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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Please help :( Antminer Z11's Hashboards randomly dis- and reappearing on: December 15, 2020, 03:02:11 PM
Please guys, help is greatly appreciated. I'm kind of desperate. To make it short here's a summary of my issue and new things I've checked.

Summary / Problem:
One hashboard is randomly disconnecting while mining, sometimes from boot up, sometimes happening after mining for a while. I can not tell that it's a specific board as each board works fine. Two boards at the same time work fine aswell two. The problem seems to occure when three boards are connected.

A while ago a fan failed - maybe it is common, Idk, it is my first asic. Now, about 2-3 months after the first fan failed, the second one failed aswell. There might be no corellation but I find it weird.

I supposed it could be the PSU and got a multimeter.
-PSU's voltage is 12.4V not being under load. As the second fan has just failed, I can't test in under load.
-Continuity test of PCI cables as well as female connectors at the hashboards seem okay.
-Electrical socket's grounding is good aswell.
-Voltage is stable at 240V out of the socket.

Do you think it could still be a PSU issue? Or rather Control board?
Hey Exl, going to bump this thread as I too am having relatively same issue and looking to get some solution or at least to find out what is plaguing my Z11s.

My units have been running for 1.5 years with occasional fan and board failures. Most repairs involve replacing burnt NPCs (picture below) by a third-party contact I know, who mentioned a faulty PSU could be causing the issue.

I was using an OEM PSU 2400w 12.4v at 240v (which is probably at the end of its lifetime), which I suspect could be causing the NPC components to burn. If you could check the current load voltage on your PSU while under loading from your Z11, you might get some insight as to what's causing your issue. Else try swapping to an original Bitmain APW to see if your issues persist.

I see my units and their hashboards reporting "OOO" chips to "OOX". They eventually report 0 ASIC under Kernel Log and show no data on the Miner Status tab.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Z11 Fried Hash Board on: June 05, 2020, 07:38:59 AM
I apologize ahead of time for necro'ing this thread but this thread may be most relevant to my post.

My Z11 decided stopped running after nearly a year of running (with some downtime in-between). Nearing the time of failure, it kill a PSU and an additional 2 other used PSUs. Found 2 out of 3 hashboards reported 0 ASIC detected. Fitted and ran the one working board into another Z11 and it reported 0 ASIC detected after a good 20 minutes.

Upon visual inspection of the boards, I found some similar patterns/position of black spots across all the 3 boards.

Some pictures for reference :

Full album here :

I want to ask for assistance in identifying the black spots as well what could have possibly caused the failure of the boards. I hope to mitigate the issue for my other miners too.

Thanks in advance!
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