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381  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin is slowly shit. on: September 12, 2013, 09:48:28 PM
I have heard you can add a fee after the fact by using the coin as an input in a fee-paying transaction. This would likely require manual coin manipulation though.

That "child pays for parent" patch was not ever released in the client and I'm not aware of any miners using it.
382  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Stop saying Bitcoin is good for money transfer. It isn't. on: September 12, 2013, 09:41:53 PM
But the prophets peddling the idea it will have a huge impact on banking and commerce, how it is so much more efficient for international money transfer, are just downright misleading and actually distract people from fixing the problem.

There is no reason this isn't Bitcoin in the future.  However, today, in most areas your assessment of the current state of Bitcoin's utility for transfer of fiat money is valid.  Where bank wire transactions complete in under a full day and fees are relatively trivial (for large amounts), Bitcoin is no real competition just yet.

But try sending a wire on Saturday.   Try sending a wire to the billions of people who are unbanked.  Try sending a wire to (most anywhere of) the developing world.  That's why there is today hawala (or hundi) in a pretty large chunk of the world yet.

In those areas, bitcoin can be very good for money transfer.   Even there, it isn't (yet).    But it can be.    With the advantages Bitcoin offers, (essentially no fees and fast settlement) there's good reason to believe it will be used for money transfer in the future.   Those using it that way today are not complaining.   Mang Sweeney's customers who regularly send funds to family members in the Philippines aren't jumping ship to a competing service.  Bitcoin works for them.

Now remember, for money transfer outside the banking system (e.g., Western Union), Bitcoin has the advantage where traditional money transfer has the biggest challenge.    A Western Union needs agents on the sender's side as well as at the recipient's side.  That's a very expensive method to send fiat funds internationally.   With Bitcoin there isn't an international fiat transaction. There are instead two domestic transactions.  Those can be cheap.    Buying bitcoins in one country can cost less than 1% (e.g., via Dwolla USD transfer to Camp BX), and selling bitcoins in another country can cost a trivial amount as well.

Since there is a potential for profit in providing bitcoin exchange, this street-level exchange (versus Western Union agent offices) can happen without a large financial company like Western Union offering it.  Individuals can compete against Western Union by providing exchange at the street level.   They will network and larger traders will broker bitcoins, providing a way for the street-level traders to replenish their inventory of cash.  

Everything needed to make this happen is there, it just emerges slowly when there is no marketing effort and/or subsidy to build the "street level" exchange network.  There is enough profit in the money transfer industry though to ensure that a Bitcoin avenue will exist.  Check back in a few years, you will likely be very surprised with Bitcoin's progress in this area.
383  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [ANN] : Deposit. Earn Interest. Trade. on: September 12, 2013, 09:03:55 PM
If you have anymore questions

I've a question.

Why does an exchange want a greater level of funds deposited there (i.e., to where it even pays interest on those deposits)?

If the exchange holds all deposits (i.e., is a "full reserve"), there's really no advantage to the exchange to have more there.

If instead these are lent out or used for other purposes, then there is the risk of a 'bank run", no?

384  Bitcoin / Legal / Re: List of court cases, complaints, regulatory actions, etc. on: September 12, 2013, 08:24:22 PM
United States v. Adam Joseph BUNGER A/K/A John Smith A/K/A Jarvis Smith
September, 2013
Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky

Abstract: Guns were sold through the anonymous marketplace Black Market Reloaded, shipped from Bowling Green, KY to an Australian Buyer.  Australian customs intercepted the shipment.  ATF agent filed complaint in US federal court.

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agents said Bunger used a site called Black Market Revisited [sic] to offer and sell weapons to buyers across the world. Eventually, Special Agent David S. Hayes wrote in a criminal complaint that Bunger sold weapons to people in Australia, England and tried to sell one to a buyer in Sweden between June and August.

And a little bit of LOL:

Black Market Reloaded is a site run by a company in Dresden, Germany,

Ky man charged with shipping guns internationally
385  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: Shouldnt we be funding/supporting a mesh network ? on: September 12, 2013, 04:34:59 AM
To create a mesh around the ISPs but can still connect to the Internet is the way to go.

Here's what you are describing:

Mesh networks can also connect to the wider commercial internet, which KC Freedom Network does right now through a central access point — a commercial data center downtown, which is housed in one of the city’s tallest buildings called Oak Tower, providing ample opportunity to beam the bits around town using a microwave transmitter.


I believe that Bitcoin is the key to funding such a thing.

I would be fine with becoming an Internet repeater that generates Bitcoins on a pay per use type of structure.

This has nothing to do with mesh but it is a method that a wifi hotspot can charge in bitcoins:

386  Economy / Speculation / Re: What expected/specific 2013 events should the market be watching for? on: September 11, 2013, 10:59:41 PM
What should we be looking forward to?

SEC's completion of rules for equity crowdfunding.
This is a long shot, but that event may be significant for Bitcoin if the cyber-equity platforms get discovered as being suitable for equity crowdfunding globally.
When the SEC releases its rulemaking for crowdfunding (possibly later this year yet, or if not then early 2014) many investors will be disappointed.  They can't trade their investment for the first year, foreigners can't invest, etc.  And those looking into doing a listing (reportedly) will be expensive involving many thousands or tens of thousands of dollars even.   So there's an opportunity for Bitcoin "virtual stock markets" like BitFunder,, MPEX, etc., to gain some decent traction for getting true equity crowdfunding out there.

387  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: ★JOE’S★ - We now take Bitcoin! on: September 11, 2013, 07:48:01 PM
JOES was in online media again today, though not by name:

Mesh networks can also connect to the wider commercial internet, which KC Freedom Network does right now through a central access point — a commercial data center downtown, which is housed in one of the city’s tallest buildings called Oak Tower, providing ample opportunity to beam the bits around town using a microwave transmitter.

388  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: Full-Service Travel Agency Now Accepting Bitcoin on: September 11, 2013, 04:38:47 PM
We are an established, full-service travel agency

Travel is a merchant category in which the buyer must trust the seller (travel agency) because there is a time component -- the travel usually occurs at some point in the future.

Is this a commercial offering?  I can't see anywhere on the site the name of the entity providing this service.
389  Bitcoin / Press / 2013-09-10 - The “Domestic Terrorist” You Can Call a Hero on: September 11, 2013, 07:32:38 AM
The “Domestic Terrorist” You Can Call a Hero
by Jeffrey Tucker

"Economist F.A. Hayek wrote that it was entirely possible that a high-quality private money could compete with a government money."
"But who would step out and make the attempt? What entrepreneur would dare come forward and offer up an alternative as a product in the consumer market?  Bernard von NotHaus was the man"
"The notion that government was trying to protect a marvelous system against domestic terrorism is mind-boggling, since the truth is rather obvious: The government was trying to protect a terrible system from being overthrown by competition."
"Bitcoin is a brilliant combination of the Liberty Dollar’s soundness and Napster’s distribution methods, with a few extra features thrown in to protect it against shutdowns."
"The revolution will not occur with guns and battles, but through enterprise, entrepreneurship, and a billion tiny acts of peaceful consumer choice."

390  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: So a 0.04 btc payment hasen't had a single confirmation for 2 days?? on: September 11, 2013, 05:37:34 AM
I've never had it happen this long anyone here possibly know the reason to it?

There's many reasons for a long delay before a transaction confirms.

It could be because the transaction isn't being re-broadcast.  The re-broadcast behavior will vary based on which client you are using.   For instance, a transaction sent using Bitcoin-QT will only be re-broadcast by that client if the client is running.   And if that client isn't left running it is possible that peer nodes will have dropped the transaction because it didn't get confirmed in a timely manner.   If that is what happened, all that is needed is to leave the client running and the transaction should eventually confirm.

Other clients behave differently.

Or your problem could be due to the transaction being made using funds that themselves haven't confirmed., for instance, will use for a spend transaction funds from a transaction that did not yet confirm.  So if that is what happened the problem isn't that your payment isn't confirming but that there is a parent transaction which needs to get confirmed first.

So to give a helpful response to your question, more info is needed.  What client?  If you don't mind sharing it, what trx ID?
391  Economy / Marketplace / Re: Where can you spend Bitcoins on Gold or Silver? on: September 11, 2013, 04:41:59 AM
I would like to know for the future.

As always, buyer beware - consider using escrow if you aren't doing the trade locally.

392  Economy / Exchanges / Re: [ANN] KRAKEN.COM - Exchange Now Open with Live Trading EUR, BTC, LTC on: September 10, 2013, 10:56:27 PM
I have a concern with any exchange that also supports alt-coins, and shared that concern here:

There are four specific scenarios I would like to know what Kraken's policy is should they occur:

A.) My Kraken exchange account holds only fiat and bitcoins, and I've never traded for Litecoins.  Would I be exposed to any risk of loss to those funds should there be a successful 51% attack against Litecoin?

B.) I have a balance of Litecoins and fiat, but had no litecoins deposited to Kraken in any block that was ultimately orphaned as the result of the 51% attack.  Would I be exposed to any risk of loss to those funds should there be a successful 51% attack against Litecoin?

C.) I had bitcoins and I traded them for Litecoins.  Following this trade the attacker released blocks that resulted in a double spend such that the Litecoins I received were from the attacker's account (i.e.,  Litecoins deposited with a transaction that no longer confirms or was double spent).  Following the successful 51% attack against Litecoin, do I still have Litecoins that I can withdraw (or trade back into Bitcoins)?

D.) I deposited litecoins from a block that utimately was orphaned as the result of a successful 51% attack against Litecoin.   Before the attack I was able to trade those litecoins for bitcoins which remain in my account.    After the successful 51% attack against Litecoin, do I stil have the ability to withdraw those bitcoins?

393  Bitcoin / Technical Support / Re: Urgent Imported key funds not showing on: September 10, 2013, 10:44:48 PM
I imported a private key and now I have the correct address in my account and the account has the BC in it but it's not showing in my wallet.

I'm trying to make a purchase... Help!

Which client?

When you say the "account has the BC in it", are you meaning that using some other source the blockchain shows that Bitcoin address having funds?  Or do you mean something else?

If Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind, you could try launching with -reindex  [Edit: -rescan ].
394  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Mt Gox bitcoin withdrawal not working on: September 10, 2013, 09:39:24 PM
Hello all,

I'm failing at withdrawing bitcoin from Mt. Gox... it tells me that my bitcoin address is invalid (it's not). Anyone else having the same issue?

That's something I've seen when they have issues with their back end (bitcoin daemon).

You porbably want to open a support ticket:
395  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: In-person Bitcoin purchases - no problem! on: September 10, 2013, 10:09:19 AM
What do you think?

There's a feature that users have asked for ...  called "Replace by fee".   

This is a patch to Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind available now to those miners who choose to use it.   A side effect of that is that it would make it significantly easier for those attempting to double spend since a replacement transaction will be recognized simply because it includes a higher fee.

No miners are using that patch today, at least that is publicly known, so this isn't a risk today but merchants who recognize payment on 0/unconfirmed should remain aware that double spending risk could grow in the future.  Today, there's very little risk of a double spend/race attack.
396  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Who is in charge on OTC? on: September 10, 2013, 06:28:36 AM
How the hell do I get unbanned some cock sucker banned me about a year ago because I buy and sell for paypal.

IRC ban?

That can be removed by a channel op, and there are several of them.

Try going into #bitcoin-otc-foyer and asking to be unbanned there.

As far as the answer to the question in this thread's title, forum user nanotube is the person who built most of the #Bitcoin-OTC marketplace and the #Bitcoin-OTC Web of Trust (WoT).
397  Economy / Exchanges / Re: [ANN] KRAKEN.COM - Exchange Now Open with Live Trading EUR, BTC, LTC on: September 09, 2013, 07:53:37 AM
I don't think you can create a US account without giving the state.

Ah, appears from looking at the sign up form that you are correct, I just didn't remember selecting a state. 

So, let's say that somehow I selected the wrong state.  Is there a way I can change the state associated with my profile?
398  Economy / Service Announcements / Re: | Instant Payments, Offchain API, Secure Wallet, 82000 BTC transferred on: September 09, 2013, 07:39:33 AM
When contacting support I would like to encrypt the contents so that only can see the contents of the message.

But I do not see a PGP (GPG) public key listed for

Is there a way to protect my privacy when contacting support?
399  Economy / Exchanges / Re: [ANN] KRAKEN.COM - Exchange Now Open with Live Trading EUR, BTC, LTC on: September 09, 2013, 05:47:32 AM
> In most US states, including California and New York, we offer no services.

I get the notice stating:
"Unfortunately, we cannot offer our services in your area at this time. " without actually sharing which U.S. state I am from.  

Was that decision made based on the IP address?  If so, that's not really accurate at the granularity of states.

Incidentally, ... nice work.   I mean really, ...  nice job!  Asking for my PGP (GPG) key so you can encrypt my e-mails?  Why isn't everyone doing that?   And two-factor.  Not just letting me configure it to require two-factor on withdrawals, but giving me the option to have a separate 2FA OTP for trading than the one I have for withdrawals.   Very impressive stuff!
400  Economy / Web Wallets / Re: - Bitcoin Block explorer & Currency Statistics on: September 08, 2013, 08:55:06 PM
I do like the ability to import a private key and have it sweep (spend) the funds, however the address it gets swept to is another existing address from my wallet.  This re-use of a previous address is not what I want, however I don't see any way I can force this sweep to create a new address for the sweep be spent to.

Is there some other way to import a private key and have it swept to a new address ... either via mobile , or My Wallet (web)?
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