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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The future cryptocurrency brewery on: July 16, 2018, 03:35:33 AM
We live in a digital revolution every day, many companies are born from sources of financing increasingly free, blockchain technology digitizing money through cryptocurrencies, has given the push needed by large projects, now, more projects are constantly being born "tangible" different from those that only solve algorithmic problems, access and security, technology applications and others, if they do not build business ideas where the end user can acquire physical products or enjoy services.
DUQUE BREWING COMPANY'S vision is to convert life experiences into unforgettable moments; We are focused on building the first beer of the era with a presence in 10 countries of America, making products of the highest quality such as our Premium Duque Beer with unique flavor, color and texture that eventually become a symbol for man in the world success, Entrepreneurs who are not afraid of anything and who can take a leap of faith and believe in themselves.
With the 35 years of experience of our beer brewers, who have not only participated in major brands nowadays in Latin American countries, we must say that we have achieved the certification of the beer able to compete in any brand and obtain an international award and we want to take this product to thousands of people from Argentina to the USA.
To turn this dream into reality, DUQUE BREWING COMPANY as a company will issue a defined amount of distributed tokens as an initial currency offer (ICO) allowing participants to contribute to the development of the project. The objective of the ICO is not intended to test an idea of fairy dust, but to provide capital to allow DUQUE BREWING COMPANY to expand the Duque Beer market as a product, through the creation of small mini-factories with high production points of distribution and consumption in the defined countries, creating exclusive beer marketing chains, competing with major brands, generating thousands of jobs and great profits for investors.
We invite lovers of good beer to learn more about the DUQUE BREWING COMPANY and Duque Premium Beer project.

Duque Brewing Company
It is a brewery that will be built for the blockchain era with presence in 10 countries in America. Not only in the idea of producing a unique and quality product, we have studies that to date indicate that beer is a highly demanded product in Latin America and the world:
   In 2015, beer consumption totaled almost 200,000 million liters worldwide.
   The Latin American market represents 17% of the world industry.
   In Latin America and the Caribbean, people consume an average of 8.4 liters of pure alcohol per year, which is 2.2 liters more than the world average.
   Consumption per capita (person or individual) in Latin America of beer per year in Liters: Brazil (64.9), Mexico (59.1), Colombia (48.9), Peru (46.1), Chile (43.7), Ecuador (35), Bolivia ( 34.9), Uruguay (29.Cool.
   In Colombia, for example, from Thursday to Saturday, close to 50% of beer is consumed in the country and on Sundays it is consumed around 13%.
   Mexico is the fourth largest producer of beer in the world, with 105 million hectoliters. Only below China (460), EU (221.3) and Brazil (133)
   In the world the highest amount of beer sales per capita is the Czech Republic, with 137.3 liters. They are followed by Poland (98.06), Germany (95.5), Austria (95.4), Lithuania (92), Croatia (81.1), Ireland (79.2), Latvia (76.7), Slovenia (76.5) and Romania (75.3).
   Within the industry, beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage, accounting for 55% of the total alcohol consumed. After liquors (like vodka or whiskey) with more than 30% and almost 12% the wine.
Analyzing figures and comparing models of implementation of hundreds of feasibility studies of prestigious universities for the creation of companies dedicated to the manufacture of semi-industrial and artisanal beer, we conclude that Duque has a great possibility of entering the market, since it complies with most requirements that consumers are looking for, offering at the end to live new experiences consuming beer of a unique flavor, unconventional, unlike most beers that have classic flavors or that are similar among them, Duque presents an alternative great impact focused on an exclusive audience.

At the initial coin offering (ICO) stage DUQUE BREWING COMPANY as a company will issue currency tokens called DUQUE as a block chain operated by an intelligent contract to finance the construction of high production factories and points of sale to the public.
Why ICO?
Of the alternatives to raise money there are many reasons why we have chosen to make an initial offer of coins, for example one of the reasons is to include thousands of participants from various countries and regions, and encourage them to promote Duque through an affiliate commission , promoters get involved in Duque and take ownership of the company, beyond being a product and profitable company we want to make millions of customers happy and to achieve this we need real drivers, involved in building the beer of the future.
Tokens also provide liquidity since they can be traded in several exchanges once the ICO stage is over, just as the shares in a publicly traded company acquire value every time we meet a goal and their demand increases.
Our project is huge and therefore we have developed the project in stages to meet the following goals in the sale of tokens. With a minimum term of 3 months and a maximum of 6 months for the sale of the last token. A total of 750,000,000 Tokens will be sold in the ICO round.
   September 18, 2018 Start of sale of FOUNDER stage tokens: 100,000,000 - 0.1 USD.
   October 1, 2018 sale of PREI-ICO stage tokens: 125,000,000 - 0.2 USD.
   October 15, 2018 sale of ICO stage tokens: 150,000,000 - 0.3 USD.
   November 1, 2018 sale of SCO stage tokens: 175,000,000 0.4 USD.
   November 15, 2018 Start of sale of FCO stage tokens: 200,000,000 0.5 USD.
After each stage, the corresponding tokens will be sent. Scheduled date for entry to Exchange December 15, 2018. And finally to celebrate with a cold DUQUE beer!

Official site of the project:
Send us a message or follow us on our social networks::
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