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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 19, 2023, 05:59:11 PM
What is the difference now between Arsenal, Barcelona and Real Madrid? They're not in the same group are they?
You think of something that hasn't happened yet they are now in the group stage and Arsenal losing 1x is not a bad thing, I believe they can qualify for the Gunners not to worry Arteta's games and strategies are always interesting.

Don't doubt Arsenal now they look ferocious, even if Real Madrid meet later I have no doubt that Arsenal can win, anything can happen - so I don't think about how Arsenal are now because being in the group now they are not so worried.
Arsenal's stats are much better now, they have a lot of confidence.
Arsenal cannot be underestimated after successfully overthrowing the defending EPL champions and defending UCL champions Man City, Arteta now has the depth of a squad capable of conquering any challenge in various competitions. Even though we know their defeat against Lens was surprising, I agree with you that Arsenal can progress from the group phase this time. With their reputation this season, Arteta squad does have high self-confidence, they just need to improve their mentality to face big clubs in the next round.

The opportunity to meet Real Madrid or other big clubs is very open because they are not in the same group, but I think if there was another option, Arteta would prefer to avoid it. Not without reason, because the chance of beating a club as big as Real Madrid is very small, and the opposite could possibly happen. Beating Madrid is not enough with squad depth, an unbeaten record in the EPL League, or success in beating Man City, it cannot be used as a benchmark for beating Madrid.

Uniquely, in football anything can happen.

On the contrary, I don't see Madrid looking strong in the front line sector. However, in terms of midfielders, they have many options with talented players. So far, Jude Bellingham's contribution deserves appreciation, unfortunately he is not a striker. That's why, there are times when Belingham will encounter obstacles in creating opportunities and scoring goals in every match. after all, we have not been able to measure Madrid's strength so far. as for the teams they beat in La Liga, or the Group phase, most of them were not strong teams. except, Naples. Unfortunately under Rudi Garcia, their performance has declined slightly.

And it is not impossible that Arsenal will be able to match Madrid if these two teams finally meet. After all, they can beat City, why not Real Madrid. Moreover, now Arsenal has upgraded the depth of its squad. The only thing for me that Arsenal lacks is a pure, sharp striker who they can rely on. if they had that, this team would be much better.
what I say is purely based on my point of view, not because I am an Arsenal supporter.
However, we agree that the Gunners only need to develop a stronger mentality. The reason is, almost the entire team is dominated by young players. That's why team mentality and playing stability will be really needed when meeting opponents who have a reputation and are strong, like Madrid. If we compare reputations, it is certain that Madrid is clearly superior to the Gunners. However, when they meet on the field, Arsenal has a chance to overthrow the opposing team.
I think Arsenal are not doing very well in the Champions League. Because in the last match who lost very badly to Lens. Arsenal's next match is probably against Sevilla, it will be a very competitive match and I think Sevilla will do well. So the Arsenal team has to find some new tactics to play that match.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 14, 2023, 01:11:57 PM

In my opinion, Lewandowski's participation in the game will benefit Real Madrid. He is no longer dangerous and has been well studied, and other options could be wild cards in Barcelona's favor. In any case, I see that the quotes for this game are seriously distorted:

2.26 - 3.60 - 3.00

If 2.26 were in favor of Real, then I would still doubt it, but 3.00 against such a weak Barcelona? Easy bet.
Looking at the difference in his performance last season and now Lewandowski has not been able to play well and indeed in the first few matches it was evident when Barcelona did not really reflect them in terms of goal productivity in the first few matches, although at this time it seemed to be resolved by the entry of Joao Felix and Joao Cancelo for Barcelona.
2.26 for Madrid's odds I think this is definitely very good even though the opponent is Barcelona with a trend that is now getting better but I'm pretty sure the Bernabeu this season is different from before.
Indeed in terms of h2h last season Barcelona excelled in their 4 meetings against Madrid but for now I am quite confident in Madrid.

These are the quotes for the game Barcelona - Real Madrid  Grin
2.26 is for the victory of Barcelona, and 3.00 for the victory of Real Madrid. Personally, this looks strange to me.
As for Lewandowski, the point is not how many goals he scores, but how many scoring chances he needs for this; by this indicator, he seems to have been the worst in the league even last season. By the way, Joao Felix also likes to waste scoring chances, but he still has room for progress, unlike Lewandowski.
The Barcelona team has been at the top of the La Liga so far with excellent performances. Real Madrid team did not perform very well in La Liga compared to Barcelona team. However, considering the performance of the Champions League, it is not right to consider the Barcelona team now, after watching the next few matches, you will understand how the position of the Barcelona team is in the Champions League.
3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 14, 2023, 12:23:08 PM
Their matches are always hot and high-tension because this is also part of the pride they carry in a classic derby, it's just that for the problem of results it seems that we know what the final result in this match will be.
Everton are still very bad and indeed in the last few seasons they have always been like that because the conditions are still very uncertain, inversely proportional to Liverpool, which this season appears quite inpresive.
I don't even doubt the final result for Liverpool's victory and the stakes are quite clear in this match. but still I will watch this derby and wait for how the hot tension occurs.  
I am also quite sure that Liverpool will win this match, Liverpool has always been a very strong team when playing at Anfield this season, they have not been beaten at home, and in many matches, they are quite difficult to beat at Anfield, especially this season even though they have just had two bad results because they only got one point, but Liverpool was quite quick in returning to their best performance, moreover, their opponents this time were very poor in appearance and at least in the past three seasons, Everton has found it very difficult to compete in the English Premier League, they were only lucky to survive relegation twice.
Derby matches will always have high tension, Liverpool must be wary of provocations from opposing players which can cause them to get cards that could be detrimental later, especially this season they are one of the teams that has received quite a lot of red cards in particular, and that was one of the reasons why they lost to Tottenham.
In the last two seasons Liverpool have never lost to Everton. And I think last season when Liverpool was in inconsistent performance but they were still able to beat Everton. So this time or this season I also feel confident that Liverpool will win the battle again. I haven't seen any improvement from Everton this season. They are still the same as at the end of last season.

But a draw is still possible. I hope next week I can watch this match. Looks like I have to work faster so I can enjoy next week's match.
Liverpool team is far ahead of Everton in terms of team performance and experience of players. The Liverpool team has improved tremendously over the past few days so we can expect them to beat Button by a huge margin in their next match.
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: October 14, 2023, 12:05:44 PM
Monaco's scoring productivity so far has been really impressive. They have nearly a 3-goal average a game in the league now. They don't have any problems on scoring goals maybe but they can do their defending better than this. They have conceded 11 goals so far. This can give them some headache later on.

Besides Monaco should improve their performance for big games as well. They lost to Nice home. They won against Marseille maybe but it was a really tough one. They had to make a comeback to win the game. In a month they have a PSG game as well.
AS Monaco have better goals productivities in Ligue 1 than other teams such as PSG scored 17 goals in 8 matches and Nice as 2nd standings teams scored 9 goals. Have good average with AS Monaco goals productivities around three goals on every match and success scored 21 goals until 8 matches. But have bit problem with AS Monaco defense because they have conceded 11 goals than Nice with most fewest four goals until matchday 8. AS Monaco position not secure yet as top standings awhile, left one points behind Nice must in consistency performance on every match. Several upcoming matches later, AS Monaco have easy opponent team and opportunity keep lead their position standings for several week later.
The league means that PSG's team status is currently very interesting. The whole world is having a lot of fun with the PSG team. After the departure of Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr., Mbappe is the sole leader of the team but now the performance of the team is deteriorating day by day.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: ICC WORLD CUP 2023 ACTUAL DISCUSSION THREAD! on: October 13, 2023, 03:59:53 PM
The Bangladesh team scored only 245 runs in the game between Bangladesh and New Zealand. The target of 246 runs has been given to New Zealand and to fulfill this target the New Zealand team is playing exceptionally well. The way New Zealand played in the beginning today looked really disappointing, but later on they improved their game and increased the run rate. They don't have to put too much pressure on themselves to win today and easily win the match against Bangladesh. So far, since New Zealand's great batsmen Daryl Mitchell and Kane Williamson are in the field, I think they will take the game and eventually leave the field with a win. And I can definitely make a correct prediction today that New Zealand will win the match comfortably. With this match, New Zealand's three matches will end and if they win today's match, they will have a great three match win in ICC. New Zealand team is going to win against Bangladesh soon, they need only 77 runs from 94 balls to complete the target, which is very easy for New Zealand.
The score of New Zealand is very good. We can expect that New Zealand can win this match. New Zealand's target is less and their current score is over the initial required run rate.

If we are starting the discussion about players, If New Zealand wins so I think Kane Williams is the man of the match because he does score good runs for his team. He is on the strike and I want to see the century by Kane Williamson. He is too close to a century. New Zealand made a distance of twenty balls, which means New Zealand needs 63 runs in 83 balls. If we only talk about Kane Williamson,it won't be fair with other players too because other players are also playing equally well. Daryl Mitchell made a half-century in 45 balls. That is very good batting by New Zealand.

They once again proved that New Zealand's batting order is very strong in this World Cup. The team lost the wicket of their very important batsman Rachin Ravindra for just 12 runs. But after that, the team did not make any mistakes. Conway and Williamson batted very responsibly. Conway returned to the dressing room with 45 runs. New Zealand batsmen are batting very responsibly. Although the pitch is spin friendly, Bangladesh's experienced spinners are not able to take advantage.

Collected 206 runs after losing 2 wickets in 39 overs. New Zealand need only 40 runs off 66 balls. They should not face any problem to win this match. The match is completely under the control of New Zealand.
In fact, considering the performance, the biggest thing is that the New Zealand team from Bangladesh is an impossibly good team and they are ahead in terms of experience. As such, I think it is natural that they will defeat Bangladesh.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 13, 2023, 03:34:04 PM
So Arsenal will Rather fight for a draw than loose because if they draw they will be on four points and still remain second position in the group which will still be considered fair for them and keep them hopeful to make it pass the group stage, this is UCL and only the best is what teams give out and so I'm very sure if arsenal should be giving only but their best then Sevilla doesn't stand a place then because Arsenals best is way beyond Sevilla's best.
Arsenal will qualify first in Group B. Lens won vs Arsenal but they aren't fit to keep winning in my opinion. Their results in Ligue 1 aren't good at all also. PSV Eindhoven is a good team but with lower quality than Arsenal. Sevilla are good too but not that good to end first in my opinion.
Arsenal first, Sevilla second for me and if Lens could keep good results, they might pick the second spot.

In Group B, there will be an interesting game between Arsenal and Sevilla, Sevilla fired their coach because of the bad performance they had in La Liga in the past and they surely want to get better results in the Champions League too but Arsenal is the team they won the game against Manchester City and in this season, Arsenal had an amazing performance so far which enough to say they won't have a hard game against Sevilla. The last time they faced each other was the Europe League in which Sevilla won the game and now this is a good chance for Arsenal to take revenge.

Sevilla has been known as a team with a lot of spirit and it will not even try to let its opponent to win the game. Sevilla really needs three points at this moment. I expect both of clubs will be scored during the match.
So, btts is a sense choice for this. we may not able to see more than 3.5 goals to be made. Sevilla is coming to the emirate stadium and arsenal is ready for that. This match is very hard to guess caused by sevilla is also moving up again.

Sevilla won europa league last season. Even though there have been many changes in the club but sevilla played better than before after mendilibar got sacked by the club. I hope diego alonso will bring some changes to the club.
Winning against arsenal will be boosting the mentality from the players a lot.

Im feeling confidence sevilla would able to scoring against arsenal.

It's hard to believe if that Sevilla was able to beat Arsenal in the Champions League match because Sevilla performance in La Liga was less than optimal and different from Arsenal, who performed amazingly in the Premier League and managed to second.
Even though Arsenal experienced defeat against Lens, I think Mikel Arteta will learn from this mistake and try to improve the club condition to be able to perform optimally in the Champions League match.
After Arsenal managed to beat Manchester City in the Premier League, I am more confident that Arsenal will be able to get points from Sevilla in the next match, and I can confirm that Arsenal will be able to qualify for the next round in the Champions League.
I can say from my side that Arsenal team will win the match between Sevilla and Arsenal. Because in terms of performance and quality of players, Arsenal team is much ahead. However, the performance of the Sevilla team this season and if the coach of the team can apply any new strategy. And if every player in the team plays the match with their utmost dedication then anything can happen.
7  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 12, 2023, 01:07:48 PM
Mendilibar's time has ended at Sevilla recently and Diego Alonso has been appointed to the manager position. Sevilla have started to change their manager very often in the recent times. Sampaoli, Mendilibar and now Diego Alonso... I don't believe this is a good action to take for a team.

Because the system mostly changes and the players have to adapt to the new one every time. They have to get along with the new manager as well. Rather than that I think Sevilla should have given it some time. They won the Europa League title with Mendilibar in the end.
I think Sevilla should not rush in sacking Jose Luis Mendilibar. Because Mendilibar was actually an important figure who brought big changes to the Sevilla squad last season. Sevilla even avoided the relegation zone in Laliga and managed to win the Europa League title with Mendilibar.
Even though Sevilla haven't shown a good performance this season, I still think that giving more time to Jose Luis Mendilibar would be much better. Because currently Sevilla also has an important match in the Champions League. And of course changing the current coach is a bad decision.

Even if Diego Alonso could become a good coach for Sevilla, improvements will not occur instantly. Everything definitely requires adaptation and is quite a long process. And actually, Sevilla currently doesn't have enough time to adapt to a new coach. Because a busy match schedule and a change of coach will only make things worse.

Sevilla in the Champions League currently has not experienced a defeat nor has they won. Two matches only ended in draws. And I think that's still quite better than losing. But I'm also curious whether Diego Alonso will really make a drastic improvement in Sevilla's performance or if it will actually get worse. Let's see.
The performance of the Sevilla team is quite good. However, the team performed better last season. But this season the rest of the teams are performing quite well, so Sevilla team is having some problem to perform this season.
8  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 12, 2023, 12:57:37 PM
When he was at Ajax and Inter Milan, we all saw the quality of Andre Onana. Yes, he is a good goalkeeper. But somehow when he moved to Man Utd we could see that Onana seemed to have lost his ability as a good goalkeeper. The mentality of a world-class goalkeeper like Onana should be that he can maintain his performance wherever he is.
Onana is a good goalkeeper and I don't deny this fact because I will fail to do this. It's true to say Onana got more attention from big clubs after he had an amazing adventure with Inter Milan in the last season, went to a final match and lost minimally against Manchester City with a striker from Rodri. However, we must consider another fact that one excellent season is not enough to make Onana as a world class goalkeeper. He must prove more and after a transfer to Manchester United and Premier League, we already are able to assess his quality better.

But now I'm starting to think that maybe the real problem is Man Utd's back line itself. Last season, De Gea was also considered to have experienced a drastic decline. And this right could be that the problem is not with De Gea but with Man Utd's back line itself. So the goalkeeper who cannot save the goal is then blamed.
Manchester United have many problems especially in their defense and they can not ask Onana to fix all defensive holes. They need better defenders as well as better whole system too. So far Ten Hag and Manchester United have yet built up a good system with balance between attacking and defense.
Manchester United team is 10th in the points table. The team is not performing very well. It is important for Manchester United to stay inside the 5th place in the points table so that the team can create a chance to achieve something good.
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 07, 2023, 04:47:32 PM
Barcelona may never lose, but if they draw a lot, it's also not good for them, because the points they collect are a little hampered if they draw a lot with the opponents they face. I think apart from defeats, draws are also one of the negative results felt by a club. Imagine me they feel 5 draws, that means there are 10 points wasted, and that will widen the distance from clubs that can get more good results with victory.
If we look back to last season in the Bundesliga, we will see how Borussia Dortmund failed to become champions because they only drew in the last match they played.

but it is also impossible for a club to win the League without a defeat or a draw. This is a long season, we will still see clubs losing or drawing, especially with the tight competition in La Liga.

the target of the fight may have to also look at their opponent. Even though we still have to hope and try to win, we still can't aim high when we see strong opponents.
A draw against a strong team is also good, and conversely, don't lose points when facing a weak team.
Strong team coaches usually rotate players when facing weaker teams, and that sometimes gives a surprise that a weak team can hold a draw or even win against a more favored team.
It's not impossible, but it's very difficult to do, winning the league without drawing and losing. I don't even remember and I don't know if there's a club that's managed to win the league without a draw and a defeat in a season. Some have experienced a season without defeat, but still they get a draw, yes it was done by one of the English clubs, Arsenal in the 2003/2004 season, it was 20 years ago.

One of the tough challenges they will face is when they play the El Classico match. Yes it is a very prestigious match and it is very difficult to predict who will be able to win in such a match, especially when the strength of the two clubs is the same.
Barcelona is currently one of the strongest teams in La Liga. So this team should win every match against the lesser teams then their position will be good in the points table, which I think will come in handy in the latter stages of the league. But something better can be expected from the Barcelona team this season.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 07, 2023, 04:36:03 PM
I feel so fulfilled with the win Manchester united got today, it was so satisfying and I must say was epic with the winning goal, Manchester united again has but up a come back to Victory for the second time this season, the first time Manchester did something similar was earlier this season where they were loosing by a goal and came back with a win although bi can't really place my hand around the team they played with but then I think this is the second they are doing this.

Earlier I was really devastated when Manchester united was a goal down up till the 60th minutes of the game which got me feeling it will end in a loss considering they weren't really performing too well enough to be convinced of a possible come back to victory, I would only think Manchester would be able to secure a draw if they eventually get a goal by the end of the second half.

But to my greatest surprise and excitement Manchester united was able to get an equalizer and win after the exceptional header from  McTominay in the last minutes of the 96th minutes of the game, for me that was really exceptional as it sealed the victory for Manchester united so I can call him a super sub and the man of the match as he restored hope to the the team today, this will definitely give them a boost after a series of losses in the EPL, it would have been very sad if they had lost at home, all thanks to McTominay.
Manchester United has been able to do a great performance in today's match. Seeing the signs of the attacking part of the team, it is clear that they are improving themselves in a great way. However, if Manchester United team needs to continue their winning streak, it is possible to do well in this league.
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: October 06, 2023, 02:23:01 PM
PSG are suprisenly becoming inconsistent this season, I expected them to be among one of the strong contenders for the  UCL trophy this season, but they're not really serious about winning it yet, they got a good coach with a champions league history and good experience, coupled with very good players with  talent that are capable of challenging for the UCL trophy but it so suprising to see them get beaten by Newcastle that's not experienced the UCL tournament for decades.

 The defeat by Newcastle was so embarrassing and I did not expect such performance from PSG even with their star player Mbappé, the most annoying part of it was that they dominated the league and were high in possession about 74% but failed to create good chances, Newcastle took advantage of it and created better chances to win the game.
It's not that it's not that serious but they haven't been able to do it. I think that after the defeat they experienced in yesterday's match, PSG is increasingly under pressure in their progress in the Champions League this season. Group F is filled with strong teams from various leagues so competition in Group F will make it difficult for PSG in the Champions League this season. PSG's inconsistent performance makes it increasingly difficult for them to achieve their targets this season. Luis Enrique must be able to restore the real strength that they have because PSG has a lot of quality players in their team and if they get out of the group phase it will definitely be quite a big setback for them.

I think Mbappe didn't find his best form when PSG played Newcastle United. Because in that match he was really guarded quite tightly by the Newcastle United players, so he failed to develop his space in that match. In the upcoming match, PSG will face Rennes in Ligue 1. I think Rennes is not a weak team because they sit below PSG in the standings table. Well, if they fail to get points in this match then PSG will really be inconsistent this season.

First of all, I never expected that PSG going to drop points against Claremont Foot. I believe when they were playing against each other, Claremont Foot was at the absolute bottom of the table. There is no way PSG should have actually dropped points in the match. And right after that, they have also lost against Newcastle United pretty badly.

I know that the new coach will need some time to actually bring in the results that everyone wants. I also know that the team will probably improve later on. But the improvement will need to happen a little early. Otherwise, PSG will not be able to defend the league title successfully. And that is a big problem. Because this is one title that they have been winning easily and losing this title, will surely mean that the team is not doing well at all.
The entire football world is laughing at the PSG team. Indeed, despite having a player like Kylian Mbappé, the team's situation is very bad at the moment. I personally already thought that the way the PSG management is treating the players, the team will go down very bad at some point. The reality of which we are now seeing.
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Premier League Prediction Thread 2023/2024 on: October 06, 2023, 01:50:27 PM
Although this season Arsenal actually has a better performance than last season. But I also think that Man City will still be superior in this match too. Arsenal always have difficulty when facing Man City. And I think maybe this time it will be the same. And the mentality of the Man City players is very strong. Both home and away matches, Man City always performs with maximum performance. So favoring Man City is my choice this time too. I don't remember last season who was the favorite when these two clubs met. But what is certain is that last year I was disappointed with Arsenal who lost quite easily. Man City at that time actually beat Arsenal very comfortably. But this time Arteta must have thought of a different strategy. But still I can't believe it.
Why do you think Arsenal current performance is better than the previous season? In the previous season, they are leading the EPL standings during the first half of the previous season. Meanwhile they are only in the 3rd place in the first half of this season. They already got 2 draws in the 7 early EPL matches this season.

Well, I agree that Man City is still superior, their squad looks a bit better than Arsenal. For the next match, I also still assume that Man City will win the match although it will be in Arsenal home (Emirates stadium). Even if in the last match Man City got a loss, they must have a bigger motivation to win the next match to maintain their position in the 1st place.

Right now both Arsenal and Manchester City are performing really well. Now on the upcoming match between them, it is definitely hard to predict who is going to win. But as we all know Arsenal has an injury problem with Saka. So probably that is going to give Arsenal some headaches. But I still believe that Arsenal will be able to do well in this match. They have replacements for almost any player.

But I still think that Manchester City is the team that has a better chance to win this match. After the recent loss that Manchester City had to face, they are definitely going to be very hungry for a win. That is something which Arsenal will have to keep in mind. Overall I think both teams have a chance to win in this match.
You first said that Manchester city have a better chance of winning the match, and then in the end, still turned around to say that both team have a chance of winning the match. this makes me want to ask you where exactly do you stand?.

In a football match, the game ends either a win for one team, and a loss for the other, or a draw which means that non of the team won or lost. For the coming match between Manchester city and Arsenal, it is one that is actually hard to predict, but if I am asked to with all honestly, without any sentiments, predict who would win the match, I would say that Manchester city does have a better chance of winning, even though I am personally wishing that Arsenal win the match, Arsenal should either win or let the game end in a draw, this is my wish.
I don't know what you all are thinking but from my point of view Manchester City team has started this season very badly than last season. Last season had a fantastic performance which deserves praise but the team's performance has suffered a bit since Kevin DeBruina left the team due to injury at the beginning of this season.
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: October 06, 2023, 01:26:09 PM
I think a lot of people had really high expectations from Onana when he was brought in. As these expectations haven’t been met, they would be quick to lay all the fault on him whenever they concede a goal conveniently ignoring that it takes the whole team to either win or lose.

I know Onana has a lot of potential and even Ten Hag despite all the goals conceded, still has faith in him. I do think Onana is unjustly faulted for their losses. Would they also fault him for not doing enough in aiding to score goals to win games as well?
Man United do need to step up their game. Poor performance even in the EPL.
When a team is out of structure, it influences the major players in the club, from the defensive line to the front lines. Manchester United has struggled this season, obtaining zero points in the UCL and currently sitting 10th position on the EPL table; nonetheless, the Red Devils could recover in due course. Erik Ten Hag senses fire in André Onana, and this is one of the primary reasons he selected him from Inter Milan as a backup replacement for David de Gea, but it's extremely terrible to see the new goalkeeper's performance deteriorate. He has conceded numerous goals as though he was an average goalkeeper in a mediocre club.
Honestly I can’t fault one player and not talk about another. The whole team has a problem of 100% fitness but every fan is looking for a scapegoat. I don't think even Casemiro who was one of their best player last season is playing better now. Look at the number of balls Fernandes looses at in  midfield, Dalot's errors, Rashford who is out of form and players who can't fall back to cover. The whole team is dysfunctional and Ten Hag has refused to find solution to this.
Manchester United team has been adding some new players to the team from season to season and is trying hard to take the team forward. However, the team is not able to perform as expected with the type of players that are in the team so far. It is really sad to see this situation of Manchester United team.
14  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: October 04, 2023, 03:24:10 PM
Thanks to Ancelotti experience and flying hours, I think the Italian coach can maintain Los Blancos performance until the end of the season. The factor of player injuries and card accumulation really influences the stability of the squad, but again, in my opinion, Ancelotti can minimize this well. If it is not an exaggeration to say, Madrid can win the match even though they are in poor form. However, that is the fact that is happening right now, Los Blancos were overwhelmed by Napoli defense, but in the end they had greater luck so they won 3 points.

When Ancelotti has a complete squad back, I think Madrid will be tougher and more solid in every line. About Bellingham his role will not be replaced this season, everyone will say he is one of the best purchases. The number 5 jersey that Zidane once wore is worthy of being worn by him.

Ancelotti is performing well this season and is assisting the club very well, but some times he plays poor games because last season against Real Madrid and Manchester City he performance was very poor on the match and I didn't expect Manchester City to defeat them on the match, if Ancelotti sign new players like mbappe or Osimhen am very sure real Madrid will perform well because is the only striker Madrid is lacking, now because Jesolu is playing poor games I don't like how he plays because Joselu is playing poorly. I don't like how he plays since when they play with Palmas in La Liga and he misses many chances I would like Madrid to acquire new strikers in January because Joselu is performing poorly.

Napoli's coach will never feel happy to see his club was failed to get three points when the club was playing at home. The fact that if garcia has been expecting his team to get full points once napoli was leading the match against real madrid. In fact, real madrid is a very strong club to be beaten.
Napoli must be careful caused by the club is not yet in the best condition right now. Napoli may also has lower chance to go to the play off stage. Im expect the same result as the previous match once napoli will be playing at santiago bernabeu.
There are still a few chances owned by napoli to get full points from its opponents. Impossible for napoli to win against madrid when it will be playing away.
Real madrid may destroy napoli once again when it will be going to the santiago bernabeu. Real madrid is such a beast team that will be difficult to be beaten by napoli.

Because Real Madrid are not in good form, they for score many goals on the match, Napoli play well in the first half when they scored one goal the fans are clapping at them and they are good in the first half, but I know madrid are stronger than them and will defeat them since the match starts when I see madrid lineup I know they will beat them at home, Bellingham and Vini Jr both perform admirably in the contest I realize Madrid has already qualified for the group stage, but I don't believe they will face any clubs capable of defeating them. Accept Napoli and they will lose the match, even if Napoli travels to the Santiago Bernabeu, they will still lose.
After the departure of Karim Benzema from the Real Madrid team, the attacking part of the team was completely weakened. The right wing and left wing performed exceptionally well, but the team lacked a finisher. Hopefully Real Madrid will add a great finisher to the team soon and make the team self-sustainable, but the team will be in for some trouble this season.
15  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: October 04, 2023, 12:47:08 PM
Why do we assume Mbappe will join Real Madrid? Despite his desire to play there, would La Liga be as exciting without Messi and Ronaldo every week? He has proved that he is determined to win the Champions League, which PSG, even with Neymar, Messi, and himself, couldnt achieve. Still, thinking about him playing in the EPL, where the competition is stiff and the weather is so different from Parisian nights, makes me laugh.
Regardless of anyone's assumptions about this, if Mbappe wants to win titles in the domestic league and Champions League next season. So Real Madrid is the more appropriate team for him in that regard, even though other teams are also more appropriate, such as several teams in the EPL. However, considering the competition and the very different weather as you said, the consideration might be quite correct if Mbappe wants to choose Real Madrid as the team that will make his career even more brilliant than it is now.
I think that Kylian Mbappé can have a great career if he joins a good club as Messi and Neymar are not in Europe now. The rising star is likely to join the Real Madrid squad next season. I think it is best for Kylian Mbappe to join Real Madrid.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: September 30, 2023, 01:59:31 PM
In the opening match of the week, we saw an important game, Barcelona hosted Sevilla. Since both teams had a Champions League match during the week, I guess they moved this match early. Of course Barcelona was the favorite as they were the hosts, but we can say that Sevilla plays at a more serious level in such matches. The only goal in the match was an own goal by Sergio Ramos. Barcelona won the match with this goal and got an important win. I think Sevilla will get better in the future.

Barcelona actually played decent in this match. But in my opinion, Sevilla was really unlucky to lose this one. They had shown good attacking in this match. It was really unlucky that Sergio Ramos actually ended up scoring an own goal. Otherwise, they definitely could have got one point from this match.
In my opinion, Sevilla was good enough to be able to withstand the aggressive play of Xavi's squad, even though they had to suffer an own goal, but overall without this goal Barcelona couldn't do anything other than share the points. Not being able to score a goal for Barcelona was clearly very negative because of Barcelona's total of 18 shots, only 4 were on target. This victory was considered lucky for Barcelona which brought them back to the top of the standings. Xavi must immediately carry out an evaluation after this match because without a goal is a little less good for a club like Barcelona whose players are more stable than Sevilla.
I agree that Sevilla's loss in this match was because they were unlucky, Barcelona could not create goals, and the 1 goal that came in this match was a goal born from Sevilla's Sergio Ramos.
Yes Sevilla could have held Barcelona at bay, and I think a draw would have been the result had there been no own goal. But this is football, sometimes luck is also the deciding factor whether a club wins or loses. And that happened to Sevilla in this match, they must be willing to lose points because of their unluckiness.
The match between Sevilla and Barcelona was very competitive. Although Barcelona had more possession, Sevilla had some great chances and missed them. Barcelona attacked brilliantly to score one goal after another until Lamine Yamal headed a header into Ramos's leg and sealed the victory with an own goal.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Germany League - Bundesliga Prediction Thread on: September 30, 2023, 01:42:30 PM
The last time Bayern Munich met with Leipzig this season in the super cup competition it wasn't easy for Bayern Munich , the game was really tough for Bayern Munich and Leipzig was able to win the game. Today Bayern Munich will be meeting Leipzig in their home which I don't know if it can be possible for Bayern Munich to defeat Leipzig. Bayern Munich is quite doing better than Leipzig in points but we all know that Leipzig is not doing bad this season and since it is their home they may not give Bayern Munich the chance to win.
Bayern Munchen will make good use of this match, even though Leipzig will act as hosts. Dani Olmo and Timo Warner are certain to be absent from this match, of course Leipzig will find it difficult to overcome Munchen dominance. These two players are the key to Leipzig play and creativity, losing both of them should be put to good use by Thomas Tuchel squad. If Leipzig and Munchen draw, Laverkusen has the opportunity to lead the standings provided they succeed in winning over Mainz, and automatically shift Dortmund, who is currently at the top with 14 points.

Leipzig is faced with two of the toughest matches this time, after hosting Bayern Munchen in the Bundesliga, they will face defending UCL champions Man City in the group phase. It looks like Leipzig will lose two matches in a row.
Dani Olmo still has to recover because of the injury he received and of course this will be beneficial for Bayern especially Dani Olmo is one of the very good players for Leipzig this season and he is also the one who managed to score a hatrick when Bayern lost 3-0 before.

This is clearly a very good advantage, it's just that Leipzig is still Leipzig who always surprises. the absence of several Leipzig pillars is waiting but on the other hand they can still surprise.

It's just that I expect something good from Bayern this time because the last 3 meetings they could not get full points when facing Leizig because Bayern's last 3 matches were only able to draw one and lose 2 times.
Bayern Munich is doing pretty well this season compared to last season. The Bayern Munich team is likely to secure victory in the next match as the team is far ahead in performance from the opposition. Currently, Bayern Munich team has strengthened its attack and strikers who are performing well.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: La Liga (Spanish League) Prediction Thread 2023/24 on: September 29, 2023, 04:31:56 PM
I think we shouldn't expect any surprises today - the Catalans will try to go forward to the opponent's goal from the first seconds. The team has a very powerful offensive line, which will allow Barcelona to realize their chances. "Sevilla" now is not a team that can cause problems to the leaders of La Liga. So I think the Catalans will get three points.
Sevilla has tough defender Sergio Ramos even though he is no longer young but his experience against the Catalan team is no longer in doubt, even though Sevilla got off to a bad start to the season but in my opinion they will definitely put up a fight against Barcelona, ​​even though Sevilla are not the favorites but I am sure that Sevilla  being able to get points from at least a draw is far more enough for Sevilla, but if luck is on Sevilla's side then that is a bonus.

Sevilla has improved in performance when compared to the early days, yes it's not significant, but it's good enough. When comparing with Barcelona, it is clear that we will see a considerable difference between these two clubs, and it is natural that there will be many people who doubt Sevilla because they are dealing with a tough club, Barcelona. I also think Barcelona will win this game, but I wouldn't rule out Sevilla getting a point, at least 1 point in this game. Their defense will be really tested in this match, and it looks like Sevilla will play by relying on counterattacks and playing deeper.
That's true but the next match is against barcelona which is one of the strongest team in the la liga right now. I will praise sevilla so much if mendilibar's club will beat barcelona no matter how bad or good the game is.
real madrid will be really thankful to the sevilla if it will happen. Girona will face real madrid and barcelona sees the match against sevilla as an opportunity to make the gap becomes bigger.

It's quite impossible for sevilla to win the game but barcelone shall also be careful to anticipate the surprises that may come from sevilla anytime. I hope that sevilla will play even better than the previous season caused by sevilla needs to boost its club now.
Seeing sevilla performed so badly was a classic thing but i hope if the club will able to make some changes.

Barcelona is currently the top team in La Liga. Barcelona team performance is much better than Real Madrid team. Real Madrid have some serious deficiencies in their attack. The Barcelona team has performed exceptionally well in the La Liga as well as the Champions League so far. But I think La Liga will ultimately be very competitive with Barcelona and Real Madrid.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: French Soccer League Predictions and Discussion Thread (Ligue 1) on: September 27, 2023, 03:33:16 PM

Luis Enrique is incharge, too early to conclude about the poor form of the club, rather there's more exploring options to be triggered by the new headcoach. The club made a crucial mistakes in the past decades, focusing on a primary player, when they finally exits, it becomes unbearable for the club and they start struggling. Currently, PSG are currently nothing without Kylian Mbappe, he single handedly brought the club to limelight with his outstanding performance. You're right, Kylian Mbappe is an important player for the club, having full dominance in the club and a strong influence on the Parisians. Real Madrid, Florentino Perez is an admirer of the Frenchman, he would do anything within his reach to sign him in the January transfer window.
what does the age of the coach have to do with the performance of the team I think for the age of the coach it is not a comparison for the coach except for the players because if we talk about age then what should we talk about Pep who is younger than Enrique?
When it comes to PSG they still can't do much without Mbappe in the squad but with their performance against Marseille yesterday I think it was a positive thing that their new players played quite well and even Goncalo Ramos managed to score a Brace when Mbappe couldn't play because of his foot problem.
That is a new hope because with this PSG can at least maximize some new players when Mbappe is not in the squad.
If Kylian Mbappe leaves the PSG team, the situation of the team will be very bad. The attacking part of the PSG team is currently a bit too strong for Mbappe. Now wait to see how he is performing this season.
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: UEFA Champions League 2023/24 Season on: September 27, 2023, 01:12:36 PM
Napoli is favored by the bookie to win the match. I think this is a good thing for me because I will gain a lot by betting on Madrid. I'm sure Madrid will win the match. Even though they have just experienced defeat in the League, this is not a problem because Madrid has a good record against teams from Italy. I sorted the results of these matches in the order that Madrid wins, or draws, or Napoli wins.
This season is the third time Real Madrid and Napoli have met in the Champions League, because the last time they met was in 2017 in the Champions League Final Stage, at which time Real Madrid was able to emerge victorious. But this time, I think it will be very different because these two teams have very different strengths compared to five years ago, so the level of excitement in the match will probably be presented again at Diego Armando Maradona, namely Napoli's home ground.

The Napoli team is very strong, but their performances are somewhat erratic . On the other hand  Real madrid's main striker vinicius Jr.  has joined the squad after recovering from injury. But it cannot be said for sure whether he will be able to perform well now . Real madrid's attack is still somewhat weak and erratic. If napoli's players make good use of this opportunity, they have a chance to win. However, Real Madrid are very experienced in the champions League platform. Coach Ancelotti is also very experienced. And so in this match I will consider the Real Madrid team as the favorite. Winning against Ancelotti is too much. difficult.
Napoli team is performing well this season. The coaching staff of the team has worked brilliantly for the development of the team. The result of which we can see in the matches. As they are performing well compared to last season, expect better things in this season.
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