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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO] 🔥🔥🔥 UnitedCoin 🔥🔥🔥 Crypto/Fiat Banking and Reward System! on: October 31, 2018, 06:37:22 PM

Crypto/Fiat Banking and Reward System


UnitedCoin bridges the gap between traditional finance and decentralized financial instruments by using Blockchain Technology: an advanced method of securing, storing and transacting data over the internet. Being fully regulated and insured helps UnitedCoin accomplish its vision to empower everyone with simple access to a beneficial financial system. It seeks the unity of all financial tools and presents them as an intuitive way to run business and manage finances.

First, UnitedCoin is an exchange that allows its members to trade cryptocurrencies and traditional currencies with the lowest transaction fees in the market. Members can freely trade or hold traditional currency and cryptocurrency. They may also send the currency of their choice by email or text message with the web platform or mobile app. Transaction costs and services on the exchange are paid in UNITs, UnitedCoin’s own cryptocurrency.

The exchange is directly connected to an international debit card that UnitedCoin provides to its members, in order to make accessible to everyone. Cardholders may freely withdraw funds from their crypto or traditional currency account, at any ATM around the world in the local currency.

UnitedCoin Member Vault

Each member in UnitedCoin network holds an encrypted chunk of data stored in a secure element section of his device. This area is known as the UnitedCoin Member Vault (UMV). Depending on the resources each member wants to give, the UMV could contain a large amount of data.

UMV minimum contents:

• Digital certificate which can only be decrypted by the UnitedCoin Foundation and the key pairs which
are self-encrypted in the device.

• The UnitedCoin Distributed Hashing Table is a distributed hash table for decentralized peer-to-peer
computer networks. It specifies the structure of the network and the exchange of information through
node lookups.

• The last 2 checkpoint blocks of the hash chain.

UnitedCoin Peer-to-Peer Transaction Platform

UnitedCoin Exchange platform is known as UPX. The UPX Platform is distributed and stored in chunks on member devices to maintain decentralization. The UPX is a platform where members can conduct Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions and exchange traditional currencies and cryptocurrencies from multiple blockchains at a high rate with absolute security and trust.

The UPX platform interconnects multiple blockchains allowing simple and fast transfer of funds. Within this trusted network, transactions can occur at speeds of up to 1 million transactions/second (tx/s). The UPX holds 98% of all member funds offline in cold storage to maintain the highest levels of security. The platform is secured online with a Wildcard SSL certification to maintain security in all environments. The network uses distributed hashing tables with Kadmila encryption to establish a secure P2P network. And the remaining 2% in the hot wallet is fully insured.

UnitedCoin Debit Card

Your UnitedCoin debit card connects to our UnitedCoin accounts allowing you to spend any currency available. This debit card works wherever MasterCard is accepted worldwide and it will be used to cash out your holdings or pay your coffee at the closest coffee shop.

The ATM provider may charge a fee for using the ATM services. There are transaction fees paid in UNITs for movement of funds to the card. All fees charged for card use are reimbursed monthly in UNITs. MasterCard facilitates an easy transition for members using their familiarity with debit cards to connect with the future of finance.


The UnitedTrade Account is included in your account dashboard. Depositing money is as simple as making an account transfer. We connect you with our UnitedSignals Pattern Recognition Algorithm delivering consistent signals for over 10 years. UnitedSignals use conservative money management with tight stop losses. This means if there is a drop in the market, we exit our positions.

Do you want to trade cryptocurrency but you don't know where to invest? Invest in UnitedTrade. When you register, you will activate your trade API which will connect you with UnitedSignals and begin trading. You can withdraw your money after a 30-day holding period. This holding period is required to ensure the trading algorithm can properly identify investment volume for trading opportunities. Your transactions can be seen in your UnitedTrade account. Here you can also find the return on investment (ROI).


The UnitedCoin blockchain. Capable of performing 1 million transactions per second. UnitedChain’s hybrid protocol and consensus method allow us to solve many of the current issues with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are working diligently to implement changes to improve their efficiency currently available in UnitedChain.

UnitedChain and UNIT receive two key benefits being connected with the UPX. Having an exchange platform directly connected to UnitedChain allows UNITs to be exchanged seamlessly and instantly with other assets. UnitedChain allows rapid trading and consensus between multiple blockchains, making UnitedCoin the future of finance.

UnitedCoin Token-Sale

Total token supply: 18 billion UNITs

Price 1 UNIT=$0.50
Token sale: Tokens available for the sale: 1.8 billion UNITs
60% Special Bonus for the FIRST MONTH!

Soft cap $2 million

Target-to Raise: USD 250 000 000
Bonus for ICO:

Oct 18th - 60% bonus
Nov 18th - 50% bonus
Dec 18th - 40% bonus
Jan 18th - 30% bonus
Feb 18th - 20% bonus
March 18th - No bonus

UnitedCoin RoadMap

UnitedCoin Core Team

UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin
UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin UnitedCoin
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