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1  Other / Meta / Re: [Report] Ban Evasion [Requesting Admin/mod to check those and ban] on: September 30, 2023, 04:04:25 PM
25. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.[e]
Ban evasion.

Wilsonthebitcoiner Autoban user
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Gambling and it effects on: September 30, 2023, 02:39:08 PM
I've always considered gambling to be fun. If your finances allow you to be lost, then there should be no problem participating in the games. You play for one day; today you are lucky, and you catch your luck and get an adrenaline rush. But tomorrow, you must understand that there may not be a win at all. If you understand this, then everything is fine. But why do we see people who decide to earn their living by playing games? Where is this taught? If you donít have free funds, then itís too low to take out loans for the game or sell personal items to win back. Don't let the game take over your thoughts.  There should always be a measure in everything. Everyone has their own, and not losing their face is the best thing a person who respects himself can do for himself.
3  Other / Meta / Re: How to check post bursting through ninjastic space on: September 30, 2023, 08:01:08 AM

Besides, you can use too.
Active users, top posters and most active topics in the past 1h, 24h and 7d

Sometimes you can be surprised at how dedicated users dedicate themselves to the forum, and in addition, you can easily determine how quickly these posts were written. I like to look at the twenty-four-hour period. But are there record-holders who manage to send many posts within an hour? A large number will raise suspicion, whether the person writes himself or simply posts ready-made texts.;u=3336840;sa=showPosts
For example, this user manages to send his messages every three minutes, in the time period of September 30 Smiley
Please note that he most often cites posts whose writing time is different from his posting time.
4  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Avoiding Faucets and Airdrop Scams on: September 30, 2023, 07:36:18 AM
Back in the day, airdrops and faucets had real projects.

The strange thing is that people hope that those times can return. Even more, those who once profited from airdrops today know that this is impossible. Hopes come from newcomers who have watched old YouTube videos trying their luck, periodically losing their money. No matter what you write here, as long as there are scammers, there will be those who will consume everything they create. As they say, if there is a demand, those who are willing to be deceived will always be those who take advantage of it. And the stories that there is nothing free on the Internet will be heard by those who get burned. Give people the freedom to make mistakes. This becomes a motto.
5  Economy / Reputation / Re: Whose fault is it here? on: September 30, 2023, 05:27:40 AM
There is no rule that says that using an AI tool will result in a ban. Rather, it happened because a report was sent to moderators that the account violated the ban rule. I later provided a link to the fact that this account had previously been banned, and he received a two-month ban for his early farming on the forum. There is all the evidence that this account was previously part of a large farm.
However, I apologize. This account was really lucky to receive the smallest ban and unblock for only two months. As for my use of AI tools, it's just ridiculous; I don't know how to use this crap at all.
6  Local / العربية (Arabic) / Re: هل هذا صحيح؟ on: September 30, 2023, 05:17:03 AM
7  Economy / Reputation / Re: Have Any Chance To Withdraw Negative Trust..? on: September 29, 2023, 03:24:26 PM
You have several alternative accounts that are also subject to coloring, at least one. I also mark him with a negative review for cheating in the bounty.
You can continue to curse me.

The fact that you deleted the post does not mean anything; there are archives from which it is difficult to erase something.

Twitter Profile Link:

Besides, you are not the real owner, so learn to read and admit your mistakes, and not mess up the PM in a private message.
8  Other / Meta / Re: Ease URLs/Links Copier on: September 29, 2023, 10:30:33 AM
On the forum, users try not to trust all sorts of browser extensions, as they may carry the danger of further hacking. Likewise, blindly clicking on the ďcopyĒ button may ultimately provide the user with a link to a phishing site, and then the tragedy of hacking will follow.
So be sure to check all the links you copy and paste to avoid being the victim of a hacker attack one day.
9  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Trading can ruin you on: September 29, 2023, 09:26:29 AM
An interesting statistic is that many people who try to start trading have given up trading and are now ardent heralds against this activity. But another thing is interesting: people still try their luck, try, make mistakes, try again, and make mistakes again. Those who do not want to take risks pass by, reaping the bad experience. Nevertheless, someone goes to success.
It's all about letting people make their mistakes. We do not have the right to dissuade everyone. Life and experience become the best advisor, and maybe out of a hundred who try, one will be the lucky one who will say that I was born to be a trader.
10  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My first knowledge in Bitcoin/Bitcointalk on: September 29, 2023, 09:10:26 AM

So the most important thing is that when you join the discussion to expand your knowledge about crypto in this forum, don't forget to read the rules stated in this forum. So that you do not violate the rules in this forum.

I mean not so bad, welcome to the forum

If we talk about the forum, you should learn about the rules and stuff and understand what you should and shouldn't do in here.

Do you really read the posts above so as not to notice the message that the one you are greeting has been blocked? Subscription quota?

It looks like the forum needs a flashing animation so that those who are willing to talk about the rules have time to notice the posts of those who report that the user has been blocked, and that further advice may stop due to the absence of the questioner.

The behavior is very reminiscent of the senile illness of one American leader, giving his hands to the void. Grin
11  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Let's start the journey of working with Bitcoin by following the forum rules. on: September 29, 2023, 08:51:48 AM
OP, registered ten days ago, and all five posts repeat almost the same thing. Why create a topic if you agree with the rules? Why write what you have read all before, sorry, but sometimes I donít understand many people. You learned something here, why tell us? Move on, develop, and bring something new. If you want to be recognized, be interested in what is not clear, but it is not at all necessary to tell about your every step. Do you see something similar from others? Shocked
12  Other / Meta / Re: Let's Make The Merit Fun - Win Some Merits And Next Membership In The Meta Board on: September 29, 2023, 08:35:58 AM
Why did you decide that forum participants needed to have fun? Are you the only one who knows resources where you can get this? Why should a forum turn into a Christmas tree, full of different font colors, like you do? I understand your despair. You won't see high ranks while you're sitting on the potty and painting your coloring book.
OP, you are one of those who wants to get everything here and now and is against systematically achieving something.
But life will show completely different colors if you do not understand that only through learning, and not through fun, can you achieve success.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Is academic pursues enough to get incomes? on: September 28, 2023, 10:15:47 AM
Who do you think is easier for scammers to deceive? Who often suffers because they do not know their rights? I think you already understand what I want to say. The more educated a person is, the more protected he is. Yes, it is probably difficult to get a well-paid job right away, but there is always a difference in who and what you can do. A person without education can be used in any direction, knowing that he will still not be able to stand up for himself since he is not educated. He can be paid less, and because he is in a hopeless situation, he will be forced to agree to all types of difficult and poorly paid work.
But you, having several degrees of education, will never allow people to behave inappropriately towards you, firstly, having respect for yourself. Therefore, you should not think that people who strive for self-improvement will always remain at the bottom of life. There should always be a chance that should not be missed. It's always better than sitting and spitting at the ceiling and complaining about your poor life.
14  Economy / Reputation / Re: Why red trust me? on: September 28, 2023, 08:28:28 AM
I trust lovesmayfamilis although in this case I think the red tag is unnecessary. There is no trading risk and it adds nothing to the neutral tag.

I agree with you -- actmyname set the precedent for dealing with spammers using neutral trust only and its been fairly effective. I daresay it is the neutral trust most often taken into consideration by bounty managers, but don't really know. Ideally moderation should remove spam when reported; a lot of the time it is.

He worked hard to get those 18 merits so he really doesn't want to lose this account.

I decided to learn more about this account. And why am I not surprised that now the owner of this profile is a person from the Bengal local board?
But I am more than sure that he is not the real owner of the account. Check out his posts. It varies greatly. The first owner speaks fluent English and is Japanese. What does his nickname actually say.

I'm from Japan and i speak English if the job available let me know.

I can't access from Japan.  
Before I used to access and had account there
So what to do now ?

But on September 9, 2021, at 2:19:34 AM, the password was changed, and we already see registration for the bounty.
Forum Username: tokyohd
Forum Profile:;u=3334640
Telegram Username: @tokyohd
Participate Campaign: Signature & Telegram
ERC 20 Wallet Address: 0xb390c1480746060E5A0a540ef5Fc47599aB637a5

Although the previous owner had nothing like this with the bounty, Moreover, there is a change in language.

নতুন ইউজার হিসেবে আপনাকে এই ফোরামে স্বাগতম। আসলে ক্রিপ্টোতে এগিয়ে যেতে হলে আপনাকে অবশ্যই ক্রিপ্টো সম্পর্কে আরো ভালো জানার চেষ্টা করতে হবে। আর এই ফোরামে অনেক প্রশ্ন - উত্তর এবং সিনিয়র ভাইদের অনেক ভালো শিক্ষামূলক পোস্ট রয়েছে।
তাই আমি মনে করছি, আপনার এই ফোরামে প্রচুর পরিমান সময় দেওয়া উচিত তাহলেই ক্রিপ্টো সম্পর্কে জানতে পারবেন। আর এটা বন্ধুন্তপূর্ণ ফোরাম হেল্প চাইলেও পাবেন কোন সমস্যা নেই।  

He begins to actively participate in the Bengali section and even visits another locale to borrow some money.

After he is asked whether this is legal, he rather harshly rejects the questioner.

একজন মেম্বার কি দুইটা লোকাল বোর্ডে পোস্ট করতে পারবেন? এ বিষয়ে কেউ জানলে একটু শেয়ার করবেন। আমাদের একজন ভাই @tokyohd দুইটা লোকাল বোর্ডে পোস্ট করেছেন বাংলাদেশ এবং আরবি। এটা কি ঠিক হয়েছে?
পোস্ট লিংক

এটার গুগল ট্রান্সলেশন নিম্নরুপ...

ধন্যবাদ ভাই, ফোরামের রুলস সম্পর্কে সতর্ক করার জন্য। কিন্তু আমার মনে হচ্ছে আমাকে নিয়ে আপনি একটু বেশিই চিন্তিত। আরে ভাই সবাই সব বিষয়ে অভিজ্ঞ নয়। সিনিয়র দের যে ভুল হবে না এমন তো নয়। কারো ভুল হলে সেটা নিয়ে উপহাস না করে বুঝিয়ে দেওয়ার চেষ্টা করুন, তাতেই ফোরামের পরিবেষ সুন্দর থাকবে। অভিজ্ঞ বলে নিজেকে অহংকারী করে তোলা উচিত নয়। আর আমি যতটা জেনেছি, আপনি ভাষা জানলে যে কোন লোকাল বোর্ডেই আলোচনা করতে পারেন। এটি সবার জন্য উন্মুক্ত।  

Further, having alternative accounts in his arsenal, he mixes up the submission of the report, and we see his involvement in another account.
 I didn't have the strength to read his posts further, but I think that everything that has accumulated for this account rightly suggests that he cannot be trusted.
15  Economy / Reputation / Re: Why red trust me? on: September 28, 2023, 05:24:30 AM
I trust lovesmayfamilis although in this case I think the red tag is unnecessary. There is no trading risk and it adds nothing to the neutral tag. Nobody is going to hire OP for a signature campaign if he just copypaste from ChatGPT. What happens is that, as it happens most of the time in these cases, this habit is just the tip of the iceberg and nutildah has already discovered that the OP is most likely part of an account farm.

You're right. I put a neutral tag, but this user did not react to it. In addition to the fact that I showed his posts on the topic of the use of AI, I regularly sent reports to the moderators.
Recently I came across his account again and saw that he was still rewriting texts on the forum that did not belong to him. If you do not react to such behavior, then you tacitly agree that AI is allowed here. If his posts with AI were isolated cases, perhaps one could turn a blind eye, but this is not the case.
All deleted posts from this user are the most common plagiarism from AI.
Well, in addition, I received a completely unfriendly letter from him, after which, alas, it will be impossible to remove the negative label from him.

16  Economy / Reputation / Re: AI Spam Report Reference Thread on: September 27, 2023, 10:14:32 AM
Found some undeleted AI spam just by doing a forum search for "knowledge cutoff".

First up, another "Legendary" member using AI to write their posts for them, womp womp.


I decided to randomly check out the account that you called ďlegendaryĒ in quotes. According to all the forum rules, it turns out that he violates the ban rule since he has a blocked account in his history.
I donít think itís worth citing chance. He exchanged with his alto very successfully merits.

After further checking, I saw that this account, which previously had a bunch of alternative accounts, had already passed the ban stage and was unblocked. Apparently, it is positive for the forum.
More posts though.

It's vital to be well-informed about the gambling laws in each state, as they can vary significantly. The mentioned states do permit online gambling, but it's crucial to be aware that tax regulations differ among them. Regarding offshore online gambling, nations such as Belize, Curacao, Panama, Antigua & Barbuda, and Costa Rica have been allowing it for over a decade and are known for licensing reputable sportsbooks and online casinos.
 I must emphasize that it's essential to thoroughly research and ensure compliance with the specific regulations and licensing requirements of each jurisdiction. Engaging with licensed and reputable gambling operators can enhance your safety and protection as a player. Fake: 100.0%
copyleaks   83.6% probability for AI

I understand that you have a different perspective on the matter. It's important to recognize that the women's movement advocates for equal opportunities and recognition for women in various fields, including sports. While Shields may be a champion in her own division, it's also important to consider the context and the potential significance of this match in terms of breaking barriers and promoting gender equality in the sport.

Regarding the fight itself, it's difficult to predict the outcome with certainty. Both fighters are skilled and capable, and it will be an intense match. It's important to approach the fight without making assumptions or underestimating any of the fighters. Let's wait and see how the match unfolds, and may the best fighter win. Fake: 100.0%
copyleaks   86% probability for AI

In my country, the government benefits from the proceeds of the national lottery to fund sports, especially football championships for all levels. This is why sports enthusiasts are encouraged to participate in buying lottery tickets!!!
From my perspective, the reliance on revenues from the national lottery raises concerns, as it may not have a substantial positive impact on society. It would be worth exploring alternative funding sources for sports and other social initiatives. For instance, governments could focus on promoting businesses that contribute to community development or invest in educational programs that foster healthier lifestyles. By redirecting resources toward sustainable and socially responsible endeavors, we can create a more robust and healthier society for everyone. Fake: 100.0%
copyleaks   84.6% probability for AI

The film Owning Mahoney sounds like a potent portrayal of the damaging effects of gambling addiction, particularly when coupled with a career in finance or money management. It serves as a sobering reminder of the potential impact that such actions may have on not just personal but also professional and interpersonal connections and lives. It is even more troubling because online casinos are so widely available. It's critical to understand the dangers of gambling and to ask for assistance if necessary. Fake: 100.0%
copyleaks   89.7% probability for AI

I understand that some individuals may wager large amounts of money on a daily basis, and it's possible for reputable casinos to offer bonuses and promotions to cater to their high-stakes players. it's important to note that casinos are not financial institutions, and they do not provide the same level of security and protection for funds as traditional banking institutions.
People may choose to wager large amounts of money for various reasons. Some may be high-rollers who enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing with significant sums, while others may have a higher disposable income and are willing to take bigger risks. It's also possible that some individuals may have developed a gambling addiction, which can lead to excessive wagering. Fake: 100.0%
copyleaks   99.9% probability for AI
17  Other / Meta / Re: [Report] Ban Evasion [Requesting Admin/mod to check those and ban] on: September 27, 2023, 10:05:11 AM
25. Ban evasion (using or creating accounts while one of your accounts is banned) is not allowed.[e]
Ban evasion.

Bodarbala Autoban user

Btc adress: 1F7cvNkXJfyLxo8aRSWSwiFE1HK6HzEPQa

Address: 1F7cvNkXJfyLxo8aRSWSwiFE1HK6HzEPQa
18  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: My first knowledge in Bitcoin/Bitcointalk on: September 27, 2023, 09:45:26 AM
19  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: Accumulating Bitcoin with ease on: September 27, 2023, 09:29:10 AM
I'll take the buyer's side. I am a person who owns bitcoins, meaning I understand why I hold them and where I get them from. Why should I spend it if I can also buy everything for fiat? The only solution for me is to spend Bitcoin if your product is so unique that it can only be purchased with Bitcoin. In this case, I think no discounts are needed. But do you know what you canít buy with fiat?
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Re: I started a new journey today in Bitcoin on: September 27, 2023, 08:56:47 AM

I'm new here and see a lot of people compare gambling games to bitcoin it's never possible bitcoin is the best everyone has to agree.

OP, I want to warn you that creating a third account and regularly whining about the dangers of gambling will not give you anything positive. At the moment, your first two accounts, which create similar topics, are apparently blocked, but you stubbornly write the same thing. I ask the community to be more attentive to such posters and not respond to them, since the OP is apparently out of her mind. Bitterness over the use of gambling haunts him.

I see your alt, and I already see a lot of spam.

i can stay away from casino and gambling games and without these two means i can earn money in my life and i can work hard to earn bitcoin everyone.

I never want to Gamble in My life now if I have to live in the world I have to Gamble I want to stay away from Gambling Give me any direction that I can stay away from gambling

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