastly, why are they banning people asking questions to them? Since Ian messaged in the group that he's ready to answer in the telegram group, ask him to unban me, my telegram username is @hemendrachauhan19. I'll ask these questions to him and see his reply and then decide for yourself.
10  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM ALERT] Ternio - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 15, 2019, 07:54:33 AM
Thanks fir this awareness but i will suggest you if ternio has already created an official announcement and it may better for to create another one on the ternio thread and this will pay attention from a lot of users.

I thought of doing that initially, but since over there thread they have the authority, they can delete my thread easily. I have initiated the discussions on telegram and as a result gets banned from there group. They're banning everyone who asks a single question regarding any of the points I mentioned on the main thread. Nevertheless I'll see if there's any official announcement from Ternio here and post a link to this thread.
11  Economy / Scam Accusations / [SCAM ALERT] TERNIO - Founders running a different kind of SCAM - Must Read on: March 15, 2019, 06:31:28 AM

Ternio (built on Stellar) project is claiming themselves to be capable of 1M TPS but never shown that to anyone. They've posted an audit report of the same on there website - but anyone can see it for themselves and see how fake it is. It's been audited by a company called "Null Bash", with address "304 S Jones Blvd, Suite 2104, Las Vegas, NV, 89107". Now this so called "Null Bash" company seems to have no internet presence.

Here's what makes Ternio a SCAM:

False promises made during ICO to lure the investors:

1. They claimed during ICO that they've been accepted by 3 top 10 exchanges for listing. After they finised ICO in June 2018, they got listed on BitForex (certainly not a top 10 exchange). And since then till now they've not registered on any exchange. When people ask about the same in there telegram group, admins counter it with huge listing fees asked by the exchanges, and most of the top 10 exchanges having wash trading and fake volume going on. If you ask a little bit more on that, they block you from telegram group claiming you to spread FUD.

2. They claimed that 2 big household companies (known to most of the people and hinting on the line of amazon google facebook etc) have agreed to work with Ternio and use there advertising blockchain platform for advertisisng there products. But even after 10+ months of ICO ended, not a single discussion on that, and yes if you ask it more than twice, you'll get a ban.

3. They have said that unsold tokens during ICO will be distributed to the ICO participants with atleast $30 worth of investment. It's been 10+ months now and they didn't distributed them and banning the people if they ask the same in there telegram group. Clearly they don't want to distribute those unsold tokens and keeping them for themselves. I'll attach some pics for the discussion happened regarding the same here in some time.

4. They have started an airdrop and asked everyone to create an stellar wallet, preferable on LOBSTR as they have some kind of partnership with LOBSTR team. They have told everyone for the 4-5 months that airdrop tokens will be sent to LOBSTR account after 6 months of ICO end. ICO ended on 15th june so distribution was supposed to happen around mid december. But then they changed there decision at the beginning of december and asked people to create an account for there new product "Blockcard" and airdrops will be sent there only. They didn't send any email to the participants of airdrop stating the same, only informed it on telegram group. Since airdrop was going to happen after 6 months, many people were not active on telegram and waiting to get it on there LOBSTR wallet. But when they didn't received any token in dec 2018, they asked about it on telegram and got a surprise that nothing can be happen now. They started banning the people who ask about missing the airdrop. Founders keep those unclaimed airdrop tokens for themselves.

5. They also have a referral program running and for each referral they're giving 50 TERN tokens. The rule was simple that people need to register on there website and that's it. No KYC required, no ICO investment needed, no condition of joining there telegram group either. After 10 months of referral program being ended, when people asked about referral tokens, one of the founder "Ian Kane" said that all the referrals had to go through KYC. I asked them personally many a times that why someone will do KYC after 10 months of initial registration, they've no reply of that. When many people started saying it's not fair and they have to come up with other solution, they started banning the people. Everybody knows that more than 90% of people are not going to do KYC after 10months and mos probable they would have forget about registering on ternio. So founders are keeping all these tokens for themselves.
Here's the link to the referral stats - which has been taken down now so no one can see there referral count. But few people have around 2k referrals and some have 1k+ referrals. While the site was up I calculated that around 6M referral tokens was supposed to be distributed. Now they are keeping 90% of them for themselves.

6. Biggest claim was that they've applied for patent on there technology. All the patents pending are easily searchable, I tried to search for Ternio on USA patents website but didn't find it. When asked about it on there group, they said we've made the patent request in such a way that it's not searchable. Again a statement which makes no sense to anyone. But yeah, you can't ask them, coz you'll get a ban for that.

Questions around there Fake Audit Report:

1. There auditor's website is (if you'll open it by going to, it won't open, it opens only when you remove www prefix). Anyone can understand from there website that if at all they exist, how fake they seems to be. There's no mention of there address on the website, no mention of them doing blockchain testing. And the big thing is you can try to contact them through contact-us page but they never replies. I've tried to contact them at least 5 times but no response from them in last 45 days. Few members have asked about how the ternio team/founders chose the Null Bash and how they contacted them for blockchain testing, there reply is they don't remember it now. Also one of my friend lives in Las Vegas and he personally checked the address "304 S Jones Blvd, Suite 2104, Las Vegas, NV, 89107" and it's a home address, not "Null Bash" company's.

2. Here's the link to there audit report - . There's no mention of data collected and which methods are used to verify that Ternio can cross 1M TPS. Just one line is written that auditor is confident of ternio exceeding 1M TPS. Anyone can read that report and see for themselves that it's not an authentic audit report. I highly doubt if they ever had an audit of there code.

Questions around there new product "Blockcard" and suspicious competition going on:

1. They've introduced a new product called "Blockcard", a physical crypto card approved by VISA. Investors need to send crypto and it automatically gets converted to TERN. So to happen this, cryptos like BTC/ETH/XLM needs to be sold and TERN needs to be bought, but if you ask them, they don't tell how it's happening or through which exchange they're doing this conversion, and they keep on saying that it's Magic. Many people have complained about getting lesser TERN's in respect of Crypto deposited, and asked them which exchange price they've used for conversion, but they don't entertain such queries and even then don't tell that which exchange rates are applied during conversion.

2. For the "Blockcard" mentioned above, Ternio is running a competition and will send the cards for free for top 100 TERN holders. Strangest thing is that this competition has No End Date. You can check that on there own medium article here -
Here's the exact sentence from there above article - "The top 100 accounts with the highest amount of crypto deposited in their BlockCard account will receive their BlockCards in phase 1. There is no set end date to when this contest will end, so users are encouraged to deposit the maximum amount they are comfortable with and will utilize on the BlockCard"

3. They've shared a video on telegram group that "Blockcard" being used in USA. I'll upload the video to youtube or any file sharing website and provide the link in some time. In video anyone can see that when they're handing over the card for the payment, they took the camera away and it's not visible if they gave the blockcard or some other card for payment. It's done very cleverly.

4. They're claiming that card has been approved by VISA, but in there all advertisement banners they've not showing VISA logo. When asked about it, they say that they chose not to show VISA logo. Who doesn't want to take benefit of getting approved by VISA? Why're they hiding it?

Questions around there advertisement of Amazon Partner Network:

1. They're advertising there Advanced tier status with Amazon Partner Network, which is just a gimmick of using the name of Amazon to get more people buying there TERN tokens. They're also claiming that there code has been checked by the "Amazon" itself, which is not true again, and not showing any proof of that too.

Final thoughts:
1. There are so many questions surrounding there promises made during ICO, especially being approved by 3 top 10 exchanges to list them. Clearly it has benefited them to raise funds and they've cheated there investors.
2. They are keeping all the unsold tokens during ICO which was supposed to be given to ICO participants for themselves.
3. They are keeping undistributed airdrop and referral tokens for themselves.
4. There so called pending patent is not searchable on USA pending patents website.
5. There audit report is fake and the company which have done the auditing doesn't exist. No Github presence, no code repository available for third party to check. No proof of there 1M TPS blockchain.
6. They're running a competition which has no end date. What kind of competition has no end date?
7. They're advertising there Amazon APN partnership (which you can get by paying yearly fees to Amazon) but chose not to advertise there VISA approved card. They're contradicting there own statements.
8. They're banning the people if asked a question 2-3 times to which they don't have any answer.

I'll update this post with some screenshots of there telegram group discussions and as a result of banning of the people who initiated them.
12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: LPC - LIGHTPAY COIN SCAM on: February 13, 2019, 09:26:16 AM
And there goes the main developer exiting his project and leaving lots of destitute people with little money left. I tried hard to warn people about this project but people like lorida assisted them stealing everyone's money by promoting them and telling people it was a safe investment when it was clearly NOT.
I just hope that some people were spared from this scam coin by this thread and didn't listen to the group of idiots that worked for pirrlokk on his intricate scam.

Let them be, thing is there are blind believers in crypto. Once you started asking correct questions these blind believers starts abusing and making fun.
Let them learn hard way. I wrote an entire article about LPC/LGS/LRM as all three seems to be scam to me, I have given my reasons why I think so in that post in details. And still whenever I'm finding some info, I'm updating that post. This is the best we can do, rest it's up to the people.
13  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] LGS, LPC, LRM - All 3 from same team - All of them are pure SCAM on: January 14, 2019, 07:22:20 PM
Developers of scam coin (as you say) speak at such big conferences and have listings on 13 exchanges?
Obviously not.

But I understand you. This year there were so many scam projects, that you are now afraid to invest at all.
I also doubted a few days.

Ok, I looked the video as well as the channel, I can clearly see it's a very small conference and not known much among the crypto community. You can check there youtube channel and they've less than 500 followers, plus most of the videos have less than 50 views. Just because there name has big words and they decided to call themselves as "Blockchain World Conference", that doesn't make them big. Also check there twitter account , they created that account only in April 2008.

Also don't you think the questions I have asked needs proper answering once and for all? Everytime I ask these questions I got banned from there discord server. Don't you think all the proofs provided above needs an explanation?

In the blockchain space it's really hard to work on a single project and these guys are working on three projects at once in parallel. This alone is a big alarm for me to stay away from these guys and these projects. Please read my main post of this thread in it's entirety and let me know what you  think about it.
14  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] LGS, LPC, LRM - All 3 from same team - All of them are pure SCAM on: December 30, 2018, 01:28:20 PM

Just opened the website and see that the image of the heart used in is taken from the link you've provided. They're copying few things from here, few things from there and projecting it all together as a new project and scamming the people.
15  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: LPC - LIGHTPAY COIN SCAM on: December 14, 2018, 03:00:20 PM

see this dumb devs they are so stupid they rate each other fun part is that they dont even change the comments also Grin Grin Grin


These two Cryptomist12 and Gumiho (are the same person) are focused on saying that the project is scam, however i made this post only to show that they/he donīt know how bitcointalk works.
I never received any feedback from Pirrlokk, that feed back is the same on  both sides, i only sent feedback to 2 persons, to Pirrlokk and to valiant.
I only received feedback from 2 persons, bitbay84 and from you Gumiho, so more words for what?
To finalize, for me this 3 projects arenīt scam, i belive them and this is only my opinion, believing in a project makes a person a scammer? lol
I already lost 2 much time with you Cryptomist12 and Gumiho, but i decided to make this post not to old Bitcointalk members ( those know how it works feedbacks and they know your print is fake) but only for
Good luck to you Cryptomist12 and Gumiho, even call me a scammer i wish you all the best because i never wish bad things to others, even to rude ones.GOD is big.

Do you have any answer for the queries/accusations I've made against LGS/LPC/LRM coins? I've created the thread in Scam Accusations and link is mentioned just above this comment. I would be happy to know the answers or discussion around that. You being on higher membership level should not choose just any project for quick gains, you should do more research as people trust you based on your rank in bitcointalk.
16  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] LGS, LPC, LRM - All 3 from same team - All of them are pure SCAM on: December 14, 2018, 02:47:33 PM
You are posting wrong info here. I'm not even a part of the team. Just part of their sig campaign as I believe the project has something to offer to the community. I would say, please do your homework first before accusing someone. Please get your facts straight.

I've asked about you being part of a team or not, please check my original post in there thread. I've mentioned there that let me know if you're just an investor so that I can remove your link. Now that you've clarified that you're just participating in the signature campaign, I've removed your profile link.

If you are diligently pursuing these allegations to them, you need to post proofs that they scammed people. In their thread, I haven't seen a single one complained about that. So I'm still promoting them via sig campaign.

I've done some more research around LightPayCoin github account and updated my original thread with that info. You can clearly see that no real commit regarding the development has been done as such on there github account and last check-in was of 1st oct, i.e. 3 months back.
17  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] LGS, LPC, LRM - All 3 from same team - All of them are pure SCAM on: December 14, 2018, 02:39:32 PM
Filling up some stuff except their market manipulation and stuff that has been said already. Can someone compile a list of everything and we can put it in the official LRM/LPC/LGS threads?

Website and White Paper full of spelling mistakes

Their address goes to a dental office in dallas, their website domain is Ukraine

They partnered with CoinLogiq which is runned by Dwayne Golden, founder of MLM ponzi scheme Ingreso Cybernetico  Also have a history of creating bidding bots for Blue Bird Bids, a penny aucction in 2012 which was shut down after the bidding bots was uncovered.

People are getting banned from their discord for asking legitimate questions, or questions gets deleted ASAP

They have an army of team members with the same logo and same bad english, mass shilling it on btct

Listed under confirmed scams already

At least LRM have an russian army on twitter, writing same thing under every post.

LPC price crashed 95% in the beginning only from newly created accounts that had never done anything except received LPC

Manipulated Github, they are just changing the textfiles to inflate the number of commits.

They are actively manipulating the community that there will be a listing and a partnership with Binance

No partnership with Univeristy of central Florida has been confirmed

Their Blockchain was compromised and around 40000 coins was created out of thin air. Team knew about it but said "nah lets just wait and see if it gets exploited". Well it got exploited, most likely by the team themself before they fixed the issue.

Photoshopped profile pics, empty linkedin profiles, deleted facebooks etc etc.

Yes good info provided by you, I'll add them in my thread. I just checked there LPC coin github and it seems there last commit was 3 months back, and in total there were 47 commits out of which 50% are updating readme file and 30% is merging those changes. Nothing else has been checked in from development point of view. I'll update this comment as well.
18  Other / Meta / Re: LOGISCOIN ask to pump their thread 2-3 times a day and give coin against merit on: December 13, 2018, 04:40:50 PM
Why are these guys still allowed to post ?

Plus it seems they're still using the same "tactics" :

The volume is fake , they buy their own coin to get volume high and to boast about big volume then , they manipulate price everytime

buyer        seller
karry86   karry86   0.0017999681   992.9320852   1.78724609   18/08/26 13:03:30
karry86   karry86   0.0017812320   911.4534342   1.62351002   18/08/26 12:52:09
karry86   karry86   0.0017843230   932.4323900   1.66376055   18/08/26 12:51:51
karry86   karry86   0.0017879800   975.5498209   1.74426356   18/08/26 12:51:18
karry86   karry86   0.0017916937   1075.5498209   1.92705589   18/08/26 12:50:48

buyer                        seller
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017797500   962.3294130   1.71270577   18/08/26 15:10:51
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017797400   964.2579288   1.71612840   18/08/26 15:09:21
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017931300   966.1903094   1.73250482   18/08/26 14:59:57
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017931200   968.1265625   1.73596710   18/08/26 14:58:30
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017931300   970.0666958   1.73945569   18/08/26 14:55:48
lkghggh-4574563   lkghggh-4574563   0.0017931000   972.0107172   1.74291241   18/08/26 14:54:36

Yeah, they still seem to be incentivizing posting. Trashed the other thread as well and temp banned OP.

But they've made a new coin now and named it LRM (Liquid Regenerative Medicine Coin) and same pattern exist there as well. User karry86 buying and selling to increase the volume and price of the LRM coin. I've reported the LRM coin thread to the moderator and created a thread under scam accusations here -
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] LGS, LPC, LRM - All 3 from same team - All of them are pure SCAM on: December 13, 2018, 04:29:49 PM
this a big scam projects they not doing any progress in project they are just listing in exchanges and building fake volumes and dumping giving shit reasons there all there projects are heavily scam fake volumes built stay away from this scam  

there is also a thread related to scam lpc project

dont invest in this scam by watching volumes it is all fake

I've added the thread you mentioned in the main thread itself. Hope more people will see it and they'll come to know about this scam.
20  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: LPC - LIGHTPAY COIN SCAM on: December 13, 2018, 04:27:37 PM
I would like to know the opinion of our very objective sir lorida about the new coin of LPC/LGS team

LGS/LPC/LRM all are scam projects, I've created a thread under Scam accusations, hope it'll open eyes of some of the people who are following the project blindly. I've mentioned your comment about there address finding too in that, hope that's ok with you Smiley

Here's the link for the same -
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