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1  Economy / Micro Earnings / Re:$200 FreeBTC🏎Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: Today at 12:03:27 AM
  I noticed that there is a lot of newcomers, who lose interest before they get a weekly reward. Instead, they would become loyal members if they'll get the motivation before they leave, IMHO. That is not only in my case, but that is a general picture accordingly to the simple math above.

There are already other benefits like rewards points, lottery tickets, and interest. If people aren't motivated to stay longer it's not because you're not sharing sats often enough with them. It's because it takes such a long time to reach the withdrawal minimum if you're just a faucet user.
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing]: Naoya Inoue vs Michael Dasmarinas June 19 on: June 20, 2021, 06:10:32 AM
This was easy work for Inoue. He just might be the most talented fighter in the sport. Now all eyes turn to the Donaire vs. Casimero unification as everyone is expecting the winner of that fight to face Inoue for the undisputed championship. That is the best fight you can make in the smaller weights and I think it will be a huge event.
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: Why is Monero so heavily undervalued? on: June 20, 2021, 02:08:22 AM
People want bells and whistles and high APYs. Monero doesn't have that flashy marketing. Aside from that there is almost no real world usage outside of darknet markets. Exchanges and payment processers are scared of accepting it. Coinbase will list a million shitcoins before they list Monero. It has it's niche among privacy conscious people but there is not much adoption outside of this small amount of people.
4  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 19, 2021, 09:29:28 PM

Btw, has anyone compared staking earnings at Betfury vs Farming at Biswap? I've tried it on biswap but it's hard to get the calculation

I am earning a lot more from staking on Biswap launchpool than what I was earning on Betfury. I did convert my BFG to BSW when the price of BFG was much higher and BSW was priced lower so it would not be the same result for everybody.

This question is not related to Betfury but since many of us are now using Biswap I would like to ask how to bridge Tron to Binance Smart Chain wallet I have a lot of Tron and would like to add liquidity to those paired with Tron, but I cannot send my Tron on my Exodus to my BSC wallet anyone here already provided Tron pair liquidity to Binance.

You can deposit it on Binance and withdraw as a BEP 20 token. You can also use the instant swap feature on Safepal wallet.
5  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: June 19, 2021, 09:01:44 PM
Is the minimum deposit of 30,000 Satoshi to participate in the deposit bonus promo is a new rule?
I see on the website it is not mentioned as well as the previous post from PR

I didn't read that post and deposited under 30k. On the website it says you can deposit any amount. I was still credited with 10 free spins.
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: Casimero vs Rigondeaux this August 14, 2021 on: June 19, 2021, 08:07:05 PM
Looks like this fight isn't happening and instead it will be Nonito Donaire facing Casimero.

This is a more interesting fight because it will be a unification and it is between two Filipino fighters.
7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Re: The notion that “Ethereum is a shitcoin” is passé in 2021. on: June 19, 2021, 04:34:59 AM
How can people like Max Keiser and Tone Veys still call Ethereum a shitcoin? I get all of ETHs flaws, but it is a working function product. Stablecoins are useful. DEXs are useful. These people are starting to sound like the Peter Shiffs of Bitcoin.

Wouldn’t these people root for DEXs to succeed? They love that Bitcoin is decentralized, DEXs are certainly less centralized than Coinbase.

Can someone justify this to me? I don’t get it.

Tone Vays is a loud-mouthed, covid denying, carnival barker. He's full of hot air and anyone who takes him seriously is an imbecile. If it weren't for his obnoxious personality and the propagandizing he would be much more respected because I do think he sometimes makes some good points with regards to altcoins. Over the years he's had some intelligent people on his show like Fluffypony who is not one of these religious zealots.

You mention stablecoins. These might give value to the network but not to the ETH token itself. ETH is only used to pay for gas but aside from that it is just another useless coin like 99% of all the other garbage ERC-20 coins. When you look at decentralized finance it is mostly about speculation and getting huge profit for minimal effort. I understand the appeal but there are also a lot of valid criticisms to be made.

Ethereum didn't create DEXs but they became popular when the ethereum-based ones became ponzi factories.
8  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 19, 2021, 02:13:37 AM

I know that so I take the risk and double my Biswap and stake it while the APR is high, it's going down but at least but I got there just in time when Biswap is still cheap, the ongoing competition will boost the price, and it's a developing project and they are covering a lot of, they boost as  The First DEX on BSC network and they are going to pave the way for many similar projects, Uniswap started at $3 I don't see why Biswap cannot, they should list their token on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko, it's about time, it will boost its presence in the market.

There are already several DEXs on BSC, but Biswap is the first with a referral system and the project shows a lot of promise so far. It is currently the third biggest DEX in all of defi according to DappRadar. In the past 24 hours it had 12k users while Uniswap had 13k. It's only been around a few weeks and it is close to flipping the most famous DEX in total userbase.
9  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: June 19, 2021, 12:29:46 AM
Are the rewards points bonuses down for anybody else?

Reward points bonuses are not available for me either.

Give them some time. They acquired it only some months ago and the future plans (listed in their roadmap) look very promosing. It is not unlogic that the price of the FUN token has dropped but I am sure they have some plans for the marketing (maybe new contests, new signature campaigns,...).

People are frustrated because none of the items on the roadmap have been accomplished yet and there are only a few days remaining in the quarter. Even if they manage to meet their goals this quarter it does not give much confidence that they will meet them for the remaining quarters.
10  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [ BOXING POLL ADDED ]: Fury vs Wilder III - THE TRILOGY IS BACK ON !!! on: June 18, 2021, 03:35:49 AM
Wilder does not seem very confident to me. At the press conference he refused to say a word even though it was his opportunity to confront Tyson Fury after making so many allegations against him. We really did not need a trilogy but the build up is bringing more interest to this fight. Wilder fans are so hyped up because they believe all of the conspiracy theories and really think Wilder has a chance this time. There is so much bad blood, not only between the fighters but amongst their fandom and everybody is hoping for a devastating knockout.
11  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 18, 2021, 12:45:22 AM
I think there isn't any foul play at all, it is just that something is being done as early as possible by the people and that takes some time, who could do over 45 million transactions in a single day, that is like already a huge number and people are still complaining about it, most other places would have hard time with even half of that.

I don't think the Binance Smart Chain is even capable of doing 45 million transactions in a day. It was more like 4,000 transactions and the amount was 45 million BFG transferred.

12  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 17, 2021, 10:15:55 PM
I wanted to buy on BFG for 50 BUSD, the commission was $ 28, what did you do there?

Lol where did you buy it? I tried to buy it on biswap and transaction fee is less than $0.2  Smiley
Did you know if you buy BFG on Biswap you will get back the transaction fee it is paid via BSW token, you will find the banner when starting the exchange
'' Make a Swap at No Cost''

If you try to buy BFG on PancakeSwap there is a huge price impact. Until there is enough liquidity on there it is best to stay with Biswap.

Yesterday I sold some BFG at $0.20 and seeing the price today was too tempting and I had to buy back some BFG. If the numbers on BSCscan are accurate and the supply is 2.7 billion then the market cap is under $100 million dollars. It should definitely be worth more and I expect the price to go up when people are done dumping.
13  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 17, 2021, 07:16:55 AM

When you are not processing large withdrawals at this stage, it`s market manipulation, plain and simple.
Exactly. Those who have been around had seen all these happen before. Centralized exchanges blocking new deposits and, in Betfury's case, blocking withdrawals.

Their hot wallet only has 6 million BFG tokens. If they paid out all the large payments right away they would have to keep refilling the wallet and it would slow down the process for everybody else waiting on a withdrawal. There are also security reasons and possibly compliance reasons for delaying large withdrawals. Considering how much the price has dropped they need to adjust what is considered a large withdrawal that needs significant delay. In the past 6 hours I have not seen them make a payment over $100, most payments are actually not even worth $10.
14  Economy / Speculation / Re: Will China's crackdown on Bitcoin cause Bitcoin to become worthless? on: June 17, 2021, 01:27:37 AM
They have cracked down hard on Bitcoin this year and this is part of the reason why the price has declined from it's all-time high. There are still a lot of Chinese people who prefer to hold Bitcoin over their own currency so the price will not go to zero. There are still many ways in which you can use Bitcoin besides mining and trading. Bitcoin will be fine and continue to grow. Eventually, China will have to reconsider their position.
15  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 16, 2021, 11:25:16 PM
so if your BFG tokens are showing in your BFG balance and not in locked capacity, you can transfer or withdraw your BFG tokens to your BSC wallet. is that right? because only that way that you can swap or farm your BFG tokens in biswap, if you connect your wallet and transferred to your BSC wallet. how do you know if your BFG tokens are eligible for withdrawal?

Your total balance includes the amount of locked tokens. You can see how many are locked in the staking page. The only way to know how many are available to withdraw, from what I can tell, is to subtract locked tokens from your total balance.
16  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing]: Lopez vs Kambosos - June 19 on: June 16, 2021, 10:23:51 PM

August is the month for Manny and Errol, no one can steal that moment for them, so I agree with you, it's a bad idea to schedule on that month. I just hope Lopez can fully recover and the covid-19 virus will not affect his performance in this fight. These boxers should be careful, not only for themselves but more so on the fans who had already paid for the PPV of this fight and some have bought the ticket to watch the fight in the Arena.

They are probably just trying to get the fight out of the way. It is just a mandatory fight that not too many people were interested in. There is always going to be some big event that will overshadow it. I think they chose this date because it is a week after the olympics are over.

This is bad for Lopez though, been asking this myself and from this community how some boxers after being infected by the virus, has lost their match,

1. Miguel Berchelt tested positive then lost to Oscar Valdez
2. Povetkin as well, lost to Dillian Whyte in their rematch

Those are the only two boxers that I can remember right now that lost their belt after contacting and then recovered and then go on to fight.

Not saying that Lopez will lose, but if might have a effect on him, so let's see how he will perform in August.

Canelo also had the virus right before he fought Avni Yldirim. That's not exactly a good measuring stick because it was such a big mismatch. Artur Beterbiev was also another notable fighter who tested positive.
17  Economy / Micro Earnings / Re:$200 FreeBTC🏎Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: June 15, 2021, 06:52:18 PM
Hello!On 6.06 and 14.06 I made withdrawals to Payeer,
but I have not received anything yet.These are the links you sent me

I'm pulling for the first time and I don't know if I have to do something else?

Both of those transactions are already confirmed. If your address was included in those payments then it should have been credited already. Payeer is a custodial service so you are trusting them that they will credit you with the right balance. If they didn't then you should contact their support because there is nothing that can do on their end anymore.
18  Economy / Gambling discussion / Re: [Boxing]: Lopez vs Kambosos - June 19 on: June 15, 2021, 05:51:03 PM
We have some breaking news. Teofimo Lopez has tested positive for Covid-19 and this fight has been postponed, again. This has been a real disaster for Triller who paid a lot more money than this fight was worth and then had to change the date because of the Floyd fight and now because of this.

BREAKING: Source: Teofimo Lopez tests positive for Covid-19, Kambosos fight and card is off, moving to Aug. 14.#boxing #LopezKambosos

19  Economy / Gambling / Re:$200 FreeBTC⭐Win Lambo🔥0.2BTC DailyJackpot🏆$32,500 Wager Contest on: June 15, 2021, 03:57:13 PM
Today must be my lucky day. I won 500 sats from the faucet and also 5k reward points from spinning the wheel which puts me above the threshold for being able to cash out those points.

20  Economy / Gambling / Re: 🎲|⚡️Free BTC+BNB|⚡️$3.5mln Staking pool|⚡️BFG listing party on: June 15, 2021, 08:19:36 AM
I hope the Betfury team knows about this but Biswap has been flagged by Metamask this is on Chrome, but on Mozilla it's working fine I have no choice but to convert my BSW back to Binance
This domain is currently on the MetaMask domain warning list. This means that based on information available to us, MetaMask believes this domain could currently compromise your security and, as an added safety feature, MetaMask has restricted access to the site. To override this, please read the rest of this warning for instructions on how to continue at your own risk

I could not find the domain in any of the databases that Metamask uses to detect a malicious website. It is possible that you typed the wrong URL in the address bar. You might want to check your browsing history to see if you were on the right site.
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