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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 📢📢 TheFeniks award event. Total prize pool TFKs + 1000$ 🎉🔥🔥 on: August 05, 2021, 03:29:59 PM



Who are we?
We are a team that believes in the power of the community, away from identities and adjectives, burning with the desire to change something. We are a community of people who have always offered the best service in their field, never received a reward, who have problems with this system and believe that they can change.

Why TheFeNiks?
We are creatures that burn every time, just like a forest, and re-grow with hope. As long as there is hope, we will be reborn from our ashes. Like a Feniks.

Why are we here?
In order to fully understand this subject, it is necessary to open 3 topics.

1. The Importance of Internet Advertising and Its Value in the Industry

What is Advertising?
It is a marketing strategy that includes many more purposes such as persuading individuals or societies on any idea or product, giving information or attracting attention, and has very comprehensive application methods.

The Impact of the Internet on Advertising

We have a constantly changing and developing environment. People, nature, economic and socio-cultural values are all subject to change, either forced or indirectly. Over time, these changes create new norms and normals. The Internet is perhaps at the forefront of changes and developments in the world. Many methods applied with the birth of the Internet have changed over time. As he revises the world, there are many changes on himself all the time. For all these reasons, after the invention of the internet, most of the existing advertising methods were either shelved or forced to undergo many revisions. In fact, in today's century, there are serious determinations and studies that the advertising industry will be carried out entirely on the internet. According to a study conducted in the United States, 6-month internet advertising revenue has reached 54 billion dollars.

2. Share of Social Platforms in Internet Advertising
As it is known, Alphabet is the most established company operating on internet advertising. This company includes many powerful platforms such as Youtube, including Google. And according to the 2020 annual reports of Alphabet company, its total turnover is 182.5 billion dollars for 2020. And the statements made are that its net profit for 2020 is 62.7 billion dollars. Nearly 98% of the internet advertising industry is shared among such large companies.

3. The Importance of Community on the Advertising Industry
In its simple form, the most basic goal of all kinds of advertising activities is to reach the most people. For this purpose, the environments where advertising activities are broadcast are the places with the highest human traffic. In other words, the community is the most important goal and purpose of advertising. It is the community itself that interacts or creates content so that this traffic can occur. Some of the major platforms operating in this industry reward community members who create content in order to generate traffic.

When we evaluate the 3 titles mentioned above in general. Companies with advertising purposes plan to reach their target audience by interacting with the community traffic generated by the community. And it pays for this service only to companies that offer accommodation and technical services. The payment methods promised by these companies to the original community that created the content are generally in a situation that is far from transparency, fairness and equality of opportunity, does not offer any convenience for the audience that will create new content, and only serves the central structure.

Let's go back to our initial question.
Why are we here?

As TheFeniks Platform, we are here to build a fair, transparent and of course blockchain integrated platform against the above-mentioned unfair, centralized structures that believe in the decentralization of blockchain technology. And our whole fight is about changing this structure.


Campaign Details:

1th Week: 08.08.2021 - 14.08.2021 - ended
2th Week: 15.08.2021 - 21.08.2021 - now in this
3th Week: 22.08.2021 - 28.08.2021 - stoped
4th Week: 29.08.2021 - 04.09.2021
5th Week: 05.09.2021 - 11.09.2021
6th Week: 12.09.2021 - 18.09.2021
7th Week: 19.09.2021 - 25.09.2021
8th Week: 26.09.2021 - 02.10.2021

General Terms And Conditions:

1-) It is compulsory for all bounty members to join our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter become eligible for bounties.
2-) A user can only join with one account. Any detection of multiple participation is grounds for exclusion from all events now and later.
3-) Each participant should create content that will benefit the project. Any content that is poor quality, stolen or does not provide the necessary links to the project is grounds for disqualification.
4-) We reserve the right of deleting participants from any program any time with confiscation of accrued tokens for fraud or spamming in Bounty Campaign.

Note: We would like to remind you that we will only award quality content. We regret to inform you that participants who create poor quality content will not be able to win awards.
All content will be checked by professionals. We wish everyone good work and good luck.

We would like to state that we will also give weekly prizes to the participant whose content is liked the most. Details will be transferred from our Telegram channel.

Reward Distribution:
40% YouTube,
30% Twitter,
20% Articles,  
10% Telegram + (For Logo 400 BUSD, 600 BUSD for the best article and video)

Registration Proof Form:
##Registration Proof##
Bitcointalk Username:
Bitcointalk Profile Link:
Telegram Username:
Twitter Username:
Participated Campaigns:
BSC Wallet Address:


High quality: 2 stakes
Good quality: 1 stakesRules:


We are waiting for logo related works, but our activity is not limited to this. Even creating interesting memes and Telegram stickers will count. All content is open to evaluation. To participate in your Graphics content, banner, image posts, etc. Submit a link, Content must be original. Do not copy others.
Minimum participation:20
Maximum participation:100

Registration For Participation:

1) TheFeniks official Telegram Group
2) TheFeniks official Twitter account


High quality: 3 stakes (High quality video and >5000 views)
Good quality: 2 stakes (Good quality video and >2000 views)
Average quality: 1 stake (Average quality video and >1000 views)


1-) Videos need to be a minimum of 3 minutes in length and have at least 300 subscribers.
2-) Each participant can send 2 video only.
3-) Participant's forum account should be at least 3 months old prior to participating in the video campaign.
4-) Video contents must focus on a relevant topic: project features, latest project's token updates, blockchain, etc.
5-) Only original video content will be accepted. Copy from the project website, YouTube channels or from others' work will be rejected.
6-) Videos should never be removed.
7-) Removal/deletion will result in disqualification.
8-) All videos need to have a link to the Proof of Authentication, project's website, Medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, YouTube channel or any other social media.
9-) Please provide enough details of the producer (bounty hunter) at the end of the video to ensure authenticity. This will be verified!
10-) By joining this program, all participants accept that the project's team can use all these videos as marketing materials.
Minimum participation:20
Maximum participation:100

Registration For Participation:

1) TheFeniks official Telegram Group
2) TheFeniks official Twitter account


1-) Have more than 500 followers: 1 stake/week
2-) Have more than 1500 followers: 2 stakes/week
3-) Have more than 5000 followers: 3 stakes/week
4-) Have more than 10,000 followers: 4 stakes/week

1-) Every participant must follow the The Feniks Twitter Page.
2-) Twitter accounts must have a minimum of 500 followers.
3-) Participants have to retweet 5 tweets per week (maximum 1 retweet/day).
4-) Time gap between 2 retweets/tweets needs to be 12 hours minimum.
5-) Participants must use #TheFeniks #Feniks #TFKs #BSC #BNB #Binance #Bitcoin hashtags in every retweet or tweet.

Registration For Participation:

1) TheFeniks official Telegram Group
2) TheFeniks official Twitter account

Noted: When you submit weekly post please added on.

Mandatory weekly tasks:
Twitter Profile Link:
Spreadsheet #:




High quality: 2 stakes
Good quality: 1 stakes


1-) Articles should be quality and unique with a minimum of 500 words. Views and comments at least 10 likes/comments/upvotes or 200 claps would be taken note of.
2-) Each participant can write 2 article only.
3-) Participant's forum accounts should be at least 2 months old prior to participating in the article campaign.
4-) Articles should be published on blogs recommended by us: Steemit, Hive, Medium and LinkedIn and must be publicly accessible. Other high ranked blogs may be accepted.
5-) Content must focus on a relevant topic: project features, latest project's token updates, blockchain, etc.
6-) Only quality and original content will be accepted.
7-) Articles should never be removed.
8-) Removal/deletion will result in disqualification.
9-) Published Articles must include at least 2 images of the project, link to the the Proof of Authentication, project's website, Medium page, Twitter page, Telegram group, YouTube channel or any other social media.
10-) Please provide enough details of the writer at the end of the article to ensure authenticity. This will be verified!
11-) By joining this program, all participants accept that the project's team can use all these articles as marketing materials.
12-) Participants who copy the project's website, whitepaper or ANN thread, will not receive rewards.
Minimum participation:20
Maximum participation:100

Registration For Participation:

1) TheFeniks official Telegram Group
2) TheFeniks official Twitter account


5 stakes/week


1-) Update your Telegram name to "Your Name | TheFeniks''. Only one project is allowed in your Telegram name.
2-) Replace your profile picture with TheFeniks
3-) Write at least 5 constructive messages in other crypto-related telegram groups.
Posts/messages must be constructive, useful and in a way which will not be considered as spamming.
4-) Deleted messages will not be counted.
5-) Report your telegram message links weekly. Please obey the report dates and format.
6-) You must stay in the telegram group until the end of the campaign to receive your stakes.
7-) You must wear TheFeniks avatar and text until the end of the campaign to receive your stakes.

Registration For Participation:

1) TheFeniks official Telegram Group
2) TheFeniks official Twitter account

For all kinds of questions and suggestions, you can follow the announcement link below.

2  Other / Off-topic / Re: IMPORTANCE OF VACATION on: June 17, 2021, 11:45:16 PM
It's very important to be able to go. It will definitely be good psychologically and mentally. My personal holiday preference is a place far away from people, where I can spend quiet days.
3  Other / Off-topic / Re: Should I start betting on sports? on: June 17, 2021, 11:38:59 PM
What you think about it is very important. If you're thinking of doing this business with the hope of making economic gain, don't start at all.
4  Other / Off-topic / Re: How to build a website? on: June 17, 2021, 11:29:52 PM
Hello, guys! I'm planning to build a website to list an upcoming&ongoing ICO projects.

Where should I look for good developers and designers? Thaaanx

if you still need it and know exactly what you want. I can support you. I am MERN Stack devoloper.

You can also contact via telegram if you want. Username: @bulothur
5  Economy / Economics / Re: Are some too blind to see? on: June 17, 2021, 11:25:29 PM
Tesla takes profit from crypto investment and some stupid people aren't even bothered, like I always say even billionaires who invest in crypto are here for the profits no matter how long they chill and hype the coins, be smart people

I can't tell this to anyone. Whoever I try to explain, he tells me that company A makes good comments about bitcoin. my friend this company does not support because he is in love with technology.
6  Economy / Economics / Re: COVID advanced the world into the future on: June 17, 2021, 09:02:50 PM
We met with remote work. Many companies announced that they will continue to work remotely even after normalization. this will save them a lot of expense.
7  Economy / Economics / Re: Money and happiness. on: June 17, 2021, 08:57:31 PM
Money is an absolutely essential tool for many things. Definitely a must for many things. but I don't think it works to be happy or to buy happiness.
8  Economy / Economics / Re: Are you making money online? on: June 17, 2021, 08:54:03 PM
I've been looking for the answer to this question lately. How can I earn passive income from the internet? I have seen many of the answers given in my research on the internet. but many of them unfortunately didn't work for me.
9  Economy / Economics / Re: How do you define rich? on: June 17, 2021, 08:51:18 PM
Real wealth. is about acceptance. accepting the current situation. If you try to live according to it, if there is no problem in your health, in addition. I think you are the richest person in the world.
10  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Euro 2020 Avrupa Futbol Şampiyonası on: June 17, 2021, 08:46:18 PM
Puansız ve golsüz ayrılacağız herhalde turnuvadan. Kendi tarihimizi yazmak üzereyiz. Allah o Şenol güneşin belasını versin. Hiç sevmediğim halde keşke Fatih hoca olsaydı. bu kadar kötü olmazdık kesinlikle.
11  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Reddedilecek bir önerge bırak on: June 17, 2021, 08:40:13 PM
Her meslek grubundan random seçilen bir birey her oturumda yarım saat konuşsun. Şunu yapsalar ve dinlediklerini sorunları çözüme kavuşturmaya çalışsalar nasıl bir ülke olurduk acaba.
12  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: 2021 Tatil Planları on: June 16, 2021, 07:52:35 AM
Ben sadece huzuru özledim. Sizler dinlenirken gece gündüz demeden çalıştık. O yüzden en büyük planım dağ evi tarzı bir yere gidip kafamı 1 hafta dinleyebilmek. Tabi izin alabilirsek.
13  Economy / Economics / Re: Are some too blind to see? on: June 14, 2021, 06:45:36 AM
outrageous.  I  know that after  at May BTC experienced a dump of up to 3000K, there was Tesla, there was Elonmusk, there was China.  they already have money, and still want to earn money.  it is human nature that is never satisfied.  looks like their trick is Fud and Fomo.

I think there is much more. If you look at the chart it is very difficult to make a prediction about the direction right now. Over 50k or under 20k possible. they created a mess. And this confusion created uncertainty. Quarterbacks always rule the game.
14  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Heykelsiz günleri yok! on: June 12, 2021, 08:20:00 PM
Medya ikiye bölündü ve iki tarafta da böyle zihniyetler oluyor ne yazık ki. Bağımsız ve tarafsız bir medyanın da olacağı günleri iple çekiyorum. Ülkemdeki yayın organlarına güvenemez hale geldim resmen. Hep yurtdışı menşeili kaynaklardan takip eder oldum neler olup bittiğini.

Maalesef onlarda birilerinin sazını çalıyorlar. TV izlemez gazete okumaz hale geldim. Allah hepsinin de menfaat tekerlerine çomak sokar inşallah. Dünya hiç iyi bir yer değil artık. Gün geçtikçe de daha da kararıyor maalesef
15  Economy / Economics / Re: Are some too blind to see? on: June 10, 2021, 09:58:05 PM
we have a word here. If you are a cow, there will be many waiting for milk. Unfortunately, people act like a cow. and it is quite normal for them to expect milk.
16  Economy / Economics / Re: Covid-19 Virus Research Criminal Found - Anthony Fauci on: June 10, 2021, 09:46:32 PM
What's wrong with pushing vaccinations towards people, it's for their own good. Also, Bill Gates has the only foundation that really helps people and society to advance towards a sustainable future.

This quote  says all- "One way to power is creating a problem with the solution you already have"

It's a terrible truth. I'm afraid for my children. I realize that a dark age is coming for them. i read it somewhere. He was saying that humanity is ready to destroy its species in order not to give up its power.
17  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Heykelsiz günleri yok! on: June 10, 2021, 09:40:07 PM
Didim belediyesi denizden topladıkları 2bin küsür plastik şişeyle sosyal mesaj vermek için masrafsız bir şirinler heykeli yapmış. Güzelde yapmış baktığınızda lakin ismi lazım değil aşağıda bırakacağım linkteki haber sitesi sadece manşet fotoğrafına " Heykelsiz günleri yok" şeklinde çarpıcı bir başlık atmış. Gerçektende habercilik anlayışları çok berbat...

Ya işte bu habercilik değil. Muhalefetcilik. Hatta cikcikcilik. Oyun sanıyorlar ama değil. Niye bir adım öteye gidilemediğinin  göstergesidir bu manşet. Zamanında devrim arabasında yapılan da buydu. Sağı da solu da ayni zihniyetle çalışıyor maalesef ki. O yüzden hiç umudum yok. Bu kitlenin komple yok olması lazım lut kavmi gibi. O zaman sen gör bizi
18  Local / Konu Dışı / Re: Caminin çay ocakları on: June 10, 2021, 09:35:17 PM
Sağa daha yakın bir görüşe sahibim. Herkesin inancını ve düşüncesini başkasının özgürlük alanına girmediği sürece sonjna kadar yaşaması gerektiğine inanıyorum. Ama bu tayfa bokunu çıkardılar. Insanları dinden de siyasetten de ülkeden de soğuttular. Cahillik böyle bişey işte. Allah ilim irfan nasip etsin herşeyden önce gerisi bir şekilde hallolur.
19  Economy / Economics / Re: bitcoin for everyone on: June 10, 2021, 09:30:38 PM
For sure the Bitcoin cannot make it for everybody. Bitcoin supply is limited while human is unlimited. I mean human can make new one once there are pregnant lady. Every pregnant is potential to add another person on Earth which additional number the the total population of human. While Bitcoin is limited cannot make new coin that what it is now.

Actually, that's not the only problem. People will spend in line with their needs, and the rate will vary.
Friend talked about a utopia, if only there was a more equal and fair world for everyone. but unfortunately this is not possible for the world. Man is not such a developed species to rule and govern himself. and unfortunately many people are closed to development.
20  Economy / Economics / Re: Crypto vs Fiat on: June 10, 2021, 09:17:06 PM

If you understand this picture, congratulations, if you don’t , then you don’t understand money , no matter how much you have in the bank.
#Bitcoin  is down 4% today. But next few months BTC could pump 400%.  Pump or dump, storing your money in crypto beats saving up in the bank.

Who can guarantee that the bitcoin price will not stay stable below $10k? We believe in blockchain. However, there is no guarantee that a more solution-oriented crypto currency will not emerge after 5 years due to current energy problems.
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