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News: Latest stable version of Bitcoin Core: 0.16.1  [Torrent]. (New!)
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661  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: [BUG] Wrong balance displayed on: May 12, 2012, 03:52:00 PM
Do you get different answers for 'getbalance'  versus 'getbalance "*"' ?

There is a longstanding issue with they way unconfirmed transactions are counted that might be the source of your problem:
662  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Version 0.6.2 available on: May 11, 2012, 03:21:12 PM
Pieter fixed the "100% usage on OSX bug" and I created and uploaded a fixed version especially for the Mac.

RE: upgrading:  the best upgrade practice is to:

1) Backup your wallet someplace safe (if you're running an 0.6 release then use the Backup Wallet menu item).
2) Shutdown. Make sure Bitcoin isn't still in your system tray-- don't just close the window, shut it down.
3) Wait a minute or two (it can take older versions a minute or two to completely shut down)
4) Install and run the new version.

663  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: [ANNOUNCE] Bitcoin Testing Project on: May 10, 2012, 10:27:02 PM
Over 50 BTC in donations with no fundraising effort-- thanks everyone who has donated so far!
664  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Version 0.6.2 available on: May 09, 2012, 10:10:50 PM
May I ask why wasn't the new language pt_PT included in the release?
Because when I was a young child a Portuguese family lived across the street from me and their oldest child bullied me mercilessly, making fun of my haircut and my funny Australian accent.


Somebody to do translation quality assurance is a great idea. Want to volunteer?
665  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: [VIDEO] New Animated Bitcoin Video! make it viral! on: May 08, 2012, 11:45:26 PM
For me it's a bit too much government bashing and too little actual information.
Yeah, but you're probably a geek and think cute cat videos have too little actual information, too.

The video gets a +1 from me; effective marketing appeals to emotion, not intellect.
666  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Version 0.6.2 available on: May 08, 2012, 07:00:22 PM
Bitcoin version 0.6.2 is now available for download at:

This is a bug-fix and code-cleanup release, with no major new features.

Please report bugs using the github issue tracker at:


Much faster shutdowns. However, the blkindex.dat file is no longer
portable to different data directories by default. If you need a
portable blkindex.dat file then run with the new -detachdb=1 option
or the "Detach databases at shutdown" GUI preference.

Fixed, a bug that
could cause long-running nodes to crash.

Mac and Windows binaries are compiled against OpenSSL 1.0.1b (Linux
binaries are dynamically linked to the version of OpenSSL on the system).


Use 'git shortlog --no-merges v0.6.0..' for a summary of this release.

Source codebase changes:
- Many source code cleanups and warnings fixes.  Close to building with -Wall
- Locking overhaul, and several minor locking fixes
- Several source code portability fixes, e.g. FreeBSD

JSON-RPC interface changes:
- addmultisigaddress enabled for mainnet (previously only enabled for testnet)

Network protocol changes:
- protocol version 60001
- added nonce value to "ping" message (BIP 31)
- added new "pong" message (BIP 31)

Backend storage changes:
- Less redundant database flushing, especially during initial block download
- Shutdown improvements (see above)

Qt user interface:
- minor URI handling improvements
- progressbar improvements
- error handling improvements (show message box rather than console exception,
- by popular request, make 4th bar of connection icon green

Thanks to everybody who contributed to this release:

Chris Moore
Dwayne C. Litzenberger
Gavin Andresen
Jeff Garzik
Luke Dashjr
Matt Corallo
Philip Kaufmann
Pieter Wuille
R E Broadley
Timothy Redaelli
Wladimir J. van der Laan
667  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Question on blockheight behaviour on: May 08, 2012, 06:50:17 PM
On restart, you should be able to ask bitcoind for the top-of-chain block (using getblockcount/getblockhash/getblock).

If it's not in your database, then add it.  Then look at the previous block hash, and if it's not in your database ask bitcoind for it (and so on).

To be extra safe, after you're all done ask bitcoind for the top-of-chain block again to see if there was a block re-org while you were catching up.
668  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: So I was checking my referral logs ... on: May 08, 2012, 06:20:12 PM
Speaking of evangelism, has anyone gathered a collection of tips on how it should and shouldn't be done? That might be very useful. I did a quick search, but I couldn't find much more than "tell them how awesome it is and include a link to weusecoins".

669  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Version 0.6.1 release candidate 2 on: May 08, 2012, 06:10:39 PM
We'll announce a 0.6.2 later today, which is just 0.6.1 plus a last-minute bugfix for a crashing bug (I was THIS CLOSE to formally announcing 0.6.1 when Pieter found and fixed the bug...).
670  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: [ANNOUNCE] Bitcoin Testing Project on: May 08, 2012, 04:13:36 PM
@luke-jr : I don't want to start an argument, but I still think we don't have enough testing resources to support 4 releases. I think we need to establish good QA for the main Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind release before we worry about next-test or so-called-"stable" releases.

That's a good discussion for the Testing Project team to have, though, once it gets up and running a little more.

I'd also like the Testing Project to not get pigeonholed into "QA testing for Bitcoin-Qt/bitcoind", but to tackle cross-implementation compatibility (which I think is the next big, critical issue).
671  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Can Bitcoin traffic (mining or transaction) be blocked by providers? on: May 08, 2012, 02:50:43 AM
Bitcoin would be be even worse off: The network itself is highly public and there is only one network... so you'd simply start one Bitcoin node to enumerate all the other publicly available ones.   These attacks can be resisted— see the tor bridges arms race for an example—  but it's better to let the experts in that area handle that for us and take advantage of our common needs.  Bitcoin is very tor compatible, its a good mix.
I'd still like to see several somebodies who know a lot more about networking than I do work on transmitting Bitcoin traffic over different networks (along with bridge nodes to shuffle traffic between the network we have now and the new networks).

I'd sleep easier if I knew that an as-yet-undiscovered bug in the network protocol we have now couldn't bring the entire system down. I'm confident we'd quickly fix whatever the problem is and I'm sure it would be back up and running within 24 hours, but it would be better if big merchants and miners and services could run two or more completely different bitcoin-network-stacks so they're less likely to be taken down by DoS attacks, bugs, or ISPs deploying deep packet inspection to try to block Bitcoin traffic.
672  Bitcoin / Press / Re: 2012-05-07 Wired: Minting the Digital Currency of the Future on: May 07, 2012, 10:46:42 PM
People will look back and say  "Wow Bitcoin has been around 10 years".  17 million coins issued and the project continues.  IMHO Bitcoin is a long road.  Barring something technically superior (and no Mintchip isn't it) time is on the side of Bitcoin.  Time will increase adoption, time will increase "faith" in the value as a medium of exchange.

I still expect it to be a long and very bumpy road, but as long as the system keeps chugging away reliably processing transactions I think it will, overall, in the long run, gain more and more trust.
673  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Taking Down Bitcoin on: May 07, 2012, 10:09:03 PM
Miners won't switch to a 51% chain if it means they can't cash out the coins they're creating!

The attack we're talking about is "51% attacker refuses to include anybody else's transactions in their blocks."  And newly generated coins are useless to miners if they can't get transactions that spend them into the block chain....
674  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Foundation on: May 07, 2012, 09:48:45 PM
I said:

To get the conversation started, here are some functions I think a Bitcoin Foundation could perform:
  • Interact with the legal system, where a centralized entity is needed: for example, to hold the Bitcoin trademark, own/control the domain name, etc.
  • Act as a central library for accurate information about Bitcoin, so journalists and policymakers have an 'official' place to learn about Bitcoin.
  • Collect donations to fund infrastructure necessary for Bitcoin's growth (organize regular developers' conferences or get-togethers maybe? pay for development of cross-implementation testing tools? pay core developers' salaries? create a certification/testing program for Bitcoin implementations? create a central clearinghouse for information about legal issues surrounding Bitcoin across the world?)
I like decentralized approaches, because failures are less catastrophic and because I think smaller, focused organizations are more effective than big, try-to-be-everything-to-everybody organizations.

So I'm happy that the Cryptocurrency Legal Advocacy Group is working on legal issues, starting with figuring out what the issues are.

And I'm happy that LoveBitcoins have been starting PR/Marketing efforts for Bitcoin.

Today I created the Bitcoin Testing Project to tackle some infrastructure needs that I think are being ignored (rigorous quality assurance / testing):

675  Bitcoin / Project Development / Re: [ANNOUNCE] Bitcoin Testing Project on: May 07, 2012, 08:40:45 PM
I think most of what I'll be able to do is bug reporting and fundraising. Let me know when you get the donations wallet set up!
I setup the wallet this afternoon, the donation address was:  (defunct address, don't send coins...)

676  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Vulnerability bounties proposal on: May 07, 2012, 06:15:44 PM
I've been procrastinating creating a "Bitcoin Testing Project" to fund testing work, and I was actually thinking a few days ago that vulnerability bounties would fit in nicely as one of the things a Bitcoin Testing organization would tackle.

I decided to stop procrastinating today; see my announcement here for a Bitcoin Testing Project:

677  Bitcoin / Project Development / [ANNOUNCE] Bitcoin Testing Project on: May 07, 2012, 06:04:24 PM
Testing changes to Bitcoin-Qt continues to be a chronic problem, and as alternative implementations of Bitcoin start to mature testing to make sure that they interoperate correctly and don't harm the network will become a big problem.

Therefore, I'm creating a decentralized, transparent organization using the BetterMeans system. I'll need help from people willing to be fundraisers, testers, project managers, toolmakers, troll-catchers, etc.

I'll create and hold a secure wallet that will be used for donations (at least until the project gets mature enough to turn over that responsibility to somebody else), but we'll use the BetterMeans "Credits" system so that everybody working on the project collaboratively decides who gets what, and what the priorities aught to be.

So: it is easy to talk about stuff like this, who's willing to help make it happen?  Send me an email at if this sounds like a project you'd like to help with, describing what you think the highest priorities for the project aught to be, how you could contribute, how much time you could contribute per week, and any relevant prior experience.
678  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I wish to learn how to compile my own Bitcoin client from source on: May 07, 2012, 01:23:53 AM
See doc/build-osx.txt in the source tree for how to build bitcoind on osx.

See doc/readme-qt.rst  for how to build Bitcoin-Qt.
679  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Can someone explain these weird TXs ? on: May 05, 2012, 05:11:33 PM
That's a BIP 16 transaction:  see
680  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Re: Deflation, Doomsday and the return of Lost Coins on: May 04, 2012, 06:17:28 PM
I think this is The Idea That Will Not Die.

Bottom line: ain't gonna happen, everybody who created or purchased bitcoin over the last three years did so with the expectation the they would last forever, not that they would have some arbitrary 5-year expiration date.
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