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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] TrustLogics : Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data on: August 25, 2018, 01:51:15 AM

Till now, there is no platform for recruiters to access as well as verify a candidateís background. #TrustLogics is a One-Stop platform with up-to-date and #verified #profiles of #jobseekers
For more info log on to

It means, Trustlogics is the first to have this kind of service in recruitment world. Thanks for this noble visions Trustlogics has.

Yes, that's right! Thanks to Trustlogics for having this kind of platform to help in the hiring industry. Hirers need not waste time, money and effort looking for potential jobseekers to fill the position they need because Trustlogics will help them connect together.
Potential jobseeker,with their permission, could allow hirers to access their verified data in Trustlogics platform..Thus making it easier for hirers to make a decision.

yeah sure, trustlogics really is a one of kind platform that can help dozens of recruiters and jobeseekers to find the perfect job for them. trustlogics can speed up the hiring process and can even lessen all the expenses jobseekers have when looking for a job. recruiters also has great benefits with this project they can find potential candidates that is suitable for the job they want finish.

Sure enough the potential of this project is really great. Although there are already existing online job site platform, they fall short when compared with Trustlogics. It is really great for them to offer verification and validation of their users.
You are definitely right. Actually, we cannot really compare Trustlogics platform to other hiring platforms because it is way-way better than the latter. It has great potential and more than enough features which makes it great.
i definitely agree with u, so far, i believe that TrustLogics is the first of its kind. They have created an innovation for the hiring industry and this will definitely help boost or make the hiring system definitely a lot easier and this will benefit both the companies and the applicants.
Truly Trustlogics is standing up with their slogan as one-stop platform for global recruiters! They eliminated the long and unnecessary process in hiring by replacing it with a simplified and efficient way. Recruiter's can truly maximize Truslogics platform for their hiring needs!
A one stop platform for global recruiter, This means it is an over all platform, For freelance industry, Trust logics actually has a lot to offer when it comes to this services, I also read that they will soon be having an AI technology in their platform which is good for all their users and investors, It will hit soon on the market as it still developing more of the system.
Trustlogics will transform the global way of recruitment. It will result for a positive feedback in our society. Yet, they are not on the finish line, many people are already saying that this project will success! I also see that trustlogics has potential to grow someday specially if all countries will accept this innovative way of hiring.
I agree with you.Trustlogics innovation in hiring is showing great potential for growth globally. This is because of simplifying things with things that are just necessary for jobseekes and hirers to smoothen hiring process.
Aside from that it would be more popular than to other platform here ,because trustlogics are very high tech to use in the field so that seeking job are not hard to find as of now ,you have a job immediately if your document will be also true basesd on what you said.

Online recruiting reaches a much larger or more targeted audience than other methods do.
Along with reaching job seekers anywhere, you can attract candidates with very specific skills.
Some Internet job boards are targeted for niche industries.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] TrustLogics : Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data on: August 22, 2018, 01:25:18 PM

Still skeptical about uploading your private info online? With TrustLogics, it will be secure. We understand the need to protect data of all users ensure that any third-party access is reliant on user-defined permissions.
#TrustLogics #private #info

Well, not all website are secure, if i upload my profile in an unsecured platform other people will not suffer but only me. My identity could be stolen and someone may reproduce another account similar to mine and just steal my details.
This is what I definitely like about TrustLogics, they keep on amazing me, well, I already know that they are promoting the security of the files of job seekers,  it upon looking at this graphics, how they presented it, it is really an eye catching.  In a project especially with huge competition, everything matters.
This is why Trustlogics have been created in a new standard that would get back the control in the hands of jobseekers to secure their datas. And in this platform, jobseeker will have the full control to whom they would allow their data to be accessed.
another great news from trustlogics, im pretty sure by now all those people who still hesitates to be apart of trustlogics will know by now that trustlogics is really a multi security platform that can make changes in the online hiring industry. but, we cant blame them if they still hesitate to take risk of grabbing the opportunities trustlogics have instore for them.
Well you  have also  point at the first place some people have also doubt for this sytem if will not really familiar to this kind of system so that, the other way to make  some people aware is to share the great opportunity of trustlogics to those people unemployeed people .Because despite it will new to her it possible to have  a good job.
Trust Logics can give the people of this generation a chance to prove that they can prove that they can improve the economy of every country, By using the platform and giving the possibilities to the employee and employer to have a bridge in each other, The files inside the platform is also safe because of the new and strong security protocol of the system.
This is given, and as we can observe about the project goal is that the data is being safe the reason why others are thinking about it and why they have a doubt on giving some try to send their personal data on online application. But the Trustalogics are here to prove that this project is really safe.

I hope that is real! If the final development will launch, I will be the first one that will try their application. I want to secure my documents here in my house because I have memory gap. If ever I used trustlogics, there is only one storage where I can view my documents. One storage equals no more confusion of where did you put your documents. No more photocopy and no more buying of brown envelope just to store all of our documents.
A Suitable technical and organisational measures need to be taken to secure personal data.
Whenever data is sent to external processors it must be protected or encrypted.
Personal Data should not be downloaded onto memory sticks or other portable devices.

Immediate action should be taken to ensure that no further data can be lost.

It may be necessary to inform the ICO and individuals whose data has been compromised.

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] TrustLogics : Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data on: August 18, 2018, 01:03:08 PM
Wow, i have been watching this great project for a long time now and have seen all the reactions, comments and recommendations by everyone. Amd I must say, this project really has some great people wanting to contribute and support it. Not to mention all tge partnerships that has been announced. I hope this continues and the numbers increase even more as time pass..
Yes for sure it will continue to grow and have more reasons to help others... This will prove that trustlogics platform is sincere to their purpose, to land help in different country that's seems to have a hard time finding a job...
Well that's true and this is a timely response from them, we know in many countries including our own country having a bad situation with regards to unemployment... I think this will continue to grow if we will not find a solution, thanks that trustlogics are willing to give solution to this...
This is the best thing that having on the online industry, the fact that the personal data is secured this is one of the good reason why many applicant choose to pass their personal data here compare to others.
Isn't passing your information on the internet and online makes it a lot riskier and dangerous rather than passing
your information personally? I mean, the risk of your information being leaked will be present and the scope of where
it will be spread is the entire internet. Though in TrustLogics, the blockchain technology lessens that risk.

Its depends where do you pass it, if on the internet make sure that the recipient is trusted and have credibility to protect all of your personal data... Like here in trustlogics they'll guarantee that anyone's data is secured and safe, and no one will succeed to manipulate or hack it from them thanks to blockchain...
So it's better to send or upload our personal information,cv,resume etc. to a trusted platform, but im confused on it why others would want to hack or have someone's profile i don't understand!? How they can use other people achievement for their own interest,? Really its good to have validator to stop this issue...

Monitoring this kind of project is a worth. Doing a project that people need focus is a worth. Hope that this project run as soon as possible. Iím very excited on this.
Definitely yes! There are always positive comment about trustlogics. There are also progress according to their developmental plan. What trustlogics need is to run successfully because they are also the candidate for a successful ICO in 2018 why? Because TrustLogics platform is good for our industry and helpful for the people who cannot find a job.

If your hiring process involves filling out an application, you may miss out on qualified candidates
who would rather send a resume. Some candidates may not want to take the time or may not be confident
enough with the security of an online application.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]ARIZN TOKENIZED CROWDFUNDING $2M PRIVATE SALE SOLD OUT on: August 18, 2018, 01:00:33 PM
How can this project prevent or rather avoid funding a fake campaign at all? Is there any validations of the creators and developers before funding or investing on a particular project or platform? i'm well concern on the investors and companies that funds, specially working to profit money is very hard nowadays. how was that?

They haven't said or updated the steps that they will do to filter those scams or fraud ICO. Hard earned money is not easy to let go, so if you are being scammed by these it surely is heartbreaking.

   Even though they didn't mention on their whitepaper on how to avoid or filter those scammer, i believe that Arizn has another way to filter it. Of course before they fund other busnisses or accept investors i am sure they will also conduct their own private invistigation.

Not just that, i am pretty sure that the team will not just investigate the project.
ARIZN will have their INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT/TEAM for every ICO they will have for others.
they will not let their reputation be torn because of other project.
Agree, that reputation is also  aim and believe that this project of Arizn will become succeed, due to the team are also knowledgeable to run the business in  the field of crowdfunding,so that wisely investor are  really like too.

Well it's no surprise that because Arizn's project has a system that is designed to maintain its good idea and reputation with regard to a project so it's no wonder that it's early enough to achieve success and because of its extremely difficult team, so with the help of crowdfunding so many it's more investors investing in it to help the majority.
Having a good reputation is a must with this kind of platform and ARIZN is truly aware of these things. Despite many negative things that a crowdfunding industry was receiving, ARIZN really wanted to make a positive difference to gain the investors' trust and interest on crowdfunding by using the latest technology that will protect every investor and give them a transparent platform for the sake of fairness and reliability.
Not just in this platrm but every business must got to have good reputation, it is one of the key factor to attract would be investors or clients. It is like it is the first thing that they will based their judgment of the company. So good reputation matters a lot. And i do believe Arizn have that.

   I agree with you. One criteria investors looking for at the project is that the project has a good reputation. The project cannt attract and convince investors to invest on their project if it has bad reputation because it is also the basis if project is trustworthy and has a higher chance to success. Arizn crowdfunding project has good reputation,i believe on that,that's why they already raised $2 million as their project funds. They raised that amount because investors already know that Arizn project was good and become successful crowdfunding platform.

When you go in investment and to avoid scam get a second opinion, be skeptical of unsolicited investment
opportunities over the phone, online or from acquaintances. Before you invest, get a second opinion from a registered,
qualified advisor, a lawyer or an accountant. This will be a big help to all people/investors who wants to invest.
I agree with you about that every new in starting a business should have a second thought of opinion for them to have an idea if it is really worth it to try or not.

" Choose your investments-Don't let them choose you"
If you have a financial plan, you can evaluate any new opportunities in relation to your plan.
Youíll be more likely to choose appropriate investments if you consider how they fit with
your goals and risk tolerance.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] TrustLogics : Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data on: August 12, 2018, 03:50:17 AM
Why people now go outside their home and go on job fair, sweat a lot and consume so much of time, effort and money just to be hired. Sometimes these are some of the reason why people are too tired of applying job and end up unemployed. This is probably now a good reason to work to. No time, cost and effort to consume to. Great concept and Team of Developers.
Well, this is just because online application is not too useful that what they think, because they believe that through applying and going to some job fair is more chance to find a job because of many company who looking for a job seekers. But through the help of the trustlogics they will provide a good apportunity to those who want to find a job and for sure they will refer it to their friends once they see the fast result of the TrustLogics.
milandres0207 got a point. Some of us are not aware that some companies use the online hiring just to advertise that their company is growing. Some also use it to deceive people that they are hiring personnel for expansion of their company but in reality they are near bankruptcy and they are baiting investors that will put their money on their business to somehow survive. Trustlogics will be the most reliable platform I think in the future.

As i was remember, my friend try to apply online and send their files and after a week she got a call from the company and asking to bring their files that is needed to the company, and after that day they said that they will call back again but,so long time ago there is nothing happen that is why some jobseekers has no trust on applying online. TrustLogics is here to change the mind of every jobseekers which is they need to show that applying online is more useful and interesting than the traditional way.

For the most part, I do think that TrustLogics is different from any other companies or online hiring agencies that
we are used to hear. They're much more reliable, credible and safe because they're a formal project run by developers
which are backed up by many investors.
Yah and here all of jobseeker files, data, or anything are safe with trustlogics... Because they're connected to blockchain technology, a powerful solution to all problems regarding to identity theft and data loss... Your data is yours...
Just to clarify trustlogics platform is not manpower agency or something like that huh, they will help someone to verified their background history and all other credentials... And also secured all of it (data) in their own server, so no one can ever access to it except yourself...
Yes they are not but someone from the platform can notify their users for a certain job posted which they call peer to peer hiring. They will be making the hiring process more easy and convenient for recruiters and for applicants too.
well, their peer to peer hiring model is pretty great helps on making the recruitment process and hiring process much more efficient for every applicant.and their peer to peer hiring models also helps the candidates to get a fair chance of getting the job posted.because in some companies not all the applicants are genuine enough in their resumes and tend to submit fake ones.
Yea. A peer can refer someone they know in the platform that is suitable for the job posted based on their profiles. That is why it is also an advantage to have a viewable profile so potential jobs and opportunities will not just pass by with out noticing qualified candidates.
That's true, it is like job seekers are getting recommendations through peer to.peer hiring system. Well, inspite of recommendations i am pretty sure that they will still go through a selection process. But in any case, it is aleeady the decision of the company, i do believe that final selection process is already jurisdiction of the company.TRustlogics just help them screen the applicants, and that is through verification process by partnered validators.
Yes giga19 and that will be making recruitment easy. No more doubts on their credentials and no more sending private detectors on the candidates part to find out about the person. Easy, as is. As it the profile is presented then it has to be believed in because everything will be transparent here.

It will settle easily. There are many instances that hiring of jebseekers delayed due to the  invalidation of credentials. No more doubts to the profile of jobseeker because everything is transparent and it goes on several verification. Easy procedure will give as also a limited time to be a vacant unemploy.
Here at trustlogics there's no need to do manual verification or background investigation (BI), one reason for a hiring process become long and also need to spend time and money for both jobseeker and investigators... Here all is well, convenient, fast, reliable, transparent and secured, all in one platform...
I agree with you about this, Trust logic provides which both sides have an opportunity to use their system and get benefits because it is also well secured with the help of block chain technology and validators of the system of Trust Logic.
Many people new to online recruitment think it is only effective if you are looking for
young Facebook-type people. This simply isnít the case. Research consistently shows that the average
age of candidates using online recruitment channels and the trend is up.
Online recruitment is now a standard part of most peopleís job hunting no matter what level or age.

Posting a job on your own site is stright forward enough. Most job sites and CV databases are very
user-friendly and you donít need to have an in-depth knowledge of IT to post a vacancy advertisement.
Usually, all you need is your job description, a bit of time and if you have any
problems the job board sales team is there to help you.

Online recruitment offers clear advantages over traditional recruitments methods. At the same time,
however, one must be cognisant of the disadvantages inherent in online recruitment if only to avoid
the pitfalls that they may produce.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: August 01, 2018, 05:26:45 AM
A startup is an intimidating process for people.
There are a few things can do to immediately give  proposal a greater sense of legitimacy.
Try to pick the brain of someone who has successfully gotten startup funding.
Smart City Eco can provide you with some additional, specific insights and  to help people in this business.

If you investing, pitch at your level. If youíre just starting, start small in your search for investors.
As a newcomer in the business, increase your odds of success by choosing small, lesser-
known investors who frequently support your type of business.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]ARIZN TOKENIZED CROWDFUNDING $2M PRIVATE SALE SOLD OUT on: August 01, 2018, 05:22:25 AM
People will not trust a project if they don't really study it first. Investing in one project requires personal research and assessment. As I have known crowdfunding and the advantage of using Blockchain Technology on this type of project, I know that there's a good advantage using it, pertaining to its goal to be a successful crowfunding platform, by blockchain technology supports and smart contracts, it will achieve its goal.

Crowdfunding is not new to this cryptocurrency industry and arzin is not the first of its type. I know alot of them surfaces since a couple of years ago. How can you say that this has advantage to those who are currently wxisting and what are the trait of this project that other crowdfunding project never has?

Arizn should classify their gap upon other projects also that has Crowdfunding Platform. If they differentiate their unique and innovation in others, they will look for a spot in this industry.
They are already successful, they just need to meet their hardcap and for sure they got it!
That's what they need to do, if their private sell reach 2M dollars they also make it to their hard cap... You're right they also need to classify what the difference between them and other crowd funding platform so user will stick to them...
Thatís why I read first the whitepaper and judge it based on what I have read. People nowadays was basing on the aesthetics of the presentation thatís why they were expecting too much on oneís project, too bad for that. Judge based on what you have read and studied not only on the aesthetics of the whitepaper.
You have a point on that, we need first understand their white paper before we give some feedback or compliment regarding the project, because the team are study first what is being written on it before they finalize what is being written on the white paper.
Investors are smart too. They will probably study this project first after they invest.
Studying a particular project is a good way to know how it will work and to forecast if it will succeed or not. So far I like what was happening on this project, it runs in good phase.
You are correct! Investors are now smart, they will research about the project, know its background, the current fund status, the portfolio, the team and the project agenda itself. ARiZN is a great project which gives chances to everyone for investing.

At the earliest stages, your startup will likely have limited data to back up your claims.
Itís important that you can show investors the value of your offering even
if you donít have sales numbers to back it up.
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]ARIZN TOKENIZED CROWDFUNDING $2M PRIVATE SALE SOLD OUT on: July 27, 2018, 05:20:41 AM
They already sold 2M dollars in a private sale! Where do we see a project like this? Its really amazing! They also give a 2M dollars for bounty campaign. I do not see a project like Arizn, this has a lot of chance to meet the moon someday. That's why I wear the signature because I want to support Arizn. I think I will scrutinize their WP so that I acquire what they want to convey to the people.
wow!The display of excellence on this project, is extremely high.
using ethereum network to create a tokenised crowdfunding platform.
I really like the idea of your project. I follow the development of the project with big interest!

Imagine how powerful the platform they have? They already sold 2M dollars in a private sale as a result of reaching the softcap of the project.
Don't just follow their updates buy try to invest in Arizn because this is an awesome project and for sure, their sale becomes short because a lot of people will see this as a good project.

It's a sign that their project will become successful in the future, because their project's platform is new to people and unique. I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of people who will be a part of this project.

I definitely agree. Being unique is something that people wanted. Many have already trusted the project from the private sale that is why they've reach 2M$ and I believe that more people will somehow invest in Arizn project.
Your right, because of the 2M$ they will become more interested on this project and knowing that the investors are in favor always on where they earn compare to others that they just earn but a small amount only,for sure when they try this project it will bring them to the success.

Damn! Thats a pretty huge sum of money. They just hit 2m usd with just their private sale, I hope this is not a scam and lead its way into top ICO to watch for. Does anyone have discord channel or telegram channel that we can tune in to?
Absolutely  this project arizn will  become successful for sure because 2M Dollars can be sold already ? what amazing ,project because it was a big sign for succeed ,Arizn will have already  big fun of passive investor to spread this project around the globe so that ,it would be great project ,

2million dollars is a lot of money and im thinking if they already sell 2million dollars worth of token why they still need to have ICO project like this!? Im just curious because they can already establish Arizn with such a plenty of money, just asking guys!?
Its a lot of money indeed but Arizn is need more than that as we see this project is huge, still need the support of many contributor for arizn to get going... Investors are always welcome to participate in arizn as of now...

They have gathered a lot of money to fund their project only on their private sale. Its a pretty big money for a private sale like that but I think it will be used on improving the platform. If they reache that far and gather more potential investor this will surely be a hit!
I believe investors are not stupid. Theyíve probably seen a potential in this project that made them support their ICO. Niwadays, investors are vigilant since thereís a lot of fake ICOs out there and sometimes you cannot really determine which one is real and which one is fake.
I strongly agree with this one. I also believe that Investors are really careful nowadays especially they are investing millions in one project.  They have their advisers which give them go signal after the ICO was verified to be true and reliable. I hope that many investors will really give their trust to ARIZN project.

We are now more clever than before. In fact, I want this project because of their platform plus the outcome of their private sale. The platform of Arizn is not new to us but since it is crowdfunding platform then expect that there is a great return when will buy AALT token right now. They already reached the soft cap. If we are wise then why we should invest in others, if this project got all of the aspects of a potential project?

Sold about 2 Million Dollars in private sale is not that bad. I probably wait on the result of this project.
Expecting more on Arizn Team and Developers. I was reading the whitepaper and it is very interesting in the first place.
It is indeed interesting. With this report, my doubts about Arizn, has lessen. Although i am not giving my 100%trust but i do believe that this will workout. It is a very big help to all cryptocurrency users who has plans to have their startup businesses.

An investor may pursue certain investments in order to adopt tax minimization as part of
his or her investment strategy. however, requires the sacrifice of a certain
level of income or potential for capital gains.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]ARIZN TOKENIZED CROWDFUNDING $2M PRIVATE SALE SOLD OUT on: July 24, 2018, 05:20:39 AM
Based on their video;

Arizn has accessible in anyone, they represent 9 countries to start the project and package ready to market
and they are 11,000 potential backer, what a nice concept, an interesting project of Arizn .
Hope this project will boom! and many investors will come up.

Thank for info that a good news for us.
This project is taking too far. 9 countries to start on is not a joke, some project cannot accommodate and apply their project even in their own country. 11,000 potential backer is a good stats to start up this project in good tension. You guys will succeed in this potential set up. Keep up the good work.
It is a good start to have 9 countries and package to be ready in market, it is not actually a joke because they are very promising to their project and they have 11,000 potential backer which means they have so many supporters. Soon this project will become more successful and gain more investors in the future.
Well, they are not the only one, there is competition in this area. We all know that they are not the first to have a crowdfunding platform but they gotta have the guts to have this boast. 11,000 potential backers are just figures and there is not certainty in it.

Indeed, there are few crowdsales happened in this business where most of them became failed to their ico, only few of them became successful and I think Arizn has a potential and evidence to be one of the successful crowdfunding project  due to on their pre-sales they hit 2m$ which is can be considered as one of the achievement, isn't?
I am thinking, what if the project they are funding in their ICO turns out to be a scam or they just run away or they dont continue? What will happen and who will guarantee the investors of payment as well as the supporters? Can Arizn be able to guarantee that the project they are funding is legit?
If raising money is something that youíre confident will take your business to the next level,
The decision to bring outside investors into your company will be one of the most important decisions of your life.

If money will solve specific problems for your business or grow the company faster,
youíre in a good place to decide if raising money is right for you. While raising money
is definitely not a quick and easy process, it can be used as a massive level to push your business to the top.

10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: July 24, 2018, 05:15:49 AM
Smart City Eco platform One of the biggest Online Game Casino benefits, on the other hand,
is that without a limit to the capacity, the games selection is bigger and better than at any land based Casino.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: July 20, 2018, 05:26:24 AM
I like the whole concept of the project. The multipurpose concept of this project was a very help on every person, also its entertainment matters was a blast. How about the security and privacy pattern going on? even though it is a blockchain you must provide a good protection on the users.

That is already in the package, a project will never be launch with out any security!
If a project will not put that, there will be no user nor investors to come.
Safety is the initial key of any project to attract people.
You are right and besides not only to attract investors but also to get more popular and encourage many people of using their system. This project won`t run without any security process, because if that happens it is easy for hackers or to those who have evil intentions to hack their system files and it is very important to well secured in order to run efficiently and being trusted by the users.
a project has been prepared in cooked by his team and I am sure will be a lot of support for this project and hopefully can smoothly in achieving targets and success.
see the project that gives many positive comments as well as many who provide support for the projects I am sure that in the future will be more smoothly in reaching the target and hopefully the success can be achieved.

Yes, and since the project is receiving lot of positive comments, surely the team of this project will do their best to make this project successful, I'm sure they will do what their supporters need so that they can satisfy them.
They will probably do their best in order to succeed from what they have proposed for every user of their system and as what I think they should also stick to the plan they have made. Updates coming from this project is very important to make sure if this project is active or not and besides it will also gain more supporters if that happens.

The advantages of Smart City Eco investment often comes at the expense of the benefits of another.
If an investor desires growth, for instance, he or she must often sacrifice some income and safety.
Therefore, most portfolios will be guided by one pre-eminent objective, with all other potential
objectives carrying less weight in the overall scheme.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]ARIZN TOKENIZED CROWDFUNDING $2M PRIVATE SALE SOLD OUT on: July 20, 2018, 05:25:21 AM
They already sold 2M dollars in a private sale! Where do we see a project like this? Its really amazing! They also give a 2M dollars for bounty campaign. I do not see a project like Arizn, this has a lot of chance to meet the moon someday. That's why I wear the signature because I want to support Arizn. I think I will scrutinize their WP so that I acquire what they want to convey to the people.
wow!The display of excellence on this project, is extremely high.
using ethereum network to create a tokenised crowdfunding platform.
I really like the idea of your project. I follow the development of the project with big interest!

Imagine how powerful the platform they have? They already sold 2M dollars in a private sale as a result of reaching the softcap of the project.
Don't just follow their updates buy try to invest in Arizn because this is an awesome project and for sure, their sale becomes short because a lot of people will see this as a good project.

It's a sign that their project will become successful in the future, because their project's platform is new to people and unique. I'm pretty sure that there will be plenty of people who will be a part of this project.

I definitely agree. Being unique is something that people wanted. Many have already trusted the project from the private sale that is why they've reach 2M$ and I believe that more people will somehow invest in Arizn project.

This discussion has thus far been concerned only with safety and yield as investing objectives,
and has not considered the potential of other assets to provide a rate of return from an increase in value,
often referred to as a capital gain.
Therefore, investors must consider seeking capital gains are likely not those who need a fixed,
ongoing source of investment returns from their portfolio, but rather those who
seek the possibility of longer-term growth.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ⚡[ANN]⚡CryptoRiya 💰 Crypto to Cash Anywhere Without any Bank 🗼 Join PreSale 🗼 on: July 17, 2018, 10:06:31 AM
From what i have read, CryptoRiya business idea sounds very appealing already, and to be the first exchange to offer a crypto spendable card is an added advantage, so i sincerely wish to see this project achieve all goals stated.

Another advantage in the crypto riya project platform is the security of the project itself.
The crypto.riya project platform has a privacy security system that is being called as a cold wallet in which the crypto.currencies are being secure in just one wallet.
Is cryptoRiya the only exchange that provide cold wallet storage? I’m not sure if there are also in other existing exchange right now and if they are not the first to have it then this is not the best they can offer. What i like here is their multi-currency wallet which could contain varieties of cryptocurrencies and can be readily converted into cash with the options they provide.

A multi-currency wallet is the best idea, I have quite a few different alts and have to keep most in lots of different wallets.

I think you can't exchange to fiat all the different coins or tokens that you have.
There are limitations on this. I have so many eth tokens sitting in my MEW and they are worthless.
Aside from the various altcoins that I still have. So they should set the criteria on the type of cryptocurrency that they are going to include in their system.
Such ambition of this project is really overwhelming. Implementation is tough on this. Need to start small.

Cryptocurrencies are accessible in CryptoRiya if they have value. For sure, they will not accept a conversion for those coins that are worthless eventhough they are in our wallet. There are many coins under my MEW but I think few of them will acceptable in CryptoRiya.
Probably, top 10 listed coin in CMC will become the primary coins that they will accept in order for the people to exchange.

 I do think also that the crypto riya project platform.will reach their success soon and i am sure for it god speed for the team.of crypto riya.

And please make it so fast that we can use it right now, as in right now. Very interested on this project.
I will surely change my kind of wallet and send all of my coins and token on this badass project. Keep up the good work Crytoriya Team and Devs.

Wow! I will toss a coin for that! Very brave indeed. I was really encouraged about your urgency on this project. I believed that in no time, the platform will be ready for us to experience its power. I don't have that lots of coins but I will definitely try this one. CryptoRiya Team really did a good job!

You right mate, I haven’t also read about the cost they charge on the exchange,
because of instant conversion maybe the cost may be also doubled. It is maybe a good idea if the conversion cost is free or pays a bit only.
You have a point on that because sometimes why some project did not success because of the price that can't afford by the people,like for example here, although there are many advantages but if the fees are very high, we are not sure about the users if they use this or not
You are right, but CryptoRiya is going to charge very minimal fees in every transactions within the platform. This is one of the advantage we can see and plus the advantage of converting your crypto into cash in click of course.

I believe in this project but I just scared because they have updates regarding to the project but I can't see any documented activities of the team. There is no seminar, meet ups and convention. I don't know if I missed their updates but hopefully nothing goes wrong with CryptoRiya.

Here is an update that I think you missed out! There are several updates regarding to the project and you can see it in their social media sites. However, I agree with you. We need a true face of the people working for the development of CryptoRiya. I hope that this debit card and crypto to fiat exchange project will not scam our investment.

Cryptoriya has been added to WISERICO tracker 

Vote for the Cryptoriya on WISERICO and follow Cryptoriya on the media platforms:


Cryptoriya is the first blockchain based technology where users can exchange any cryptocurrency to cash within minutes from anywhere globally and it supports 1600+ cryptocurrency or token in a single platform. CryptoRiya is a platform for the future of Cryptocurrency that enables anyone to spend, withdraw, sell, buy & sends any cryptocurrency anywhere globally without any bank account. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, our team is up to build a secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on Ethereum Blockchain. It will include easy Cryptocurrency to cash payments and even a digital arbitration system. At the end, our aim is to make any crypto-currency usable in daily life & getting cash from any cryptocurrency within minutes around the world which will make any cryptocurrency genuinely efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Really? Wow! Thanks for this info. At least now we know they are also doing something for the project. It means they are not sleeping. It is something we can look up to that this project is not just a word of mouth but also true.

Its natural to have doubts when looking into new projects and investments. I think the project's concept is really good and many users support this kind of project. Who doesn't want a fast crypto to cash transaction? Everyone wants that right? I think this project is more active on social media than here jn this thread. Anyway I am looking forward to more updates as well.
Ya you are right. Everyone wants their concept but when it comes to investment, investors will always think twice before putting their money in. You are right it is natural for them to have doubts. But with this proof of work we saw here, for quite lone we havent heard from the team so its natural that we think negatively about them.
I agree, Most investors, even the most conservative-minded ones, want some level of income generation
in their portfolios, even if it's just to keep up with the economy's rate of inflation.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: 💥⭕️[ANN] Fair Ninja - 1st Worldwide Classifieds Marketplace Using Blockchain⭕️ on: July 15, 2018, 01:50:37 AM
Fair Ninja the main characteristics of
what is being shopped and where it is being shopped
will influence various aspects of the
online shopping experience, independently and jointly.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ⚡[ANN]⚡CryptoRiya 💰 Crypto to Cash Anywhere Without any Bank 🗼 Join PreSale 🗼 on: July 15, 2018, 01:42:03 AM
If you are yet to get your CIYA tokens, don't worry too much because our public ICO will start on 1st of July and you will get 40% when you buy CIYA tokens. Dont miss out this opportunity of taking part in this good projectís noble vision.

To know more,  kindly visit

Or join our telegram community

I've already bought my slice of the CryptoRiya pie and I recommend others get there slice too while it's still going cheep.
Thanks for your supporting! I hope that our investment here will not be wasted. Anyway, I have a strong feeling that CryptoRiya will success. The community is big and there are moderators at their telegram, what I should find is the presence of their CEO. Well, I am hoping that he will never runs us!

I think our investment here will not turn into nothing dude, Because as I can see with their updates ti is good in progress actually, where more

supporters they get by simply promoting them in the social medias and also can check to their telegram too.
I believe in this project but I just scared because they have updates regarding to the project but I can't see any documented activities of the team. There is no seminar, meet ups and convention. I don't know if I missed their updates but hopefully nothing goes wrong with CryptoRiya.
There is truth that there is no such thing as a completely safe and secure investment.
Yet, we can get close to ultimate safety for our investment funds through the purchase of government-issued
securities in stable economic systems, or through the purchase of the corporate bonds issued by large, stable
companies. Such securities are arguably the best means of preserving principal while receiving a specified
rate of return.
The safest investments are also the ones that are likely to have the lowest rate of income return or yield.

Investors must inevitably sacrifice a degree of safety if they want to increase their yields.

As yield increases, safety generally goes down, and vice versa.

In some company of investment they might employ some
type of fundamental analysis that is based on corporate earnings, growth projections,
economic conditions, etc. Or they may use a form of technical analysis, making decisions
based on the price movements of an investment. Technical analysis usually involves some form of charting.
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: July 12, 2018, 05:05:03 AM
The use of online games also creates feelings of self-esteem and competition in players game after game.
As you overcome the different challenges and levels,
you feel better about yourself and able to meet the following objectives.
Smart City Eco what a nice project i'm looking forward their launching..
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] TrustLogics : Blockchain For Trusted And Secured Professional Data on: July 12, 2018, 05:01:20 AM
The weakness in the distributed resume lies in lower-level employees who donít necessarily have a
job history that may demonstrate their value to an organization. 
However, Trust Logics using blockchain provide verifiable information on a
candidateís educational history and qualifications that would reduce the risk of fraud
while eliminating the need for applicants to provide official transcripts.

18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Re: 💥⭕️[ANN] Fair Ninja - 1st Worldwide Classifieds Marketplace Using Blockchain⭕️ on: July 11, 2018, 06:37:53 AM

Fair Ninja will provide the best possible user rating system. Buyers and sellers will be able to rate each other based on their experience.

Isn't it wonderful guys? The sellers who have higher ratings will likely to have more costumers since they have been trusted and proven to be trustworthy so sellers who have a very good experience with them can also refer them to their friends and also buyers having very good trust rate will also be trusted by more sellers.

Because of that rating system,  you can identify even the buyers, if they are bogus or not. Or sometimes, there are buyers that are hard to please or having a lot of unreasonable complains.  In the case, of second hand items, you should not expect too much because it is not brand new. As long as they are stating the real condition of the said item.

There are second-hand items that are really in good condition. I think Fair Ninja will evaluate which items can seller sell on the platform. The good thing about the platform is that you can reject an item that is not in good condition. And you Smart Contract will not release the payment unless the buyer confirmed that the item is acceptable.
How fair ninja can evaluate those second hand items personally, and if that so maybe the process of selling items here will be long since fair ninja need to evaluate it one by one!?

I think that will be a big problem because the fairninja platform won't be able to evaluate every singke item that the people are selling and even if they could, it would mean higher fees and longer process which will take up a very huge amount of time. I think the only solution for this is the rating of the seller which can help a bit to show how credible the seller really is. That's the only way I can think of. Unless they get authorities involved which is something that I really can't see happening. I hope the fair ninja team can be able to explain how they would react to this problem...

I think yes. It is the rating and reviews of the seller will be our basis to evaluate whether the seller is a good one or not. Fair Ninja was powered by Blockchain Technology and I think it is really an advantage to use it for reviews and ratings because the ratings and reviews given by the buyer will not be manipulated by anyone on the platform.
Yes fair ninja could look at it to check the background of the seller and the history of their transactions before but i think not all the time  and the items of the seller is different case!? What if sellers have high ratings but selling fake items, but maybe fair ninja has a fair solution for this to the benifit's this project and both buyers and sellers goodluck...

When you say fake items are you pertaining to imitation items? Surely more and more people are buying imitation products since they can't afford the original one. I am not quite sure if Fair Ninja can regulate this. However, buyers will have a choice if they wish to return the item when they see it as an imitation product.

For me, I don't think Fair Ninja will tolerate it on the platform. Fake items are illegal which can be checked by the government agency that was tasked to monitor fake/imitation/class-A items. I believe that most of the consumers don't want a fake one when they can have original items at a lower price which is better.

Of course. What kind of developers allow people who break rules to stay in their platform? But that thing is, even if they don't like it, they can't track every single one of the sellers and buyers in this platform even more when the numbers increase so much. The only thing that can be done is to ask people to report the seller who sold fake stuff and then get him banned by the developers of the latform. But, blocking or banning must also be done after a deep investigation has been done and the accuser or the one being accused is the one guikty or not or if one of the two is just taking advantage of the situation and his rights as a buyer or seller.
I know that it is quite hard to track down every single transaction on the platform but what I am thinking is that how Facebook track down some of the explicit or malicious posts. There are report functions that Facebook attached to the system but they can also program the platform to filter every conversation or post which will find keywords. I will not underestimate Technology in terms of algorithms, I know Fair Ninja can do it. Better safe than be banned forever.

Hmm.. I kinda like the idea.. if this gets implemented, then we can be sure that fhere will be no malicious transactions or deals that will be happening in the fair ninja platform. But the problem is, it would be hard if the AI or bot relied only on keywords because keywords alone do not bring full thought. If people get used to the keywords, they can use different ways and different words just to dodge the bot while still being abke to deliver what they wanna say or talk about..

Direct selling is not a new concept,
Directly connecting the buyer and seller reduces the transaction costs
but executing it on a large scale in a many-to-many peer model
without the need for a central system or authority is a big leap.
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: July 09, 2018, 05:13:42 AM
I was reading the thread and I think this platform is very ambitious.  Ambitious as it is, I really love to see how dedicated the dev is in their vision.  I really like the idea but the problem is, are they really capable of doing this platform?  I believe it would be best if they can show us the structure of how each project will go.  It is easy to generalize concept but it is harder to execute ideas.  I hope in their next update, they will show us how they will meet their goal.

You also noticed that things pal, actually it is one of the significant things for us to know the structure of this project they have, and I think

whitepaper is not enough for us to be convince as well but to catch and get the attention of the whaler investors too, isn't right?

Yes the children are safe in the house just playing online games and also they can find friend through playing the game with the help of internet,
and also I agree with you that the outside world is very different nowadays because some children may think differently in what you expect.

there are no feature on this project about online games but gambling!
am i right? so what is the meaning of this?
there are many branches on the project but didnt get this! im sorry but please lecture me on where you are getting this! PLEASE!

I think that this project also offers online gaming where gamers earn tokens while playing.
I'm not pretty sure how online games work through this project but I do think that there is online gaming smart city is offering.

Yes! And besides most of reply from different person in this thread are talking about online gaming where there children can play.
I've heard that they have their new and presentable whitepaper maybe you should read that too.
good news online game to play games for kids to find them, and hopefully the games are suitable for their ages. there are games that are not available to children. I think the whitepaper probably includes something different educational games to help more of its players.

Well, I am expecting more on a game that adults can also enjoy since we are the one who has the capacity to pay. But if they will have several options, I think it will also be great. They just have to separate the games for children. I am hoping for games similar to Dota 2, LOL, ROS or PUBG.
Let`s just see what will be the games they were going to be launched and as what I think is it very important to separate the games for children and as what for adults? It`s because we`re in a Millennials right now maybe children do not care about what games they should probably play, well we all know that it is for their own sake and for the good of the system, in my own opinion do they need to apply KYC for it in order to know if the users are applicable of playing the games in Smart City Eco?

My first experience of gambling was Internet gambling. When I heard it in radio station as
it came on about a sports bet. It was a no lose situation that was sure to break even.
So I started to gamble on that then, I actually ended up winning. And then so I used the winnings
to bet on something else. Just went from there.. but then I started finding other bet sites
that were offering free bets as well, At that time I end up losing much money, for me that's a week wage.
It's quite big  Actually, it's terrible.
Have you tried also investing in the gambling site which you have earn money? I think gambling also is very risky just like trading but if you know how to controlled yourself and being contented on what you have earn even though your earnings from winning in gambling is not actually big as what you have expected, but still it`s already enough and besides it is very normal to us being greedy sometimes, but we should have all limits to it.
Four concepts of idea in a one project was too much as we imagine but it is a breakthrough if its succeed. Nowadays we need this projects of multipurpose so we can handle one project with a multiple of use. Great idea by the SmartCityEco Team and Developers.

Smart City Eco is a multi-platform has a new technology used in blockchain offers multiple benefits to businesses
when implementing a solution that requires a high degree of trust for business transactions.
Using the technology they reduce the costs and offers the opportunity for businesses to build and maintain
an infrastructure that delivers capabilities at lower expenses than traditional centralized models.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] [ICO] [AIRDROP] Smart City Eco Building smart solutions for online economy on: July 05, 2018, 05:45:08 AM
One of the platform of Smart City Eco project is online shopping, the best reason to shop online is
low prices, Because online stores do not have rental and utility cost, salaries for staff and other expences
to keep the business running, they can often offer great deals freebies and discounts.

The benefits of this are just by sitting in front of your computer you get all these comforts in one place,
you dont need to dress up and go out in your house and commute or find parking, great isnít it?
Now that you know why everyone around the world prefers to shop online,
you have to decide for yourself if these benefits are sufficient to start shopping online.

Right! They also suggest their best products and they'll give you coupons
and discounts. Itís easy to shop coz they give what youíre looking for and very
convenient! online shopping  you can find much more larger choice of discounted products.
I totally agree with it.
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