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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The "Official" Fishcoin Bounty Program on: August 28, 2018, 07:03:29 PM
The Fishcoin team’s reward program for those actively engaging in community support

As many of you already know, the Fishcoin team are generous when it comes to our beloved community for its support. In order to promote community engagement and give back to the ecosystem, the Fishcoin team have decided to set aside 2 million tokens (roughly 0.5% of the total token supply) to incentivize positive interaction with our project.

As we are creating a global ecosystem to better engage with the seafood industry and to reward fishers and fish farmers around the globe, community is extremely important to us. As such, the Fishcoin team would like to compensate the community for following their passion. Below is a list of open bounties with which we will reward eligible members of our community post-token sale.

Please note that all bounties are to be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, and that signing up for a bounty is required to be eligible for selection. Any attempts to abuse the rules will result in PERMANENT FORFEITURE of future bonus opportunities. The Fishcoin team would like to thank everyone for supporting the project!

NOTE: Bounties will be distributed in full within two weeks of token creation and allocation.

TWITTER Activities (150,000 FISH) (7.5%)
Available only for twitter accounts with 200+ followers. (One-time application only).
Tweet about Fishcoin, ReTweet Fishcoin-related content and “#” fishcoin to receive 100 FISH(Max 1000 FISH per week).
Only one account per person.

This is only available for Twitter account holders with 350+ VALID followers. (One account per person, if you hold multiple accounts with more than 350+ VALID followers contact eachmile team for additional bounties).
The applicant must be following the Fishcoin twitter account until reward tokens have been received.
The tweet/retweet must be appropriate.

Provide Twitter username (e.g. @123_xyz) and a link to Tweets, Retweets, and other bounty-relevant content via Report form.

FACEBOOK Activities (150,000 FISH) (7.5%)
Bounties are awarded for Facebook activities.
Share/Like/Comment a Fishcoin activity on Facebook receive 100 FISH(Capped at 1000 FISH per week, per applicant).

Applicant must ‘like’ the Fishcoin Facebook page for the duration of the token sale.
Any commentary must be appropriate.
Applicants must have 100+ VAILD friends on Facebook.
Only one comment per Fishcoin Facebook activity will be awarded.

Please provide Facebook username and links to relevant posts, shares, etc. via this report form.

REDDIT / BITCOIN TALK Activities (150,000 FISH) (7.5%)
Candidates must:

Use legitimate Reddit/Bitcointalk accounts with relevant post history.
Provide thought-provoking feedback on related Reddit posts.
Not spam or devalue Fishcoin or its project intentions.
Use only one Reddit/Bitcointalk account per person.
Redditors will be awarded with 100 FISH per post, up to 1000 FISH per week, per applicant. (If you posted extra content, please contact eachmiles to evaluate the content for further bounty distribution)

Submit your Reddit username and the links to bounty-related posts to this report Form.

Provide Fishcoin project related content elsewhere, including offline blockchain meetups, foreign blockchain forums, and other promotional actives.

Contents must be relevant to Fishcoin project.
Discussions in offline events must be recorded and mail to the Eachmile team for evaluation.
Foreign blog contents links must be sent over using the Report From.
Each Applicant can submit up to 20 different offline events videos and receive a maximum of 6000 FISH.
Each Applicant can submit up to 10 different contents from foreign blockchain forums and receive a maximum of 1000 FISH.
Any other online foreign promotional actives needs to be send directly to the eachmile team for evaluation, and each applicant may submit up to 15 different promotional activities and receive a maximum of 1500 FISH.

BLOG Bounty (Medium/8btc/lookbc) (400,000 FISH) (20%)
Create Blog post to receive 2000/4000/6000 FISH per eligible blog post.

The blog must:

Have 500, 800, or 1000 words minimum for each reward tier.
Include links to the Fishcoin Telegram and Website.
Be publicly accessible.
Have a minimum of 30/50/100 views.
Not manipulate the view counts.
Be written in the same blog with the previous appropriate posts (i.e. Cryptocurrency related).
Positively represent Fishcoin project.
Steemit, Medium, and Quora are all acceptable platforms.
Maximum 100 blogs per applicant.

Submit a link to the blog post to this report form.

VIDEOS (Youtube/Vimeo/优酷/土豆/腾讯视频) (200,000 FISH) (10%)

Candidates must:

Provide relevant content.
Prevent the improper handling of copyrighted or otherwise limited materials during any sessions involving Fishcoin, Fishcoin personnel, or other features that may relate to the Fishcoin project.
Depending on the quality of the videos, applicants can earn up to 10000 FISH per video.

Provide Youtube channel and Video links to claim boun

Community Outreach (700,000 FISH) (35%)

Only one account registration from the same IP.
Accepted users must participate in the applied community until the end of the token sale.
Any abuse will be banned and reported immediately.
Comments must be represented in a positive light.

Telegram channel involvement (40,000 FISH) (5.7%)
Join our Fishcoin Telegram group to receive 20 FISH— one-time application only.

Wechat Involvement (340,000 FISH) (48.57%)
Share Fishcoin related articles to WeChat moments to receive 30 FISH — Same article can only be share by the account once.
Join our Fishcoin WeChat channel to receive 20 FISH — One-time application only.
Create a weChat group with more than 300 active members (Screen shot needed) to receive 1000 FISH.
Follow Fishcoin WeChat blog (官方微信公众号) to receive 30 FISH — One-time application only.

Subreddit involvement (40,000 FISH) (5.7%)
Subscribe to Fishcoin Subreddit and comment on one of the threads to receive 20 FISH — one-time application only.

Twitter account involvement (40,000 FISH) (5.7%)
Follow the Fishcoin Twitter page, and comment on one of the threads to receive 20 FISH — one-time application only.

Facebook page involvement (40,000 FISH) (5.7%)
Like the Fishcoin Facebook page and comment on one of the threads to receive 20 FISH — one-time application only.

Newsletter sign-up: (40,000 FISH) (5.7%)
Newsletter subscribers are eligible for 20 FISH.

Share this article (60,000 FISH) (8.6%)
Share this article to any social media platform receive 100 FISH — one-time application only.

Token Sale Pre-register Bounty (100,000 FISH) (14.28%)

Sign-up for the Token Sale and receive 50 FISH tokens in return.
All bounty activities must be compliant to our rules, if you have additional questions, please contact Thank everybody again for supporting of this project.

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