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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: 0.21.1 [Torrent]
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1  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum privacy questions on: May 10, 2021, 07:29:01 PM
If Task Scheduler allow argument, using Task Scheduler is fine for most user.

Yes, command line arguments and options can be included in the "Actions" tab of the scheduled task, in the same line as the program path, just like you would enter it in PowerShell.  If you have a specific location for a custom torrc file you want to use for the service, you can include the appropriate argument and the custom path as well.  Tor.exe will look for the torrc file in the default location within the included subdirectory tree, so you can add configuration arguments there as well. 

I don't recall if the service will be visible in the "Processes" tab or the "Services" tab of Task Manager, but it can be found and managed in one (or maybe both) of those tabs.
2  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: "HCP's ongoing experiment of the Trading Platform"™ on: May 09, 2021, 07:53:35 PM
Sorry for your loss, HCP.  It seemed obvious enough at the time, but so many people wanted to defend this scammer I guess this was needed as a "public service."  For that I thank you.

The best part is his contradictory response on the Telegram channel, essentially blaming you for not "managing" the "automated" trades correctly.  

Quote from: CryptoSparks
[In reply to HCP]
Lastly, you have been against this platform from day one and you have proved it so many times that your only interest was FUD. Sentences like "honestly surprised it took this long" , or showing account with 0 balance just to make your claims stronger when these bots never liquidate accounts are just little evidences that your are just a nincompoop that never wanted to profit from platform. Go back in your forum with your gang of scammers that think to rule the world with valueless "merit points" .
3  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum privacy questions on: May 09, 2021, 06:14:59 PM
For reference, there's more proper way to add Tor service on Windows.

There's nothing improper about using Task Scheduler.  For many a GUI interface is user-friendly and unintimidating, and the service can be managed just as easily.

Nonetheless, I do prefer to install Tor service similar to the description given in the link you provided.  Here're the official instructions from Tor Project's documentation about installing Tor as a "NT service:"

And here's the official list of command line arguments:
4  Economy / Services / Re: [OPEN SLOTS] ChipMixer Signature Campaign | Sr Member+ on: May 09, 2021, 10:12:43 AM
Username: DireWolfM14
Post Count: 3497
BTC Address: bc1q6mf2ckeljy2cuuvxujjw8a452ca2p7k5h2c00y
5  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: Electrum privacy questions on: May 08, 2021, 03:29:16 PM
I use TOR connection and find it easy to set up, but the only drawback is that I need to run TOR browser all the time when my Electrum is running. I remember a year ago when I was using Wasabi, I did not require to run the TOR browser to enable tor connection with them.

You can setup Windows to start Tor as a background service at login.: Start Menu > Windows Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler

Create a task with your preferences, on the "Action" tab set it to run a program; C:\Path\To\Tor\Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor\tor.exe

If you want privacy or anything like it, don't use Electrum. There is nothing that preserves or attempts to preserve your privacy to any significant extent included in Electrum.

Unfortunately this is true.  The only way around this at the moment is to run your own server.  
6  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [Questions] Running my own electrum server on: May 06, 2021, 04:55:27 PM
Was there such configuration file for electrumx?

Yes, you'll find it in .../contrib/systemd/

In the docs you linked it says that there should be different files for each environment variable. For example, it says that you'll have to create the COIN, DB_DIRECTORY and DAEMON_URL necessarily and some others optionally.

No, all you need is one .conf file, all the environment variables can go there.  For example:

COIN = Bitcoin
DAEMON_URL = myrpcusername:myrpcpassword@localhost:port
SERVICES = tcp://,ssl://,rpc://
REPORT_SERVICES = tcp://myaddress.onion:50001,ssl://myaddress.onion:50002
SSL_CERTFILE = /path/to/sslcertfile.crt
SSL_KEYFILE = /path/to/sslkeyfile.key
DONATION_ADDRESS = 157v67atJjnx7Fdi2wmcBBpChugHNmDWup
BANNER_FILE = /path/to/file.banner

Anyway, yes, if I understood your question correctly, docker does allow you to do that. You just need to add parameters on your script. Three posts above, @ETFbitcoin included the DONATION_ADDRESS param. You can do the same for the banner:


Note that the location starts from the electrumx data directory which means that if you enter BANNER_FILE=banner.txt, it'll search for /home/user/electrumx:/data/banner.txt

Yeah, that was my question.  I guess it does simplify the installation by using the docker image.  I'm just so used to systemd, and I find it simple to enable a process to run at machine startup.
7  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [Questions] Running my own electrum server on: May 06, 2021, 01:38:59 PM

I've read about the installer, but this is the first I've heard about people using docker to run electrumx.  I'm not familiar with docker, so seems like a rabbit hole of it's own.  I just use systemd to run bitcoind and electrumx.  Old dog, new tricks, and all that.

Does the docker method allow one to use all the same environment variables that one might enable in electumx.conf?
8  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🚀 - Welcome back to the Premier League- Watford FC!! 🚀 on: May 02, 2021, 05:22:58 PM

I liked United in this match, but it's moot point now.  Protesters made their way onto the pitch at Old Trafford to show their opposition to Manchester United's owners' push to create the Super Greedy League.  The match has been postponed due to the damage to Old Trafford.

9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 🏈🏈Report: Patriots working on restructuring Garoppolo’s contract for 🏈🏈 on: April 30, 2021, 01:15:49 AM
That would have been interesting but the 49ers have selected Lance, lets just hope they got it right this time around, they passed on two HOF QBs on Brady and Rodgers and it seems this draft has the potential to have one or two HOF QBs.

I'm not displeased with that pick.  I was hoping the Jets would take Lance or Fields (I half expected them to,) leaving Wilson on the board, but no such luck.  I like Lance, he seems like a good guy with his head screwed on right.  His film is amazing, and lets hope the lack of a 2020 season didn't hurt any.  Garoppolo and Lance on the roster doesn't make sense for very long, so we'll see what happens in the next couple of days.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a trade to regain some of those spent draft picks.  Garoppolo's salary isn't guaranteed until the first week of the regular season, so they have some time to make a move.

The Falcons got TE Kyle Pitts, this was another of the big questions on the draft, I thought they could select a QB since Ryan is not getting any younger and he is very expensive but it seems they are trying to win now, something difficult to do when they have Brady on their division.

I think that's a really smart pick for the Falcons.  They've not only got Brady to deal with, but Gronk also.  They needed an upgrade at the position, and they can still win with Ryan.  I wouldn't be surprised to see them take a couple of corners/safeties, and spend a mid to late round pick on a QB.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: 🏈🏈Report: Patriots working on restructuring Garoppolo’s contract for 🏈🏈 on: April 30, 2021, 12:11:11 AM
And in other news it seems Rodgers is not happy with his situation with the Packers and wants out, we will see if this has an impact during the day as several teams have made inquiries about Rodgers but no trade offers have been made yet.

There's a lot of talk about the Niners having contacted GB about Aaron Rodgers.  Man, that would be a dream come true, I've been a big fan of Rodgers since his Golden Bears days.  I guess we'll know in about 15 minutes what the 9ers are gonna do.

There's been a lot of talk about Jimmy Garoppolo going away, even some local reports claiming that he's working on restructuring his contract to work with the Patriots.  I'm really on the fence about that news.  He's been really good when healthy.  He's started 30 games, gone 22 and 8, and sat out 20 games due to injuries.  So, we have 60% of a great quarterback.  
11  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: How do i send USD figure instead of bitcoin figure ? on: April 27, 2021, 01:28:24 AM
12  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [GUIDE] How to Safely Download and Verify Electrum [Guide] on: April 26, 2021, 07:15:08 PM
when I firstly verified electrum using this tutorial, I wasn't completely sure of what I was doing. I was feeling secure with the replies and with the greatly described steps, but I considered the method kinda complex.

Thank you for saying that, this is actually the type of feedback I want.  Would you be willing to take some time and tell me what you found to be complicated?  I would really like this tutorial to be simple enough for folks who aren't what we would call "computer savvy," and those who are new to cryptography.

It can be hard for us who enjoy these types of technical projects to put things into the perspective of the masses who don't.  But, we need to keep in mind that we all started someplace.  No one is born with knowledge of cryptography, we all started with a lot less knowledge than we have today.  I've been playing and working with computers since 1985 and considered myself among the more advanced users in my circle of acquaintances and collogues.  But, when I showed up here I felt like a complete dunce.  It had been nearly 20 years since I had used a Unix style OS, and found myself struggling with simple shell commands.  I still get lost reading the technical boards, and realize I've only scratched the surface of how much knowledge exists here.

And, I don't think you and I are alone.  Look at how many newbie accounts pop up asking pertinent, pointed technical questions.  I have a feeling many of these "newbies" are actually long time members who are embarrassed to ask questions from their main account.

Or I may simply have this weirdly paranoid symptom in which you want to understand every-single-thing you're doing, on a disgustingly detailed way, such as understanding the maths behind RSA/ECC.

Lol.  Don't stop.
13  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [GUIDE] How to Safely Download and Verify Electrum [Guide] on: April 26, 2021, 05:22:14 PM
This is exactly what I said. To upload a signed message containing the hash instead of leaving a hash solely.

There shouldn't be anything wrong with this and it's quite faster than the other method.

I might be misunderstanding your question/comment, so I'll try to get a handle on it:

You're suggesting that (like the bitcoin core dev team) the Electrum dev team should post a PGP signed list of checksums, correct?  Although there's nothing wrong with that, I fail to see how that's faster.  GPG can verify the 28 megabyte windows installer file in just a few second (if that,) it takes me longer to type out the command.  

If the dev team only published a signed list of checksums, I would still verify the PGP signed list, and then I would have to verify the checksums of the binary file.  I would have to verify two files, which takes longer.

And, like NotATether already mentioned; the question was posed to the Electrum dev team.  They don't like that approach due to slight risk of checksum collisions.  Obviously checksum collisions are HIGLY unlikely, but if you have the tools to mitigate a potential issue why not employ them?
14  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [GUIDE] How to Safely Download and Verify Electrum [Guide] on: April 26, 2021, 04:32:23 PM
It's a quick way to see if something is good, but without verifying the signature anyway, it's possible that the site was compromised and showing a hash that matches the executable or binary.
But if the site was compromised, and it showed a different hash, the signature using Thomas' key wouldn't be valid.

I don't want to speak for Dabs, but I think that's the point he's trying to make.  If you only rely on checksum hashes and the site is compromised, the checksums could easily be replaced by the hackers.  If we rely on GPG signatures the hacker wouldn't be able to sign the releases (or a list of checksums) with ThomasV's key, and we would know something was wrong.  To defeat this type of security the hacker would have to gain access to multiple unconnected servers.  Not impossible, but highly unlikely.
15  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: Arsenal + Southampton Prediction Contest on: April 25, 2021, 10:56:53 PM
Game 1:  35'  2-0 Arsenal
Game 2:  35'  2-1 Leicester City
16  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [GUIDE] How to Safely Download and Verify Electrum [Guide] on: April 25, 2021, 10:05:11 PM
April showers bring may flowers, and allowed me some time to work on this tutorial.  I've updated the OP to include "BAD" signatures.  I also rearranged the post to consolidate instructions based on operating system.  I think it flows better this way.

Suggestions are always welcome.
17  Economy / Reputation / Re: [Reference] Lending board spammers and scammers. on: April 25, 2021, 05:37:34 PM
Reference for tag and flag for Bitcoinlender2021, a newbie who is asking for 80% collateral to fund loans.  If he can sign a message showing he has 1.48BTC as he claims, or offer to use escrow I'll remove the tag and my support for the flag.

Hello to all
After reviewing various topics and reading all the comments, I decided to set up an account. In this account, I intend to earn money in a new way. I also solve problems.
My budget is limited. (1.48 BTC)
The loan submission service of this account is as follows:
Loan amount: 0.01 to 0.4
Collateral: Mandatory - 80% of the collateral will be granted to you.
Accepted currencies: Bitcoin - Ether (others are not accepted)
Loan repayment period: 1 to 2 months
Profit: 9% per month

Important Note:
- If you do not like, please refrain from inserting irrelevant messages.
- This account is not my main account and is completely new. Do not remind. If you are not interested, please leave the topic faster.
- Set and submit the request as follows:
Loan amount required: (BTC - Ether)
Repayment period:
the reason :
Wallet address:
Email address  :

- Immediate loan payment and after receiving collateral

Thank you
Please read the above and then take action.
Violations will be reported if observed.

Flag link:;flag=2740
18  Other / Archival / Re: Looking for 0.1b BTC loan give 0.2 BTC after 35 days on: April 24, 2021, 09:36:31 PM

Double the money in 35 days?  A website that makes $3k every month?  I wonder why nobody has jumping on this!  Please please please, let me be the one to send first!  PM me for the details on how to get my new $3k/month website!

Here you go:


19  Economy / Reputation / Re: Noticed pooya87's avatar? IMO best ever avatar on timely manner... on: April 24, 2021, 02:32:50 PM
Last week when it dipped down to about $55k my son asked me if he should buy, here was my answer:

If you want to make a quick buck, no. 
If you want to hold bitcoin for the long haul and use it as a currency, then there is no wrong time to buy.  But then, you always BTFD!
20  Bitcoin / Electrum / Re: [Questions] Running my own electrum server on: April 24, 2021, 12:21:10 PM
Since it creates its own index, is there a reason why I should “carry” the entire blockchain?
It builds the index from the bitcoind blockchain, hence why you need it.

I don't think you can use systemd with WSL... you can however use it with WSL2:

note that systemd is not entirely necessary to use ElectrumX... it's just a method for setting it up as a background service and autostart etc. You should be able to just "run" ElectrumX assuming you have the config etc setup correctly.

You can't use systemd on wsl, it's not given access to base hardware functions like that.  I love using WSL, it's definitely the most convenient way I've found to SSH into another machine, VPS, and I even use it access my VirtualBox instances on the same host.

@BlackHatCoiner, you can install Ubuntu server onto VirtualBox, start the instance in "headless" mode, and access it with WSL.  The advantage is that you can copy and paste commands right from your windows desktop without installing all the VirtualBox additions.  I'll be a relatively light install without any bloat, and should work for your needs.

Also note worthy; ElectrumX requires bitcoin core to run unpruned, so you will have to download the entire blockchain.

In case anyone cares, here's how to set up a VirtualBox so you can ssh into it using WSL:

Obviously your VM needs to have SSH server installed, but you don't need to generate a key pair.

On your VM:
sudo apt install openssh-server

On your host, go to your vbox settings, click on network, on the "Adapter 1" tab click on Advanced to expand the field, and then click on the "Port Forwarding" button:

Create a rule as shown below.  The host port isn't critical but choose something you're certain isn't being used by another service.

Now you'll be able to start your vbox in headless mode, open a WSL window, and connect using this command:
ssh -p 2200 <vboxusername>@localhost
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