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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Gozo pre-sale is now live! on: October 12, 2018, 09:57:40 AM
Latest Updates from Gozo

We are excited to announce that the Gozo pre-sale is now live!!

The minimum contribution is US$1,000 and maximum contribution per individual for the pre-sale is US$25,000. Contributors will be awarded a 20% bonus. The pre-sale has no lock up period and will be capped at USD $5 million with tokens priced at USD $0.0167. The pre-sale will stay open until November 10, 2018. Larger contributions can be made through Gozo’s private sale, where tokens are priced at USD $0.0154.

To participate in the Gozo pre-sale, contributors can signup/login here and head to the Gozo dashboard.

We have been busy planning and participating in events to forge partnerships and help raise awareness of our loyalty rewards clearinghouse and travel savings club platform.

Notable events where Gozo was invited to pitch:
  • On August 2 we were among the 7 ICOs selected to pitch at the ICORating Wall Street Roadshow.
  • On October 3, Gozo was one of two ICO’s to pitch at the CryptoFriends Delta Night during the Delta Summit conference in Malta.
  • Dubai Tourism Authority has invited and is sponsoring Gozo to exhibit and pitch at the Dubai Tourism Futurism Challenge on October 14.

Conferences and exhibitions:
  • Blockshow Europe in Berlin — May 28–29
  • Unchained in London — May 30 — June 1
  • Blockshow Americans in Las Vegas — Aug. 20 -21
  • Voice of Blockchain in Chicago — Aug. 24–25
  • Silicon Valley Mars Blockchain Summit — Aug. 28
  • Global Capital Insider in Palo Alto — Oct. 3

Upcoming events:
  • Zurich Crypto Summit — Oct. 28–29
  • Malta Blockchain Summit — Nov. 1–2
  • Blockshow Singapore TBD — Nov. 27 — Dec. 1

In the news:

Please comply with your jurisdictional regulations. US Residents are prohibited from participating. Sorry, Sad

Let’s build Gozo together. Enjoy life a little more. Wink

The Gozo Team
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / Gozo: Loyalty Points Clearinghouse and Travel Savings Club on: October 12, 2018, 09:41:07 AM
Gozo is the industry-first blockchain-enabled loyalty points clearinghouse and travel savings club

Why Blockchain?
By leveraging blockchain technology, Gozo is providing greater efficiency, liquidity and travel savings to the consumer. Gozo’s simple and user friendly app allows users to harness the power of blockchain to track, exchange and redeem valuable loyalty reward points into crypto tokens or vice versa, or for Gozo travel club membership. Gozo Travel Club Members benefit from wholesale priced travel and access to premium benefits such as free airport VIP lounge access, travel insurance, best price guarantee, medi-jet evacuation and more.

Loyalty point partner programs will also reap benefits from Gozo’s tokenized loyalty reward platform. Partners can customize the Gozo platform to fit their loyalty reward plan for their customers, providing partners with a secure, transparent and frictionless customer experience.

The Industry
Loyalty Reward Programs
The first travel loyalty reward program was launched by American Airlines in 1981. The number of loyalty reward programs has skyrocketed to the point that every major travel business has a program or is associated with one. 66% of Americans collect reward points. Over 25% of frequent flyer rewards expire without being used. This waste of value translates into a multi-billion-dollar opportunity that Gozo will help convert into value for Gozo Wallet holders.

As touted by large consulting firms, the future of loyalty reward programs will use blockchain technology. Blockchain powered loyalty points with built-in smart contract features, or as Gozo calls it - smart points, is the next logical evolution in loyalty reward program platforms. Smart points will simplify program management, with transferability to friends and family, acquisition and redemption through partner interoperability programs, and much more.  Gozo will have first mover advantage with the support of tokenized loyalty reward atomic swaps, as a new crop of loyalty point programs on the blockchain begin to emerge in the coming years.

Online Travel
Travel is an $8.27 trillion industry with total direct travel sales of $2.57 trillion and direct online sales of $630 billion, recorded in 2017. This leaves a gap of $1.94 trillion of direct sales taking place offline. Gozo aims to offer offline and off-chain users a tokenized gateway to buy their travel products and services online with loyalty reward points through the Gozo PLUS travel savings club, capturing part of the $1.94 trillion in offline sales and part of the $630 billion of traditional online sales.

★ $840 Billion of online travel booking in 2020 expected
★ $360 Billion currently estimated of unredeemed points globally.
★ US Consumers had 3.3 billion memberships in customer loyalty programs in 2015, a 26% increase from 2013. COLLOQUY Loyalty Census

What is Gozo?
The Gozo platform encompasses a loyalty reward points clearinghouse and a travel savings club all within a user friendly wallet app.

Wallet & Loyalty Reward Points Clearinghouse

  • Users can hold, send, and receive the GOZO token, and 100+ of the most popular crypto tokens.
  • Track, manage and exchange both off-chain and on-chain loyalty reward points from multiple loyalty reward programs.
  • Cryptocurrency and Loyalty reward points can be exchanged bidirectionally for GOZO tokens or other loyalty reward points, seamlessly in the wallet, or for other crypto tokens through an integrated exchange.

PLUS Travel Club
  • Gozo has partnered with one of the largest global travel aggregators in the US.
  • Gozo Wallet holders can join the Gozo PLUS travel club for a monthly or annual fee in GOZO tokens, or equivalent in fiat.
  • Gozo PLUS members earn additional GOZO tokens for all their travel purchases on the Gozo PLUS booking engine.
     Club Features
  • Travel savings that range from a low of 5% up to 30% or even higher for special deals.
  • High value travel benefits including premium airport lounge access, travel insurance, medi-jet evacuation, a best price promise, and much more, all included as part of the travel club membership.

Consumer Benefits
Loyalty Points Management and Liquification[/size]
  • Consolidate all your loyalty reward points into a single wallet.
  • Fluid and easy tracking, using, and two-way exchange of loyalty reward points with Gozo’s universal token built on blockchain technology.

Tokenized Travel Savings
  • Gozo PLUS members get wholesale priced rates that are unavailable in the general market for all their favorite travel destinations. Their first trip will likely save them more than the annual membership fee.
  • Our business model is to return to our members the usual profit margin that most travel agencies keep, making Gozo the low cost, high value provider of exciting travel opportunities for business or

GOZO Token
GOZO is a multirole utility token that:
  • Enables bidirectional exchange, liquification and redemption of loyalty reward points from various providers.
  • Enables membership on the Gozo PLUS travel club.
  • Grants access to wholesale priced travel products and services.
  • Acts as a universal loyalty reward token for use on the Gozo platform.[/size]

Gozo ICO
By making all travel loyalty rewards trackable, tradable and convertible into travel products or other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency, GOZO positions itself as the first mover and sole provider in this trillion dollar space. There are several loyalty reward point and travel ICOs, but none of them compete directly with GOZO.

Gozo has launched its ICO to raise the funds to properly execute the development and marketing of the GOZO Wallet and Platform. Gozo plans to list its token on the exchanges in Q1 2019.

Vacations can bring great joy, create eternal memories and even be life changing. Let’s help people benefit from them more frequently.

Token Generation Event
Token sale schedule
  Private Sale: Oct 1 - Nov 30, Min Contribution: US$25,000, Bonus: 30%
  Pre-ICO Sale: Oct 10 - Nov 10, Min Contribution: US$1,000, Bonus: 20%
  Public Crowd Sale:
  • Nov 15 - Nov 30, Min Contribution: US$100, Bonus: 15%
  • Dec 1 - Dec 15, Min Contribution: US$100, Bonus: 10%
  • Dec 16 - Dec 31, Min Contribution: US$100, Bonus: 5%
  • Jan 1 - Jan 27, Min Contribution: US$50, No Bonus - Token will be sold at full price: US $0.02

Token Details
  • Token Name / Abbreviation: GOZO
  • Token Network: STELLAR

Token Sale Details
  • Max Supply (Hard Cap): 3,000,000,000
  • Emission Rate: Pre-mine
  • Hard Cap: $16 million
  • Softcap: $5 million
  • Token Price: $0.02

Token Distribution
  • ICO (60%): 1,800,000,000
  • Platform Operations (12%): 360,000,000
  • Gozo Team (12%): 360,000,000*
  • Seed Investor (2%): 60,000,000
  • Advisors (5%): 150,000,000
  • Air Drop (3%): 90,000,000
  • Cold Storage (6%): 180,000,000
  • Total (100%): 3,000,000,000

*NOTE: Co-Creators have opted for a 36 month vesting period for their tokens with the intention of emphasizing the commitment the co-creators have for this project. Similarly, Gozo early backers and advisors will have a vesting period of 6 months for their tokens.
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