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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ZealCasino (ZLC Token) The future of decentralized gambling. on: November 27, 2018, 11:56:31 AM
Zeal Casino - The Future of Online Gambling – A Next Generation Completely Decentrilized Gambling Platform that will change the World of Online Gambling Forever.

Bet on the house by holding ZLC tokens 100% of all profit ZEAL earns is allocated to token holders. Profit is distributed to token holders proportional to the number of tokens they hold. ZLC token holders enjoy exposure to every bet made on the platform, with the advantage of the house edge always being in their favor. Due to the law of large numbers, token holders should always return a profit. The house edge is 1% which means there is a consistent 1% gain for all token holders.

Heres How:

We are changing online Casino’s forever – Provably Fair, Transparent source code, Players set their own odds, No deposits, No sign-ups, Immediate payouts, Competitively low 1% house edge.  

The Solution to the problem of Traditional Online Casinos

ZEAL is a service which provides a provably-fair and transparent, web-based Ethereum gambling Đapp(decentralized application). The ZEAL game code is decentralized and immutable.  

Players will be 100% confident ZEAL behaves in a provably-fair manner, thanks to the nature of the Ethereum protocol.  

Our smart-contract layer runs entirely on the Ethereum blockchain, it is auditable, transparent, verifiable and provably-fair.  

ZEAL accepts wagers from players in the form of Ether via its unique web-based interface.  

The decentralized and immutable nature of our smart-contract layer, ensures players will bet in units of Ether with 100% confidence their funds are not being held by a 3rd party subject to the risk of hacks, theft, or misconduct by the ZEAL smart contract.  

The decentralized nature of the Ethereum protocol also ensures that our smart-contract is immutable and always available, with no possibility of downtime via DDOS attacks, hosting issues, and/or government, or other forms of intended interruption to the service.  

Players are assured the ZEAL game platform behaves as it is intended to, thanks to the opensource nature of our smart-contracts, which are verifiable by the public.  

Players Set Their Own Odds: Players have the power and choice to set their own odds for each game. This characteristic allows players to adjust each bet to suit their individual risk profile, in turn, increasing the overall enjoyment and user experience of the ZEAL platform. Inspiration for this type of game play is drawn from the ‘Satoshi Dice style’ of dice gambling. This is the real gambling experience on the Ethereum network.  

Low House Edge: The ZEAL house edge is currently set to be 1%. Our house edge is also adjustable to suit the market, so it will always remain competitive.  

The house edge is calculated and deducted only in the instance of a win. For example, if a player places a bet size of 1 Ether at 50/50 odds, the player will be rewarded a total profit of 0.98 Ether. The commission ZEAL receives in the event of a loss will be calculated accordingly:  

In-house Solidity Programmers:  All Solidity smart-contract code for ZEAL is written in-house. This means ZEAL is extremely nimble and will adapt quickly in an ever-changing Ethereum environment at low cost without the need to set aside a budget or waste precious time pursuing trusted, experienced and competent programmers. We are open to innovation and will continue to improve the quality and overall experience of our games. Faster processing times, better user interfaces (game models) an improved RNG are areas of focus moving forward.  

No Deposits & No Sign-Ups: Traditional online casinos retain player deposits and/or wins until a withdraw request is made by the player. Usually, withdraw requests take time, sometimes days, and expose traditional online casino models as a prime target for hackers and/or malicious employees who may see an opportunity to steal player funds.  

Thanks to the nature of the Ethereum blockchain and the design patterns we have chosen, the ZEAL smart-contract does not require players to sign up for an account, or deposit Ether to play ZEAL. We only accept Ether from players at the time that they place their bets. This significantly reduces the risk profile of ZEAL compared to the traditional online casino model.  

Open source and verifiable: The ZEAL source code is open source and verifiable. Players and ZLC token holders alike are free to verify the game does indeed do what it says. This unique set of characteristics allows for an environment that keeps ZEAL honest and levels the playing field in the online gambling space between players and the house.  

Cryptographically Secure: The properties and values of each bet are engraved into the blockchain in a tamperproof manner. This provides irrefutable proof of the history of all bets. At any time, players will review their bet history with 100% confidence there is no room for tampering or corruption of betting results by ZEAL. Thanks to the nature of the Ethereum protocol, all bets submitted to ZEAL are cryptographically secure in nature when they are transcribed into the blockchain. At any point in time, players have the ability to review details about any bets.  


Dice gambling is currently by far the most popular game in of all cryptocurrency gambling. The ability for players to choose their own odds is integral to dice games and is what makes the traditional dice game so popular. Our unique web-based UI empowers the player by allowing them to set their own odds, however we will further develop the implantation of new exciting games in the future.  

Opportunity and Stats

The market size of the online-gambling industry for 2018 is estimated to be $46.7 billion USD and estimated to reach 89 billion in 2025. These are impressive numbers. However, online-gambling does not consist entirely of cryptocurrency gambling alone. Let’s take a closer look at the current cryptocurrency gambling market. We will first focus our attention on the Bitcoin gambling market, and use this as a guide towards the future potential market of gambling on top of the world’s 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, Ether.  

i. Bitcoin currently has a market cap of ~$70+ billion USD.  

ii. It is estimated that 20-30% of all Bitcoin transactions relate to online gambling.  

iii. In the past year, Bitcoin and alt-coin casino revenue was 3,173,833 BTC with a profit of 15,173.6 BTC. In the same period, 20.83 billion bets have been placed across Bitcoin casinos.  

iv. Bitcoin is currently the largest cryptocurrency by market cap and as such, represents the largest share of the cryptocurrency gambling market. SatoshiDice launched its Bitcoin based dice game in 2012 and currently enjoys a lion share of the Bitcoin dice game market.

The following table illustrates reported revenue for popular Bitcoin casinos in 2016  

Casino                                     Bets                                                    Wagered

Primedice                           11.25 billion                                         1,222,914 BTC  

Bustabit                             205.35 million                                       606,083 BTC  

BetKing                              321.06 million                                       256,431 BTC  

SatoshiDice                       456.94 million                                       134,374 BTC  

BetterBets                         375.69 million                                       64,461 BTC  

BitDice                               32.17 million                                         168,726 BTC  


v. The current market cap of Ethereum is ~$11,000,000+.  

vi. Ethereum was released in mid 2015 and by early 2016 was the 2nd largest cryptocurrency by market cap. No other cryptocurrency has seen such tremendous growth in such a short amount of time.  

Ethereum is a disruptive technology, that looks to change the way the world does business. Ether, which is the native token of Ethereum, is reasonably new to the crypto-currency market, having only launched in July of 2015. The rise of Ether has been gargantuan in a very short time, with many predicting its market cap to eventually outnumber that of Bitcoin.  

The Ethereum market cap grew extremely quickly, in part, due to the programmable ability to run smart-contracts on the Blockchain. World banks, large accountant firms, business solutions and application developers are looking at how to leverage this network to reduce the cost-of-business. This is something Bitcoin is unable to offer.  

Taking the staggering growth of the Ethereum market cap into account as well as the numbers related to Bitcoin gambling, ZEAL proposes tremendous opportunity arising for the traditional style of dice game to be ported over to the Ethereum protocol.  

ZEAL will play a significant role in the future of the gambling online using Ethereum thanks to the following characteristics of the platform:  

Players will choose their own odds.  

No deposits, no sign-ups.  

Our web interface will be easy and intuitive for players to place bets. Designed from the ground up to appeal to a wide audience used to ‘SatoshiDice style betting’, ZEAL is the first Ethereum platform to truly offer a similar experience on the Ethereum protocol.  

Early first mover advantage – the network effect.  

Low house edge. Our 1% house edge is the lowest on Ethereum.  

A nimble in-house development team that is quick to react to development advances in Ethereum, focus includes advances in RNG and bet processing times.  

We will be releasing the tokens via exchanges which will soon be announced, stay tuned and visit the below links.

Follow us on:

Or check our announcement page at:
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