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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / BIT-ADOPTION! on: June 10, 2014, 11:17:27 PM
I think some of the coins above us on Mintpal are doing something like this.

Please do not do this, Mintpal has in the past removed all of the manual votes from coins because of botting attempts.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / BIT-ADOPTION! on: June 04, 2014, 04:16:51 AM
Hi all passing along a message: The XBC community is seeking a member from the community with youtube video making experience who is willing to charge themselves with creating a variety of youtube videos for XBC.  The XBC team will be publishing news, announcements, and promotional videos on youtube.  We are seeking someone who can create great videos and who can provide news and commentary IN PERSON with eloquent and professional speaking capabilities.  Please contact Seriouscoins via BTCtalk or Hamty via xbcplus official forums on

In essence we are wondering if anybody in the community has an interest and a knack for doing newscasting via youtube, if so let us know Smiley

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / BIT-ADOPTION! on: June 03, 2014, 05:36:07 AM
Our questionnaire is bringing us a great deal of new concepts, I really like where we are headed. We are working up our outlook sheet now and kicking off the next phase of our development. I will be posting a linked PDF hopefully by tomorrow evening detailing everything we decide on. If you haven't provided your own insight yet please check out - Each of you has crucial input, we would like to provide results for everybody so please take some time and answer these questions for us.

Jiapetz passed down a nice list of marketing questions for me, I thought I would post the reply here to show you what we are all doing.

1. Do I (they-people-my market) have a problem worth solving? The amount of people aware of cryptocurrency is growing profoundly, this is becoming a huge market but yet still lacks true professionalism. There is a huge focus on the technological innovations, as well as a huge market full of speculative investors buying and selling coins with no true value; it is becoming a game of big winners and big losers and there is very little in this business worth putting true faith into. I believe we (The XBC community) can solve these problems with our team of educated developers who have a history everywhere from the computer software industry, web development, and even accounting and financial analytics. Each member using his own trade skills and contacts will be able to add true value drivers to our currency via not only technological innovation but by also bringing true business practice (i.e. investor whitesheets, outlook statements, investments, and of course bringing in vendors and merchants to accept our coin adding a form of intrinsic value to our currency.
2. What is the single (1) biggest problem I want to solve? As I covered in the prior question, I feel that the primary problem we aim to solve is the disconnect between businesses and cryptocurrency. Cryptocoin development teams seem to emerge and dissipate, promises are made and broken in the name of making a few dollars. Why is this a problem? If you were running a business whether it be selling a product or in the investment industry (which is where my experience lays) would you not be weary about attaching your business to a name that you cannot trust? My aim is to commit to a longstanding group of professionals who all share the vision of etching our names as the most trustworthy group in this business, rather than hoping to make a few bucks this week, we aim to make our profits in the long term while simultaneously benefitting both the cryptocurrency world as well as directly profiting the businesses who get involved with us.

3. Why do I want to solve THIS problem? Personally and Professionally? I have always had a profound love for innovative ideas and all open source community projects, however in this particular realm I see a great problem emerging due to the typical lust for money. Years of effort have been put into bitcoin and its alternatives, and without the right minds stepping in from a non technical, business perspective it may ultimately fail. From a professional viewpoint, I see a burgeoning market that the mainstream may not yet be aware of, we need to tap its full potential and bring businesses in early on; I feel the return on these early investments will be enormous given the right group of professionals step in today.

4. What do I think it's going to provide? I’m certain given the proper resources XBC is going to bring a trustworthy, reputable name to the table with which both investors, merchants, and distributors will look to as a channel to increase exposure and ultimately income. If we can solve the above mentioned problem then we will easily stand out as the primier cryptocoin for which business will place their trust and ultiamtely money. In all of my years in professional business I have always looked for niche markets that I believe are going to catch the public eye as creating relationships and attachments in this phase is very cost effective from an investment perspective. Standing now on the side of the XBC team I am certain that anybody who can see our merit that is willing to contribute to our cause will see big results in the long term. In the end everything comes down to dollars and cents; we believe XBC will bring a great deal of exposure to both the small business owner all the way up to large corporations who are willing to attach their name to ours.

5. What are the issues they are dealing with around this problem? The crypto community at large is seemingly very scarred, on a daily basis as the lead developer of Bitcoin Plus I am constantly faced with a barrage of questions from very anxious and nervous investors. No matter how much proof we provide that we are here for the long haul – to this point (nearly 40 days after we have taken the head of this coin) there is always a hint of distrust in the air, they are very used to being lied to and used to make a few dollars in the short term. With time however, many of these very people have converted their viewpoints to our side and not only are showing trust in us but joining our ranks, I believe these conversions of faith are a necessary triumph for us which will ultimately be our selling point to break into the public eye as a worthy investment.
6. What is their (investor/market) present state of mind, feelings, conversations, beliefs around this problem? The current state of mind with many investors out there now is to invest, hold briefly, get out and be happy with short term gains. This problem exists due to limited funding and a very large spread throughout the marketplace, this creates an ease of control on the marketplaces allowing the few with large sums of money to bring up the price to their selling point and dump their investments – effectively destroying faith and killing coins one after another. I hear consistently that once a coin has “dumped” it will never recover, however in an open market anything can happen; so this belief is ultimately incorrect.

7. What is their (investor/market) desired state of mind, feelings, conversations, beliefs around this problem? It is clear through constant conversation within both our XBC community and the crypto world at large that these investors are looking for a place they can put their money while comfortably going to sleep at night knowing they will not suffer drastic losses in the long haul. While our coin has gone through these typical motions of market sway and play, we aim to show these investors that their desires are possible; all it takes is a team who is willing to continue working. I’ve researched many coins and find that after this “dump” phase occurs, their core teams become disheartened and abandon the project. This is actually a phase that the majority of physical businesses find themselves in, there is a phase of high morale and joy when it is new and the vision for the perfect future is in place; however when the big picture becomes obvious, many aspiring business owners fold. I believe that by staying true to our vision and by not laying down our project but rather doubling our efforts and truly analyzing and adapting to what needs to be done – we will provide these investors with what they are truly aiming for.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / BIT-ADOPTION! on: June 03, 2014, 05:33:40 AM
Hello, on DCM's ipo page, I found 2 members of xbc joined DCM. Is there anybody can tell sth about this? Thanks.

Hello amy_bit Smiley

Kreative from the DCM team reached out to myself and wallenstein for assistance with this new coin, we are not leaving XBC or slowing down on our progress with this in any way shape or form. We have had quite a bit of assistance from other coins in our history (LimeCoin for our destruction, CGA with a great deal of assistance on our new wallet and its rollout etc). We believe that networking with other honest developers is a great way to increase our images and reputation. KreativeKrypto (lead dev of DCM) did a great deal of promotional campaigning for XBC, we both feel it is proper to assist him in his venture and support him in anyway he needs in return.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN][DCM] Digital Commerce [100% POS IPO on *Bittrex* Today] Multi Dev support on: June 03, 2014, 02:58:42 AM
I want a statement from the Team and from Bill saying how many coins the team members each buy coins. This is a sign of beleiving in their own coin but too much would be bad too!

Hi Twin, sorry for delays leaving my two cents in the forum:

Thus far I have not purchased any dCom though I will be buying 1 BTC worth which is my typical investment for coins that I think have a bright future.

As for other questions about IPO funds, I have no intention of charging for any personal labors out of any balance I am holding. Part of my deal with this team is to hold a portion of the IPO fund in good faith based on my history similar to an escrow. Any personal profit would come through my own risk via a personal investment. Though with the portion I am holding I am charged with making the decision as to what is the right direction to use my holdings, therefore nothing is out of the question regarding either buy support (which could end up quite murky - what will I then do with the coins I buy? Prove this exact amount?) or buying exchange votes (but again, is a multiple thousand dollar buy into an exchange optimal when I can use this toward webstore development?). Ultimately I will do what is best for this coins community as my job is to secure my portion of the funds and use them honestly - which includes supporting what investors are looking for. For starters we need to cover the basics, payment will be required for an explorer, translations, multipool, etc + up front costs for servers and likewise + forum software. Beyond that (and I would suspect this is why the rest of the team wanted me here) I will analyze all of the tentative costs for either development or investment support and provide insight toward what I think is best from a financial aspect (as this is my profession) and leave it to the team and the voting structure they create for final decisions.

Personally I don't usually toy with markets - If it takes money to support the price then perhaps the coin shouldn't be at this price yet; my stance is to add value and yield long term benefits; however this is just my personal food for thought, I'm here to support this team and its investors.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / BIT-ADOPTION! on: June 02, 2014, 08:26:16 AM
Thanks for the input guys, I apologize if some of you are rehashing. I'm compiling this all into a master list for us to go over so we can kick off more development projects now that we've literally just doubled our team. This also includes a public release of where we are taking this coin now that we have finished all of our initial projects.

edit: Some of these things can be promotion oriented as well, we have room to take on both development on our back end team (wallet upgrades, web upgrades, etc) as well as our front end team (promotional campaigns)
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Poloniex + C-cex on: June 02, 2014, 05:59:46 AM
XBC has selected MOBA for its first bit adoption:

If you're curious about Bit Adoption take a look at the original post by Hamty here:

Also, I've sent out a questionnaire to all of our admins to get all of our projects, goals, ambitions, and innovative ideas on paper. If anybody out there has any thoughts they would like to add please contribute. I've built a new front end administration team we are bringing up to speed to end any delays between Q&A and to round up all of the communities ideas + bring them to the devs as well as creating their own promotional campaign (as Hamty has done above).

We have a large team now, so we are basically capable of bringing anything to the table. Set us up with good priorities, if they are realistic and reasonable we will knock them out.

Here's a short snippet from this that anybody can respond to (just quote this post and respond to each)

1. What would you like see implemented into this coin today? One week from today? One month from today? One year from today? (answer all)

2. Do you have any ideas for wallet innovation? If so what?

3. Is there any pre existing technology you feel needs to be implemented into our wallet? Why?

4. Outside of wallet, What are we lacking? What would you like to see?

5. Provide innovative ideas for concepts we may be able to set in motion for growth, be it something we can do in one day or one year, I'm open to all suggestions.

Lastly, leave any ideas not covered in the above questions below
8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Poloniex + C-cex on: May 31, 2014, 07:00:32 AM
Block Explorer (New Network):

After long conversation with Hamty and other community members tonight, I've decided it's time to expand our team into a sort of split between our development oriented team and a socially oriented team. I've charged WolfOfXBC with the task of rounding every interested party up to take on this job.

Thus far these are the names that have been brought to my attention:


If I've missed any forgive me we will get to you. I would like this team which in my mind will be our "Front End" team to take on the task of being middlemen between our core development team and the public ranging from responding to common questions to organizing and seeing through promotional campaigns and the likes. The point being, our development team is focused on our projects to expand this coin, but there is a disconnect when there are tens or hundreds of people looking for dialogue and updates at all times. Not only will this new team help expand our coin to the eyes of new users but they will now be able to develop and grow their own socially oriented projects without the need for dealing with the technical components for XBC (wallet building, website building, negotiating etc.). We will now have a team who can spread the word and also be in constant contact with our devs via an administrative chat or forum so they can always stay up to date and relay this information to the public on a need to know basis - no more users left with questions. I respond to as many people as I possibly can but that is usually limited to private messages on freenode, here, or our forums; I want these users to have their answers in real time.

We will now be able to meet the public's interest with constant feedback from our team around the clock (we are bringing on more users internationally, it has been a problem that most of our team tends to sleep during the same window leaving a gap of silence) as well as expanding the reaches of our coin.

Hamty came forward with a wonderful idea that I would like to see come to fruitionwhich you can read about in his post here:

I believe Hamty's idea will be the first of many, and while we are busy working on middle - longer term projects I believe this new team / concept will be able to provide us with a more short term (daily) goal system for expansion so news will always be consistent and constant.
9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 29, 2014, 07:34:50 PM


I kindly want to ask what is really unique about this coin? I read all those things, you have written above, but they all seemed to me that you can find those in any kind of coins these days. Also it made me just a crowd of words but no actions. Can you please kindly state what is the next solid plan ? Will you create some unique tech developments like XC or DRK or BC had in their time? I am asking this, coz I have some XBC and thinking to invest some serious amount any soon, so I though maybe it is my right to know in my end..... Thank you and Warmest Regards,

Hello again halinyo,

In simplest terms, our next solid plans (short term) are our webstore which has been undergoing heavy development and a revision/customised interface to our wallet with additional features. The webstore should be wrapped up in the coming weeks. When I suggest a webstore I do not mean we are buying a prebuilt merchant application, this is something built from the ground up by Wallenstein himself including projects he has been focusing on for years before crypto ever even emerged and we already have vendors on the line with proposals on the table for incorporation.

I think the best way for you to get the true grasp of us would be to accept this challenge; talk to our developers in real time. Join us in our live chat at and feel free to contact us, ask for wallenstein for insight on the webstore development, mindfox for discussion on wallet innovation, or myself for a breakdown on everything (SeriousCoins)

I do understand the point you are making. We are pressing to incorporate many factors which many coins promise but fail to successfully deliver. To this let me remind you that this is the exact reason why I hunted down trade professionals to incorporate into our core team. This coin hasn't been built upon a single developer purchasing a wallet and making false promises - We have a web developer who has been in business for over 25 years, we have a software developer who has over 30 years of experience, we have business professionals (including myself, I have been in the Accounting and Finance sect nearly half of my life on top of my passion for development). We all have a lot of connections and will deliver on these promises. I also believe thus far we have proven we are a long term team, we worked during a market pump to our highest price point, we continued to work through our lowest points and never once broke down, only keeping our eyes on our long term goals.

As far as wallet technology, we are working out our spec sheet for coming wallet updates, as well as our overall intentions for an investor proposal. If you look at our official forum (just launched): you can find the project section where I have posed the initial input forum for wallet revisions. I have been working on a concept I believe will be groundbreaking for a wallet feature, but I cannot announce with conclusive evidence that this is so within an estimable time frame. Lastly, the absolute primary focus on my end is to bring real life business value to these coins. There is always a new wallet feature that comes and goes, but where is the true intrinsic value to the coin? Where is the coin with a team of real world professionals working towards these goals of real world mainstream vendor applications and usage who have the experience and know how to make these things so? This is where XBC will surely stand way ahead of the pack. This is not a coin to buy and hold for one day, we are all in this for the long haul and will continue working tirelessly until we build a self sufficient machine.
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Poloniex + C-cex on: May 29, 2014, 06:26:17 PM
Just checked out the official forums to see what was being worked on... rather than post there, I am going to post here, as I do think it better to be active here than in a coin's forums. People are lazy and won't bother checking over there, for starters.

Anyway, I see ideas being thrown about regarding wallet upgrades. Some folks have mentioned adding an anon feature into the wallet. Is that a serious consideration, or simply people throwing out ideas?

It does seem somewhat of a bandwagon idea, basically trying to get in on the current crytpo flavor of the month. At the same time, I do think Drk has been onto something, and anonymity does hold an advantage over btc. So if it can be added, it'd certainly be a good thing in my opinion, regardless of what occurs when the ever-changing, and seemingly quicker than ever, crypto fad of the moment. A simple mixer probably wouldn't be that hard to implement (fedora-style), but true decentralized anonymity would be a tad tougher.

The one wallet upgrade which I think could be of benefit, assuming you guys get merchants signed up, is incorporating a merchant marketplace into the wallet. I also suggested this same idea to Noble Coin, where they have one of the strongest marketplaces of any crypto out there. I don't think they had plans to incorporate it, but to me it'd be a nice differentiating factor for any coin. Of course that relies on a coin having a marketplace to incorporate to begin with.

I haven't checked on price in a while, and see the coin has taken a tumble. Did I miss some bad news somewhere, or did a whale decide to dump? That can be a problem when a coin is on a small exchange, as there isn't room for whales so much.... especially not multiple whales. Other exchanges and MP should be a priority. Rather than dump, I'd think a whale would simply buy up MP votes, as even if they wanted to dump, Poloniex isn't the place to do it really. Just curious if I missed some news or something there.

Hi Poornamelessme (I like your name Smiley)

We are considering all aspects for our next wallet release as Mindfox is staying on our team to take on further projects. The anon feature in itself is a topic for deliberation, we're working out a bit of a press release on this matter now; it's my intent to innovate, not copy paste sources. That said of course, Innovation requires not only time, but prospects I may not be able to go public with before development (due of course to the chance of another developer finishing and claiming this innovation as his or her own). We're looking to make a coin that can withstand the test of time, I believe to do so we need to build thoughtfully and rationally and weed ourselves away from fads that come and go, though there are innovations to date that would be a worthy addition for us. We will cover the anonymous discussion in more detail shortly.

I think the merchant marketplace incorporated directly into the wallet is a wonderful idea, these are the kind of prospects I'm looking for. I'm taking all of these good ideas and wrapping them up to propose to mindfox directly for our wallet. I think with a lot of these ideas the problem comes down to whether or not the wallet dev can handle the job, which I'm certain mindfox can do.

There has been no bad news, perhaps speculation and I believe a bit of a disconnect between the actual investors at Poloniex and the developments taking place for this coin, or perhaps people simply moving on into coins that are trending upward quickly. Markets are quite unpredictable, but we're not swayed by the market rate at this point in our development. The way I see it XBC is still in the proving ground, we will innovate and we will grow.

Alas your mention of Mintpal Votes, some folks yesterday thought it would be a good idea to run a little campaign to buy votes. I suggested to each and all to go ahead and buy votes be it 5 votes or 1000, post up the deed here with your tx and leave your xbc address for some friendly community tipping. I bought a few hundred as did many other users, I believe we boosted from #25~ to #16 on voting. I would appreciate it if folks would continue to spread the word and keep driving us toward the top. It may seem difficult but it's really not as long as we stay consistent with hourly voting and small buys, we'll inevitably make mintpal.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 10:13:07 PM
Don't forget about our charity drive folks, I feel it needs a bit more attention. We are raising money to help a mother of two who lost their home in a fire, please check this link out for more information:

Also, we have been having a lot of people reach out to us about expanding to multiple exchanges, so our team has reached out to every exchange we could find today. A few folks have also started a campaign to boost us up on mintpal voting to which our admins have also been buying votes, check out , buy a few votes and post here if you do, I would like to see some xbc tips flying around, looks like we're about to break into the top 15 on mintpal.

Also, can any mac users here verify the wallet in the post above is working / run it through virustotal if you have a chance. I will post it in the ann along with that users address if it does work.

EDIT: There is also a post from another user a couple pages back: who has compiled a Mac wallet for us. Any mac users test these out and let me know which one to add to the ANN.
12  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 09:37:10 PM
When will more information on how to exchange the coins in the old Walltet?   Huh

Gab1974 do you have old coins? I have been doing swaps all day Smiley. I will send you a PM in a moment
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 08:12:05 PM
SeriousCoins14, what's the next step?

Well we're pluralizing that into a ton of steps, I believe to secure consistent future growth we need to expand from every angle. My primary goals moving forward: Exposure and Value; Exposure through PR campaigns and Value through physical product

1. Currently we are working toward expanding into new exchange markets. I have sent a unique E-mail to each exchange I am aware of and have been trying to create a system where people who buy votes will be rewarded by community tipping etc. Looks like we will break into the top 15 on Mintpal today. Of course, I don't feel that an exchange alone is worthy of added value without continuously working to advance the coin, so we move to 2.

2. Wallenstein is working on our webstore (I have no official ETA at this moment), here we will sell our own internal (official) products and we will be accepting third party merchants. I am also reaching out (if anybody can assist I would appreciate further help - even direction if a similar system is already available) for a method to standardize the process for 3rd party merchants to sell through their own website. I.E. a simplified source they can build off of to make accepting coin payments in real time easy for people who aren't too familiar with crypto along with a price checking API to auto update pricing; this may be a bit of a longer term project.

3. Selsonblue is fishing through distributors to have our first batch of shirts made (first official merchandize) which we will be able to take orders on prior to the physical opening of our webstore. We would also like to use the income generated from this to expand our product line (and potentially seal a deal with more affordable bulk distributors).

4. Myself and Coinerz have been reaching out to merchants who may be interested in either accepting XBC or selling product directly through our webstore. Coinerz has an interesting lead and I've gotten quite a few good proposals, one being we can obtain great discounts on computer hardware from a specific vendor for bulk buys (we would need to think about a group buy to gain momentum) which I have not committed to at this point.

5. We are all contributing toward promotional campaigning to try to expand our user base both from within the crypto community as well as finding new users. We just hosted a social network give away and will be arranging for another one. We are creating a sort of "honor" system on our forums for all of our members to be rewarded for productivity, both in title and with tips in coin. We are consolidating a list of external advertisement space to increase traffic to and will be directing them to a "new user" guide for people totally unaware of crypto coins.

6. Charitable Contributions, we are looking to raise money and give to people who are actually in need. We have already established our first charity drive which I believes needs a bit more attention: and would like to have charities running at all times to help people out.

Aside from that, we are looking to expand our team. We have tons of talent here but our group can only get so much done in short term timeframes. Anybody who is capable is more then welcome to assist us. I would still like to see more external blogging, more graphic arts, more social network support, and on team writers to keep our news/blog section up to date (we don't want our own website to run stale either). I'm also going to bring back our community donations now that we are on the new network so we can refocus on obtaining a mobile wallet, cold storage cards, whatever other projects people would like done that would require outsourcing.
14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 05:32:07 PM
need to be listed here ...

Thanks NJRiot, let me dig up some contact info for them and direct them to our coin
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 03:15:11 PM
I just bought 500 votes on Mintpal. I would encourage anyone with an investment in XBC to contribute what they can to get us to the top! Any donations of XBC would be much appreciated, address in sig.

Thank you for that jcarl987 Smiley, I'll buy another 100 to try to keep up with you as well. Feel free to post your contributions, I would like to see xbc tips getting spread around so post your addresses. Everybody wants mintpal we have a few people really helping out, show them your appreciation.

Also: I've managed to get Mindfox to make his own personal XBC address Smiley, I would really like to see a few tips go his way. Mindfox joined our team at a critical point and went above and beyond to provide us with our new wallet AND continuously responds to public queries very often, he has done so by offering me a discounted price for his service and has no stake in XBC itself and has never asked for a tip. Send some love his way: BKL8KYuHorBp1QHx3LtKEGmHGQbJus4wUW (XBC). Smother him with love and keep him on our team forever  Cool

16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 12:47:59 PM
Also, I have spent the better part of the last two days assisting people with recovering coins / doing 1:1 transactions which I'm happy to say has been going smoothly.

That being said, I've dealt with a barrage of PMs over the past 48 hours and organized to the best of my abilities to complete the swaps. If there is anybody I missed or anybody that hasn't come forward please send me a new PM or reach out to me on IRC #XBC, all you have to do is send your old coin to a deposit address I make for you, provide me with the TxID and a new address. Try to come forward as soon as possible because I will have to establish a timeframe soon to where I will be able to keep ASICs on our network + the block explorer live, I'll tally up all that have come forward but I'm still quite sure we have people that have not yet come forward.
17  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 28, 2014, 12:23:44 PM
People just don't want to believe the XBC's time is past, never come back again.
Transfer your attention to next coin,

For what reason would people wish to believe that XBC's time is "past"? As far as I'm concerned XBC has just been born, when I joined this community my goal wasn't to realize a short term profit, dump, and move on. This coins team is made up of developers, not day traders. Will this coins time be past when we add a legitimate trade value to the coin? At this point I believe we have everything a respectable coin should be launched with (a nice website, forums, functioning wallet, etc). This does not mean our team is going anywhere. I speak for myself and all of the core team when I say we are all still working full time, this coin has truly turned into the story of the underdog rather than the coin everybody is just looking to see a quick profit during a pump.

There is more life than ever in this coin, exchange hype/value does not represent that essence and I believe in time it will catch up. I don't feel coins with no marketable value will actually survive in the long haul, that's what we're working to change on this very coin by implementing real business functions into a coin - these are things we can't just complete and announce in a day long time scale, nor have we made any promises to this end just yet because that will require proof. We will have a fully drawn up list of all of our projects prepared and begin reaching out to investors who can see the true prospects of this coin. Again, welcome to XBC, we just relaunched 3 days ago, a brand new coin with a wonderful team ready to commit to months of work.

To show some more good faith to our community I just bought more votes on mintpal, I believe once that clears we should be sitting at #20. Slow and steady wins the race my friends  Grin
18  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 27, 2014, 10:45:28 PM

So who here would like to see us hit Mintpal? We have done really well so far with the community voting us to #26 on the list, soon to be #25. We need one final surge to push us up into the top 10.

The news & attention alone of us hitting a big exchange like Mintpal would work wonders for XBC at this stage.
We have the Devs, tools & community in place - now we could use a 2nd & bigger exchange as a solid platform to launch from.

Myself & Seriouscoins are turning to the community to help raise a 'mintpal voting fund' for people to contribute to, to help us further up the list for one final surge.

Here is the direct link to the Mintpal voting page for XBC:

I will personally donate to this cause as I am an XBC investor.

All the best,


Now that we do have the capacity to grow, I agree we can begin pressing for new exchanges. Myself and Wallenstein are working on completing a white sheet and having a bit of a PR campaign so spreading the word to other exchanges would only be a benefit. We're also going to make sure we have daily updates to our website to keep it from becoming stale while we work on our webstore and selson wraps up our first product batch. Don't forget we're also up on cryptsy voting. - This is a support ticket that was opened a while ago for cryptsy to add XBC, get in there and start chiming in to add us.

Cryptsy also added a BTC voting address for XBC recently: -- I will also buy votes 100 at a time over the coming days, if you guys want mintpal make sure you keep voting every hour and dump a few bucks into their voting address here and there - 14gkCYbVgRpzAuEPPQxfiiv1RzTU4NNgJf

I'm also going to reimburse as much as I can back to the address we initially created for an Android wallet so we can get that rolling now. If anybody else wants to contribute with further short term or long term project proposals please feel free to chime in!

We're looking to expand into new markets, meet new investors, and bring in new talent, if you have something to offer XBC you are more then welcome to join our team! Come join us at and introduce yourself, more subforums will be added as we need them

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block explorer update k thx bye!

Waiting on word from unick (he makes the explorers), I sent him the source a little over 1 day ago. I will contact him and see if he has an update, he did the first explorer timely so I'm sure it will be up soon.
20  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN]BitcoinPlus (XBC) / MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE / Multipool / Bounties on: May 27, 2014, 06:36:24 AM
XBC Dedicated mining pool coming soon! HashCo,ws has now updated wallet! Get miners back on it! XBC team buying rigs to create some serious pressure!!!!!

Hashcows have updated to our new wallet/network

I've seen a lot of talk about creating a little boost toward hashco pool, I jumped in with everybody else and added 25 mh/s i'll keep on it. Selson added 15mh/s. If you want to create a little buy pressure now would be a good time to join us and throw in your hash at

As such, we've contracted out our official multipool which will be at Had a long meeting with wallenstein tonight, we have developed quite a few plans moving forward which we'll be discussing in the coming days. That said, I would still like to ask the community to step in and get involved because we want everybody helping our cause. Join up on our forums and chime in, I'm going to have Coinerz add a few more subforums now (I believe he is under the weather).

A few priorities of ours are to formulate a PR campaign and to have input on the interface of our next wallet revision (now that we have functionality, we can give it a nicer / easier to use interface + additional features. Bring your ideas and suggestions to the table for us, we work to make everything happen, the more hands we have on deck the better Smiley
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