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641  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [SCAM] WAPINTER Bounty Managers scams on Konios on: July 07, 2018, 12:42:21 PM
There is another thread we discussed about Wapinter.
I think you can join there to discuse your problem instead of make new thread. He promote some scam ICO during couple of month. And that are well proven. So I will request to OP please lock this thread and continue discussion there on old thread to avoid spam.
642  Other / Meta / Re: Erosion of merit. How to prevent it. on: July 07, 2018, 12:24:09 PM
True but the merit sources also need to patrol the more spam infested threads. But that a hell lot of work to fish out some worthy post to merit in the ocean of shit
I feel that there are other people who are more active in the forum than the merit sources.

Exactly you point the right thing. There are many well reputed member's more then active from some merit source. Thats why I think need more merit source on forum. 82 merit source is not enough right now with limited smerit monthly. If newcomer make something useful and he didn't get enough merit then he might be disappointed from it. If some one new here it doesn't mean he can't creat good content.
643  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: GreenWorld Farm - Warning! SCAM! on: July 07, 2018, 08:45:03 AM
Hello everyone. Sorry for doing "up" of this old topic, but I would like to ask you an advice.
I have participated in GreenWorld Farm twitter bounty campaign and want to know what should I do with all the retweets/twets/like I've made. Should I remove them, since the project turned out to be scam.

You should  delete your all report history from your profile. And also your post from tweeter and Facebook. Otherwise if any DT member's see you are still promoting scam project they might be tag you. Better it delete as saon as possible to avoid red tag. For future try to minimum research before join any bounty, so that you will be able to identify scam ico.
644  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: 🌍[Guide] Prevent scam!!! Seven useful tools for find scam / fake ICO team 🌍 on: July 07, 2018, 08:37:38 AM
There's no need to waste time looking for all of them. I can tell it just by looking at the website and its presentation. If the website looks like it is made by a 5 year old with tweaked WordPress themes, then you know what that means. But if its quite good then I dug deeper into each of the member's profile for red flags. If there's none getting caught red handed, I still don't invest in their ICOs without getting enlisted in exchanges first.

I am a simple dude. I find any legitimate tokens on exchanges, I trade. Wink

It's great to hear that you are much expert regarding ICO. I appreciate your idea. Actually the reson of this post , I have caught some ICO recently with fake team. Then many people asking me how to find. So I thought to share that process how I found. It's not for investor only, it's help for bounty hunters also. I am also same to you. Even legit ICO I am not much interested to invest. But some time it's happened and I have never loss any ICO. Currently most of ICO is scam or can't reach soft cap. So better avoid now.
645  Other / Meta / Re: Erosion of merit. How to prevent it. on: July 07, 2018, 08:18:41 AM
Lets put this myth to bed. The forum is awash with awardable sMerit. This morning I have almost 200  of them to use to reward posters. If I double my usual award to 2 sMerits, that is 100 decent posts that I have to find. Things are gradually improving, but that is probably about 2 days of hard work. Also, remember that those 200 will generate another 200 for the community to award as they are used. Source merits are also replaced 30 days after I award them. I'm just one merit source, and probably not a major one either.

I would be grateful if posters could stop complaining about a great, and essential, system, and looks at their posting. Be honest with yourself - would you give most of your posts any accolades. Are you just re-posting other peoples' ideas, are you just posting extracts from published articles with any comment, can people even understand what you have written. Also there are some bad posting habits - have you included a stupid image that causes people to skip over your comment, have you included a massive redundant quote, so that people can't even see your comment, is your post a useless necro-bump?

Please give the responsible source merits a chance to do their unpaid work. Don't clog up the threads so that decent posts don't get read. Stop creating threads that are repeats of the same tired old comments. Please make good and constructive posts so that Bitcoin Talk can take a leading place in the golden age that is being created at the moment.

And if you know your English is weak, stop posting on the English boards, and work on improving it. If people can't understand you, then you will just end up on ignore, no matter how good the sentiment behind your comments.

I will not argue with you as well as you are well reputed member on this forum. I didn't complain here. I just discuss the current situation. I didn't post other people idea honestly. I haven't seen this kind of discussion. I have mention on top of my thread. I just post only what I think. If smae think around your mind then what can I do?  Regarding my image posting I have remember that I have post an image to Welsh merit source application. That's I think was not necessary to post. My other thread with image for scam ICO or connected account. I use picture to clarify easily. Regarding my post I always try to prevent spam from me and always try to fight with spammer and scammer. For that reason if I got negetive trust no problem for me. I am not saying that I am 100% pure. May some of my post low quality. But honestly I don't like get idea from other or spamming on forum. Regarding English, million people here from various country. All their native language is English? All the member's here graduate? Yes I am weak in English. For me if some one can explain successfully any thing in English, I have not complain about him. If I will not post on English then how can I improve myself?  If I make post then may be some one will mention my wrong and I can correction myself.

Anyway i respect you always and I will. Your reply is much appreciated for me.

If you find similar idea that posted recently you can give the link. So I will delete my post.
646  Other / Meta / Re: Erosion of merit. ( posted by mistake. Not yet ready for post ) on: July 07, 2018, 07:40:14 AM
Look Like you are weak in Mathematics. If 1 Merit generate 1 sMerit , Then you can have infinite supply of Merit by Just getting 1 Merit.
A got 1 Merit so he has default 1sMerit.
A decided it to give it to B, Now B has 1 Merit and 1 smerit.
Now both can do to and froth to game the system and in between they can introduce C,D,E and so on.

Edit:  Merit Sources are replenished with sMerits ( sMerits created without getting any Merit) to solve this erosion problem.

May be you are right I am not much experienced in math. But I think you reply before complete my post. On subject you can see
Re: Erosion of merit.( posted by mistake. Not yet ready for post )
. I think I calculate right. It's user calculation. Not from merit source. I will request you for read now. Btw thanks for your reply.
647  Other / Meta / Erosion of merit. How to prevent it. on: July 07, 2018, 07:01:15 AM
Disclaimer: I don't know if another post similar. I haven't seen. If you know reply here I will lock this thread.

As well we know once merit system was implement then smerit wasn't 1merit=0.5 merit for all member's.
The spendable amount was calculated based on your current rank and the number of activity points you earned in the last year. A Legendary member who hasn't posted in the last year would still be Legendary, but would not have any spendable merit.

From above quote we can see that every one didn't receive smerit half of his merit initially. This is one reasone for erosion of merit.
Anyway this is already gone. Nothing we can do. Current merit calculation is 1=0.5 .
when someone sends you merit points, half of those points can be sent by you to other people.
Now I will calculate up to end user, if I have 1 smerit initially, then I can send it 1 user. Now he have 0.5 smerit. So will try to explain below up to end user.
(User)  :  Me > user1> user2> user3> user4  >  user5>>>
(Smerit): 1  >> 0.5 >   0.25  > 0.125> 0.0625> 0.03125>>>>

In this calculation up to 5th user have 0.0625 smerit.
So in a result day by day merit is erosion. Thousand of people joined this forum daily. If like this running merit system then it will be impossible to rank up for newcomer, even he is good poster.
Prevent merit Erosion or vanish it's possible to change smerit circulation system. Now it is 1merit=0.5smerit . I think it can be implement 1merit=1smerit so that merit system will not erosion or vanish.

Now you may think there is merit source to recover for erosion merit. Currently up to now
There are 82 merit sources with a total merit generation of up to 18900 sMerit per 30 days
I think it's not enough for recover. Because million members here ( I don't know exactly how many total member's here). Check Merit source status

For me there is 2 solution.
1) Implement smreit to 1merit=1smerit
2) Inrease merit source and generate more merit I mean increase smerit limit.

Merit system was implement for prevent spam and keep this forum clean. So it should be continue without erosion for better result.

It's my own opinion you may disagree with me. Share your though is much appriceate.

648  Other / Meta / Re: Application for a merit source on: July 07, 2018, 06:15:39 AM
I don't know you already become merit source or not. I think not yet, because you didn't locked the thread. But I strongly believe you deserve it and admin should consider your application. Since I have joined I am following you and I saw your activity and merit distribution well. We need more merit source like you. As I know you not yet become source so friendly bump thread. If you already become hope you will  lock the thread.
Best of luck.
649  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: i was cheated by BCT staff on: July 07, 2018, 05:14:20 AM
You deserve it. Whoever want to buy an account he deserve scam ( my opinion). Why you think you should buy an account ? There is any issue with your own account ? You can't upload picture or you need to join signeture campaign ? I don't think so you will join signeture with Jr. Member. How you know account is fresh? May be it was hacked from other. And seller got red trust from DT. You should be careful deal with red trust people.
650  Other / Meta / Badly bumping ANN Thread ( self moderated). Using newbie account. on: July 07, 2018, 04:06:36 AM
I will request to moderator and DT to check AVINOC ICO Ann thread:

How badly they are bumping thread from beginning. They are continue open new account and spaming their own thread. Now a days it's very easy to open account with small fee only.  Or they are using any bumping service from spammer.  Btw I know medareror will no action. So at least DT should tag Authorized of post. So that every one will think before invest their ICO.
651  Other / Meta / Re: Merit system is not working, failed! on: July 07, 2018, 02:22:19 AM
The merit system is not working, look the merit points of people on the forum, it does not move (even for the more relevant posts), the forum established a system which was suppose to penalize newcomers flooding the forum with useless post, but the forum penalize itself, good luck everybody, If you think people will give you merit points for free you are mistaken.

It's look merit system working fine. You didn't get merit it doesn't mean that system aren't working. Yes forum flooding by new people but maximum come for bounty and airdrop. Not for merit , I mean they just come for earn money. They didn't try to make some useful or HQ post. I just visit your profile. You posted only one thread that your own. Others are all shit reply on other post. How you expect merit ?
And what does you mean no one will give you free merit ? It's true. Why someone will give you merit on shitpost ? You must need pay your time, knowledge and idea for this forum. Money can't give you merit expect some corrupted member's. Forget complain and try to make some good post.
652  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: So many Bounties-Which one is trusted? on: July 06, 2018, 05:42:42 PM
No one can say which bounty is safe. Fisrt you should chise best manager's for bounty. Then you should research by your own regarding their team, whitepaper, roadmap and concept. No one can say which ICO will scam. But by doing well research you can realize the true.
Search the managers who have good reputation on this forum and check his previous work.
653  Other / Meta / Re: (!) Merit Source Apply on: July 06, 2018, 04:25:52 PM
Best of luck. Really we need more merit source on this forum. If I ma not wrong currently only 81 merit source here. I think it's not enough. Also monthly smerit genarate is not much higher. Merit system reducing smerit daily. Because if 1 merit receive then 0.5 smerit you have. So it's basically reduce smerit. Hope your success. Not only Italian board, I hope you will take care all over forum.
654  Other / Meta / Re: Ban this fucker before he hurts somebody !!! URGENT !!! on: July 06, 2018, 09:53:23 AM
It's look he delete his all post. Before you make this kind of thread you should archive his history.

I don't know what he was posted. But I am pretty sure he is spammer that's why he deleted his post. Anyway good job. Keep it up. We should together fight with spammers.
655  Other / Meta / Re: Idea: Courses on: July 06, 2018, 07:22:45 AM
Exactly this is a great idea. Since I have joined this forum I work always fight against scammer and spammers. Of curse some members have created some guidelines but it wasn't focused as well. Those thing you are pointed here exactly I was looking for that. Specially newcomer and who have not much idea about crypto it will be most helpful for them. Introductory cryptocurrency investing is more important for now. Because many people are getting scamed by investing. So if your idea implement then it will be very helpful.
Anyway here is many members know about software you need. They might be help about that. Just need to be verify. Hope your idea will be implemented.
656  Other / Meta / Re: My report history with chart. Question to moderator on: July 05, 2018, 05:48:16 PM
Scams (or potential ones) aren't moderated by staff and those reports should be marked as bad. Leave them appropriate feedback and open a scam accusation or Reputation thread about them instead.

Ok I did. But if self moderate thread there is no meaning to leave feedback. I was opened a thread regarding this matter.
Rest is open Scam Accusations. Yes I did always if I found . But I think it's not enough solutions if there is strong proof.
657  Other / Meta / My report history with chart. Question to moderator on: July 05, 2018, 05:33:56 PM
Finally I am able to see my report history with chart. I was wait for it because I want like to see my full history.

Probably this chart will show once approach more than 300 good report.

I was report from beginning but I was more motivate after read Welsh motivational thread . Special thanks to him for this kind of post.

The reason of share this post to motivate other people to report spam or scam to keep clean this forum. Even my report accuracy 95% but it's little try from my side.

Second thing that I was report some scam ICO thread with self moderate. They was fake team with well prove. Those post are unhandled most of them I reported scam Ann.

My question is if it's well proved that ICO team is fake then why it's unhandled ? So what is the meaning of reprt this kind of thread ? As well as some DT suggest me to report moderator. If we can't prevent scammer even proof with us so why need report this kind of thread ?

Any moderator will answer me ? So I will avoid report this kind of thread.

I will request to all member's just try little bit to keep forum spam free. You can report also spam and bad post.
It's the best guide that how you can report and what is benifite. Please read this thread.

658  Economy / Trading Discussion / Good news for Bittrex users. Launching new trading exchange.... on: July 05, 2018, 04:09:38 PM
Bittrex tweet just now they are going to launch new trading platform partnership with

I think this is positive news for Bittrex users. There will be some new feature. Starting with customers in the European Union. The new trading platform will be launched under the brand name.
News source :

What is your opinion?
659  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: HOW TO STOP HACKERS TO HACK YOUR CRYPTO WALLET on: July 05, 2018, 08:18:58 AM
Thanks for share your idea. It will help people to prevent scam or hack. Recently most hacking occurred by phishing site. That's the main problem now. So we should more care about phishing site. We can bookmark the address or double check web address every time once we enter password or private key. So it will prevent us from scam. Because prevention is better then cure.
660  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: One (1) Merit point to Rank-up Service, READ THE RULES BEFORE YOU APPLY!! on: July 05, 2018, 08:03:29 AM
Helped many to rank up, looking for some new good posters. Bump!

Congrats in advance you are going to Sr. Member soon  Grin . Just need 6 merit more  Wink . I don't have enough otherwise  I would like to send Cry  ( Just joke).  Because you are one of member that help forum and member's.  Hope some one will help you. BTW we are family here to help each other. Keep it up.
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