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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Re: Consensus opinion for small business, else; PoS? on: May 22, 2019, 04:13:09 PM
Just found Aragon Token - Agent service app... would this be what I am essentially after?

or Fetch - don't need the AI though?

Misthos - blockstack?
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Consensus opinion for small business, else; PoS? on: May 22, 2019, 03:51:12 PM
In the even a small business doesn't want to raise a full fletch ICO, and use engineers to build a blockchain specific for their company I would assume choosing an existing maintain to build a DApp off (eg. Tron, Eth). But can we create a simple inexpensive consensus alone, or on top of another platform?

How difficult is it to program own consensus eg. Customer sends request to the business, business mining centre verifies first block on their end. Block is then sent to original user to confirm who the essentially get rebated some of the fee for partaking in the the witness verification. the final block selects another user at random and rewards them. No physical mining system is wanted (like POW)
This is the idea I had, since we are talking small business, so somewhat a localised consensus would be ok, ultimately still ruling out interference from business. Or is there a lot I this theory I am missing. - I did only spend a couple hours getting it for head to paper, and thought I post to experts while I troubleshoot it - for alternate answers/solutions and knowledge.

Alternatively if that's a sloppy chain or far too difficult for a non-ICO self funded business to achieve:
If existing chain is used and a utility token is needed, then;
Assuming a customer that interacts with the business, sends a request to do with a product of our business and charged a fee for the company and network as usual, the blocks need to be verified without POW. PoS comes to mind, in which the company could stake most coins as the equity and collateral wallets.
If another mainchain is used, does a token HAVE to be used? Using a utility token to power the chain will result in additional costs as the token due to certain conversions needed.

I am just and individual with ideas and much to learn. Any comments short or long for me to look into?

BONUS QUESTION. Can a bitcoin be send from wallet to wallet, or wallet to exchange etc (using APIs etc) via a different mainchain EG Tron. (chose Tron because PoS)

Other recommendations?

If I'm way off... how are future small businesses who need decentralisation able to achieve this, as programming specific to company functions would be needed? Ive only noticed current ICOs raise a lot because they need a lot. I want to know how to go decentralised without the fund raise, and as simple and efficient as possible.
3  Economy / Trading Discussion / Re: Seeking Detailed knowledge on how Whales work - Trading Expert advice only on: April 15, 2019, 02:57:08 PM

  • To be a whale, you need as much bitcoin as you can, there is no limit on how much bitcoin you have.
  • There will be different for one coin to another coin because the volume of each coin is different too.
  • We never know when the whales coming and we only know that if the price is up or down in a fast way, then there might be a whale in action Grin
  • It is better to buy the coin in more than 5 order because that means we can get a low price.
  • The whales can buy at any price, but of course, they don't want to spend their bitcoin in a waste of time. They will calculate every chance they have so they know when the right time comes so they can take action.
  • If the whales pump, it's always profitable because we can follow their step to selling at a high price. But we make a mistake, and we are too greedy because we want more profit than we can get. So when the price dumps the price, we are shock and panic, and we miss the right time to sell the coin.
  • I don't know if the whales will work with the other, but it could be possible as they will know each other (or not).
  • I don't know what method the whales have been used because I am not a whale Grin
  • The common goal of whales is only made as much profit as they can.
  • The whales can make scalping trade to search more profit beside of pump and dump.
  • The whales will move in a secret without anyone knows.

I cannot believe that I answer all of the question hahaha Grin

Really appreciate the feedback! Definitely helped on a few questions there!

Im wondering if the following buy pattern of the following would be effective on a 1000BTC asset pool;
  • Buy on a sharp dip with moderate/high volume
  • Pump 50% assets
  • Place 2x 25% assets as a buy wall at top price
  • If market buys, the walls move up with the trend until 25% of walls are reached
  • Close buy orders
  • Sell all assets

I only hold a few BTC myself, but due to a couple of bad years thanks to whales, I may have a solution to many common problems everyone has.
4  Economy / Trading Discussion / Seeking Detailed knowledge on how Whales work - Trading Expert advice only on: April 15, 2019, 11:25:35 AM
First I only want feedback from experienced hands on traders, whether your successful or not, to explain in high detail on how whales control the market. Not individuals that have just an idea or speculate. I need facts!

If you are in Australia I would like to meet up in person and offer a position in a project i am working on involving financial and legal professionals. If you are in another country, I can still offer the same positions depending on your expertise.

But before we get there i need to formalise the plan which is only a general plan at the moment. I need to know in detail how the whaling works and outcomes before we can progress further etc..

The general idea I have on whales is:
  • An individual buys a lot of coins
  • FOMO sets in with the rest of traders
  • Whale cashes out at the highest point.
  • Alternatively, whales build buy/sell walls to drive the price how they want.
If I'm wrong - please correct me.

The kind of details i would like to know are:
  • What is the minimum amount of BTC an individual needs to be classed as a whale?
  • For an individual to pump and dump their large amount of coins what is the ideal quantity to influence the market - but not to much to warn off other buyers to not buy in (whats too little and too much)?
  • When does the whale chose when to drive the price?
  • Situation: If a whale right now (at the point of you reading this) bought a large amount of coin, would other traders buy in, or is it a calculated timing?
  • Is it better to buy in one hit, or in smaller chunks, to confuse the market?
  • (Example of Binance's OTC system) My impression is this is to stop whales spending more than 20BTC in a trade... Can a whale still buy multiple chunks of 20BTC (totalling 100-1000)? i cannot find much info on OTC and other similar projects.
  • If a whale pumps, is it almost guaranteed to profit? if so, why, why not?
  • Would a whale work better by themselves, or combining with others to produce more volume?
  • What strategic method would best for a whale buying in and attempting to make a profit? example: would there be sell walls that NEED to be in place to sell on to avoid dipping below the bought price?
  • If a whale is putting in (x) amount what indicators are they looking for, and actions are they taking?
  • What would be the goal average profit the whale is looking for on a pump/dump?
  • What psychology strategies are needed to understand the rest of the market, to make a successful pump/dump?
  • Are there strategies such as a whale placing a massive buy wall before pumping that manipulate the market to follow?
  • What is the common goal whales are really trying to achieve other than profits?
  • What other methods do whales use to make profit on other than pump and dump, and price influence from walls?
  • And any other info you can think of? they are just off the top of my head.

Im not expecting people to take the time to read and answer all these, but if your extremely knowledgeable -whether your a whale yourself or whatnot, there may be opportunities to join our team to better manage our project.
This information is vital for further progression on our business proposition which we will publish to the rest of the world to gain crowd support and awareness, as we need other professionals such as blockchain devs and the lot. The project specs before then are very secretive but will be presented once formalised to the ideal candidates for our team upon advertising.

Many thanks for any feedback. If the project turns successful, I can contact the professionals who helped in this forum and I(we) can negotiate an incentive to benefit from our future project.

There are no scams, the company will be backed by legal teams, Financial professionals, and likely KYC regulations since BTC will be handled within the platform etc. Just now im asking for factual answers to that above. Hugely appreciated. And if interested I can create a telegram channel or social media page for any updates on our project.

These figures are estimates and will likely change slightly.
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