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TrigID is a revolutionary new cryptographic technology. The TrigID project is building a blockchain-resident database of 7.6 billion people, crowdsourced using cryptographic tokens. It's the first digital identity system to solve non-digital (i.e. real world) identity problems.

By participating in this program you'll earn stakes in this 1,000,000 token bounty pool.

You'll also be helping to make the world a better place. How? TrigID is helping to make terrorism and crime more difficult. It's helping reduce the cost of healthcare and doing something about the 250,000+ people who die from medical errors each year in the US alone. It's giving a free banking identity to the three billion people in the world who live daily on less than three dollars a day. And it's helping to make identity theft a thing of the past.

Bounty Allocation

1,000,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $1,000,000

Signature Campaign: 200,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $200,000

Article Campaign: 200,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $200,000

YouTube Campaign: 200,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $200,000

Facebook Campaign: 100,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $100,000

Twitter Campaign: 100,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $100,000

Telegram Campaign: 100,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $100,000

Translation and Moderation Campaign: 100,000 ID Tokens - equivalent to $100,000

Please Note: Stake allocations and rules are specific to each campaign.

General Rules

? As a bounty hunter, you must join both the TrigID and TrigID BountyTelegram Channels.

? Each campaign has its own Google Form.  You must register your entry to a campaign using the appropriate form.  You also need to post your entry to our Bitcointalk Bounty thread(URL) as Proof of Authentication.

? You must submit the required daily or weekly reports of activity within the week that activity is performed.

? You can contact the Bounty Manager via the Bitcointalk Bounty thread (URL) or by using the TrigID BountyTelegram Channel.


? Stakes will be finalized following the completion of the Bounty Program.

? Tokens will be airdropped two weeks after the token sale has completed.

? We reserve the right to invoke a minimum participation provision if there are too few participants in any campaign.  This provision substitutes one ID token for each stake in that campaign.

? We reserve the right to disqualify any entry from any campaign if:

1. You use a bot, post duplicates, use multiple accounts, otherwise act in bad faith or cheat in any other way. Such behaviour will result in your removal from the campaign.

2. Our legal advisors tell us that we must.  Reasons may include, but are not limited to, deceptive, misleading or libellous entries.

3. Your entry does not meet the minimum requirements for that bounty week. In such circumstances you may still participate during subsequent bounty weeks.
4. If any of your claims or reports to us are shown to be fraudulent.

If you experience issues or circumstances that may compromise your entry or otherwise impact your stake, you must report them to the the Bounty Manager within the current bounty week.  Such matters will not be considered beyond this period.

Thank you for supporting our Bounty Program from July 1 to October 28. We will now start to finalize all the stakes and tokens allocated. Please stay tuned for our announcements on the official telegram channel.

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