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481  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: December 15, 2016, 08:47:49 AM
I don't know if it has been already wrote (i'm not able to read all page atm)... But in italy recyclix has been temporany locked and the authority are still waiting for documents to prove the Company is real... But these documents still didn't come... Ahahhaha do your considerations.

The 90-day suspension has resulted in the Italian financial authority CONSOB releasing this judgement:

Their conclusion: Recyclix is an illegal financial instrument and is forbidden from promoting themselves to Italian citizens

482  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: The World’s 1st GPU Integrated Miner Is Lauching PRE-SALE! on: December 09, 2016, 04:20:32 PM
and then they build the miners which can take months...OR when they finally build these miners in 3 months... they will mine with them for 3 months and ship them 3 months after that ... like it was in the past with many Bitcoin ASICs.

Well, to be fair, in this instance these are not ASICs requiring special chip fabrication processes and capable of minings super-efficiently, which leads to manufacturers 'testing' them for extended periods when they are ready for shipping.

It appears these are a bunch of GPUs slotted in to a ready-to-run motherboard config, which means the only obstacle is ensuring that the OP isn't simply a blatant scammer who isn't going to deliver at all. Shipping a complete unit to a trusted member so they can verify the device runs as well as they claim should negate most people's concerns here.

As for paypal being an issue, they could actually avoid that problem simply by being willing to take escrow btc payments which are released when the buyer receives the goods and all is in order. Unless they are a two-man outfit desperate for funds they should be able to defer receiving the bitcoin until their customer is happy with what they've sent them and an escrowed payment would mean both sides should feel secure enough in the transaction.

483  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: December 07, 2016, 07:14:02 AM

I messaged James Ferguson on LindedIn to demand a refund to unwind his and Jawad and Phil's fraud, otherwise I would look into filing complaints with state authorities as was done with the UK ActionFraud division. 

He didn't respond but instead deleted his profile. 

You could try him on his Islam-themed twitter account @SulaymanF

Given that this twitter account is very active he might be more reluctant to delete it.

484  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: December 05, 2016, 01:28:42 PM
We have analysed your crime report

and I am pleased to inform you that it has been passed to Police Service of Northern Ireland for their

The NFIB has prepared a crime package and Police Service of Northern Ireland will review and determine

the most suitable response and let you know what action they will be taking as soon as practicable.

That doesn't read like there is insufficient evidence, it says they have passed it to their colleagues in Northern Ireland. Unless you're saying you have heard from the NFIB since you got that notification?

485  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 25, 2016, 03:31:09 PM
Secondly, even if the agreement were binding he has broken the agreement himself and legally must refund all purchases upon request.

Bingo Stingo. That purchase agreement is rendered null and void on the principal that he knowingly deceived people through his repeated fraudulent misrepresentation of his company and its product. The most basic premise of UK consumer and business law covers for that. You entered into the purchase relying on statements of fact he had made which have since turned out to be lies.

But I think those imaginary lawyers he consults in his head convince him he's done nothing wrong. Everything is A-Ok in Jawad-land!

486  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 25, 2016, 10:19:03 AM
To clarify my point regarding the use of different names, it seems to be a common feature within his family.

Seems his brother and sister are featuring in a fly-on-the-wall type of documentary tv series, but with different names than they normally go by:

As you can see, they are listed as "Arousa and Yaqub Bellal" but Bellal is Jawad's brother's usual first name, as in "Bellal Yaqub" and his sister is "Arousa Yaqub", not "Arousa Bellal".

To add to the whole mish-mash of name formats Jawad could potentially operate under, any concerned authorities should also consider this pertinent fact:

He may have three passports in different names.

487  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 25, 2016, 08:00:04 AM
Also, I have sent numerous emails to razormind asking for a refund and they constantly blow me off. They haven't even bothered sending "tokens" even though they have all my information. A couple of the emails I received even included insults.

Did you trigger this latest bullshit tweet from him by not showing suitable deference?


LOL at how he refers to himself as 'our staff'. I wonder what he means when he says "will be banned" - banned from what? Wasn't this supposed to be a trustless decentralised platform for the people? Apparently not.

BTW, that "winter is coming" tweet is weird considering the @serge_poznanski twitter account appears to be an automated posting bot.

In any event and for the sake of ensuring investigators can use this thread as a central source of reference on this scam, Jawad Yaqub may also be going under the name Jawad Joya. Arousa, Bellal, Haji and Shahzada are his sister, brother, father and mother, all registered to that same house Razormind Ltd was registered to when he incorporated it in February earlier this year. You know, the address which is INSIDE a top-security military base housing MI5's Belfast HQ.


488  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 24, 2016, 03:21:35 PM
My next article will reveal all the answers to your questions and you will see for all the time you've spent on this, you've gotten so much wrong yourself.

Hey, @NiallatCoinTelegraph, while I wait to be corrected on all the things I have got wrong about this blatant fraud, it occurred to me you might want to ask Jawad to drop reference to you on his website:
September 5, 2016

Seeing as you say you lost a bitcoin in this sham the least he could do is stop making it look like you were working for him during the crowdsale.

489  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 23, 2016, 02:24:31 PM
More stalling on public access to this copy-pasta 'platform':

Remember the "final DEOS distribution"? That amounted to just 2750 tokens apparently.

- There are still over ten million dollars-worth of these tokens yet to be distributed.

At this point it can be assumed that either Jawad lied about the amount of bitcoin raised through his fraudulent 'crowdsale' and there are no further Omni-layer tokens to distribute, or there are now two classes of 'investor', those who have received their tokens and those who have chosen not to provide the information needed for him to deliver them.

Given his bold, "I have literally got millions of pounds, more money than I have ever had in my entire life" assertion, it would seem unlikely that he's only scammed the few hundred bitcoin which would equate to the number of Omni-layer DEOS tokens he has distributed. So that would suggest the second scenario is more likely correct and that the people who are refusing to take delivery are doing so because they are looking to recover their bitcoin instead.

That would make up a very large proportion of the "millions of pounds" Jawad likes to think of as his.

They have every right to recover their money and refusing to take delivery of these tokens would be a smart move to ensure Jawad cannot claim to have completed the transaction. Although, to be honest, even if he did deliver them the fraudulent misrepresentation surrounding the whole operation is more than sufficient to render the process null and void.

So what about those unfortunates who have taken delivery? Well his game is no different from his likely original intention, lie, get money, deliver the bare minimum required and walk away with a fat stack of coin he can oh-so-conveniently cash-out through the bitcoin ATMs some of those bitcoin have since been spent on for his OTHER project, the absent-any-meaningful-description "Blockchain Bank for 'The Poor'".

Which means the clock is ticking for any chance DEOS holders have for undoing their mistake. Personally, if I were in their position, I would try and find some of those people who are seeking to recover their bitcoin and ask to join on to the legal process they are using to do so.

490  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: Can any one tell me... which is the best cloud mining site?? on: November 23, 2016, 07:16:40 AM
I've yet to hear anything negative about them. And I have turned a profit mining Zcash believe it or not.

You've yet to hear anything negative because it appears nobody prior to your post had ever mentioned, which is suspicious particularly given your post history shows you eagerly promoting other equally-suspect .win websites.

So I'd take anything you have to say about these likely scams as being borderline shilling.

Tread carefully.
491  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 22, 2016, 12:59:06 PM
can you provide a link?

It's their Facebook page.

492  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 22, 2016, 09:15:47 AM
Shit's getting real.


I cannot wait to see how these devious bastards are intending on spinning this exit strategy.

Popcorn at the ready.

493  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 22, 2016, 09:06:41 AM
I wouldn't be surprised if that idiot Jawad messed with it himself and left it hopelessly broken. Does the guy have any skills at all?

Well, remember his Facebook page confession of not being good at anything other than loving his family and playing pretend *real* hard?

That is quite the bizarre post to make for an account linked to by the website for its corporate social media.

But wait, what is this?

Oh noes! I haz a sad. No more :facepalm: at all the weird and contradictory posts Jawad has been making.

Hang on a minute, there may be another way!11!!!11!!!1!! A LinkedIn icon next to that dead Facebook link! I'll head over there for the lulz.

Ah, there we go, much better AND it now includes the ubiquitous "Not much good at anything. . ." statement, too. Because it's totally normal for a corporate social media account to put itself down, right? But the best bit has to be the claim to be focused on "personal integrity", which is then followed by a litany of lies.

But not just any old bollocks like all the supposed offices around the world they don't actually have, no, there is some very specific bollocks he claims he has accomplished for Razormind:

Razormind and Jawad have delivered some major project work by the looks of things, right?

Nope. Still SAS Software.

494  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 18, 2016, 05:32:03 PM
. . .aaaaaaand here comes the "Quick, invest now while there is still time before we close" manoeuvre which, when coupled with the disproportionately favourable BTC/$ exchange rate, should help them to scoop up as many new deposits as they can before the inevitable collapse, which will be *well* before any date they announce. Because that is the intention of the scam, remember, to keep the funds flowing in.


495  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 18, 2016, 07:40:57 AM
Another thing that is weird on the site that they offered bitcoin cashouts at a huge rate,100$ more then the current spot price which is pretty weird

You mean they are making bitcoin payments at BTC/$ exchange rates $100 better than market price? If that is the case then the only reason I can imagine they would be doing such a thing would be to try and get bitcoiners to believe they can game the system and treat it like an exchange, thereby causing more deposits to come in, something they desperately need to keep the scam running.

They wouldn't be offering that rate if they didn't have to, put it that way. They are wily enough bastards to know damn well what they are doing and they sure as shit wouldn't be that far off market price by mistake.

"It's a trap!" - Admiral Ackbar

496  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 18, 2016, 07:24:47 AM
"Recyclix was named the winner of the SES award that is given yearly to the best, most interesting, and most popular stand at Solids Basel."


The SES Award winner is chosen according to a combination of the following criteria:

The number of page views of the exhibitor’s online profile
The number of product information items uploaded
The number of visitors who pre-registered using the exhibitor’s personal registration link


They are pretty smart and have guts. I can imagine that when this ponzi collapse they will not go to jail but would be hired by Goldman Sachs ;-)

It is just another means by which they seek to pretend to be legitimate, through receiving 'awards' which their 'investors' believe proves them to be legitimate. I mean surely an industry award wouldn't be given to scammers, right?


Unless the scammers in question really *need* this sort of thing and so call on their devoted flock of followers to click through to their exhibition profile and even to register for the event with no means of getting there.

I don't imagine any of the, actually legitimate, businesses attending that expo have the kind of network-marketing resources to call on both their customers and their own social-media shills to get the numbers up and qualify for that award. It probably isn't something that a legitimate exhibitor at that event has any real need to pursue, unlike Recyclix, who are a ponzi scam waiting to collapse and desperate to keep fooling their current 'investors' while also scrabbling around to get new deposits coming in to cover the withdrawals going out.

497  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 17, 2016, 07:47:42 AM
Still waiting for that Coin Telegraph article... Yes, I'm highly suspicious they were in cahoots, and should be investigated as part of the fraud investigation. They were a vital player in this scam.

This scam would never have succeeded without Cointelegraph's complicity, or perhaps even collusion. They need to start showing they even give a shit about this sort of thing. @Cointelegraph - "Business as usual" is no longer acceptable or tolerable.

I see those pesky Omni-layer 'DEOS' tokens are having a hard time getting distributed. First we have @Razormind seemingly responding to my 10th November criticism of their abject failure to complete the delivery of the outstanding $10,000,000.00+ (according to their own valuation) of tokens.

So Tuesday came . . .and went. But it's ok, Jawad is only bumping the process to the following day.

So Wednesday came . . .and went. But it's ok, Jawad said they'd be "opening the platform up", right?

Nope. Still down.

Well they must be *real* fucking busy working to deliver, right? Maybe Jawad doesn't have time to tweet an explanation for the continued failure to even pretend like he is delivering on the T's and C's of the fraudulent 'crowdsale'?

Oh. Plenty of time for a banal tweet about a tv show he's watching but no information regarding his copy-pasta plagiarized 'DeOS' platform being offline for weeks.

Must simply be too occupied with those Bitcoin ATMs he's installing. Yeah, I'd imagine the ease with which he'd be able to launder the proceeds of the 'crowdsale' through them would be quite the distraction, thinking about where to go on a luxury holiday, that sort of thing. I think your missus wants to go to Paris, Jawad.

498  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 16, 2016, 10:36:41 AM
So the fraudsters at Recyclix are promoting the booth they have rented for the 'Solids, Basel' fair where they hope to fool even more people into thinking they are a legitimate recycling/investment platform, no doubt.

The thing is, and this is where the numbers make fools of the scammers themselves, they have so many victims 'investors', they have this little problem of the fact their claimed production rates have to at least pretend to look like they are capable of producing the amount of recycled plastic needed each month to equate to, not just the same amount of money being paid in by new deposits, but also the bullshit 'compound profit' increase being created every single time an 'investor' completes a cycle and 're-invests' it in a new cycle.

So when they make statements like:

They have to also ensure they post something to imply they have the production capacity for "hundreds of thousands . . .actively involved in our recycling business endeavours"

So, if we take from that claim a conservative figure of 100,000 'investors' who believe Recyclix to be processing plastic waste on their behalf and, just for funzies, pretend they only have €20 of waste plastic per person, that equates to €2,000,000.00 of plastic waste needed to be processed in one month.

Even at the €150 per ton post-cycle sale price ( that equates to 13,333 tons of plastic needing to be processed each month, hence the scammer's facebook post alluding to 'dozens' of thousands of tons.

Firstly, there's this little problem concerning those numbers:

They are somewhat short on the needed "dozens of thousands of tons".

Secondly, just revisit the example I gave above, which was a calculation based on 100,000 people all processing ONLY €20-worth of plastic for one month. Now, if you are an 'investor', ask yourself how many people you think out of those 100,000 are actually processing not just more than €20-worth of plastic through their Recyclix account but, given the likely rate of 'compounding profit' re-investment the following month and each month after, are, on average, initiating cycles for significantly more than just €20-worth of plastic?

Well, they think they are.

499  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: Investments in innovative transport. Profit 1000% in 3-5 years! on: November 16, 2016, 07:37:53 AM
Today for $ 1,000 you can buy 200,000 shares.
In 2017, the cost will be $ 200,000

Bullshit. You're just pulling those projection numbers out of your ass.

1) Lifetime dividends from the profit of the company «RSW systems» and all its future subsidiaries.
2) Status of high-tech co-owner of a western company «RSW systems» and SkyWay breakthrough transport technology.
3) The inclusion in the register of shareholders of the company.
4) A security - certified stock, protected by British law

Worthless shares in a worthless shell company
There FIFY.
If any SkyWay affiliates can verify dollar for dollar their ROI payouts are tied to anything to do with transport, I’m all ears.

Otherwise the use of newly invested funds to pay off existing investors constitutes a Ponzi scheme.
500  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 16, 2016, 07:00:42 AM
If it's a ponzi then it's a ponzi. Risky business is just that same with playing at online casinos. People loose far more in those avenues and if they win too much that person is considered stealing all because they figured out the pattern.
Sending money into a ponzi scheme which has no calculable 'odds' is nothing like gambling, which does, and comparing how much people lose in both scenarios is utterly dishonest of you because making or losing money in a ponzi scheme is down to social engineering and those people, like yourself, who greedily hoover up the satoshis the scammers sent you in return for the 1000+ people you conned into believing their scam was a legit investment platform, are just as much to blame for the losses many thousands of people have made and will make when this thing collapses.

As far as McDonald's is concerned I never saw anything connect mCD to the site.

Of course you didn't see anything, because you're a fucking shill for the scam, asshole. This thread has large amounts of objective evidence proving Recyclix to be lying scumbags intent on pumping their ponzi, but you only want to post excuses and deflection attempts, like insinuating it was an 'affiliate' who repeatedly lied about the McDonald's contract when it was all over the news page as well as their facebook page.

Here, let me make it *real* fucking easy for you:
First, Recyclix posted the teaser image about who they were going to be partnering with, after which they then posted this
and put this on their own website news page

This pretty much explicitly states that they claim they have a contract for plastic restaurant waste.

When McDonald's refuted that claim Recyclix tried walking it back and put out some bullshit about in Lithuania being the actual contractor and that Recyclix was really only a sub-contractor - which was again refuted by McDonald's AND had to put up a message on their own front page stating they, too, had no business dealings at all with Recyclix.

Which part of that clusterfuck of a lie Recyclix told, repeatedly until they could no longer avoid the facts being posted, sounds like legitimate business dealings to you?

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