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1  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia's economy is 'imploding' on export decline, economists claim on: September 30, 2023, 03:33:44 PM
Oh, you're still here? You need to defend your motherland in Donbas! I've heard they need more fighters ASAP! Stop trolling from the safety of your home, join your comrades on the front lines. And remember good news for you: now they're accepting retarded people as well!  Grin 

Anyways, getting back to the topic: your laughable claims are not supported by anything. No sources, no proof, nothing. Somehow, I'm not surprised. Stop spreading BS and lies. Please.

1. you can easily check any fact I have given you. Which is to be expected, I have never been able to do with your fantasies Smiley

2.Judging by the people I saw in the rf army in 2022, in the so-called "second army of the world" - they recruit ONLY mentally distant and moral degenerates there:) I don't understand why you don't defend the "brown Russian world" yet Smiley
But... you will soon have a great chance "Russia: Vladimir Putin signed a decree on conscription of 130 thousand people into the Russian army".
2  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia's economy is 'imploding' on export decline, economists claim on: September 30, 2023, 01:43:31 PM
Not enough reason for us to sit back and think that Russia will yield and give up. For all we know they have allies that would help them fund the war of attrition that they have subjected themselves against Ukraine with. Not to mention the fact that they probably have enough funding to keep at this war 10 times over, so this "implosion" so to speak may affect the economy of Russia, it may even kill the morale of its citizens, but until Putin signs that treaty of peace they won't be stopping this war any time soon.

I'm just hoping no more countries are to intervene against this war besides the conventional support that they give out, once more countries actively join this war this will mean hell for a lot of us and may even escalate to a continental/global war.

The problem is actually much deeper than that ... If you think the problem is Putin, I'm sorry, but you're wrong. The problem is the Nazi regime of Russia and the support of Nazism and terror against the developed world, and civilization in general, by the majority of the Russian population. As a resident of Ukraine - believe me, it is not Putin who kills civilians in Ukraine and destroys cities, it is just ordinary, typical, residents of Russia, who simply do not hate the whole world.

Therefore, there is no need for any signatures, Russia, as the center of today's world destabilization, new Nazism, and terrorism, including economic terrorism, must cease to exist in its current state.  The ideal solution is the division of russia into several independent republics, with temporary external rule, with total demilitarization, and with obligations to pay reparations for many decades, to ALL those who suffered from the soviet and russian power.
3  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin Legal Tender in Central African Republic on: September 30, 2023, 07:06:04 AM

I.e. again no specifics, "water". I repeat - there are many people here who claim that by introducing cryptocurrency instead of local fiat currencies (and globally replacing the dollar all over the world), the problem of poverty, economy and inflation will be solved at once. Can you clearly answer this question ? I realize that no Smiley

"Bitcoin changed the world" - now you are trying to make wishful thinking. That it is an interesting concept and technology is not in dispute. But expectations and dreams that it will change the world are just fantasies.

"It seems that you are trying to shift the burden onto bitcoin advocates to show bitcoin as having had already taken over the world in some kind of a microcosm, and if bitcoin is not able to show such a thing, then bitcoin is not important and/or meaningful in terms of its advancement." - It would be better if you would tell us in detail about the fact that you can't put toothpaste back into the tube - it would look more interesting and closer to reality than this sentence Smiley

"First of all.  Fuck shitcoins.  Who cares about cryptocurrencies? and try to stay focused on bitcoin if you are able to.  Bitcoin is the ONLY one that really matters, and the only one that creates any kind of threat to the fiat system as we know it." - please provide some verifiable arguments or other reasoned answer proving this dubious idea ?

PS And lastly, about "everything is going well, implementation is going well, just need to do something else", summarizing fantasies, expectations, and reality : ) Are you surprised ? I'm not ! Smiley
4  Economy / Economics / Re: Russia's economy is 'imploding' on export decline, economists claim on: September 30, 2023, 06:44:24 AM
A bit of positive news from Russia Smiley

- VTB head predicts the dollar at 250 rubles in the transition to the Chinese model of the currency market
Russia's transition to the Chinese model of the currency market with the introduction of two ruble exchange rates will lead to a sharp decline in the domestic currency, said VTB CEO Andrei Kostin. "If we introduce two ruble exchange rates, we will have one at 150 and the other at 250, that's for sure," Kostin said at the International Banking Forum in Sochi.

- "Gazprom" reported a record in the history of gas production collapse. At the end of the first half of the year, Gazprom's production amounted to 179.45 billion cubic meters, the company said in its quarterly report. Compared to the same period of 2022, the volumes fell by 25%, and if compared to the pre-war period - by almost a third: in January-June 2021, Gazprom produced 260.8 billion cubic meters. Never in the three decades of its history has the world's largest gas company reduced production so rapidly.

- Budget expenditures for Putin's maintenance will be increased by 20%. The maintenance of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the next three years will cost Russian taxpayers 74.7 billion rubles. This amount for the "functioning" of the head of state the government has laid down in the draft federal budget for 2024-26, which was submitted to the State Duma on Friday.

- Russia faces a shortage of black bread. Rye of the first, second and third classes will make up about 97% of the entire harvest, but 59% of this volume will be of the third class, which is a poor quality indicator

- Russian farmers are under the threat of mass bankruptcies after the withdrawal of foreign grain traders. Monopolization of the grain market following the departure of foreign players who left Russia after the outbreak of war in Ukraine has brought thousands of farms to the brink of bankruptcy.
Grain traders are buying grain below the cost of production and this is destroying the economy of farms, a member of the State Duma committee for agrarian issues, Sergey Lisovsky, has said.

5  Local / Политика / Re: Как выжить на войне on: September 30, 2023, 06:35:07 AM
Если даже "погибшие" русские офицеры учавствуют в совещаниях, то просто прикинь, каких пиздюлей получат ВСУки от живых? Wink

Я так понимаю от "встерче путена со стюардессами, с фокусом-покусом рука-микрофон" ты тоже был в восторге, верно ? Smiley А документальные мультики смотришь ? Продолжай  Grin Grin Grin Grin
6  Local / Политика / Re: Как выжить на войне on: September 30, 2023, 06:33:25 AM
Новая тема для одно-вертикально-извилинных участников клуба "Голубая устрица путена" Smiley

"Родина вас сдаст сынок" - под таким девизом проходит подача информации о сотрудниках компаний наросии :

Компании массово бросились передавать данные сотрудников в военкоматы

Работодатели спешат поставить на воинский учет своих сотрудников и уже создали ажиотажный спрос на такую услугу среди аутсорсинговых компаний, пишет Коммерсант со ссылкой на участников рынка.

Это связано с тем, что с 1 октября юридическим лицам в России грозят штрафы до 400500 тыс. руб. за нарушения, связанные с предоставлением данных военкоматам. В последние три месяца поступило вчетверо больше запросов, чем за полгода, говорит старший менеджер департамента аутсорсинга Мариллион Наталья Коротина.

 Grin Grin Grin Grin
7  Economy / Economics / Re: On Apple's $200 billion dump and US shooting itself in the foot on: September 29, 2023, 02:41:49 PM
The risks to Apple of imposing restrictions in China on government employees have been more than offset by the huge demand among Chinese people. Bottom line: Apple continues to make a super profit, while Chinese civil servants are simply left without an iPhone 15. That's the reality Smiley

So much for Chinese patriotism. All iPhones 15 were sold out in a minute on Tmall, the queue is lined up until November
Only a couple of models are promised to be delivered at the end of October
New iPhone 15 were sold out on Chinese platform Tmall within a minute after the start of pre-orders, as reported by Bloomberg.

At this point, the queue for some iPhone 15 models has stretched for a month and a half or more. Only a couple of sets are promised to be delivered at the end of October, the rest of the smartphones will have to wait until November.

Before the presentation of the iPhone 15 Chinese media and social networks of the country discussed a new smartphone Huawei Mate 60 Pro, which was called the next "killer" iPhone. In addition, just before the announcement there were reports that Beijing expanded the ban on the use of Apple products by officials. However, these steps had little effect on the enthusiasm of users.

PS Self-moderation is good, but why delete ordinary news on the topic ? Smiley
8  Local / Токены / Re: AGTI-инвестиционный токен для С/Х on: September 29, 2023, 02:34:27 PM



С момента опубликования этого объявления
И до 24-00, 30 сентября 2023-го года
КАЖДЫЙ может купить токен ПО ЦЕНЕ 0,15$ !

Для этого :

оплатить сумму покупки на кошелёк:




точную сумму оплаченных USDT,
адрес, с какого кошелька платили (сеть должна быть BNB Smart Chain - BEP20)
адрес, на какой кошелек зачислять токены (должен быть Metamask или Trustwallet  на BEP-20)
на телеграмм @SevlushFoods



1 Три приза самым большим по сумме вклада в текущем пуле покупателям токена (можно докупать до конца пулу несколько раз)

1-е место, (но не менее 1500$!!) - 10000 токенов
2-е место (но не менее 700$) - 5000 токенов
3-е место (но не менее 300$) - 1000 токенов

2 Троим участникам пула (рандомно) - отправляем по ящику нашей продукции! (только по Украине - новой почтой)


*  - это второе направление развития бизнеса, выращивание грибов - шампиньоны и вешенки !
9  Local / Политика / Re: Как выжить на войне on: September 29, 2023, 12:10:19 PM
Но наш тупой укро-бот Пивной может и дальше смотреть всезапукровые тэлэмарафоны и верить всей той хуйне, которую там вещают для таких даунов, как он, конечно! Grin Grin Grin

Носителям одной вертикальной межбулочной извилины, новость зашла на ура.  И все эти туловища, сделали вид что не заметили одного нюанса - сьемка проводилась в здании ... штаба черноморского, так сказать флота, страны террориста, во временно оккупированном Крыму. Который был тотально разрушен,  после высокоточного удара ВСУ по скопищу моральных уродов в фуражках Smiley
Так что да, верьте, радуйтесь... Ведь только вам показали мертвое говорящее туловище Smiley
10  Economy / Economics / Re: Food Crisis - Improved, Worsen or still the same in your country (No Change)? on: September 29, 2023, 12:04:55 PM
Just a notice, on a time frame of 20-25 years, the price of chips made x10. For todays price of one middle size bag of chips, in my childhood I could have bought 5 and 2*2L of Coca-Cola. Compared to pre covid19 prices, the price on same bag of chips made x2. I cant say that all the food prices made doubled or even more, but food cost definitely more than few years ago. Cant say that availability of food changed significantly, but change is noticed in variability. But that is due to sanctions, not due to crisis.

There is a small nuance in your estimation - you are taking the cost of a product, which although produced in your country, but the company "investor" of production is Western. It is correct to count the cost of products with domestic origin, domestic taxes and so on. Count better your local products produced by local producers - for example, your local vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. This will be a more accurate estimate of the change in value.
11  Economy / Economics / Re: marry rich: marry fiat rich or crypto rich, which is better? on: September 29, 2023, 10:11:10 AM
I have a simple question - and maybe it is better to marry not for money, but for a loved, reciprocating person ? Smiley The thing is, if you marry for money, you become a kind of commodity. And the one who pays, most likely with time will find "more attractive goods, for acceptable money", and ... you'll have neither money nor a happy life. And it doesn't matter what you won't have in the end - crypto or fiat money, you won't have it Smiley
That's right.
Also a thing is that you'll like begging for love when you're just going to marry for money. Well, as they say it is just being practical but that practicality will make you suffer emotionally and mentally.
Even if you're that rich but you're not in loved with the person you chose as your partner. At the end of the day, you'll still find for that true love, no riches, no material things, just pure love.

That's the main problem - human relations, some try to translate into the plane of profit.... It looks honestly very similar to a kind of prostitution, please do not take offense, but it is.

And another interesting observation - why in most cases women are interested in profitable marriage, but do not see men discussing profitable marriage? Smiley Such a strange gendered distribution of interests....
No gender reproach, just an observation Smiley
12  Economy / Economics / Re: China real estate crisis: Buy a house and get a gold bar! No Bitcoin unf! on: September 29, 2023, 10:04:21 AM
I take it this is about the not-so-successful attempt to save Evergrande, which is dragging China's entire economy down ? Smiley
An interesting but pointless attempt ! China's economy has become a "bubble", and there is no way out of the situation except for tough measures to reorganize the economy. And moreover, confrontation with the West, at the same moment, makes the situation even worse. It's like treating a systemic disease and at the same time going on a bender, taking heavy drugs, and doing other extremely unhelpful actions.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Bitcoin Legal Tender in Central African Republic on: September 29, 2023, 10:00:13 AM
Rome was not built in a day, however the network effects** in bitcoin keep building (and growing).. whether you want to believe (or recognize) it or not.

**Referring to those 7 network effects outlined by Trace Mayer.

In other words, there is no need to show a complete country or a complete system operating on bitcoin in order for bitcoin to be successful because little by little bitcoin is getting into each and all countries.. and still bitcoin is likely less than 1% of the world's population of adoption - scattered all over the world.. so bitcoin exists in an overwhelming number of countries around the world.. but for sure in no kind of a dominant way.. because bitcoin is existing side by side with various fiat systems that are likely going to continue to lose more and more of their value into bitcoin.. so in that regard, we have the greatest wealth transfer in the world going on right before our eyes, even if some people (probably and overwhelming majority of the people because otherwise they would already own some) are failing/refusing to see it.

It's all understandable, there's no arguing about it. I'm talking about something else, and you don't want to hear it.)
I mean that here on the forum, there are not a few participants who believe that bitcoin/cryptocurrency is a solution for countries that have a problem, and almost the best way to dedolarize the world economy. There were a lot of enthusiastic statements about some of the countries where cryptocurrency was supposedly accepted as a means of payment, imol - that's it, tomorrow everyone will be envious of them. Or quite simply, the topic of this topic is that bitcoin has become a legal means of payment in a certain country, the Central African Republic. And I ask the question - WHAT CHANGES? Problems solved? This is a "closed" economy, and it is easier and faster to get results here than in the global economy. And I do not get a positive answer from the apologists of the theme "bitcoin will save the economy". In response or talking about other topics, or primitive insults, and even without arguments Smiley Not everyone likes the truth that destroys myths and fantasies Smiley

For example, can you explain how bitcoin, as a financial model of the state\world, will SOLVE the real problems of the economy ? Smiley
14  Economy / Economics / Re: Our future with renewable energy. on: September 29, 2023, 09:53:40 AM
In theory it can indeed be done. But the transition period from fossil energy to renewable energy is actually a big obstacle.

Apart from the fact that it requires quite high costs in making facilities and such. In fact, the real obstacle is that we ourselves may already be dependent on the use of oil fuel energy.

But if awareness of environmental sustainability is increased, I believe that in the future renewable energy will really be used and become the majority of usage. But building everyone's awareness is the most difficult.

High infrastructure and capital can be overcome. But human awareness to love nature more, I think this is the real obstacle.

The world has been through similar periods before. Only in the modern world changes happen easier and faster than for example transition from horse power to steam engines Smiley
So I don't see any problems, especially considering the fact that we are not going to get away from it, due to the real limitation of fossil reserves. I.e. whether we want to or not - we are EXPECTED to switch to alternative energy - nuclear, cold fusion, renewable energy sources....
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Is academic pursues enough to get incomes? on: September 27, 2023, 04:29:28 PM
I really want know if getting more degrees can make life financially better because I come from a country where their are no job and I have seen people that the only thing they can do in life is to read books, getting more degrees attaining all these degrees yet no still go job for them with good pay. Do think people who read in a region with slim job opportunities are doing the right thing?

Most people who go for more degrees believe they can get better job at the end of the day. People that only go for more degrees in a stare with high unemployment rate are they doing right thing by putting all their focus on academic because this is the only thing they can do best.

1. Thinkers, philosophers, writers, theorists, .... These are often seen as almost useless "specialties".  But they give rise to entities that we, the "productive part of the population", often don't think about - we don't have time "for these little things", and "nonsense" Smiley  But sooner or later we come to questions to which we have no answers, and often no opportunity to try to find them ourselves. That's what we need people to do this difficult work for us. This is what those people you are talking about are doing.
2. Everyone earns as much as they can - loader, teacher, philosopher, developer, marketer, fireman.... All these people make the world around us a better place. So any job should be valued, and respected !
16  Other / Off-topic / Re: Google is 25 Today - What has been Your Experience ! on: September 27, 2023, 04:13:13 PM
Google is a great company !
You can find flaws in their work, but globally - one of the most technological, quality, in terms of the level of services. They also have the widest audience coverage - from the search engine (the basic service of the company), to a huge number of additional, in-demand services ... I personally use a lot of things - from search engine and mail, to clouds, collaboration systems, and mobile platform itself Smiley
The company deserves respect and real interest of users. I heartily congratulate the "corporation of goodness" on its beautiful anniversary ! Smiley
17  Economy / Economics / Re: Our future with renewable energy. on: September 27, 2023, 03:25:27 PM
At the same time, there is another interesting "side effect" of alternative energy promotion. While the world, realizing the limited availability of fossil resources, is developing alternative energy, and some of the leaders of the oil market are themselves investing huge amounts of money in the development of alternative solutions, others are trying in every possible way "from all outlets" to spread the message to the masses that alternative energy is evil, not ecological, harmful, not profitable, fake and in general "Wind turbines shake so much that worms come out of the ground"  Grin
18  Economy / Economics / Re: marry rich: marry fiat rich or crypto rich, which is better? on: September 27, 2023, 03:10:28 PM
I have a simple question - and maybe it is better to marry not for money, but for a loved, reciprocating person ? Smiley The thing is, if you marry for money, you become a kind of commodity. And the one who pays, most likely with time will find "more attractive goods, for acceptable money", and ... you'll have neither money nor a happy life. And it doesn't matter what you won't have in the end - crypto or fiat money, you won't have it Smiley
19  Economy / Economics / Re: What has really been behind china's economy on: September 27, 2023, 03:06:30 PM
As far as I understand, china's economy is boosted by export tech products and the loan service they provide. China's loan interest is higher than that of other international institutes. Still, most countries take loans from China because of their friendly terms and conditions. China extend loan duration multiple times. China offers loans, and they work at the same time. For example, What is the purpose of your loan? If it's because you want to build something, china will give you a loan with the condition that they will work on that project. By doing these tactics, they are getting profit from two sides. One is from lending, and the other one is from the construction work. Here are the countries that are mostly in debt to China

"Friendly terms" terms, that's like a black meme. In order to understand how "friendly" lending and investment conditions are for these "friendship victims", it is worth looking at some absolutely real examples of "friendship with China". The most "recent" example is Sri Lanka. I will not tell you what happened there, I may have a personal subjective opinion and assessment. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to study this example, conditions, peculiarities of Chinese friendship, and how it all ended in the end. At the same time, the example of Sri Lanka is not a rare case, if you search, you will find many more victims of "friendship with China". So I would highly recommend to avoid Chinese investments, loans and joint projects.....
20  Economy / Economics / Re: Another Coup in Africa: What is the economic effect? on: September 27, 2023, 03:01:49 PM
"On July 26, 2023, soldiers from the Presidential Guard blocked access to Bazoum's residence. The president's office said on the president's Twitter account that individual guards "launched a mutiny in a vain attempt to gain the support of the National Armed Forces and the National Guard."....""

Typical military coup. Which means the change of power is not legitimate, and neither is the head of the military junta. And why should anyone follow their orders ? Smiley
Well and most importantly - everyone understands that a military coup in one of the poorest African countries will not lead to anything positive, neither for the inhabitants of the country nor for its political weight in the world. I can even predict what will happen. Those close to the junta will gain access to the country's wealth, or simply appropriate someone's property, organize their own private military company, just to protect themselves from the population of their country.... Such "power" is not capable of anything else....

This is a classic "meet the new boss same as the boss move"

I can only hope it does not get worse with mass executions and the military pillaging the civilians.

That is the essence of the problem: there is not a change of power to improve the situation in the country and the economy, but simply the seizure of power by a dubious group, who have no other goals except the goal of power and personal enrichment. Plus they believe that they can hold power by any method available to them - and this means death, destruction, further degradation of the country.... It is very unfortunate that often the population supports such coups, and then they themselves suffer from the fact that once again they did not think, but simply believed the crooks.
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