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481  Economy / Lending / Re: DarkStar's ALTCOIN COLLATERAL REQUIRED Loans | 0.24% to 0.13% Daily Interest on: October 27, 2018, 04:42:33 AM
Required BTC Amount: 0.045BTC
Loan Duration: 7 days
Collateral: BCH
BTC Address: 1K7NeCvEu9TU1drBPgA6dby3NP8enyfBJt
Repay: 0.047 BTC

Repayment should actually be 0.046BTC (0.000756BTC interest rounded to 0.001BTC minimum).
Let me grab a BCH address; I need to update my Trezor first.

BCH address for Coolcryptovator's loan is qp7azwuuxrjgfc8xuzty33nv3awze40qcgahkv937k

Today is October 26, 2018.

Sent  0.849 BCH to sign address (BCH) . Trx: bf23435d89f8be4b4ac31447408e1275a3bc3741b8fd79e5a04f5010e3b37620
Please send btc on requested address. Thanks
482  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: wondering about the Merit on: October 26, 2018, 09:52:28 PM
why all this fight to get the merit? all the accounts are bounty hunters so they need the merits to partecipate?

Fighting for rank up to  participate signature and spamming on forum. A quality poster will never fight for merit. Really merit is not required for bounty hunters. Only merit need for signature spam, especially to become Jr. Member. I strongly believe 1 merit is not hard to earn for good poster. It's not necessary to become high quality poster. Few good post is enough to earn 1 merit.

If your intention to earn merit from meta then you are on wrong place.
483  Economy / Lending / Re: DarkStar's ALTCOIN COLLATERAL REQUIRED Loans | 0.24% to 0.13% Daily Interest on: October 26, 2018, 07:30:42 PM
Required BTC Amount: 0.045BTC
Loan Duration: 7 days
Collateral: BCH
BTC Address: 1K7NeCvEu9TU1drBPgA6dby3NP8enyfBJt
Repay: 0.047 BTC
484  Other / Meta / Re: sent the wrong bitcoin to the paid address of the forum, on: October 26, 2018, 07:07:00 PM
I don't think its possible to refund.  If you don't hold private key then there is another option since you mentioned on OP. For each bitcointalk account generate individual bitcoin address, so admin could specify it easily which address generated for OP account. If match generated address and transaction address then you could expect for refund.      
485  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Upicoin - FAKE TEAM - stealing people's identity on: October 26, 2018, 04:27:47 PM
Well catch mate. Tagged scammers. Surprised ! even they haven't bothered change names from template. Obviously all the fool investors are going to invest on that. Their intention could not be good who bought team picture from stock image. A legit project can't do this kind of work. They just want to make us fool. Eventually they will skip with fund.

Most likely you forgot to archived website.  Just archived here for future evidence.

They haven't yet used whois guard.
Registrar:Hostinger UAB
Registered On:2018-09-28
Expires On:2019-09-28
Updated On:2018-09-28
Administrative Contact
Name: Robert Jean
Organization:Unit Payment International (UPI)
Postal Code:01223

486  Economy / Reputation / Re: Tens/hundreds of accounts - Bot malfunction? on: October 26, 2018, 04:11:25 PM
Could it be...ICO bumping service? Bumping bounty to keep it on top for more promotion?  Undecided I mean, they all applied to bounties with social media accounts which don't exist, except telegram which is inactive anyway, with invalid eth addy's:

Yes, most likely accounts are created for ICO bumping service. Most of mentioned account activity almost same (21). They only post proof of authentication post, they never submitted any bounty report still now. I believe they are avoiding post deletion.  I have experience on this thread, I am reporting daily at least 2/3 page. They are using same methods almost. Quoting full thread and with nice project.
487  Other / Meta / Re: Finally a turtle crossed the finish line on: October 26, 2018, 10:03:16 AM
Congrats... for your achievement. As well you have tried your best to contribute yourself for forum. That's the reasone you have rank up. This is the one of proof that merit system is working fine. To be honest I will be exited once my rank up. Because ranks bear the weight how you are contributing yourself. My bad luck still I am  not Sr. Member even I have earned enough merit. Because my activity is low. However I believe you will continue your contributions to help forum. Best of luck.
488  Other / Meta / Re: [CLUB]The SpamBuster!4 Cases open,over 3000 accounts, Reviewed:5000+ [11.09] on: October 25, 2018, 08:14:05 PM
Breaking forum rules:
Bounty thread:

They are continuously bumping thread with good project and quoted full thread. I am reporting daily. Mod. could check my history. They are not following forum rules so thread should be trashed or locked.

Note: Replies have reported up to today. 
489  Other / Meta / Re: Account buy - sell should be ban officially on: October 25, 2018, 07:54:09 PM
I would like to up this tread again since OP was last active: October 01, 2018 and I don't think we need create another thread. Just few point I want to highlight. I don't know reason behind account sale why is it allowed by forum. Since there is few argument with DT and reputed members I would like to hear from admin or mod about account sale. If account sale would not ban officially then is it right to tag account seller or buyer ? If not then there should be official instruction that account seller or buyer should not tag. Or just ban account sale officially so that no one will able to do it on forum inside. Because after got tag peoples attack DT members or who caught them. And they are legal to attack since they haven't broke any forum rules.  

From OP poll most of user don't like account trade. I believe Most of reputed users never like it. So admin couldn't reconsider this matter?
490  Other / Meta / Re: [LOG] sMerit HODLers who sent merits for the first time on: October 25, 2018, 07:34:09 PM

Look like you are still live on childhood. If I am not wrong second time you attack me with same reference. I replied on your thread what is true. More than 7 post you have created with similar subject about merit. That's why you are always trying to counter me ? Well then do it. May be it will help improve your rank because your activity 290 but merit is only 39 and you are still member. But I am ok with my merit as well my merit is more than faster my activity. I bothered to reply you because I am going to put you on my ignore list. So wherever and whatever you reply it will not visible for me. You are free to post against me. I don't have much time to bother myself in nonsense work. Best of luck.
491  Other / Meta / Re: What's more important to judge whether or not I should be trusted? on: October 25, 2018, 05:57:41 PM
Apologize, I have open this case about The Pharmacist tag. I really didn't open this case for more argument. My intention was for stop the argument. I really don't like to see red caution on DT profile, especially if there is like The Pharmacist who have spend lots of time to prevent corruption. I have not found the point how he abuse trust system. No, I am not defending TP, also few point I am not agree with him. But I an also not fan of account seller. On the other hand iluvbitcoins also have not broke forum rules or he didn't attempt to scam. Even I don't know much about him but most likely he is a trusted person according to others DT feedback.

Regarding account sale, main problem is forum rules. Question is, if account sales allowed by forum then why need to tag? Is it really necessary? I have a simple answer although everyone will not agree with it. Answer is, most of account seller are scammer, they really don't have account for sale. Mostly they scam greedy peoples who is encourage to buy account. So its really need to tag them for warn buyers. Especially newbie account seller.

However noticed The Pharmacist have removed his feedback during writing time. So I think problem is almost solved. The Pharmacist did right thing I think by tag and by remove. I believe iluvbitcoins has learned from tag and he should also removed his feedback.

Why I agree both of TP decision? Because his tag will help iluvbitcoins to avoid this kind of actions. And there is multiple reason that I believe pharmacist should remove tag,
iluvbitcoins trusted by more than 7 DT and he win by voting on this thread. Most of people think iluvbitcoins still enough trusted. Add on DT2 network means more trusted. So considering all this issue TP took this decision. However I will not call him selfish. 
492  Other / Meta / Re: [LOG] sMerit HODLers who sent merits for the first time on: October 25, 2018, 04:55:35 PM
Another merit analysis... forum became Merittalk instead of Bitcointalk. However OP did hard work. I don't see any point of your image that you used on original post. To be honest I didn't find the point how is it useful for us?
493  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: pivottoken - [ Suspicious project ] on: October 25, 2018, 12:27:39 PM
They don't have money to edit picture. Because they bought  domain only 0.99$  less the and hosting bought for 2.88 USD only. If owner is developer then total cost is 3.87 USD. Don't believe me ? Just visit on and check what is the price of .xyz and shared hosting. No clickable their Media Partners , just use logo. Because they don't have to post others website. Bitcointalk free promote that's why promoting here  Grin. I don't how fool are investors, even they never check website professionalism?
494  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: AvailCom Bounty - Fake link on bitcointalk forum on: October 25, 2018, 12:05:34 PM
Good catch OP. Most likely scammer changed address from main thread(imo) , since I am on mobile I can't confirmed that. But i can see different link on ANN thread although almost same but not working. However I have confirmed from archived he had post phishing link previously. Tagged , hope DT will handle this account. He had claimed his account was hacked. But unfortunately he become hacker  Wink

Current link;

Previous link was :

But link generated from same hosting/domain. Both link inactive right now.
495  Other / Meta / Re: New Child Board for banned users... on: October 25, 2018, 03:41:32 AM
Not bad idea, but mode could create a sticked post on meta to claim ban, hacked and locked account. Especially ban and lock possible solve and answer by mod.
I have created a thread about it;
Although it's temp solutions but it might be reduced lots of post. On the other hand it's seems others user also helping ban user why they got ban. I think hilariousetc can do it since he is helping most of ban thread.
496  Other / Meta / Re: Meta board flooded by account recovery thread ( ban/locked and hacked account) on: October 25, 2018, 03:33:23 AM
Up for visibility. I think it's time to create sticked post by moderators since so many ban post reflecting on meta. Mod could answer them easily who got ban. Once open meta just see ban appeal post. Sometimes difficult to found few important post.
497  Economy / Reputation / Green trust account seller on: October 24, 2018, 05:50:57 PM
Green trust account seller
Profile:;u=37125  ( No yet tagged) Tagged


Actual prices and availability of accounts:
Green trusted✅:
- Senior - 1.7 eth
- Full member - 0.9 eth
- Member - 0,25 eth

Red trusted🅱️:
- Legendary - 1.8 eth (with smerit)
- Hero - 1.1 eth (with smerit)
- Senior members - 0.7 eth (with smerit)
- Full members - 0.4 eth (with smerit)

Account buyer:;u=2447406 ( No yet tagged) Tagged


I am looking to buy some bitcointalk accounts which must be full member and above.If you have any please post your telegram or other contact information with price in this thread.
Escrow is must,no negative trusted or loan.

Account seller:;u=947610  ( No yet tagged) Tagged


I am selling full member 300$  sr.member 500$ and hero member account 800$
Clean acct
Not hacked
No sign message
No loan.

drop your telegram id if your interested to buy.

We will use escrow to make it safe to both of us.

Reason for selling is quiting bitcointalk.

Account seller:;u=992138  ( No yet tagged) Tagged


Selling one of my full member bitcointalk account for a very decent price, IMO.

Account seller:;u=2444272 (Not yet tag)


Now in stock:

- Member
- Sr Member
- Hero Member

Contact me on telegram: @Sellingnow1

Account seller:;u=2422246  ( No yet tagged) Tagged


Selling a hero account just in a need of money. I am not scam like other on this forum. you can trust me.

Account seller:;u=2381085 ( No yet tagged) Tagged


sr. member bitcointalk 180$

Account buyer:;u=1517625 ( No yet tagged) Tagged


Want to buy full acc (ecscrow acceppt)
Telegram - @Vadyk77
498  Other / Meta / Re: What's more important to judge whether or not I should be trusted? on: October 24, 2018, 02:18:26 PM
Just now noticed The Pharmacist tagged by OP iluvbitcoins as well he/she is also in DT list. Personally I don't think this is enough reason to tag. There is no reference to identify why he got tag. Is this counter tag ? We know the previous history about account sales of iluvbitcoins which is discouraged by forum. We know this is allowed, but it's discourage by forum and reputed member's. I believe none reputed member's don't like account trade. Although all DT member's are not tagging account sellers but I believe they don't like any kind account sale or trade.

I am little bit surprised that how a DT member could involved with account sale ? As you title what is important to consider trusted. The Pharmacist didn't mention scammer on his feedback. He left feedback like all others same. There is reference why OP got tagged. I don't know too much about OP since I am newbie, most likely he is trusted person but is it fair a trusted person will involved with account trade ? I don't think so. Personally I don't like account tread since I have realized how hard to build an account.

I believe OP should reconsider about tag of The Pharmacist, it's not looking good a DT tagged without reference. Although I am not agree with him sometimes but he is doing good job to keep clean this forum. And I believe he will continue his work.

Apologise for broken English.

I am little bit surprised that how a DT member could involved with account sale ?
OP was only recently added to DT.

That's why tag are reflecting, OP left feedback exactly a month ago. I believe OP will reconsider about that matter.
499  Other / Meta / Re: Good day I would like to appeal my banned account. on: October 24, 2018, 01:50:29 PM
I would also like to apologize because I didn't think that posting a single sentence that was reference to the real article will get me banned as shown in the

Wrong, you haven't add reference link and you copy paste directly. Archived here. I haven't found any reference link on your post. You have copied directly from website and just paste on forum. Even you haven't used quote. You have plagiarized content from others and past it here means you are fully conscious. Do you like if some one steal your content ?

Most likely you aren't going to unban and you aren't allow to create new account or used current account as well.
500  Economy / Reputation / Re: You think I am a scammer? mdayonliner's reputation on: October 24, 2018, 12:27:33 PM
I challenge you to become a Sr. Member by creating a brand new account which will have no connection with any of the hilari accounts. Expose it once you become a Sr. Member. You will realize the blood and sweat.

I don't know why are you really don't want to accept your mistake. You always try to defend yourself and always trying to win. Look like only you are right and all others is wrong. How do you think others people's are not ranking up. You didn't? And am I not doing ? There is more people's who are building own account from began. I don't see any point of your challenge. If we could build a account from began that obviously hilariousandco could. You always try to argue with them who tagged you instead of convinced. Your main point is why they should tag you since you are good poster. Do you know pride is the root for demise. I will not surprised if someday I got tag for my mistake. Even I never tried to call myself as a good poster. But it's true I am trying to learn.

To be honest, if I am on your place than I would locked this thread after 1 reply. But still you are like to argue.
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