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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Meet the Ciredo project! on: January 15, 2019, 06:14:51 PM

Today 2-2-2019  around 22:00 GMT + 1 the website will get updated ( Maintenance mode) !

We have already accomplished all our planned goals, we are going to update the roadmap and partners, our bitcointalk and medium, thank you for understanding!

The Community suggested and voted 🗳 we are ecstatic to announce our newest partnership with From now on you can stake your Ciredo there as well!


We are thrilled to announce our second partnership with Vendit-Exchange . Ciredo will get listed on the Vendit exchange when they are live; from there we will build towards a real world use-case!


A small recap of what Ciredo has achieved, Ciredo went live on the exchange 9 days ago. (22-01-2019)


Ciredo is now on Coingecko


We are thrilled to announce our first partnership with is a company that provides cold storage cards; a cold storage is an offline wallet where you can store your funds safely. You can scan your cold storage card in the official whopper coldfolio application ( link)

This partnership idea was first put forward by the community they voted on the Ciredo website. The vote was then put to our advisors who voted yes, our Ciredo team decided on and quickly made it happen.


You can track your Ciredo on Delta!


We have made an Agenda to give our community a rough sketch about what is coming. The roadmap on the website is also updated!
Don't forget to vote on our website:



22-1-2019: Ciredo got listed on Stex Exchange!


Ciredo Platform

Update ( 15-1-2019) After months if hard work we are excited to announce that our project is finally launched.

Ciredo One-paper
Use Case
Ciredo platform is a payment processor with several plug-ins, Ciredo is also a payment coin with multiple purposes, such as social media tipping integration, P2P sending through the mobile app and the desktop wallet directly to the desired user. Solely running on POS, but leaving small rewards for POW to keep the chain running even when no one is staking. Striving to be a home for payments in the field of cryptocurrency, Ciredo wants to enter the payment market at a high rate WooCommerce/shopify plug-in and will be annexed in the near future.

Ciredo is a SHA-256 based algorithm; it works with PoS and PoW Hybrid. Ciredo is not a direct fork of another coin, it is ''custom made''. The coin is pulled from different hard forks, the best parts of the codes are combined and from that Ciredo is developed.
We know that a community is key to the success of any business. Therefore, we want to listen to the voice of our community and create the ultimate home for crypto payments on our Platform. The community can submit ideas, proposals and whatever they desire or want to see built by Ciredo. At the end of each quarter a new project will be chosen to be developed by Ciredo through a community voting process, this way we won’t simply be a basic payment solution, but we’ll be the home of all crypto payments. Our platform can grow far beyond just a payment processor and bring many different use cases and utilities to the cryptocurrency market. The Ciredo platform is not going to be devised exclusively by the team, through quarterly voting the community members can bring forth their ideas. Examples of the ideas the community may bring forth that would lead to the development of Ciredo could vary from an Escrow service, Cold storage cards/vaults or for our user’s merchandise. Every quarter the team evaluates the entries submitted by the community in an extensive news item, the team will work out and implement the greatest ideas to be added to the platform. In this way we create a platform that not only meets the wishes of the team and the community.
Ciredo payments are instant which makes it a good alternative to fiat, which means no unnecessary long waiting times until the fiat arrives in your account. When receiving Ciredo it will appear in your account within in 1 second and will be confirmed after a few minutes due to safe processing. The Ciredo team will not create its own profit on the platform; any profit that is generated will be used for monthly buybacks of Ciredo coins and will be burned.
To make the right decisions within the Platform we want people to stay involved and have their voice heard. There will be a Ciredo representative’s room created on Telegram, the members in this room will be people who help and contribute a lot to the project. These representatives will give the last input for all the big project developments. The Ciredo Representative’s room is filled with all the OTC people who first contributed to the project. At a later stage people who help and contribute will be promoted from the community to join this group as well. This way we will have community members who can bring ideas and vote for developments to be implemented on the platform. The Representatives will make the final call on which idea should be implemented, the person behind that idea will be involved in the development and will receive a small bounty.

Stake Rewards schedule


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