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821  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: New Bitcoin Foundation Board Members Seek to Defend Bitcoin in Canada \ Courtesy Coindesk on: May 19, 2014, 08:49:20 AM
Non-smartphone version.

Despite the recent controversies that have cast a shadow on the international chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation, its local affiliate chapters are in the midst of developments that are highlighting the organisation’s purpose in both the bitcoin industry and the world at large.

In Canada, the foundation is growing, and those who are getting involved in the structure are hopeful about its ability to positively influence the local bitcoin space.

The Canadian Chapter of the Bitcoin Foundation (hereon referred to as Bitcoin Foundation Canada) recently elected two new members to its board of directors – one to fill the Industry seat, and one to fill the Individual seat, with the election fully concluding this past week.

Both new members have been met with optimism from the community, though challenges for the ecosystem lie ahead, especially in light of recent announcements from the Bank of Canada that have cast doubt on bitcoin’s long-term viability.

Bitcoin Foundation Canada is the official chapter of its parent organization – the Bitcoin Foundation – and, as such, seeks to accomplish the same: ‘standardise, protect and promote’ bitcoin.

The chapter is focused solely on the inclusive and transparent ways to defend these interests in Canada.

Emerging leaders

Throughout March and April, Bitcoin Foundation members across Canada were invited to submit their candidacy for a seat on the board of directors for the Canadian chapter.

Six individuals applied for the Individual seat, and four companies competed for the industry seat. The Canadian Bitcoin Foundation opted to use Helios, a voting platform that sought to ensure transparency via ballot encryption.

Voting commenced on the 28th 11:59, with a further round of voting beginning on the 13th due to a tie in the industry election.

On 5th May, the individual seat was awarded to Jillian Friedman, with 50% of all ballots cast.

The victory was seen as a positive for the foundation and Canadians, as Friedman is a Montreal-based legal expert who advises clients in the digital currency industry and acts as general counsel to the Bitcoin Embassy.

Friedman has also proved open to collaboration – especially with the other Canadian national non-for profit, which could be seen by some as a competitor: the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

Her goal is to put a ‘face’ on bitcoin, so Canadians can shift their perception from “thinking that bitcoin got shut down or is illegal to understanding how disruptive and awesome this technology really is”.

She hopes that the Foundation will help as a “unified voice to the public” and “speak to politicians, and the public sector, as well as players in the public sector” about the incredible technology.

Furthermore, she would like to see it as a place for people to go to acquire resources, to learn more and to interact with the technology and currency.

Boots on the ground

This should be good news for the bitcoin industry to hear. Transparency, process and clarity on how decisions are made are essential for any organization to grow, thrive and contribute positively to the environment in which it operates.

Friedman’s first steps as a new board member include possibly setting up CBF meet-ups all over the country, to grow the organizations’ presence across Canada.

“As I understand,” she explains, “the bitcoin community in some Western provinces like Alberta is not as robust as in Ontario or Quebec – CBF can share knowledge and capacity to help change this”.

Guillaume Babin-Tremblay, founding member of the CBF, believes Friedman is a positive choice for the foundation.

Babin-Tremblay said:

“Jillian will make a great addition to our team. Having a Bitcoin legal expert on our board will be a great advantage in our ongoing discussions with regulatory agencies.”

Exchanges aim to lead local industry

With regards to the industry seat, the first round of voting resulted in a tie between British Columbia-based exchange Quadriga CX, represented by Gerald Cotton, and Quebec-based exchange Morrex Inc., represented by Philippe-Antoine Plante.

After the second round of voting, Morrex Inc. took the coveted industry seat.

Located in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Morrex Inc. appears to be the only Quebec-based exchange in operation.

Francis Pouliot, director of Public Affairs for the Canadian Bitcoin Foundation helped organize the elections on behalf of the board, and was pleased with how the process was conducted smoothly and without controversy.

He said:

“[I was] very pleased with the high participation rate and general conduct of this first Board of administrator’s elections.”

Local competition

Of course, one potential roadblock to these goals is community support.

Bitcoin Foundation Canada is Canada’s second national ‘Bitcoin board’, with the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada looking to accomplish a similar set of goals. Given that there two organisations seeking to promote the industry, there have been questions regarding whether the two organizations work together.

Canada is known for its openness to our new technology. Many businesses set up shop in Canada due to our (seemingly) secure financial position in the world marketplace. By comparison, the US can often be seen as a hostile environment in which to operate business given the uncertainty and high cost of regulation.

However, issues still remain: bitcoin has bad PR in Canada. People who know of it know of the scandals. As such, there is hope that these organisations will be able to advance the conversation in an organised manner.

Challenges ahead

Although bitcoin in general is not faced with the type of resistance in Canada as it is elsewhere in the world, Canada has hurdles to mass adoption.

CAVirtEx, one of the country’s largest digital currency exchange, explained quite clearly in a Senate hearing earlier this year that they needed bank accounts, or would continue to face operational difficulties.

As such, Friedman envisions BFC as “…a bridge for the traditional financial services economy and anyone for that matter”.

She told CoinDesk:

“One major problem many bitcoin businesses encounter is maintaining banking relationships.

While this may change with greater clarity as to the legal obligations of bitcoin businesses with respect to anti-money laundering compliance – this is an issue that is on CBF’s radar – as it directly prejudices the growth potential of the industry here in Canada.”

Ms. Friedman hopes to increase the visibility of the Foundation to the Canadian mainstream, and also “create a transparent organization – where members know what is going on and how decisions are made”.

One way to do this, she says, is by having more frequent updates and newsletters.

With the elections concluded, the local ecosystem is optimistic that both the Alliance and the Foundation will cater to those it serves: members and the general public.

Remaining focused on the overall goal and not getting influenced by politics, competition and in-fighting will prove to be the largest challenge for these two centralized organizations.
822  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: All things considered Brock Pierce, et al.! [w/POLL] on: May 19, 2014, 08:44:31 AM
Why do some users need the drama all the time?

The bitcoin foundation is completely irrelevant when it comes to bitcoin.

If you don't like what they are doing then

1.) Create an other foundation
2.) Do not send BTC their way

Question: If The Bitcoin Foundation is so fuckin' irrelevant, then why did KnC pay $100,000 for a Platinum Membership one day prior to the erection to help cement Brock Pierce's win to jack-off on a board seat while reading Teen Beat?

BTW, it was so kind of EU's Facebook data center to lease out that empty helicopter hanger to KnC so that they could occupy its 7,000+ WORKING bitcoin miners within. I haven't yet figured out which of the other buildings on The Node Pole complex houses KnC's other mega-phrams, but I'm working on it.

I probably would be further characterized as a homophone if I pointed out which past or current principals of Facebook are gay and also embrace Bitcoin, so I'll simply won't go there, leaving that task for others to ferret out if warranted.
823  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: All things considered Brock Pierce, et al.! [w/POLL] on: May 19, 2014, 08:17:42 AM


Pretty amazing to find a pic of Brock "I'm not gay!" Pierce next to a gorilla a.k.a. clean-shaven Johnson known for his multiple mile-high-club points accumulated while jet-setting with Bryan Singer on the his joystick at the controls.

Ahhhhhhhhhh... JaJaJa Jaaaaaaaaaaa

824  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Are some of the fattest wallets stored in Xapo's vault? (think March 27, 2014) on: May 19, 2014, 08:05:57 AM

Bitcoin 'vault' company raises $20 million from big-name investors
By Dan Primack

March 13, 2014: 4:00 PM ET

Somewhere in the world sits a large vault, manned by armed guards and further protected by biometrics. But there is no gold, cash or jewels inside. Instead, it's just a computer that has never been connected to the Internet.

The vault's purpose? Protecting bitcoin.

Just something I stumble upon while researching Brock Pierce, the Godfather of Bitcoin, et al.'s syndicate dubbed Bitropolis, that's all.

People been asking why March 27, 2014, was so significant when analysis of the top 100 wallets was released, hence offering up an explanation.

Apologies for not posting much during the day, yesterday, but was tied up on the phone with reporters. No fuckin' idea where they got my number.

~Bruno Kucinskas


PS: See what happens when you fuck with the wrong people via stealing their 1,132 BTC, Paymium? Bitcoin-Central's days, if not hours, are numbered. Anybody been having trouble cashing out lately, due possibly  Wink to liquidity issues? If so, davout, a mod on this forum, is the owner of Simply drop him a PM, whereupon he'll quickly ignore your message. Don't bother contacting Boussac, for I believe he's still shaken up over what happened in Amsterdam. It wouldn't surprise me to learnt he's still being question by Interpol.

"Post loudly and tote a long sword" is my new motto.

825  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: All things considered Brock Pierce, et al.! [w/POLL] on: May 19, 2014, 06:20:06 AM
Time for a bumpety-bump.


Collins-Rector was the main creative force. A 40-year-old technology guru with no entertainment experience, his background was murky even to the top executives he hired. But he did have tens of millions of dollars and a certain amount of tech industry cachet from an earlier company he had founded called Concentric Research.

His two DEN co-founders were Chad Shackley, then 24, who had lived with Collins-Rector since dropping out of a Michigan high school, and Brock Pierce, then a 17-year-old actor best known for his leading roles in such Disney films as “The Mighty Ducks” and “First Kid.”

All three lived in a 12,616-square-foot mansion in Encino, drove a Ferrari and a Lamborghini, wore Armani suits, took spur-of-the-moment vacations to the tropics and threw parties that attracted a young, hip crowd that also defined DEN’s target audience.

Another bloke from Disney worked for DEN…..,7636249,359773

They are all at it, filthy perverts.

Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, and David Neuman allegedly sexually abused Michael Egan during parties at an Encino, Calif., mansion and on trips to Hawaii, the suits, which were filed in a federal court in Hawaii, state. The allegations against Singer, which he has denied, took place at the same parties and trips. Egan, 31, says he was 15 when the abuse first occurred.

Collins-Rector mansion…
The windfall enabled Collins-Rector and Shackley to pursue a lavish new lifestyle. They bought an enormous RV and traveled the country scouting living locations, settling briefly in Beverly Hills before paying $2.47 million in 1997 for a mansion in Encino.

They called it the “M & C Estate,” for Marc and Chad. The 1 1/2-acre property, which includes a swimming pool, aquariums and a movie screening room, became a stage not only for elaborate parties, but for DEN. It was initially the base for the company and provided the filming location for a number of DEN shows, including “Chad’s World.”

One former supervisor said Collins-Rector directed him to hire certain teenagers who weren’t qualified for the jobs they sought. “He would come to me with ultimatums on who I should hire,” said the former manager, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Young hip kids were his thing.”

Some workers said they felt compelled to do things well outside their job descriptions. One young employee said he was told that “if he valued his job” he would travel with Collins-Rector and his young executives, Shackley and Pierce, on a vacation to a tropical resort last spring.

The employee complained to his supervisor, who confirmed the account to The Times, but who said he didn’t report the matter to top executives because they worked for Collins-Rector. The teenager said that he felt compelled to make the trip and that Shackley made a sexual pass at him. After he rejected the proposition, the teenager said, the trip ended early.

Attorney Calls Allegations False

Favored employees were also invited to parties at the Encino mansion, and several said they were encouraged to spend the night there.


This link I posted in a previous post, worked about 2 hours ago, now it has been deleted. I wonder why???

It was all about D.E.N and those swimming pool parties with young boys, and names of certain stars etc mentioned.

“Sean William Scott used rustle up street kids for your list. That is how he got acting gigs.” He was involved with the DEN crowd, as were Geffen and Singer. By the way, what ever happened to those DEN freaks, anyway?,10331318,3

The DEN wiki page has been altered, 4 days ago, I wonder why.

Who was in charge of DEN……

Subsequently, civil lawsuits from boys employed by DEN alleged sexual abuse and coercion using drugs and guns by Collins-Rector, co-founder [[Chad Shackley]], and DEN Executive VP [[Brock Pierce]…375250020


One of those in charge of DEN Gary Gersh, was in charge of Capitol Records, and it was he who signed Kurt Cobain to Geffen records,5234718

Silva another in charge of DEN….
Gersh and Silva now manage the Foo Fighters,+Inc.+Names+Ritts+Chairman.-a056918403

Ritts left Channel One in the mid-90′s to head the
LPGA women’s golf tour. He did a fairly good job from what I have
read but many of the golfers were ready to see him leave. He then
made a terrible career move by joining Digital Entertainment Network.
They showed Ritts the door
and he was hired back at Channel One
in 2000.



Bryan Singer Allegations Bringing In Bigger Names

Matthew Morrison from Glee is pals with Singer

Cory Monteith from Glee killed himself?Huh

The more I dig about this the sadder it gets. SO many names are being attached. I even read that the guy from Glee who died might have been one of the guys who was abused & helped them find boys who were abused. It’s also been said that Seann William Scott was someone who was helping find boys. SO many involved it’s just disgusting.

Garth Ancier is friends with CARLO ROMERO …
Carlo Romero is friends with Barry Diller

It is all connected but by who or what, that is the question, one big rabbit hole to be entered.

Barry Diller and David Geffin
Geffin and Obama


Is DEN the key???


Found this image on Ian McKellens site.

Its a Wrap! (L to R) Bryan Singer, Ian McKellen, and Brad Renfro at the end of filming, April 4, 1997.

This was my last day of filming interior scenes at Occidental Studios, built for Mary Pickford and the oldest working studio in Los Angeles.
Brad Renfro was a good pal to me. From opposite positions of age, experience, nationality and temperament we met and at once trusted each other. He was not yet 15 years old. His brio and enthusiasm for all aspects of filming were contagious. During shooting Apt Pupil, he wrote directed and acted in a short video of his own devising.

Look at the age of Brad Renfro in Apt Pupil??

Tribute to Brad Renfro by Ian Mckellen 2008……

In Hollywood he was a teenage charmer, chaperoned by his beloved grandmother and by his admirers who protected him as best they could from the dangers of being a child in a careless adult’s world.

Seventeen days after Renfro’s death, his grandmother Joanne – who had accompanied him regularly during his early acting career – died at her home at the age of 76.[22] Local officials stated that she died of natural causes. CONVENIENT??

Hollywood seems to have mind-controlled Brad and dragged him into a world of vice.

“Soon the homo-romance became manipulative and abusive…

“As a young adult, Brad played characters who were either gay, or homophobic, or both, in Bully (2001), Tart (2001), Deuces Wild (2002), Tenth and Wolf (2006), and The Informers (2008).”

You know, if any of this was made up, surely Egan would of outed major league Hollywood big-wigs, household names. Who has heard of Garth Ancier, Gary Goddard, or David Neuman, so why name them unless it is true.



It is sort of interesting; I’ve been working out of Garry Goddard’s offices. Now Garry Goddard directed the 1987 movie Masters of the Universe and he also created the 80 million dollar Star Trek Experience that use to be in Las Vegas. I had edited all of the videos that you saw when you were in that attraction, there were various Star Trek videos being played and I was hired to do that. This was in 1996 and 1997. Well I’ve stayed friends with Garry and I was editing a feature film, here in his office, called My Eleventh, that hasn’t come out that’s executive produced by Bryan Singer, written by Edmund Entin and it was directed by Gary Entin, two friends of mine and in this office there was another guy named Roger Lay Jr. who was producing the 25th anniversary Captain Power and The Soldiers of the Future DVD, if anyone remembers that show from 1987, and Garry Goddard created that show. BY Robert Meyer-Burnett SAME BLOKE (TOMMY JOHNSON)IN THE BACKGROUND


Garth Ancier
David Neuman
Tommy Johnson
Jeff Davis
Randal Kleiser


ENTIN TWINS AGAIN?Huh Bryan Singer ‏@BryanSinger Dec 26
#XmasDay Dinner at #Nobu #Honolulu with friends Yes, I cut my hair off.


More photos, you will see, the same people seem to pop-up knowing the same people-up, either a small world or something else. But how they are connected and by who, well that is for someone else to find.

JEFF DAVIS-DAN HARRIS(Superman Returns writer, protege of Singer)




Curiouser, and curiouser???

Tom Daley’s boyfriend denies he is to be quizzed as character witness in Hollywood sex abuse case involving X-Men director Bryan Singer

Look who Tom Daley is friends with on Facebook…..

Tom Daleys boyfriend with Bryan singer
Tom Daleys boyfriend with Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen
Tom Daleys boyfriend with Gus Van Sant
Tom Daleys boyfriend with James Franco & Gus Van Sant

Look who is Tom Daley’s boyfriend ( Dustin Lance Black) friends on Facebook…..

This bloke Jordan Bass
He seems to be a casting agent
He is friends on Facebook with Gary & Edmund Entin and Tommy Johnson……


Edmund Entin-Gary Goddard-Tommy Johnson-Brock Pierce(founder of DEN & friend of Marc Collins-Rector
Ryan Simpkins-Gary Goddard
Jeff Davis-
Russell Mulcahy-David Neuman-Tommy Johnson


Connections, connection…..

As Buzzfeed also reported Wednesday night, it’s widely believed in West Hollywood that Singer has multiple men who, as one source put it to me, “do [Singer's] bidding for him.” The staging ground for this operation is TigerHeat, a notorious gay party frequented by men like Tommy Johnson (a fledgling writer) and Wayne Castro, a promoter of sorts who also throws his own party, Heaven Lounge, in conjunction with TigerHeat, LLC. (The rapper Iggy Azalea is performing there this weekend.)





Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black , who is notorious in L.A. for having the same taste in men as Singer and who frequented his parties years ago.


Describes Castro and Johnson as Singer’s “24-hour henchmen,”




More name of investors and partners of DEN, some may be worth a looking into, you never know.

Google “Never happened parties” OR google “NH parties in Hollywood.” Perverts!
826  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: It's official! The Bitcoin Foundation has an accused pedophile on its board. on: May 19, 2014, 06:10:16 AM
That spike in the interest about Marc Collins-Rector was generated by Gawker Media sites with the story about similar lawsuit against Bryan Singer.

I'll drop some links for the interested people:

and an example photo from the pool party:

and the after-party:

This "pedophile" in the title of this thread is more like "statutory rapist" story from the real Hollywood "casting couch" tales (or in this case more like "casting pool"): exchange of sex favors in the hope of furthering ones career in Hollywood (or nearby Santa Monica). In general this is just boring stuff mostly about sour grapes from somebody who procured a fake ID to get into one of those parties and afterwards feels dirty and abused when their career wasn't boosted.

Found the following via another source I'm about to pen.

827  Other / Off-topic / Re: Listen to this - I was here. on: May 19, 2014, 05:56:26 AM
Thanks, bud. My contribution to end hate:
828  Other / Off-topic / Two newest board members of TBF already duking it out in the ring. Get Popcorn! on: May 19, 2014, 05:51:30 AM
829  Other / Off-topic / As the Coin Turns (Bitcointalk's official soap opera thread) on: May 19, 2014, 05:32:56 AM
Given the title, the subject of this thread should be self-explanatory.

As the Coin Turns is sponsored by the fine advertisers running ads between the first and second post on every page this epic thread generates.

Sans further ado, post.
830  Other / Off-topic / Introducing Bitcoin Darts for Children (w/Manual) on: May 19, 2014, 05:19:29 AM


831  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Finally! One of the top porn stars accepts and promotes Bitcoin. on: May 19, 2014, 04:26:08 AM
Never heard of her.  And I watch a lot of porn.  :-P

You a Trekkie?

Appearances in other media

Kross has been featured regularly on G4 as a host, a reality TV guest star, and as a guest on Attack of the Show[16] and played a recurring role as Delilah in season two of Cinemax's Life on Top.[17] She has also made appearances in the FX's comedy series ‘’The League’’, the G4 reality series ‘’The Block’’, and Family Jewels.[18] In 2011 she was cast as Tara in Gregory Hatanaka's drama The Obsession[19] In 2011, Kross briefly co-hosted a regular videocast, Kayden's Review, for Triggla TV[20][21] alongside the comedian Dane Hanson.[22] Starting from January 2013 Kross hosts the weekly call-in show Krossfire on Playboy Radio.[23] In 2013, Kross also appeared in the featurette "Chicks 'N Guns" on the Breaking Bad 5th season DVD as a stripper. The scene takes place during the season 5 episode "Gliding Over All." She also made her mainstream debut in a starring role in the feature film Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is a drama film directed by Gregory Hatanaka. It stars James Duval, Dominique Swain, Pollyanna McIntosh, Kayden Kross, Noah Hathaway, and Walter Koenig and Sal Landi. It premiered at the SF Indiefest and Gold Coast Film Festival in Australia.

I'm still waiting to read if anybody recognizes this dude, and if he's a Bitcoiner or nor.  Wink

832  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Brock Pierce implies Bitcoin Foundation resigned unintelligent. on: May 19, 2014, 03:33:32 AM
brock pierce: this news is 15 years old, kind of how i like my boys.

15 years ago, M & C Estate was regarded as a "Male Brothel" throughout Hollywood. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that one place where a 17-year-old heterosexual lad flushed with cash would not hang out, especially when, at the time, he could probably legally fuck mid-teenage pussy?

If a pastor of a small town is accused once of leaving a strip club the next town over, his flock would surely dwindle. Yet, with hundreds accounts of various credibility, we are told to not believe anything anything written about Brock but, at the same time, dissimilar articles from the same sources are used as fodder to espouse why Bitcoin is good for mankind, i.e. the Fed is bad, mmmkay!

"Hey, Brock. I think those twin freshmen chicks want you to fuck them. Why don't you ask them out on a date tonight?"

"Can't, dude. Marc, Chad and I already made plans."

"That's cool, dude. Then, I can have them?"

"Here's a couple hundred bucks. Knock yourself out!"
833  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Brock Pierce implies Bitcoin Foundation resigned unintelligent. on: May 19, 2014, 03:10:08 AM
I still find it really hard to believe Brock Pierce placed high enough in the election.
Hasn't this community been pierced enough already?

"The first one I got was during the days. The second one..."
834  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: Bitcoin Foundation hit by resignation over new director on: May 19, 2014, 02:58:11 AM
disney child stars.... that strikes me of part of the illuminati... not good

like justin timerlake and miley cyrus, and selena gomez... they are all illuminati/banker controlled idols

they sold their souls to promote the devil to be famous and have lots of money

Sounds crazy, but I'm curious if you have any credible evidence to prove/suggest that Disney child stars are part of a grand conspiracy?
Anything....How did the speculation originally start? ...or whatever you have to offer.

Will this work, for starters, for the "whatever you have to offer" category?:

There's about 476,000 links more from where that was gleaned:
835  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I nominate Erik Voorhees as the official Bitcoin Sage. [w/POLL] on: May 19, 2014, 02:42:43 AM
With the "Godfather of Bitcoin" being of course Satoshi Nakamoto.

What? You mean that Brock P. isnt the godfather of bitcoin? Ive heard several people state this so it must be true!

EDIT: Hi keithers Smiley

That's why it's important to keep all these monikers straight.

Satoshi Nakamoto: Savior
Roger Ver: Bitcoin Jesus
Gavin Andresen: Bitcoin Moses
Brock Pierce: Godfather of Bitcoin (Bitcoin Syndicate based in Bitropolis)
Erik Voorhees: Bitcoin Prophet (humorously proposed)
?: Bitcoin Sage
Jeffrey Tucker: Bitcoin Guru (proposed)
?: Bitcoin Clown
Mark Karpeles: ?
?: Bitcoin Pizza Dude

Bruno Kucinskas: The Most Interesting BTC In The World (TMIBTCITW)
836  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I nominate Erik Voorhees as the official Bitcoin Sage. [w/POLL] on: May 18, 2014, 10:58:55 PM
Reasonable intelligent people have voted, and NO is firmly ahead, thus some strong reason for such is possible, albeit I'm honestly not versed as to why, for I have been frying other fish and Jerk Chicken.

Yet, when poll, after poll, after poll,... shows that Brock Pierce should not be on the board of TBF, those espousing such are characterized as non-reasonably-intelligent-people. Hence, the person misdirecting us should be, and is, looked into, especially with how he and his clan tried to take over Mt Coxs.

With apologies for the aside.

Damn, I wish I would have gone with Prophet, albeit obtaining the same results.

To be clear, again, I like Erik, having never taken the time, personally, to look into him, always assuming he's one of the good guys. I'm also aware of him owning and selling Satoshi Dice, but never considered anything nefarious about that or him because of such.

I regret that to date I've not had the pleasure of meeting him in person.

~Bruno Kucinskas
837  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: I nominate Erik Voorhees as the official Bitcoin Sage. [w/POLL] on: May 18, 2014, 10:46:43 PM
In his post, Voorhees is stating the obvious. I see nothing sage-like.

Personally, I have mixed feelings about him. I like his politics, but in the past he has taken advantage of people that trusted him.

If I would have been thinking clearly due to lack of sleep, I may have gone with Prophet of Bitcoin oppose to Sage based solely on that ONLY ONE post. Besides, my idea was mostly tongue-in-cheek.

I like Erik' writing style.
Erik keeps a clean desk area.
Erik bedroom is all messed up when his lady friend is in town.

I like Erik.
838  Other / Off-topic / The strangest thing just happened here in Sandwich, IL. on: May 18, 2014, 10:34:10 PM
The power went off in my house. And, and a few neighbor's homes, but not all of them. Just scattered along the adjoining local blocks.

But, it wasn't just a neighborhood thing, for when I went to the gas station to purchase more smokes, others from other parts of town were experiencing the exact same thing - scatter outages.

An hour and half later, virtually to the minute according to my internet history, the power came back on sans the usually electrical crews doing repairs.

Here's the kicker: When people called, us included, to report the incidents, we were all informed that ComEd was not aware of any outages in our community.

Has this ever happened elsewhere?
839  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Re: MUST READ article on our bitcoin future on: May 18, 2014, 05:59:24 PM
For the person who penned the comment, "Too long, didn’t read.", boy do I have some investment opportunities for you, all conveniently located within walking distance from one another overlooking the Third Street Promenade.

BTW, I echo the overall sentiment espoused in the linked editorial, albeit I could care less about ZetaCoin, et al. (alts) though I'm sure some have attributes.

Apologies for not reading the rest of this thread past the OP because, quite frankly, it was too long to read.  Grin

Thanks kindly to those responsible for penning a fine read. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to turn up the heat of some hot tub with the hopes in ridding some of its occupants.

~Bruno Kucinskas
840  Other / Off-topic / Re: What were the most disturbing scenes in movies or televison shows? on: May 18, 2014, 09:04:25 AM
Ever heard of a movie called ABC's of death?

You should watch it if you're a fan of horrors! Cheesy

Here's the scene I found to be the most disturbing:

Okay, you win. Lock the thread.
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