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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / BitcoinHD is soon to be released and it will totally change the current landscap on: July 26, 2018, 09:01:02 AM
BitcoinHD is soon to be released and it will totally change the current landscape of bitcoin mining,never been ASICed

BitcoinHD is a 100% PoC coin featuring and pre-mining description:

Total Supply: 21million
Development Team: 2.1million (10% pre-mined)
Marketing Team:1.05million(5% pre-mined)
Unmined: 17.85million(85% for miners)
Block generation rate: 5 minutes
Initial block reward:25BTCHD/block
Halving: Approximately 4 years
Estimated TPS: 20 transactions/ second

BitcoinHD using the new Consensus Mechanism:CPoC

BTCHDís consensus mechanism is a modification on Proof of Capacity, we call it CPoC (Conditioned Proof of Capacity), solving the following problems:
1. Miners donít hold coin, but simply dumping all the mined coins on exchanges, causing price to enter downward spiral
2. Marketing team lacks supports, leading to low-efficiency in marketing and thus low market confidence
3. Electricity currently costs too much. In BTC mining, electricity costs account for 65% and miners had to dump coins to pay for the bill

Our advantages :

1. Encouraging miners to hold coins. Otherwise, miners can only get 1/3 of the regular block rewards
2. Miners who donít hold coins will automatically give up 2/3 of block rewards to marketing teamís address for their expenses
3. Extremely low electricity cost, CPoC model is energy saving, thus miners donít have to dump to pay for electricity

BitcoinHD is friendly for Miners:

BTCHD will be launched on 3rd August 2018. To promote it in the miniersí community, we have made the following plans:

1. For the 1st month, miners donít have to hold BTCHD to get 100% block rewards

2. Starting on the 2nd month, conditioned mining would come into effect that a miner has to have 2BTCHD for each 1TD node. During block generation, the nodeís balance will be verified so that if it holds less than 2 BTCHD, the node will only obtain 25*1/3=8.33 BTCHD as block reward, while the remaning 16.67 BTCHD will be transferred to market team's address

3. The larger capacity a node has, the more BTCHD it needs to hold. Because we estimate your capacity by block generation rate, it would vary with your lucky value. So we recommend that one keeps 1TB=3BTCHD in the wallet to avoid unnecessary reward loss.

4. Dual mining with BurstCoin Plot, no need to re-plot hard disk.

BitcoinHD's Vision

We believe that BTCHD will be a greener, faster, and fairer version of bitcoin, moving back to the original ideal of a currency that anyone could mine, manage, and use.

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