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41  Economy / Securities / Re: Reliable Partnership TIRUS 🚀 long-term source of income on: July 26, 2019, 12:40:50 PM
Warning - A flag has been raised against
the OP for promoting a ponzi scam
See this thread for details:
42  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! EDIT: Ongoing investigation!!! on: July 02, 2019, 02:33:49 PM
Funny he is still "hiring people" under his fake company "Razormind"

Is he still hiring? This case relates to early 2017.

43  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Scam on: June 30, 2019, 05:25:33 PM
It turned out that they had such a point of the rules

The Customer guarantees not to disclose any information, obtained from the Service support operator, in any channels of communication. Violation of this rule will lead to the account termination without refunding of the remaining balance of the account.
but before that there was no such point!

Whether that clause was there recently or from before is irrelevant, it is illegal for them to refuse to return your funds to you. That's theft.

The most they can do for your supposed contravention of their T&C's is to bar you from using their services. They are not, under any circumstances, entitled to claim ownership of your balance on their platform as a result.

44  Other / Meta / Re: PM from admin demanding to exclude a certain user on: June 13, 2019, 11:05:08 AM
I think the tl;dr goes something like this:

1. Quickseller is an untrustworthy account trading (the basis by which many scams have been perpetrated) forum member with a long history of extremely shady behaviour, including fraudulent misrepresentation (self-escrow).
2. By his own actions, Quickseller cannot be trusted within this community and gullible newbies especially should have the means to be readily alerted to this fact when reading his posts or interacting with him directly
3. The scammer flag forum mechanism is considerably more profound a marker of a forum member's reputation than trust ratings and should only be used by a victim to assert an actual fraud or crime has taken place
4. However, Lauda, and others, have used the flag mechanism to highlight forum members who are generally considered to be extremely shady in order to alert those who may be unaware
CjMapope alleged the following, but later withdrew it: Due largely to the factors mentioned in this topic, I believe that anyone dealing with YoBit is at a high risk of losing money, and guests would be well-advised to avoid doing so. This determination is based on concrete red flags which any knowledgeable & reasonable forum user should agree with, and it is not based on the user's opinions.
Support: Timelord2067
Opposition: (None) Active. Support | Oppose
5. Theymos is pissed that the flag system is not being used solely by victims of an actual fraudulent or criminal act
6. Lauda withdraws their flag for Quickseller
7. Theymos thinks Lauda should be considered as untrustworthy for having used the flag mechanism the wrong way

I'm going to take it as Lauda figured Quickseller deserved a large painted sign above his profile alerting all to the fact he is and has long been a shady fuck, but erroneously employed the scammer flag in order to do so. I don't think that warrants flinging their trust ratings out of the window quite yet.

I also think that Theymos seriously underestimates, or perhaps not, the weight of his authority when sending DM's to people 'recommending' an action be taken. While I do understand why he would be alarmed about the flag system being misused, it is likely that many of those who have done so took the action in the belief it was warranted in order to serve as a warning to others based on their prior knowledge of that forum member's past actions.
45  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ANN - LEOcoin - Official LEOcoin thread (moderated by LEOcoin Foundation) on: May 26, 2019, 01:55:06 PM
Maybe CryptoDevil is Atif Kamran ?
I find no others reasons on why you keep make allegation like that.

To answer your question, yes I have the intelligence to keep me aware of the projects I invest in. Thanks for worrying.

Maybe he is. Although I think I got some intel on this guy I cant deny nor confirm the first part coz its virtually impossible to validate him as the same person who just logged into CryptoDevil account. However Im dead sure the guy is connected to Cicada 3301 and may be an established member of anonymous crypto community employed to blindside online detectives investigating their ties with cryptodevil.

LOL, put down the pipe.
46  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [FRAUD] LEOcoin scam making demonstrably fraudulent claims to con general public on: May 09, 2019, 03:14:35 PM
Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

As said many times, this thread is about LEOcoin and not about Learning Enterprises Organisations Limited (LEO Ltd) or other third party business. Therefore I consider to remove your last post.

Learning Enterprises Organisations Limited is LEOcoin in as much as the coin was founded and launched by the same people for the purpose of integrating with the learnearnown MLM structure. To deny otherwise is patently false. So conversation concerning the dire financial state of the LEO company are absolutely relevant to the topic of this thread.

1) what legal entity asked for Mr. Cusack to be appointed as Administrator and has paid for this?
2) would that legal entity not be a substantial creditor?
3) would it be relevant who has filed for insolvency and why?

Bernard Landi, an accountant (LANDI ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS LIMITED) who also serves as board member and sometime shareholder of various LEO-related companies contacted Nicolas Cusack of Parker Andrews Limited, to whom he had previously referred work to in the past.

He, Mr Landi, was 'in discussion with' the creditor LEO Entrepreneurship Ltd (Hong Kong), albeit you should also note that both he and Dan Andersson act as officers for LEO Entrepreneurship (UK) Ltd, with the shareholding changed from themselves to the Hong Kong company where, you should particularly note, that the purported change in beneficial ownership from Mr Landi to the Hong Kong company was filed a little over one month ago but backdated to February 2018.

So, in that there is little doubt that one or both of them is directly connected to the Hong Kong creditor company, you can see why I put the quote marks around the phrase 'in discussion with', because it is merely an extension of their own actions, rather than contact by an actual 'third-party' creditor.


Now, what is important to understand with regards to any argument within the management of this company, or any affiliate company to Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd is this:

All of this is only a matter about a dispute between TWO people, the two shareholders of Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd:

Atif Kamran and Dan Gunnar Bjarne Andersson.

In that Dan Andersson holds the majority shareholding in the company the sole reason there was a supposed fear in the 'connected companies', such as its Hong Kong creditor, LEO Entrepreneurship Ltd (Hong Kong), that the 'connected investors' would be removed from the board of the company Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, is that a successful legal action taken against it by Atif Kamran could very well result in Dan Andersson losing his majority shareholding rights and, ergo, be subsequently removed from the board and lose control of the company itself.

This 'creditor action' by the Hong Kong company is Dan Andersson attempting to shut everything down before it could be taken from him and to make a creditors demand against the company and have assets/cash paid to his Hong Kong entity, LEO Entrepreneurship Ltd.

This is the same Dan Andersson who, let's not forget, failed to defend himself against claims he was issuing more LEOcoins than the company could possibly fund. So none of this is the behaviour of an upstanding businessman and just another thing to consider when put against his legal woes in Pakistan.

...and on the subject of funding:
4) as you can read in the report yourself, the company (LEO Ltd.) does provide management and support functions to third parties. These third parties do provide educational and learning products. Why then, do you continue to claim, that LEO Ltd. would do so

Because Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, now under administration, is the company which bills 'customers' for all these services and, as the administration documents show, not only is there a £2,000,000 write-off due on the balance sheet, the 'management and support functions' it bills for are no longer sufficient an income-stream to fund the company which, both issues being taken into consideration, lead to it being considered insolvent and, as previously explained, is now largely a matter of who can pick what remaining meat off the bones might be left assets/cash-in-bank wise.


5) as you were so prone to point out that Mr. Atif Kamran had been fired, but fought back at court. Have you noticed in the report that you are quoting, that he - according to the administrator - has to pay back a loan over 328,000 GBP to LEO Ltd.?
And the company also owes Club Med alone nearly three hundred thousand quid, so even if Atif Kamran were to settle that debt it's only going to go towards existing creditors.

And, as a final comment - yes, it is important to keep an eye on LEO activities, but to do it properly and from the right perspective is paramount to arrive at a balanced view. It is my impression, that you utterly fail to do so.

Yes I get that you like to claim that I am not presenting a balanced view, but the facts speak for themselves and are not my opinion, they are objectively proven and evidenced.

But the truth is this, if the services which Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd bills for are no longer sufficient to provide for a viable revenue to keep the company solvent, what makes you think any other version of the company, incorporated in any other jurisdiction, could magically turn this operating loss into a profit?

47  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [FRAUD] LEOcoin scam making demonstrably fraudulent claims to con general public on: May 09, 2019, 03:07:48 PM
Roel N. de Leeuw, as user LEOcoin Foundation is actively silencing any discussion of Learning Enterprises Organisation's financial woes related to LEOcoin, yet again, so I will post both of the deleted posts here for reference:

(I am unable to link these posts to further negative trust feedback as he already has five such ratings from me so feel free to add your own feedback to his trust with these posts as reference)

Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Leocoin is independant from the LEO marketing side, it's important to know it because even if something wrong happen to the LEO company, the Leocoin will still exist because it's a public token on a public blockchain and tradable on Livecoin and others trading platforms.

But without LEO (Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd), the MLM, there is no purpose to this coin or infrastructure to even provide for a market demand, ergo, no value.

But, if we talk about the Marketing side of LEO that consist of selling courses on entrepreneurship, self-development, NLP, photography and many others. This side is working very well,

You mean these packs available from the website?

Because they are all sold by Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd

...and LEO is in Administration:

Second things is that they are currently paying their members every week, in my opinion like many companies only 20% of the members are active, it represent 70.000 members. In conclusion they pay 70.000 members, if you are broke it's difficult to pay your members or it's not the case. This for the marketing side.
So how do you think they are supposedly paying their members if the company is in administration and even the administrator has declared that it cannot be rescued as a going concern?


In fact, the largest debtor it has is a Canadian company which, itself, is about to enter formal insolvency proceedings and will not be able to settle its debt

First the team and what they accomplish over the years, for me one of the biggest thing is that they teached members of the british parliament about the cryptocurrencies and how it will change the world.

This is utterly meaningless. Perhaps you don't understand the nature of politics, but this was all just a paid-for meet-and-greet photo-op to give the impression they were actually doing something 'with' the British Government. They were not. Politicians all over the world are sponsored (paid) to attend corporate presentations and seminars in order to lend an air of legitimacy and gravitas. It does not mean those corporations are actually involved with that country's government in a business relationship.

So now the use of the LEOcoin, the members have the possibility to use their LEOcoin on a Mastercard.

The LEO-branded pre-paid card detailed on the 2015 website, you mean?

Yeah, firstly, any company can pay to issue branded prepaid cards and this one was done through and, secondly, as you should probably note, even if it is still a thing it's part of Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd, which as you know, is in Administration

Let's check also the Crowdfundind platform created by LEO that working very well.

Its social media has been dead since the end of 2018

Dan is stuck in Pakistan and the wheels have finally come off the Learning Enterprises Organisation. You can't surely still be in denial about the reality of what this all means for LEO the coin/token?

48  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ANN - LEOcoin - Official LEOcoin thread (moderated by LEOcoin Foundation) on: April 29, 2019, 11:00:55 AM
they keep the community aware

How aware of their founder's arrest in Pakistan are you?

49  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: April 08, 2019, 11:16:13 AM
If I changed my list today adding every single user that gave me positive rating i.e. started trust farming/abusing my position, I'd be swiftly removed as well.

To be fair, I think it is pretty clearly a case that Willi, like many other forum members have done at some point in their history here, mistook the purpose of the trust list and conflated it with the function of feedback trust.

As we saw, a quick heads-up remedies that, otherwise, yes, it would be tantamount to trust farming.

50  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ✅ ⚡️⚡️[ANN][STO] BOLTON COIN - Bolton first credit limited⚡️⚡️ on: March 28, 2019, 12:53:56 PM

There is a lot to unpack underneath this group of people and companies, but without alleging any impropriety at this time, I would request, @BFCLCoin, that you ask for clarification to be provided regarding the following:


Why does this reference Bennet Financial Services privacy policy and not Bolton First Credit?


Bolton Holding is a Dubai-registered company, but Bolton First Credit is a UK-registered Limited co (10218367) and the token issuer vehicle, as shown, is the Cayman Island Limited Liability Co, BFCL LLC. Were there to be any legal action needed to be taken against this coin project and its issuers, which jurisdiction does the Bolton Holding Group assert as being applicable?

51  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Revolut account - I lost 1000 EUR !!! on: March 16, 2019, 07:28:21 PM
Maybe the money they had on Revolut was malicious, so that's why your account was blocked. In this case, they are the scammers. Anyways, only Revolut can tell you why they blocked your account.

Bingo. You need to escalate the issue with Revolut by following their own procedure:
Alternatively, you can also send us an email to If you prefer to send your complaint via email, please ensure to include the following details:

    Your full name
    The phone number linked to your Revolut Account
    The email address linked to your Revolut Account
    The date when the issue happened
    Details of your complaint our proposed resolution for your complaint.

You need to clarify that you are seeking to establish whether the closure of the account was an issue with you as the account holder, or the senders of the funds deposited to your account.

Explain that you need to know if it was due to the latter so you can raise a criminal complaint against the localbitcoins users responsible in the hope that they can be traced by law enforcement and possibly (albeit highly unlikely) recover your bitcoin/funds. In any event you are entitled to more of a response than simply, "we can't tell you", seeing as they literally emptied your account without notifying you.

At the very least they are required to advise you of the procedure you need to follow in order to fully establish the nature of the decisions they took in returning the deposits to the originating accounts.  Be that through a formal complaint with them, the financial ombudsman or, indeed, Action Fraud UK

52  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: EOS AIRDROP SCAM ATTEMPT on: March 13, 2019, 03:36:04 PM
I recently receive today an email from

Can you mark that email as 'spam' or 'phishing' in your inbox and also forward a copy to so they can actively mark it as a fraud and hopefully it'll hamper its delivery enough to save some people getting caught out by it.

The grammar in that text is pretty lousy, too, which is usually a big sign that its a scam as legitimate marketing is always properly proofed before sending.

Good work on getting this posted up quickly, steampunkz. Time is always of the essence in alerting the community to these types of scams.

53  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ANN - LEOcoin - Official LEOcoin thread (moderated by LEOcoin Foundation) on: March 12, 2019, 03:01:34 PM

the conclusion in your reply was: "Andersson fires him to shut him up"
Nope, not my reply. That was user 'DigitalBadAss' I was quoting. I didn't assert or conclude anything in that post.

I do however strongly disagree with your assessment, that LEO would be the MLM structure behind LEOcoin.

It has been since its inception, in fact, LEOcoin was created solely for the purpose of marrying it to the MLM structure of LEO in order to convey some notion of perceived value and claim that it had many thousands of business outlets accepting it as currency, which were, in fact, merely the individual participants in the LEO MLM.

I do hope, that the anticipated move to the Ethereum platform will enable LEOcoin to move on and find ways to increase in value

But that's my point, there is no 'value' to LEOcoin without the LEO MLM structure of existing participants bringing in more participants in order to buy more coins.

Without the MLM pyramid of buyers for the coin what possible basis is there for anybody to want to use it for anything? Be it PoW, PoS or moved over to the Ethereum platform where it will become yet-another-ERC-token, there has to be a purpose for this coin and, irrespective of the negative moral value of what the LEO MLM actually was/is, in that it was nothing more than a scheme designed to keep people buying in and then getting them to bring more people to join and buy in, it was at least an explanation for why there would ever be an increase in market price for LEOcoin.

That 'demand' of any description, artificial or otherwise, was the whole premise for the continued existence of this coin, by way of the MLM creating such, you are now facing the stark reality that the MLM is, as they inevitably do because of math, collapsing/collapsed and LEOcoin has simply become a clone without a purpose, criminal or legitimate.

You must surely be at the point of being prepared to acknowledge that for all your years of wilfully blind support for Andersson et al, they were involved in extremely shady business practices and whether he has been arrested as a result of LEOcoin or his UNAICO scam, that he is the founder of LEOcoin taints it irreparably. No legitimate business would ever want to associate themselves with it, so what possible route could you even begin to envisage there exists for actual value to be established within this coin's market?

54  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: paulownia very likely ponzi scheme on: March 12, 2019, 11:44:21 AM
investment model.

That 'investment model' is highly reminiscent of previous ponzi scam, such as recyclix:


Multiple 'modes' of keeping hold of investors suckers funds for as long as possible before exiting stage left with the accumulated loot.

55  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ANN - LEOcoin - Official LEOcoin thread (moderated by LEOcoin Foundation) on: March 12, 2019, 11:05:52 AM

I let your post stand. Even when I find your conclusion premature and insinuating.

Where in my post did I state anything at all, let alone a conclusion? I merely asked for your input on the publicly available documentation concerning the state of the LEO organisation and the the founder of LEOcoin, who remains arrested in Pakistan and unable to leave the country.

the opinion of Mr- Kamran, not as proven facts.

According to the court documents Mr Kamran presented a raft of evidence to support his claims, chief among them that Dan Andersson issued and sold more LEOcoins than the company could possibly fund, evidence that was accepted by the court as legitimate, as opposed to that submitted by LEO which was not even signed.

Even LEO's own submission to the court asserted that the company was both unable to fund legal representation in its defence AND that LEO is "insolvent or at high risk of insolvency”

LEO is the entire MLM structure behind LEOcoin and they have declared in their own words that they are broke.

I find your conclusion premature and insinuating.
How about when it is the company's own own conclusion?

Surely you must have something to say about this by now?

56  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! EDIT: Ongoing investigation!!! on: January 15, 2019, 12:49:46 PM
It would be good if a half-decent mainstream journo took up the mantle of reporting on this scam. That would help push the case with LE.

It isn't as if the facts aren't eminently fascinating - a delusional, compulsive plagiarist and pathological liar, Jawad Joya (Yaqub)
with three passports

and a very real connection, albeit undefined, to the British Intelligence Service, MI5,

and a raft of co-conspirators, including Dr James Ferguson

an American resident physician who alternates between publicly being mr100percent on instagram and an anonymous Islamic-activist, SulaymanF, on twitter, Adil Iftikar, an investment scammer as COO, a crypto 'journalist' Niall Maye, who claimed he couldn't have possibly discovered the fact that the, supposed, multi-national global corporation, Razormind Ltd, with offices and blue-chip clients all around the world, was just a plagiarised lie of a shell company incorporated only a few months previously which somehow still managed (I wonder who pushed that through?) to be named as the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce member of the month long after the ICO fraud was widely exposed

ultimately leading to an exit-plan apparently involving cashing out the illicit bitcoin collected through the fraudulent ICO by way of bitcoin atm machines purchased WITH FUNDS FROM THE ICO:

You literally couldn't make it up as it would be considered too far-fetched, right?

57  Other / Meta / Re: DefaultTrust changes on: January 13, 2019, 10:53:41 AM
And I want to insist on my suggestion regarding trust: guest should see some trust. Default trust would make sense but any trust. Non registered users are still being scammed by known scammers because they don't see the tags.

^^^ This. For fuck's sake Theymos will you please implement this?

If the forum relies on DT to shape a dependable trust advisory layer for other members to use as a fairly reliable means by which to quickly gauge the likelihood of a post/thread being from a scammer/scam, or at least serve as a warning flag showing further investigation is warranted, then non-member 'guest' users who are landing on these same sketchy threads from search engines deserve the same information, too.

58  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! EDIT: Ongoing investigation!!! on: January 08, 2019, 10:40:40 AM

If I get as many people on board as I can, we have a strong case.


In simple terms, I believe that Yaqub told lies to get money and then did whatever he wanted with it. These were funds invested in his company to develop DeOS; not to spend as if it was his own money.


Yaqub is still living in Northern Ireland and we have £935,000 restrained (effectively frozen) that he has not got access to.


If we get him convicted, his victims will be compensated.


Given that this effectively serves to prove that Jawad Joya (Yaqub) did actually collect a not-insubstantial amount of money through this scam I have to say that I am somewhat surprised at the lack of involvement in this thread from those investors. Asides from a few people saying here that they lost a bitcoin or two to this fraud, there has been such a dearth of torch-bearing pitchfork-waving victims that I was beginning to suspect he hadn't actually raised much from this con.

It would suggest that a large proportion of victims aren't bitcointalk users and were conned directly through the fraudulent PR articles and Razormind website.

They may be unaware of the criminal case being brought against Jawad (& Co?) and the chance of recovering some of their funds.

59  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! EDIT: Ongoing investigation!!! on: January 07, 2019, 10:31:01 AM
I think cointelegraph needs to be sued for their hand in this. Their articles gave an air of legitimacy to this scam and no doubt they accepted payment for printing jawad articles.

It was hardly a mere 'air of legitimacy', as is evidenced previously, their involvement absolutely and explicitly provided for statements asserting significant and comparative legitimacy:

 "A UK company Razormind is going to be rivalling Ethereum offering alternative options in crypto, blockchain and smart contracts to corporate giants such as Microsoft, Eris and IBM. "

Without CT's involvement in this scam it would have struggled to collect a single satoshi from investors. Nobody had ever heard of Jawad and Phil's 'Razormind" outside of a brief coin-cloning effort, primarily because it was, in various incarnations, nothing but a cheap UK incorporation which never really traded or had much of any substance. Niall Maye wrote glowing articles massively hyping both Razormind and DeOS as though they were properly established meaningful entities with very real business presence and value when even the most cursory of searches quickly showed otherwise.

His 'subsequent Red Flags' article, as I said at the time, was solely an effort to pretend like the structure was so difficult to unravel that he simply couldn't be sure whether it was a scam or not.

Jawad Yaqub or, as he is currently trying to bury that name in the memory-hole, Jawad Joya, made Niall an advisor at the time, something which would have had some kind of financial gain attached to it or he wouldn't have accepted the role, contrary to his attempts to claim otherwise.

60  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: ANN - LEOcoin - Official LEOcoin thread (moderated by LEOcoin Foundation) on: December 16, 2018, 01:29:14 PM
What is going on with Dan? (click on 'advance search' and enter 'Gunnar' in the Case Title field)
Case Details W.P. 4154/2018 N.A.B. Other
Case Status:    PENDING   Hearing Date: 20-12-2018 (SOC)
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