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501  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 17, 2016, 07:47:42 AM
Still waiting for that Coin Telegraph article... Yes, I'm highly suspicious they were in cahoots, and should be investigated as part of the fraud investigation. They were a vital player in this scam.

This scam would never have succeeded without Cointelegraph's complicity, or perhaps even collusion. They need to start showing they even give a shit about this sort of thing. @Cointelegraph - "Business as usual" is no longer acceptable or tolerable.

I see those pesky Omni-layer 'DEOS' tokens are having a hard time getting distributed. First we have @Razormind seemingly responding to my 10th November criticism of their abject failure to complete the delivery of the outstanding $10,000,000.00+ (according to their own valuation) of tokens.

So Tuesday came . . .and went. But it's ok, Jawad is only bumping the process to the following day.

So Wednesday came . . .and went. But it's ok, Jawad said they'd be "opening the platform up", right?

Nope. Still down.

Well they must be *real* fucking busy working to deliver, right? Maybe Jawad doesn't have time to tweet an explanation for the continued failure to even pretend like he is delivering on the T's and C's of the fraudulent 'crowdsale'?

Oh. Plenty of time for a banal tweet about a tv show he's watching but no information regarding his copy-pasta plagiarized 'DeOS' platform being offline for weeks.

Must simply be too occupied with those Bitcoin ATMs he's installing. Yeah, I'd imagine the ease with which he'd be able to launder the proceeds of the 'crowdsale' through them would be quite the distraction, thinking about where to go on a luxury holiday, that sort of thing. I think your missus wants to go to Paris, Jawad.

502  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 16, 2016, 10:36:41 AM
So the fraudsters at Recyclix are promoting the booth they have rented for the 'Solids, Basel' fair where they hope to fool even more people into thinking they are a legitimate recycling/investment platform, no doubt.

The thing is, and this is where the numbers make fools of the scammers themselves, they have so many victims 'investors', they have this little problem of the fact their claimed production rates have to at least pretend to look like they are capable of producing the amount of recycled plastic needed each month to equate to, not just the same amount of money being paid in by new deposits, but also the bullshit 'compound profit' increase being created every single time an 'investor' completes a cycle and 're-invests' it in a new cycle.

So when they make statements like:

They have to also ensure they post something to imply they have the production capacity for "hundreds of thousands . . .actively involved in our recycling business endeavours"

So, if we take from that claim a conservative figure of 100,000 'investors' who believe Recyclix to be processing plastic waste on their behalf and, just for funzies, pretend they only have €20 of waste plastic per person, that equates to €2,000,000.00 of plastic waste needed to be processed in one month.

Even at the €150 per ton post-cycle sale price ( that equates to 13,333 tons of plastic needing to be processed each month, hence the scammer's facebook post alluding to 'dozens' of thousands of tons.

Firstly, there's this little problem concerning those numbers:

They are somewhat short on the needed "dozens of thousands of tons".

Secondly, just revisit the example I gave above, which was a calculation based on 100,000 people all processing ONLY €20-worth of plastic for one month. Now, if you are an 'investor', ask yourself how many people you think out of those 100,000 are actually processing not just more than €20-worth of plastic through their Recyclix account but, given the likely rate of 'compounding profit' re-investment the following month and each month after, are, on average, initiating cycles for significantly more than just €20-worth of plastic?

Well, they think they are.

503  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: Investments in innovative transport. Profit 1000% in 3-5 years! on: November 16, 2016, 07:37:53 AM
Today for $ 1,000 you can buy 200,000 shares.
In 2017, the cost will be $ 200,000

Bullshit. You're just pulling those projection numbers out of your ass.

1) Lifetime dividends from the profit of the company «RSW systems» and all its future subsidiaries.
2) Status of high-tech co-owner of a western company «RSW systems» and SkyWay breakthrough transport technology.
3) The inclusion in the register of shareholders of the company.
4) A security - certified stock, protected by British law

Worthless shares in a worthless shell company
There FIFY.
If any SkyWay affiliates can verify dollar for dollar their ROI payouts are tied to anything to do with transport, I’m all ears.

Otherwise the use of newly invested funds to pay off existing investors constitutes a Ponzi scheme.
504  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 16, 2016, 07:00:42 AM
If it's a ponzi then it's a ponzi. Risky business is just that same with playing at online casinos. People loose far more in those avenues and if they win too much that person is considered stealing all because they figured out the pattern.
Sending money into a ponzi scheme which has no calculable 'odds' is nothing like gambling, which does, and comparing how much people lose in both scenarios is utterly dishonest of you because making or losing money in a ponzi scheme is down to social engineering and those people, like yourself, who greedily hoover up the satoshis the scammers sent you in return for the 1000+ people you conned into believing their scam was a legit investment platform, are just as much to blame for the losses many thousands of people have made and will make when this thing collapses.

As far as McDonald's is concerned I never saw anything connect mCD to the site.

Of course you didn't see anything, because you're a fucking shill for the scam, asshole. This thread has large amounts of objective evidence proving Recyclix to be lying scumbags intent on pumping their ponzi, but you only want to post excuses and deflection attempts, like insinuating it was an 'affiliate' who repeatedly lied about the McDonald's contract when it was all over the news page as well as their facebook page.

Here, let me make it *real* fucking easy for you:
First, Recyclix posted the teaser image about who they were going to be partnering with, after which they then posted this
and put this on their own website news page

This pretty much explicitly states that they claim they have a contract for plastic restaurant waste.

When McDonald's refuted that claim Recyclix tried walking it back and put out some bullshit about in Lithuania being the actual contractor and that Recyclix was really only a sub-contractor - which was again refuted by McDonald's AND had to put up a message on their own front page stating they, too, had no business dealings at all with Recyclix.

Which part of that clusterfuck of a lie Recyclix told, repeatedly until they could no longer avoid the facts being posted, sounds like legitimate business dealings to you?

505  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: BitClub Network: MLM promises, false testimonials and PoS coin - AVOID on: November 15, 2016, 07:11:48 AM
Beware of user Montero82;u=917511

Looks like a fake account for BitClubNetwork (password reset) who's posting everywhere trying to get suckers to join the ponzi scam.

They're persistent, I'll give them that......

I saw multiple posts promoting Bitclub in both English and French in his post history, nothing else. Tagged him for being an obvious shill for the scam and all those posts were immediately deleted.
506  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 11, 2016, 10:51:13 AM
Yeah I mentioned in a private email to razormind that tokens are indeed a security and Yaqub vehemently claims they are not. Just because you SAY something is not a security does not mean it is not a security.

Particularly when you say something is not a security and then attribute characteristics to it, such as a cash value higher than the purchase price, during the period of time you are trying to get people to buy into it.

I believe Jawad Yaqub suffers from the mental illness of narcissism.

I absolutely agree with you. So much of his behaviour, publicly recorded interviews and his own social media statements, is rooted in fabricating whatever 'truth' is needed at that very moment to fit the narrative.

I mean, seriously, to have posted repeated claims about something instantly and easily proven to be false, such as stating that if you do a google search for my email address, "you will see as we did it is a paid trolling account; one which can be rented for BTC" strongly suggests, as you describe, that he lives within a delusional bubble of believing that reality is whatever he chooses to describe it as.

It is so absurd, so acutely strange, to make these kind of explicit assertions which he knows to not just be false, but to be instantly proven as false through doing exactly as he advised, namely, googling my email address, one has to consider that his narcissism is so entrenched he is incapable of even considering cause-and-effect outside of his own personal bubble. It simply doesn't register with him that he is telling ridiculous and easily disproven lies which only serve to further undermine his position. A position he has put himself in.

He has only himself to blame but his narcissism runs so deep he couldn't even recognise that screwing somebody over for a measly 3 fucking bitcoin, while proudly declaring, ""I have literally got millions of pounds, more money than I have ever had in my entire life" after having 'successfully' defrauded people out of their bitcoin through fraudulent misrepresentation, might cause some people to choose to further expose him for what he is, a common fraudster.

507  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 10, 2016, 02:26:14 PM
It seems Razormind's web presence is having a facelift. New wallpaper on the Twitter account and a change to most of the layout, including dropping the 'Leadership Team' page. Although I note the address for that still loads up with the likes of Dr Jame 'Sulayman' Ferguson, the New York medical professional who seems to have been fully aware that Jawad was using his profile to pretend like he was an IT and Brand Specialist. Which was all part of the astro-turfed package they put together to con people into believing Razormind was a multinational corporation of substantial size and scope and not just a twenty-quid UK online incorporation registered in February with Jawad as the sole director.

Couple of things to note in amongst all the off-topic personal crap on their twitter account:

Fengying finally gets a reply to his question about whether these omni-layer DEOS tokens can be traded, but the answer is somewhat confusing and contradictory, so no change there then. He asks if they can be traded, Jawad answers, "yes", but then goes on to explain how they can be spent and that they are not a 'security', which means the correct answer to the question, "can we trade DEOS tokens on the platform" is actually, "No, you cannot trade on the platform because they are not a security, but you can spend them by paying to register assets/ids".

Except, of course, what with this being Razormind/Jawad, it isn't *quite* so simple as declaring these omni-layer tokens to not be securities because Jawad spent a lot of time during the ICO repeatedly tweeting a cash value to these tokens. So that people would think they were like Ethers, which they are not. At all. Even though the ENTIRE premise of the ICO for this bullshit platform was that it would be a competitor to Ethereum.

Although I guess the first thing they should really be addressing with regards to investors who are asking about how they can use DEOS on the platform is to, well, have the fucking platform online for starters.

Still down.

The other tweet to be found hidden in among the nonsense is:

So 'most' people have received their omni-layer tokens, but they've only transferred 1,091,658 tokens to the main distribution address and that was over a month ago.

Even then they have only distributed 435,679 tokens out of that distribution address, meaning from the claimed sale of 9,200,000 DEOS omni-layer tokens, they've still yet to distribute 8,764,321 of them.

But apparently the owners of $10,376,605.49-worth (according to Jawad's valuation below) of DEOS tokens will "be given a chance to get them later".

508  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 10, 2016, 08:21:31 AM
Further to Recyclix now admitting that they're not actually a recycling plant, their website accommodates this new pivot excuse.

The first line is basically a vague nothing reference to a 'minority' holding in a recycling plant, which could mean anything at all but certainly does not mean "We are a recycling plant".

The second underlined statement is again another vague nothing reference which is so poorly worded it gives them the opportunity to spin it however they need to, depending on who is asking what question.

So, fanbois and shills, that'll be the explanation you wanted for "Bu. . bu. . .buuuuuut . . . .video footage!!!111!11!!"

It wasn't their facility. They gave some money to the owners of that rather small facility and then marketed it as though it was theirs.

Yeah, that's it, 'marketed', you know, so they can claim they didn't lie. Just like they didn't lie about having a contract with McDonald's or, no those weren't lies made to sucker in more victims and to fool their 'investors', no, it was 'marketing' (note to fanbois and shills, because I know how hard thinking is for you: This means they lied).

Recyclix is a ponzi scam which is desperately morphing into whatever they can think of to keep dodging the legal bullets.

509  Economy / Service Discussion / Re: GAW / Josh Garza discussion Paycoin XPY ION ionomy. ALWAYS MAKE MONEY :) on: November 09, 2016, 01:30:26 PM

If you read the new improved GAWSuit, it alleges that they met by chance when Josh installed internet for Stuart.

What about that story doesn't pass the smell test??

*raises hand*
Sir! Sir! Is it because Homero wouldn't have been installing the internet for kind Uncle Stu when he first met him because it wasn't until he helped H. Josh Garza out by co-founding Great Auk Wireless that Homero would have been installing internets for teh peeple. Not that Garza's ISP did much in the way of actually doing that sort of thing, given the local news reports about how shit the service was.

BTW, spotted this little gem while fact-checking the above:
I spoke on the phone with Thomas Fraser of Zenminer, Josh Garza, and Rami Abramov of GAWMiners...When I asked Thomas about how he came up with the idea, I expected it was because he was an active miner and technically inclined. I was quite wrong.


I have a background in business and finance, Bitcoin and other crypto currencies really drew me in. The problem is that I am not a technical guy. Mining seemed like a great way to get into Bitcoin, and this was back in early 2013, but mining was way over my head. I kept thinking this has to be easier and why isn’t it?
That was when I decided to do something about it. I put together the concept and got in touch with developers, and we have been working hard ever since to bring this to the market. I have known Josh for several years, and when I saw how he was able to get products to the market with GAWMiners I knew he was the right one to contact about it and bring it to market. This is why our first partnership is with them, and other resellers will be added in the future.
I want Zenminer to be like the “Intel Inside” campaign; I want it to be part of the ecosystem people look to when they think crypto currency miners. That kind of reliability and ease of use.

Josh then told me, his first question to Thomas was, “Why didn’t you bring this to me sooner… it is brilliant!”

How do you spell culpability?

At the time of this article the Dev’s wish to remain anonymous

ORLY? Would that have been because the only thing they were 'dev'ing was a ponzi 'cloud mining' platform?

510  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Re: [PRE ANN]$XERO #ZCASH FORK# PROGRESSIVE ICO -MARKETING FOCUS PORNSTARS/ProGamers on: November 08, 2016, 10:44:34 AM
I can't wait to see your name enrolled on the ICO and look forward to those daily shill posts "any news dev"?

. . .any news dev?HuhHuhHuh?

Oh, hang on, I see the news.

Our full statement regarding our decision to cancel our original forked Zcash project here will be released. This will detail the decision and explain how we came to the conclusion. <24hrs
The original Xerocash project (Zcash fork) was a large project with many components. There was much at stake with an unacceptable risk level. We wanted to bring value to the chain for our backers and also create opportunities in the space with a new concept in development.
Although the project had begun the initial stages of creating the brand, the later stages presented unknown factors difficult to address. Ultimately, our ability to deliver a complete technical release in a timely manner where brought in to question.

We have taken that concept and scaled it for success in a smaller project. We and are delighted to focus on the Xerocash brand itself.

tl;dr Coin project cancelled. They are now selling hats.

I think you'd be better off moving your thread to a Haberdashery forum.

511  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 08, 2016, 07:34:28 AM
Got some amusing observations for you this morning from Jawad's Facebook:

First, we have sad Jawad. So hopelessly useless at everything except loving his family and believing *real hard* in mythological deities. Well, that and defrauding people out of millions of dollars-worth of bitcoin, of course. You're *totes* ace at that, Jawad!

Next up, one to make you :facepalm:

He said, after collecting several million dollars-worth of bitcoin through criminally fraudulent deception.

Finally, in "Things that make you go hmmmmmmm. . .I wonder if this is because he needs character references for a court hearing?" news?

Don't worry Jawad, I'd happily provide a character reference for you! Like you did for me, when you libellously claimed that I was a paid troll, that my account could be rented for bitcoin and that googling my email address shows how disreputable I am. Except that, unlike your character references for me, I can absolutely promise you that my assertions about you would be true!

512  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 07, 2016, 10:24:44 AM


This is the address I was given by razormind.

If that is the case then your deposit was sent here: 1LbXHMsxXJfaBdfNw9sasinYXS1at6KU2Z which had a total of BTC336 received into it before it was emptied. The odd thing is that there seems to have been a number of transactions outgoing from that address, many of them for small amounts, which would suggest it was a hot wallet they were simply using to pay for goods and services.

Either that or it is a mixing address.

Another user has provided 1BeBhG4ofMKc1RdYcHqcYr2caBsZHq9wzn as being the address they were requested to deposit to for the ICO. On following this deposit we can see that it, too, goes to the above BTC336 1LbXHMsxXJfaBdfNw9sasinYXS1at6KU2Z address.

Here is the deposit address he was given, as viewed on the excellent

You can see the initial 1BTC deposit is then cleared out of that address in a BTC33.389 output along with a group of other transactions from other ICO deposit addresses, which means all the other transactions are addresses also controlled by the same wallet, most likely under the control of Jawad Yaqub or Phil Sturgeon.


513  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: DeOS (by Razormind) is most likely a scam! on: November 07, 2016, 07:47:30 AM
When is the next CT article coming out?

@Niall? Any indications for when you're going to be publishing something with teeth?

Your former colleagues/clients/advisees appear to be having trouble keeping their totallynotascam cut-and-paste-platform operational.


514  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [FRAUD] LEOcoin scam making demonstrably fraudulent claims to con general public on: November 04, 2016, 04:03:25 PM
Jesus Fucking Henry Christ, does this shill ever stop with his incessant bullshit about how 'something big' is just around the corner?

Dear gobbi, trust me,real soon something big will happen..few projects coming..all will be all who buy are happy,you will see..for all LEOcoin holders this new year 2017 will be great year!
we all can be happy who hold and stake leocoin...

Give us a small clue.?  Smiley

I am sure LEOcoin foundation will be able to tell some but i know few they dont know jet 👍🏼
I can say i am happy!

Come on; sure you can share just a tiny idea so you can make everyone happy! We all need positive news and no more vague promises.

I can say i am real happy cant wait! I just hope to get some more $ in next days to get more cheap LEOcoin!

I see that on right now 26-27k LEOcojn cost approx 150k $!!!! Wtf🙈

He is basically a scammer with this repeated tactic, desperately trying to fool noobs.

515  Economy / Investor-based games / Re: DO YOU KNOW GLOBALBITCOINDOUBLER IS SCAM OR LEGIT? on: November 03, 2016, 06:59:40 AM

Hello dear friends. I tried to invest 0.025 BTC yesterday. I get 0.275 today. They seems paying for now. But I still doubt.

GTFO, shill. Even the scam website itself doesn't offer that rate of return!


516  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Dishonestly costumer: Galer on: November 03, 2016, 06:49:43 AM
Yead I admit that I forgot to explain the design part but I message you to make some revision on the design.

Tough shit. You don't get to demand he corrects your mistake for free.

As far as I can see in this dispute the original specification for $100 has been delivered. Pay up.

517  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 02, 2016, 04:09:22 PM
Anyway, let us just hope that Recyclix will really last as I have many Facebook friends who are into this one.

No, let us hope it collapses soon and quickly. A ponzi scheme *will* collapse eventually because of basic math. More and more people have to be recruited to make deposits that are sufficient to cover withdrawal requests being made by other 'investors'. That is why they implemented numerous events which served to throttle the withdrawals as much as possible, both by making it more difficult, in requiring bank deposits and ID, as well as persistently posting encouragement to 'reinvest' your 'profit' (known in the HYIP scam community as 'compounding your profit', but it is essentially there to minimise on the total amount they have to actually pay people outside of the 'numbers on the screen' their system shows, while also instilling a mentality of greed within their users as they start thinking they will make even larger 'profit'. . .which encourages them even more to 'reinvest' . . .and so on. . .)

Eventually there will not be enough new deposits coming in and they will initiate their exit plan, leaving many people to lose a lot of money. Anyone who actually receives more than they paid in to this scam is doing so from the losses other people will incur when the system stops paying out, which it will, because of math.

So, no, we don't want it to last because that will just mean more misery for more people. Your facebook friends need a reality check about what they have sent their money to, because it sure as shit isn't a legitimate business supposedly making all that money from recycling fucking plastic.

518  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: The World’s 1st Graphics Card Integrated Miner Is Shipping in November, 2016 on: November 02, 2016, 10:35:10 AM

Kinda weird that a company would leave something as crucial as registering their domain name so close to launching their new product, don't you think?

Updated Date: 2016-10-18
Created Date: 2016-09-22
Registration Expiration Date: 2018-09-22

The registrant info is hidden by a Chinese Whois Privacy Protection company, too.

519  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: [FRAUD] LEOcoin scam making demonstrably fraudulent claims to con general public on: November 02, 2016, 08:03:19 AM
The ANN said it was listed as #15 on CoinMarketCap..
When i looked it was actually at 14 ranking since a few of these topics like this have been posted it slipped to 17 the other day..
Taken from LEO ANN =

Hey, don't FUD, the only reason you don't see LEOcoin listed properly on the CMC main page is. . . conspiracy of jealousy:
Guys...dont think cmc will ever move ? from there since CMC owned by bitstamp guys and they hate LEOcoin and LEO so do not expect the will move it,they know that if they money it LEOcoin price can go up and come real close to ripple they made and so on...
also CMC guy did say he will move ? from mined leocoin ,so no pre mine 50milion as he say premine not distrubuted etc..but now even this not happy at all and CMC owner ignore all about LEOcoin.

Guys there is few other coin market sites so there we all can see everything..

Its real bad and not a good karma they not want to move it since its only good for cryptocurreny since all marketcap worth only 10 bilion!
I think its better for crypto that together market cap go up..not only BTC,etc,riple,etc first 5 coins..Wink

As i say also before...CMC guy asking for 3rd part explorer and he will move,i did organize 2 new 2rd parts,he add into his site and nothing,then he ask for rich list they did and again nothing..last time he ask for 50milion premine distribution explain. LEOcoin fontation make it and post public as CMC guy ask..and again nothing,he keep ignore mails...

now we all see where is the problem..Wink  somebody is real real jelause and scare of succes of LEOcoin that coming! Wink what goes around comes around Wink

P.S. CMC listing market-cap-by-total-supply (where something called 'wexcoin' is number 2 behind btc!) showing LEOcoin is 17, is not the same as the default landing-page CMC listing market-cap-by-available-supply (That 'wexcoin' is actually 270 in the list) where LEOcoin is 579.
520  Economy / Scam Accusations / Re: Polish-registered is a Ponzi scheme and provably so. on: November 02, 2016, 07:40:55 AM
It's got a link to a hi-res image. Not that it helps, just some vague bullshit.

Vague bullshit which serves to confirm that their 'customers' are actually 'investors' which means they are operating as a financial services company. An unlicensed financial services company which fails to separate investor funds from its own.

As for:

So now they want to claim that they don't actually have any recycling factories, but 'sister' companies do?

That's not quite how they have explicitly claimed themselves to be an actual Recycling company which owns multiple recycling sites.

You can't make an explicit and definite assertion such as that and then pretend that you actually meant some vague notion of 'sister companies'.

So, @affiliateworth is any of this getting through to you? That these people are scammers running a fraudulent 'investment' Ponzi scheme and that they have lied repeatedly about their operation and have been proven to have lied repeatedly, as well as attempting to scrub any mention or question of these lies from web-pages they control.

Or are you too busy selling thousands of kilos of recycled PP pellets you bought from their 'factory' in Poland and had shipped to you in fucking Morocco?

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