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181  Economy / Economics / Re: WILL BITCOIN BE USED BY ALMOST EVERYONE IN 2022? on: March 27, 2018, 11:11:18 PM
It is said that bitcoin will destroy the fiat system but i believe that if this happens the world will change completly because banks and a lot of things will go out of market.

I think bitcoin can't destroy fiat system maybe in the future it become most popular because of the highest rating of its user's. We know that the fiat system is just exist in ancient civilization, ancient people used money either to bought or trade.

And I think this is the start of spreading and becoming popular of virtual currency to use and out new generation.
182  Other / Meta / Re: Bitcointalk forum, hardly access in browser! on: March 27, 2018, 01:37:01 PM
Better for you if you try to check your internet connection first or other technical aspects because that maybe the problem. Honestly, accessing this forum through a browser runs smoothly (aside from clouflare interruption of few seconds) because that's what I'm using right now.

Thank you very much sir/ma'm for your good advice and answer.
183  Other / Meta / Bitcointalk forum, hardly access in browser! on: March 27, 2018, 01:06:24 PM
Can we fix this problem? browser user can't access to bitcoin forum.
184  Other / Meta / Re: Mass merit abuse/farming on Tubi campaign on: March 24, 2018, 11:15:24 PM
So I randomly stumbled upon these two posts and wasn't sure why they'd been merited for such poor quality but quickly uncovered a little merit ring that quickly turned into a huge rabbit merit hole.

It's a bit messy but if you go to the bottom you can see all the accounts in question and they've all left merit to each other in some capacity.

Bitcoin does not make the bank disappear, but it may exist as a new payment medium.

Merited by wolf one (2)

I think 100 years from now there should be a lot of people who know bitcoin, when Bitcoin will exist as a global payment method.

Merited by okchain (2), frery (1), yuyuchain (1)

But looking into wolf one he sent merit to these two which are obviously alts:;u=1217777 Ada567 October 15, 2017;u=1217788 Ailsa567 October 15, 2017

Also sent to:;u=1012685 frery May 26, 2017

frery  also sent merit to Ailsa567 and okchain
frery also received merit from buhchain, rmyg5907 and wolf one;u=1012537 okchain May 26, 2017,;u=1012548 buhuchain May 26, 2017,;u=964528 rmyg5907 March 04, 2017

rmyg5907 sent merit to qwesasd frery wolf one hdasd gcckpxm62308 akkocoin htmcoin qwesasd

Ailsa567 sent merit to yuyuchain;u=1012567 yuyuchain May 26, 2017

yuyuchain also sent merit to yytcoin;u=994981 yytcoin May 03, 2017

yytcoin sent merit to both Allison567 and Ada567;u=1217840 Allison567 October 15, 2017

yytcoin recieved merit from gcckpxm62308 bjjobg55206 yuyuchain xapwxrm5742;u=964524 gcckpxm62308 March 04, 2017;u=964556 bjjobg55206 March 04, 2017

xapwxrm5742 sent merit to bttcoin and;u=994983 bttcoin May 03, 2017,;u=1007048 asdfbna May 20, 2017

bttcoin received merit from xapwxrm5742 and asdfbna

yuyuchain recieved merit from ajjhu and uinu;u=1007044 uinu May 20, 2017;u=1012717 ajjhu May 26, 2017,

hdasd sent to akkocoin;u=994992 akkocoin May 03, 2017;u=995541 htmcoin May 04, 2017

antchains sent to gulechain;u=1004742 gulechain

gulechain  sent to casdder;u=995592 casdder May 04, 2017

casdder sent to clubchain

casdder recieved merit from    adsadsx;u=995535 adsadsx May 04, 2017,

adsadsx sent to bunsd;u=1004754 bunsd May 17, 2017

bunsd sent merit to CNY dasd;u=995576 CNY dasd

CNY dasd sent merit to clubchain.
CNY dasd received merit from wnfmzm74 and bunsd May 17, 2017

bunsd sent merit to CNY dasd

bunsd recieved merit from gamechain;u=995278 gamechain May 04, 2017

gamechain sent merit to;u=1004764 dashchain May 17, 2017

dashchain sent merit to;u=995570 bisdsad May 04, 2017

isdsad sent merit to buhchain

bisdsad received merit from dashcain and wnfmzm74 and xapwxrm5742;u=964547 wnfmzm74 March 04, 2017;u=964530 xapwxrm5742 March 04, 2017

okchain sent merit to jritz2344973;u=964558 jritz2344973 March 04, 2017

jritz2344973 sent merit to both okchain buhuchain

wolf one also received merit from buhuchain rmyg5907 qwesasd

wolf one also received merit from rmyg5907

qwesasd sent merit to wolf one and Ailsa567 and received merit from clubchain and rmyg5907;u=1012561 clubchain May 26, 2017;u=1012566 oiucoin May 26, 2017

clubchain sent merit to qwesasd oiucoin;u=964521 qwesasd March 04, 2017

==================;u=964524 gcckpxm62308 March 04, 2017 tubi;u=964556 bjjobg55206 March 04, 2017 carex;u=964547 wnfmzm74 March 04, 2017 daneel;u=964521 qwesasd March 04, 2017 tubi;u=964530 xapwxrm5742 March 04, 2017 daneel;u=964558 jritz2344973 March 04, 2017 carex;u=964528 rmyg5907 March 04, 2017 minerava;u=994933 wolf one May 03, 2017 tubi;u=994981 yytcoin May 03, 2017 tubi;u=994983 bttcoin May 03, 2017,;u=994992 akkocoin May 03, 2017 tubi;u=994928 kioicoin May 03, 2017 CareX;u=994979 hgkcoin May 03, 2017 tubi;u=995541 htmcoin May 04, 2017 tubi;u=995592 casdder May 04, 2017 tubi;u=995535 adsadsx May 04, 2017 tubi;u=995576 CNY dasd May 04, 2017 tubi;u=995278 gamechain May 04, 2017 tubi;u=995570 bisdsad May 04, 2017;u=995299 hdasd May 04, 2017, carex;u=995238 goocoin May 04, 2017 carex;u=995270 tlkchain May 04, 2017 tubi;u=1002510 buinchain May 14, 2017 carex;u=1002532 sadbvc May 14, 2017 daneel;u=1004742 gulechain May 17, 2017 tubi;u=1004764 dashchain May 17, 2017 tubi;u=1004754 bunsd May 17, 2017 tubi;u=1004737 bunca May 17, 2017 tubi;u=1004731 rontme May 17, 2017 tubi;u=1007048 asdfbna May 20, 2017 tubi;u=1007044 uinu May 20, 2017 daneel;u=1012685 frery May 26, 2017 tubi;u=1012537 okchain May 26, 2017, tubi;u=1012548 buhuchain May 26, 2017, tubi;u=1012567 yuyuchain May 26, 2017 daneel;u=1012717 ajjhu May 26, 2017, tubi;u=1012561 clubchain May 26, 2017 tubi;u=1012566 oiucoin May 26, 2017 daneel;u=1012565 oppochain May 26, 2017,;u=1012676 antchains May 26, 2017 tubi;u=1012712 noonc May 26, 2017 tubi;u=1217777 Ada567 October 15, 2017 semux;u=1217788 Ailsa567 October 15, 2017 tubi;u=1217840 Allison567 October 15, 2017 semux;u=1220910 zwtnkpknbd October 16, 2017 tubi

I've organised them by registration date but as you can see there are many other similarities as there's lost of 'coin's' and 'chains' in their names and most of them are all on the same crapcoin campaign Tubi. I then noticed the campaign was run by adsadsx which fits the pattern of the above as he sent merit to bunsd and casdder and his registration date fits:;u=995535 adsadsx May 04, 2017

They all belong to a farmer who has been farming hundreds if not thousands of accounts using bots in the Chinese section for years. There's probably some I've missed if anyone want to check but don't bother tagging them because they're all banned.
Astonishing farmer. Shocked Shocked
I am sure the owner already listed on Forbes. I cant imagine how it can be organized well. But, you are good. Dig the merit hole.
Already checked, but didn't see any Signature or something from Tubi. Did they remove it or already banned?

Fucking great work..

the merit system showing some more awesome benefits

It's inevitable. Account farmers are suddenly left with dozens if not hundreds of accounts that are useless without merit so it's gonna be too hard for them to resist giving it to each other and once they do the patterns in their farming become easier to spot. It's funny how many farmers are getting caught after they complain about merit:

And just found another:

Sometimes they have people abuse the opportunity that they have,  sometimes they people used to takeover others but they didn't know on how others try to work as hard as they didn't expect. Good people try to follow the rules and regulations on life they deserved what they did and what they had now.
We hope that others never do this because it is not good to do on the others eye and also to our GOD's eye.

Thanks for our Legendary modirator..
185  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Who is the first bitcoin billionaire? on: March 24, 2018, 05:21:25 AM
Other notable investors investing in Bitcoin include Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (Harvard graduates have sued Mark Zuckerberg for suggesting that Facebook is based on their ideas). The twins bought a total of $ 11 million in Bitcoins by 2013, equal to about 1% of all bitcoins in circulation at the time. When the value of Bitcoin reached over $ 11,000 in early December, the twins were declared the first Bitcoin billionaire. They have suggested the SEC create a bitcoin investment fund, however, the SEC rejected the idea.
Another investor and entrepreneur, Erik Finman, invested $ 1,000 in Bitcoin at the age of 14 and has now become a millionaire.

Aside from that, unfortunately I have no idea about who is the first Billionaire in bitcoin. But I think in future maybe  all of us shall will become billionaire.  Hope this thing come true.
186  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Is religion necessary for humans? on: March 23, 2018, 03:11:59 PM
Of course yes it is very necessary for eveyy people who are living...  It is just like our citizenship but in spiritual manner...  It is very Good if we still believe in God because he will not only gave us hope but also he gave as a light so that we will not lose our way... Thats why it is important to everyone...
187  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Why People Can Not Believe Bitcoin on: March 22, 2018, 01:43:17 PM
Hello Everyone.
Recently my friends Asked me. Now I can investment with bitcoin. I said my friends. Of course you can invest bitcoin without tension.
but my friends can not believe friends tell me bitcoin price always dumping. It's will be got this scam. Cry
I got this boring felling with my friends opinion. Because I always believe them bitcoin about.
Bitcoin is the real king crypto currency world. Bitcoin will be never scam. It's not possible.  Embarrassed

Although bitcoin is popular many of people didn't know this because they are focusing on what are job they have.
188  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Sell your house for investment in btc. on: March 21, 2018, 11:23:37 PM
Just imagine selling your $259,900 house for 43BTC and 2 Months in street.

and after just 2 months sell 43BTC for $498198.

Again buying the previous also you will be in profit of $472298.

would you try this technique.

Since I came from indigenous family and there's have no big house that ideal to sell I won't do that. Remember that the 3 most important things that peoples need; Food, shelter, clothes. Even though bitcoin helps us to make those things. 
189  Economy / Economics / Re: Can Bitcoin End World Poverty? on: March 21, 2018, 01:30:25 PM

Bitcoin, it is not a whole solution to end world poverty, because bitcoin is not solution although it can reduce poverty rather to end poverty.
190  Other / Politics & Society / Re: why are people suffering from jealousy ? on: March 21, 2018, 01:58:59 AM
Because they think that everyone is better than them... It is a normal feeling because we are all human but we need to control it because it will not help us in our life... Instead of getting jealous to someone else just do everything to make your life better than them...
191  Economy / Economics / Re: Do You Think Bitcoin Will Replace Dollar Soon? on: March 20, 2018, 05:29:42 AM
Coinbase CEO believes bitcoin will replace dollar within 15 years.

Read the following news:

Do you think it will be true? Are you positive towards bitcoin's future status?

I think it could not be happen. Maybe bitcoin become an additional way and another unit of monetary (Virtual currency) that can be use us today. But dollar is still dollar no matter what crypto currency are being evolve.
192  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Can Bitcoin Really End World Poverty? on: March 20, 2018, 12:28:50 AM
Can bitcoin really do anything to solve world poverty problem? Brian Singer certainly think so. He thinks that Bitcoin can bring minimum everyday earning for people more swiftly than any other economy system.

Is it possible?
The short and only answer is no, bitcoin will not help to solve world poverty problem. Why? Because economical systems, regulations and laws are not the problem here. Humans are. People are so corrupt and flawed that they do not care about making this world a better place, they just care about themselves. That is why we will never have world without poverty, wars and terrorism. Bitcoin is nice tool but it is people who will be using it. That is the problem.

We all know that poverty has no single reason. We don't say that poverty can solve by using bitcoin, maybe it reduce the poverty rate not to end the world poverty.  
193  Other / Politics & Society / Re: What are the reasons to support war? on: March 16, 2018, 10:12:38 PM
Even before war is just an ordinary scenario the reason why it still happening because there a lots of people who is self-centered they didn't think others...  Just they only thinking is for their own goods not knowing they causes problems...  It is very sad to hear that childrens are get affected by this things...  At their young age they are awaken with cruelty of the world...
194  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Quit Facebook on: March 16, 2018, 02:05:50 PM
Facebook itself is not bad it depends on the person who used it if they will use it for hurting others or they will use it in good purpose... Facebook has a lot pf advantage it makes the impossible possible now.. It help us to communicate with other person all over the world and through fb also we convey our feelings,  thoughts and ideas...
195  Economy / Economics / Re: Are you thinking about the future? on: March 15, 2018, 11:46:55 PM
Have you ever thought about buying bitcoin for your children as a future investment?

I think buying bitcoin for my children as their investment on future is quite good. Bitcoin is not stable maybe tomorrow, someday or in future bitcoin vanished or weaked. That's why the best investment thay you can give to your children are education, knowledge cannot be take or cannot steel. V
196  Other / Off-topic / Re: Philippines on: March 15, 2018, 11:18:49 AM
The Philippines is an archipelago found in the South East Asia. It is surrounded with bodies of water like the pacific ocean, south china sea and others. The country is composed of 7,100 islands and is famous for hospitable people.
What are your thoughts about this country? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you are thinking of this country?
Let me know.

The Philippines has a rich history combining Asian, European, and American influences. Prior to Spanish colonization in 1521, the Filipinos had a rich culture and were trading with the Chinese and the Japanese. In 1898, after 350 years and 300 rebellions, the Filipinos, with leaders like Jose Rizal and Emilio Aguinaldo, succeeded in winning their independence.

In 1898, the Philippines became the first and only colony of the United States. Following the Philippine-American War, the United States brought widespread education to the islands. Filipinos fought alongside Americans during World War II, particularly at the famous battle of Bataan and Corregidor which delayed Japanese advancement and saved Australia. They then waged a guerilla war against the Japanese from 1941 to 1945. The Philippines regained its independence in 1946.

Hope to enjoy visiting In Philippines.

197  Other / Off-topic / Re: Cant Sleep :( on: March 15, 2018, 07:09:04 AM
Playing online games and reading a books before going to sleep are good.
198  Other / Off-topic / Re: The function of religion ? on: March 15, 2018, 04:23:28 AM
It serve as our barrier tobsin beecause if we are believing in God definitely we will not do anything which is against him..  I am not talking that all religion is good. Its up to you if how your religion affects your decisions in life.
199  Economy / Economics / Re: Working smart vs working hard on: March 12, 2018, 11:06:02 AM
Working smart and working hard are have the same value. When people could do anything by working hard they commonly used thier physical capabilities. When people played by thier works and using a lot of strategies, techniques and method they usually a smart working person. They have a time management so that they can do their works as flawless as they want.  But we could not be disable working hard! instead we need to merge this two things to become more effective and efficient in our life.
200  Other / Politics & Society / Re: Working Abroad is a lot of sacrifice. on: March 12, 2018, 03:58:46 AM
Yes probably speaking it is very difficult first of all the country you will work has different language,  culture and types of government. It is very difficult to adapt.. You will need to learn all of the thing and you need to work for it because if not you are be the one who will encountered the consequences..
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