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April 21, 2019, 01:21:12 PM *
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1  Local / Новички / Re: Шумиха вокруг дальнейшего курса Биткоин&# on: January 08, 2019, 05:32:23 PM
По словам экспертов, это не конец криптовалют. В теории, Bitcoin требуются лишь инвестиции в размере нескольких миллиардов для восстановления курса и дальнейшего роста валюты. В подобном заинтересованы многие, так что можно вполне прогнозировать постепенный рост стоимости к 2019 году. Но это не точно.

Если войдёт кто-то серьёзный и подкрепит это реальными активами, то вполне может быть рост.
Например какой-нибудь Илон Маск скажет, что станет заниматься битком Smiley
2  Economy / Exchanges / Re: Bitmex for idiots - Leveraged Trading. Great for those impatient like me. on: January 08, 2019, 05:20:56 PM
I kept seeing the Bitmex wrecked twitter thing and seeing mentions of leverage all over 4chan, but had absolutely no idea what it all meant. It also looked too complicated for me so I've always ignored it. Got bored today and it's actually much simpler than it seems. There's a ton of guides that go super in-depth and those made absolutely no sense to me, so I'm going to explain it from an idiot's perspective.

First of all, the draw of Bitmex is you can do what's called Leveraged trading. In the simplest terms possible, it means you multiply your percentage gains/losses. If you go 10x leverage long on bitcoin and bitcoin gains 1%, you gain 10% more money. This is super cool for impatient people like me because it allows you to trade more actively without getting wrecked by fees, and it's ridiculously exciting.

Bitmex doesn't allow US users, but supposedly, all you need to do is register under a VPN and you're good to go. I used paid VPN for Bitmex. Yes, it is a paid VPN, but they have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can register on Bitmex with it, then cancel. Or keep it because it's actually a super nice program.

Once you're registered, deposit some BTC into your Bitmex wallet. When you first open the trade screen it's going to look super complicated. It's not.

Buying Long on a coin means you expect it to go up. Buying short on a coin means you expect it to go down. Playing those buys works like any other Exchange (i.e. Binance). You can set a limit price to buy in at and an amount. to buy.

Now you want to pick your leverage. In the menu below that, there's a slider. Again, each multiplier of leverage means every 1% = your leverage multiplier. 1% gain with a 25x leverage means 25% gain. I would start with 2x/3x leverage until you get a good handle on things.

The Cost number below the buy long/buy short number is the big one here. With leverage, you're essentially putting loaned money toward a coin. With 10x leverage, you can buy 1 BTC even if you only have .1 BTC (this is why the percentage gains are so drastic). However, this means you can lose it as well.

Let's say you bought 1 BTC at $10000, Long at 10x leverage (So you put in $1000). If BTC dropped 10% to $9000, you would lose all $1000 you put in. If it went to $11000, you would gain $1000 and double your money. Bitmex will auto "liquidate you" if you drop too far and don't have any more money to cover (10x leverage means if it drops more than 10% you lose all the money you put in. 25x leverage means if it drops more than 4% you lose all your money).

You can change orders on the fly and constantly adjust. Let's say BTC raised to $10100 (1%). You could then sell your long order and you will have gained 10% and now you can invest your $1100.

Like I said, there's a ton of guides out there that go into the more fancy TA and ways you can adjust orders, but this should provide a quick overview to get you started. They have a testnet site where you can practice with fake money first as well.

BTC has been interesting the last few days. Been shorting 9500 and longing at 9000, done fairly well!

Personally going long on BTC early morning tomorrow. Not sure what will happen tonight

It is 2019 now. What can you say about trading with Bitmex currently?
Is it still risky?
I am considering to work with Bitmex but want to hear any news. Please share your experience if you still work with Bitmex.
Thank you in advance.
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