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181  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: CRYPTOGLYPHS – A new way of imagining The Bitcoin Blockchain on: November 13, 2018, 02:03:48 PM
I have my artist presentation thread in "service discussion", but I agree this will fit better in "collectibles". Thanks!
182  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: CRYPTOGLYPHS – A new way of imagining The Bitcoin Blockchain on: November 13, 2018, 08:30:10 AM
I was pondering where to start this and settled on here, because this painting is a step in developing my project of visualizing blockchain.
Should I move it though? I would definitely like more people to see it.
183  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: CRYPTOGLYPHS – A new way of imagining The Bitcoin Blockchain on: November 12, 2018, 10:08:07 PM
Thanks everybody!
I hope this piece gets shared around the webs and gets interpreted.
And then reported back here so I can hear how well that went!  Smiley
184  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: November 09, 2018, 09:48:57 AM
I made a new painting called Cryptoglyphs, using the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and paintings style to visualise The Bitcoin Blockchain. It's purpose is not only aesthetical, but tutorial and could serve as a tool for describing what Bitcoin is and how it works.

More on the piece here:

185  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / CRYPTOGLYPHS – A new way of imagining The Bitcoin Blockchain on: November 08, 2018, 04:58:57 PM
Hello, it's been a while.

Since August I've been developing ways of visualising the Bitcoin Blockchain. I wanted to gather its basic pieces and principles and present this in a way that could be interpretable to a broad audience of people.
I struggled with getting such a complex system in two dimensions and keeping it visual, interesting, and fun. Then I intuitively connected it with the hieroglyphs of the ancient Egyptians and it soon connected together and made sense. I started working on my biggest crypto painting so far and finished it 6 weeks later.
Below is the blueprint of the painting and I chose the Bitcoin forum as the place to present it in detail. This forum is the origin of Bitcoin evolution, I got help and tips here and now I want to contribute my share.

The Purpose
I designed this painting to be fun, thorough and illustrative.
Primarily it can be used to explain how Bitcoin works, as the entire process of creating a new block is worked out in detail. Additional interpretation might be needed, but anyone with any knowledge can help or people can read my interpretation down below.
For those already into crypto it introduces a fresh way of visualizing Bitcoin's Blockchain with a lot of easter-eggy details. Most of used symbols mean nothing to ancient Egyptians and a lot to a contemporary internet user.  
Lastly it's purpose is for complete outsiders to ask themselves why someone would use that much time and energy to make a painting of fake Egyptian hieroglyphs, that are actually about a virtual currency? Is this really a thing?

1Dq, Cryptoglyphs, 2018, Acrylics on Canvas, 145x190cm (57˝x75˝)

Content breakdown

The Gods
Ma'at (bottom left with wings) is the goddess of justice, law, and cosmic order.
Thoth (right of Ma'at, with birdlike head) is the god of writing and speech.
Seshat (below Thoth) is the goddess of mathematics, wisdom and is a record keeper.
Hathor (on the right side) is the goddess of many purposes and radiates maternal care to everybody. Miners are very fond of her.
Together they represent the necessary skills that Satoshi Nakamoto and his colleagues needed when they created Bitcoin.

The Miners
Left of Hathor are four groups of miners, representing mining pools. Except for subtle details they look similar to each other and this represents the variety of hardware difference and the power of individual pools.
They are the work force for everything going on below!

The transactions
On the top left and top right is a multitude of windows in which stylised characters are transferring various goods. The characters have unique outlooks as they represent public addresses that are randomly generated. The »goods« are all various things that have changed owners and are being stored in the blockchain.
The transactions that are most interesting to the miners (they have highest fees) are being gathered in two golden frames of cartouches. The Eye of Horus symbol in the bottom of both represents protection which is one of the basic purposes of the entire system.

In the middle of the composition, the crypting occurs from top to bottom.
First off, all of the selected transactions are being processed, two by two into cryptographic hashes. The procedure is repeated until a single hash is attained. All gathered transactions are bound together via this system that is called the Merkle tree. This is visualised with a selection of 8 transactions on the top brackets. One line lower, they are spliced together and have attained properties from both transactions. This is just for visual purpose, as the hashes have no discernable similarities to actual transactions as they are at this point just limited sets of letters and numbers.
The last hash is the Merkle root and it is here represented by the image of a weird elephant head. This is the crucial »load« of the new block. Here I deformed the symbol of Djed pillar that Egyptians otherwise used to symbolize strength and stability.

The Blockchain
Starting from the top right corner we follow the chain of coloured rectangles framing the composition. It goes all the way left, then down, then right to the middle and up to the middle where it’s content is exposed in detail.

Rectangles have the same elements, but they vary in color. The outside frame hue represents the unique hash of every block which also connects it to the next block. This is why in every rectangle there is a stripe in the hue of the previous block. They all have a bigger bluish rectangle inside, that represents the »load« of the block. This »load« is produced by encrypting the following elements:
Hash of the previous block (seen as the sole image of the opened previous block)
Merkle root (the result of the above described process)
Timestamp (Time of block formation), index (consecutive number of block) and target (difficulty, described in the next paragraph)
Random number called Nonce, used to produce a target hash. The circle of snake represents infinity/rebirth and the signs inside are actual numbers that were used by the Egyptians.

Mining a new block
The chain we followed opens up in the middle, where we see its hash (illustrated as the winged thing with two flames). Here I visualized the narrative of creating a new block in the chain.
The system of Bitcoin itself sets the difficulty of producing a new block. The hash of the block, in order to be included to the system by other miners, needs to have a certain number of zeros as its initial digits (I illustrated the difficulty with the number of waves under the timestamp and block index symbols.). The more zeros, the harder it is to produce such a hash, as every single attempt produces a random set of symbols.
In the painting, finding the right hash is represented by a long list of attempts (here zeros are represented by the Egyptian symbol of Shen ring, that represented divinity). It ends on the bottom with the winning hash, that starts with the needed 5 Shen rings (I used the Eye of Horus here again representing the fair and divine system). On the right in the second row from below, the mining pool of miners that have guessed the right hash are being rewarded;  each of them with a golden bar.
Below the last hash is the content of the current block, every piece that has been described, spliced into a new sign - a symbolic visualization of its entire content. It is colored in orange and becomes the orange frame of the mini block below and the orange stripe of the next block to come to its right. Other blocks following are empty, we know they will exist, but we cannot as yet anticipate their content.

The Bonus
Besides the obvious and that already explained, there are many other details that add to the Bitcoin universe. There are entities that hoard large quantities of Bitcoin called »whales«. These are depicted as actual whales, but with human eyes.
Most people call the frustrating rising and dropping of the Bitcoin price the bull market (with the price going up) and the bear market (with the price going down). I've illustrated this phenomenon as a fight between two animal-like deities.
To their right is a graph of the Bitcoin price over the years, illustrated by the amount of plants on each time stage. Hovering on top of it is the symbol of the moon. It just had to be included somewhere.

The reign and tyranny in ancient Egypt was symbolized by two objects, the whip and the cane. I used both but turned them upside down, as the Bitcoin system represents the exact opposite of a centralised government.
Nowhere in the painting is the Bitcoin sign very obvious as I intentionally kept it and other giveaways relatively hidden. However, there is a big B in the sun disc between Hathor's horns, best seen from an angle!

There are many other details, gags and memes, especially in the numerous fake hieroglyphs. Like the god Thoth promoting the lightning network. Also, I have signed myself three times, just in case.
TLDR; I used the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs' aesthetics to depict how Bitcoin works under the hood. It's intended to be fun and helpful to people trying to understand cryptocurrencies in their broader sense. It also contains a shitload of contemporary jokes and memes well known in the world of cryptocurrencies.

As always, your comments are very welcome!
186  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: August 15, 2018, 08:29:04 PM
pm sent
187  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: August 11, 2018, 04:05:32 PM
As there were no comments I'll go ahead and give a short walkthrough.

The scheme is interpreted in a linear order, starting from the green field of tiles on the bottom, which represents the node/miner network (which are combined into pools). It is connected to all other fields via the yellow-green line as it operates every step of the block generation protocol.

Going a step further to the left is the gathering of transactions that go from public addresses below to those above on the ceiling of the composition. The different colored columns represent quotas of said transactions.

Next (on the top right) is the Merkle tree, whoose root ends in the red zone. Red is the difficulty level, set by the system, hence coming from the block below.

Following this is the guessing part and the yellow stripe got the right hash, making at the same time the top part of the new block. This part helps the block attach itself to the next block like a lego brick.

Finally, the inner part of the composition is the opening to the blockchain as this scheme is a sample of how any one block is being generated.

There are a lot of things I imagine could be executed better, but it works for me as a basic tool to start forming advanced pieces.
Again, I am inviting anyone to comment. I get that this is very different from other content on this forum but I'm hoping to make something great out of it!
188  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: August 07, 2018, 07:25:18 PM
This is (so far) the result of my efforts in visualizing how a new block is generated in the blockchain. It's more a scheme than a painting but I want to see if you can figure out what parts of it represent. I've elaborated a bit more on the project in its thread:

Since no one has yet commented on it I'm not sure if that's because it's unclear of what it represents or how it works. I'll give an explanation in a day or two. Here it is:

You are very welcome to comment, especially in the above posted thread!
189  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: August 04, 2018, 01:58:59 PM
I continued exploring how to visualize the creation of a new block in the chain. It helps me structure my own thoughts if I am able to see as big a picture as I can. This direction is particularily hard for me but I'm getting there. If this works out I'll be able to go and break down parts of it and show what happens in forks etc.

After watching more videos and reading more articles on how bitcoins' blockchain works (and making plenty more sketches), I decided to make a refined one.

Since this should be a very obvious scheme it would defy purpose to write about it so I'll let you comment on it. Let me know if it's obvious in what it's visualizing and if you see any errors. This is supposed to be just a step between my understanding of bitcoin and making actual art depicting its functionality. That's why it's not very artsy and some details are a bit awkward.

190  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: July 27, 2018, 10:14:16 PM
I've opened a new thread for a new project of visualizing how bitcoin works:

You are very welcome to start/add to the discussion.
191  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: July 27, 2018, 04:50:29 PM
buwaytress: I've looked into the double spending and the Byzantine generals problems and I see them as crucial parts of what bitcoin is. Which is probably why you suggested it, right?
To test myself on how much I understand these concepts, I soon started sketching.

Almost all sketches became schemes of »how it works«, visualizing the protocol of stacking transactions between private address owners in the network of nods/miners, where they are being encrypted into future blocks, guessing the hash of the nonce and racing whoose will become the fundemant for new sets of same protocols.
I used different colors and shapes to get it graphically explicit. I soon found out how very difficult it is to set up such a multy-dimensional system on two dimensions. Still, I managed to get down a basic system, that can get upgraded.

From here on I wanted to transform those sketches into more coherent and visually stimulating drawings. Visualizing the Byzantine generals problem, abstracted from the rest of the system was a start. Then I incorporated that sketch into a broader system of Bitcoin.

What I came up with started looking like a part of a living cell structure based on concentric circles. I liked the idea of blockchain looking like a living thing so I made a more comprehensive sketch:

So this is where I decided to share my first sketches with you. It might not be much, but it's a start. For my next step, I intend to use these sketches (with, hopefully, your commentaries) and remake them into a set visually pleasant abstractions. If this works I'll soon be able to make proper paintings out of them.

So at this moment I am asking for any comments, ideas and critiques of above articulations, both my text and sketches, so I can improve on both. Thanks in advance, this will help me out a lot!
192  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: July 19, 2018, 07:36:28 PM
I'll look into those two concepts. I admit I'm not too familiar with them yet so that's a solid reason to explore them anyway.
193  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: July 15, 2018, 03:51:29 PM
I suggest starting with a couple of specific ideas using details or entire abstract paintings. These can serve as catalysts for brainstorming new ideas.

As I see it from the perspective of blockchain, all incoming data is chaos that is being organized and structured into order by the protocol of hashing. This visualization with its ordering of lines seems to convey that aspect.

And something like this might be interpreted as a sha256 hash:

I can see mining as either finding/guessing that one right element:

The genesys block has that famous quote hidden inside it and the whole crypto feels similar to the cubist style to me (also cubism helped abstraction take off):

As for how blocks might look, I got these references:

And to somehow show how its all being connected and working maybe a complex composition with lots of space(to put other elements in):

I can easily see many other paintings be more suitable, but I/we have to start somewhere.
Many of above samples could also be put in other roles, depending on the interpretation.
194  Bitcoin / Project Development / Help co-create a new CRYPTOART project on: July 13, 2018, 04:43:58 PM
First off, I'm a crypto artist and you can check out my previous work in this thread:
I decided it's time for me to go next level and I'm asking for your help!

What are we doing here?
I am starting work on a set of paintings, that will visualize how blockchain and bitcoin work under the hood. I want to make it both educational and artistically pleasing. To achieve this I believe I need to deconstruct the core system/s into separate parts and visualize those first, then try to combine them into larger, more complex compositions.
I've seen simulations, schemes and illustrations which are either technical and nerdy or oversimplified. To reinvent them, I see two starting points - the abstract and the illustrative.
The illustrative could use symbols and metaphores for how things »work«. I could make conveyor belts, an ecological system of some sort, a space station, a multitude of people doing tasks and lots of other things. But I want to find those that are as exact as possible because I don't want to make it ambigious. I want to discuss which metaphores serve best, why and how they could be combined.
The abstract line might be a bigger challenge, though I am looking forward to hacking it. I can see using brush strokes, color masses and shapes that represent pieces of code (or say a hash), which seems easier to show in the abstract world than illustration anyway. It might get harder to visualise the entire system, without it only being another schematic or a seemingly random all-over arrangement of brush strokes. I want these works to be of value to people that want to give these technologies a chance and are not particularily geeky.
I think at least these aspects of the btc/blockchain mechanism need visualizing:
Mining, Sha256 hashing, address formation and usage, nod network, blockchain from different perspectives, the genesys block and merkle tree. And probably lots more.

Why would you help me?
First off, I will be very grateful for your help as this will be quite an enterprise. Secondly, you can be part of creating imagery that might become key in blockchain/bitcoin identity (I will try to make it usable and memorable). And lastly any pieces that will have printable JPEGs as results will be given to helpers for free (they will otherwise be sold via the SHA256art gallery)

How do we start?
I've outlined what I'm starting with in the first paragraph so here's how we could do this together.
You present me ideas on how a specific idea might get executed. We bounce ideas off each other and I make a bunch of sketches. We evaluate them and work further with anyone joining in at any time and suggesting alterantive paths. When ideas get ripe I make one or more paintings/illustrations.
It is my wish for this project to have it done as a rounded set of works than individual pieces. So I might want to channel all ideas into that direction. I will also produce sketches on my own as we go along as visualisation usually unlocks more visualizations.
Final thing - I will open a new thread for this project because it will need its own space. Do you see another subforum more suitable for this purpose?
195  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: July 01, 2018, 04:18:51 PM
It would certainly present a challenge to depict how and what actually happens in these transactions. So I imagine that I have to set up a composition in which initial values and locations, target locations and gathering of information that is the actual transaction would all be set. And the difference of values that come along with the transaction. Interesting, but I can imagine having a whole new set of problems visualizing the chain that happens in there.
But a very solid suggestion, thanks a bunch buwaytress!
196  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: June 27, 2018, 12:33:08 PM
Thank you.

So I've been checking out all kinds of visualisations of blockchain and bitcoin that I found out there. There are proper videos, graphs and simulations, but I really didn't find any that were particularily useful for me to develop their logic into a painting. Mostly it's just blocks and connections everywhere. Some examples:

I want to find a way of abstracting the key aspects of how crypto works and how it changes reality. And I want to add the anarho side to it, but that seems easiest of all.

Any ideas, especially on the visualizing the "how it works"?
197  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: June 23, 2018, 08:12:59 AM
I've been thinking about and doing sketches concerning the cyberpunk ideology behind crypto from the start, but haven't settled on a satisfying image yet. It's definitely one of the crucial aspects I want to keep exploring and I hope to visualize soon. There's always been a flood of memes and price hype and moon references in Bitcoin which is fine and fun, but the philosophy that started this needs to be part of the overall awareness too. I see it as one of my responsibilities as an artist to help with that.

Concerning selling, Sha256art gallery is handling that for me so please contact my mate running it for more info:
I'm not sure about all the current offers but the initial piece "Goldencoaster" was sold to some north american person. I have no idea where and how it's displayed. Since we only started about half a year ago, it'll take a while to establish ourselves with solid work and good promotion. I'm glad I get to do the creative part as I'm not that good with the selling part haha.
198  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: June 21, 2018, 12:15:57 PM
Well, i have a suggestion, since Bitcoin can only be found in the internet and any other stuff. Why don't you make something that's a bit digital yet physically can be seen, of course it is a drawing it can be physical, but what i mean is that something like the hardware wallet. You can hold it because it is physically made out of metal yet it is digital inside.

I know you can think all of them because it is just a matter of unique perceptions. Just think all of them and try to get some ideas to some of it, i'm sure some of them might wanted to buy that piece.  Wink
This is a nice idea, but I think more suitable for a designer or some artist that's more familiar with "building" things. I want to remain specialized in painting and drawing.
Like this artworks, they are amazing, especially third one, it's dark and somehow connects real mining to bitcoin. If you know, one member from bitcointalk with the helpnof others, I talk about condoras, offers bitcoin puzzles. It's images of bitcoin related arts which is cutted and ready to fix. I think it's great way to promote bitcoin.
Since you are artis and personally I liked your third image very much, what about to realize your arts in real life like puzzles?
Read this thread:
I forwarded the link to Sha256art gallery that covers the "usage" of my works. Interesting idea tho, crypto works well with all systems that combine small pieces together (Legos too)
Hello, nice artwork. A bit pricey I feel, although you of course as the artist should put the price you feel is fair to your work, just be patient for the right buyer, the right person to appreciate it. Pop art is making its inways into Bitcoin and with some of the really far out ideas already gathering a lot of interest at auction houses, I suppose yours is relatively low-priced.

My question to artists always is the same: what's your take on the visualisation of Bitcoin? The coin symbol is most commonly used, but I'm always looking for new, different, visualisations.
I think the prices are becoming just right (they started off lower), we'll see where we get in the upcoming months. It took me a lot of time and work to get them done, I'm satisfied with results and I think they are well worth their current price.
Visualisation of Bitcoin as a symbol should be more open, I agree. As I got into it, I just took the coin and the rollercoaster guy as two very settled images, but now that you mentioned it I could make up my own visualisation, if possible based on how Bitcoin works.
Thanks for the ideas and please - keep them coming. I'll soon be back with new concepts and I expect to work on several pieces at the same time. I would really like to construct them with your help! ...And I have to consider rewarding those of you that will provide best help  Cool
199  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: June 20, 2018, 12:56:01 PM
The miner piece and this last piece in particular are excellent and the gold work really adds
to the overall appeal to the crypto scene.

I think there should be a lot of interest from serious art collectors looking for crypto themed
work with these pieces.

I have been dabbling in art for the last 20 years and subject matter and inspiration is always
a struggle so i can really relate to these works, very well done and im looking forward to the
next artistic post, also would be interested to hear if there are some successful sales!
Thanks. There were sales and currently there are several interested individuals keeping an eye on auctions that are up.
I think you could either draw the other crypto currency's token like the LTC, or ETH. I like your drawings, you could sell some of your art if you want to or maybe you should make something if you offer to draw for them for a price of course. It is so rare to see such talented members here on the forum, i think there are talented members too but they aren't that showy.  Cheesy
I am beginning to explore these options. I would like to visualise the front and the back side of these technologies and big personas that are vital for the crypto world. And there might be a fun piece here and then. And I did make this coaster as a bro to the Bitcoin one...

200  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: CRYPTO ARTIST sharing and exploring with Bitcointalk on: June 19, 2018, 06:58:06 PM
Thanks man.
Me and Sha256art gallery are working out some ways of exhibiting my paintings on some crypto event or convention in the near and far future. But priority is getting new links and contemplating new, larger pieces. Currently thinking about a huge battle of opposing forces (you can imagine what that would look like), what do you think?

And we continue to sell painting (presented in this thread) on bitify. Selling them will actually allow me to work on upcoming crypto paintings a bit easier, as I won't have to do other jobs to pay my bills.

Also, there will be jpgs available soon for download for a small fee. 
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