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1  Economy / Reputation / Re: A Response to Illiterate and False Accusations (RIFA) on: July 20, 2019, 11:43:43 AM
Contact a trusted e-scrow here on bitcointalk and let them hold all the Bitcoin you plan to "give away", then you will have no issues at all. I can imagine you'll find excuses to not do this though. Hence, the flood of accusations since at any given time you can stop "re-imbursing" VIP payments.
2  Economy / Games and rounds / Re: ★ Challenge ★ 1 BTC in Pot ★ | up to 0.07 BTC per bet on: July 05, 2019, 05:07:44 PM
I am too late, right? Sad

nick: 7O13145
game i played: Dice
betid: 3687614471
3  Economy / Securities / Re: Consciousness Exploration on: June 25, 2019, 05:36:13 PM
wait a second, are you asking donations for something you did not finish yet, and the stuff you have finished is not available anywhere?

I at least thought you had a website up, but surely you would've linked it in OP.

Was quite curious what a course to "transcend my reality" would look like, but i guess it's just a pathetic attempt at luring btc out of people?

Please proof me wrong, and post any portion of the guide that you did complete.

Seems like this might be a new tool under scammers belt. It's quite interesting how it's almost not a scam. Reminds me of the pastor that would pray for people posting in his thread, and was very keen to flash his addy too.

Not to mention the guy that was finishing a book about Ross Ulbricht, and asked for donations to finish it.
4  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Where would I be able to find angel investors Investing in Bitcoin startups? on: June 25, 2019, 05:28:14 PM
Did you try local communities first? It's a lot easier to kick these things off if you can find people who know your work ethics, or can experience first-hand, rather than convincing strangers online that your idea is not only good, but you too are competent enough to carry it out.

If you are really serious, maybe crowd-funding would be well suited?

I doubt you will get a PM from someone willing to put anything before you explain your idea in full, and also explain how you propose it be carried out.
5  Economy / Services / Re: Selling Stackoverflow Votes for BTC/ETH on: June 21, 2019, 03:46:09 PM
Maybe also explain why would someone buy Stackoverflow votes...

Cool interweb points.
6  Local / Skandinavisk / Re: Jeg har brug for hjælp til et nyt Bitcoin projekt ... on: June 04, 2019, 02:30:04 PM
Hej Soraya,

Det er bestemt et interessant projekt du har gang i, og syntes hjemmesiden er flot, simpel og overskuelig. Er det rigtigt forstået at som "affiliate" tjener jeg 5$ for hver forretning/hjemmeside der tager imod bitcoins, som jeg får til at registere sig på

Er alle de nuværende lokationer/butikker betalende kunder ? Det er ikke muligt at komme med på listen uden at betale? Har svært ved at forestille mig at namecheap har gidet betale prisen for det, når de driver forretning online og ikke er helt små i branchen.
7  Economy / Gambling / Re: OneHash || Mutual Sports Betting & Casino 🎲 || Huge Cricket Promo 🏏 on: May 31, 2019, 12:47:38 PM
Hello, sorry to barge in on your official thread but I have been in contact with your support for half a month now trying to resolve issues with my referral link and no progress.

Please see the following topic for further details on my issue:

I truly hope you can resolve this asap, or at least clarify what might be the issue here.
8  Economy / Services / Re: 10 FREE SPOTS for BITMEX TRADING BOT ARMY - 🔥 JUNE 2019 🔥 on: May 29, 2019, 07:20:26 PM
What can you do to ensure that your bot won't suddenly buy a shitcoin with all the balances it has available to it, after you bought a massive cheap bag of your own to dump?
9  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Helpful volunteer needed on: May 29, 2019, 05:55:04 PM
If the invitation to visit your link is just to see if the visit will register as a visit then why not put your link below so anyone could try, not everyone is generous enough of their time and effort to pm specially if it will not benefit them.

because i think affiliate links are against the rules/frowned upon, and if i put it in my thread i cant really blame people for assuming i am just being dishonest to get people to visit it.

Really just need one person to confirm a visit to me, and preferably one not already registered on the site. Then I can lock/delete this thread.
10  Economy / Services / Re: Full Time Professional Virtual Assistant for Hire on: May 29, 2019, 01:49:12 PM
What would your hourly rate be for data-entry tasks?

I am need of someone who can check sports events on my website, and then fill out the odds for markets displayed in my site.

You can see how the site looks in above screenshot.
11  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Helpful volunteer needed on: May 28, 2019, 01:25:23 PM
I wish I could help but I personally do not like Mutual betting. I feel like I do not get desired odd.

Sign up is NOT required. Just visiting the link is enough. PM me for link, thanks!

Why is that necessary LOL. I do not think asking people to visit the site and not doing anything is kind of shady activities. I mean it's not good for the company and surely they would not like it.

You can help! You don't have to like it, just visit the link and then leave the site never to come back...

Why is it shady to visit a site and not do anything? The referral link counts visits, not registrations, so to test it actually works you ONLY have to visit the site.
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Helpful volunteer needed on: May 28, 2019, 01:22:47 PM

You may be better with something like MMR referral program

They are reliable payers as the funds come from miner rentals and are paid directly to you.

Thanks, but the topic is not "find me a better affiliate program" Smiley Please do let me know in PM if you have a spare minute to help me out though!
13  Bitcoin / Project Development / Helpful volunteer needed on: May 28, 2019, 01:12:36 PM
I have been advertising my referral link for over the last month or two through mellowads (mostly) and despite having thousands of registered clicks show on my mellowads dashboard, my affiliate dashboard on shows 0 visits, 0 registered.

I know mellowads is shit conversion, but in the past i have gotten referrals for sites like crypto-games, bitsler etc.

Frustrated with the lack of results in my onehash campaigns, i created new referral links, visited my own link from incognito, visiting my own link from proxy, visiting my own link from Tor browser. Nothing worked, and after waiting 2 weeks on onehash support I was told that nothing was wrong with my links and that if a visit was not registered correctly, it was because their system recognized it as my device.

I also tried switching to a network i have never used on my phone before, and then visiting the link from my phone while on a connection i never use.

At this point, I am frustrated to say the least, and I was hoping a kind volunteer would visit my link to see if it actually counts then.

I would message a irl friend to visit the link, but i probably logged in to my account on their network too, at some point.

Sign up is NOT required. Just visiting the link is enough. PM me for link, thanks!
14  Economy / Services / Re: [DANISH <-> ENGLISH] Cheapest Danish translator service around! on: May 14, 2019, 01:20:43 PM
Bump of the day! Get your marketing material translated today, and reach the Danish market with extra attentive materials!
15  Economy / Services / Re: Looking for BackEnd Developer Node/Express/Mongo/Mongoose on: May 14, 2019, 01:15:42 PM
Hello patatas, I noticed this thread awfully close to this one:

Hopefully he is a good candidate for your task. Smiley
16  Economy / Services / Re: [DANISH <-> ENGLISH] Cheapest Danish translator service around! on: May 12, 2019, 06:45:43 PM
I know how much times it takes to do a good translation of 1k words, and given the living cost in DK, 15$ is just a complete waste of your time, hence the suspicion.

Because working from your PC is extremely flexible, I actually started the gig out on 10$ per 1k words. I am well versed in the English language and consider myself a pretty fast typer.

Unfortunately, at 10$ other Fiverr translators (actually, a whole syndicate of them i think) used my gig to fulfill their own orders. It was fine for a while but when they suddenly came with 8-10k word documents I had to say enough is enough for the reasons you mention.

Thank you for suggesting a review of a fellow Dane, how does he prove he is also native Dane though? Smiley

I did consider translating your first post in Google translate, and post it besides a native translation and then hopefully some random Danes come by and verify that the differences are key. Though, seems inefficient Smiley
17  Economy / Services / Re: [DANISH <-> ENGLISH] Cheapest Danish translator service around! on: May 12, 2019, 06:22:15 PM
$15 for 1k words? That is around 10 times cheaper than a decent real translator.

I highly doubt you are legit with such prices Wink

Anyway nobody should hire you without endorsement by danish foreigners and a public portfolio.

There is this on your fiverr

If the content is bad, please let me know before proofreading it. Proofreading a "crappy text piece" wont do me any good anyway so please let your clients know if the content is crappy. Fortunately I was able to check with DK-friend before loading up the content on my website.

Thanks for stopping by. I specifically exclude proofreading in my offer, it is an extra. That is one bad review out of a few, that you cherry-picked but it is feedback afterall so fair is fair.

As you hopefully understood, the DK-friend mentioned in the feedback did not say anything about it being machine translated (it is native content, believe it or not) only that it was "crappy text piece".

It is a translation gig, if someone sends me a terribly written, english guide to quick loans i am not gonna write new content because it repeats itself unnecessarily etc.

Best regards from Denmark Wink
18  Economy / Services / Re: [DANISH <-> ENGLISH] Cheapest Danish translator service around! on: May 12, 2019, 05:24:26 PM
bump! Get high quality translations for cheap prices today! Danish to English, or vice versa.
19  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Value Betting - Seeking advice/sparring on: May 12, 2019, 03:27:12 PM

Value betting explained. Value betting is taking advantage of overpriced odds that are higher than their true probability. Simply put, when value betting, you will be placing bets that have a larger chance of winning than implied by the bookmakers odds.

Source: Google
20  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Has anyone else experienced this with on: May 12, 2019, 01:25:00 PM
I am not sure this is the case, but I have a strong feeling it is.

On another gambling site, playing plinko aswell.

I have noticed that if i bet, say, 0.0001 BTC on a plinko game then if that bet wins me 0.001 BTC back, I can start playing with these winnings while my balance is still displaying 0 (or whatever i had in balance minus the bet i made) because the servers already credited the winnings before the animation plays through, and the balance display is updated.

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